Artists & Exhibitions



30.07. - 30.10.2021


Breathing Waves showcases textile sculptures and photographic work related to the beauty of our world’s oceans and the devastating effects of climate change on coral reefs by the renowned Italian artist Paola Idrontino.

"When I experienced diving for the first time I became enchanted with what I saw. There is so much beauty hiding beneath the waves and with this project, I wish to bring some of that beauty back out of the ocean. As an individual, I can take action to change the fate of our world’s oceans. As an artist, I feel responsible to present the story of our oceans in ways that engage a global audience and create awareness that leads to the necessary action." - Paola Idrontino

The project took two years to complete. It is entirely handmade using a variety of fabrics, most of which are recycled. At the vernissage on July 30th guests at BIKINI BERLIN will be handed 3D glasses to view the artworks as if underwater. Evanescent; a textile sculpture that portrays the coral bleaching caused by climate change takes center stage. Slightly bigger than life-size, the sculpture stands 200cm tall, 200cm wide, 400cm long. The artist finds inspiration from diving exploration where an abundance of vibrant colors and life is tucked away and easily unnoticed. together with American art curator Sara Lily Perez, a show like Berlin has never seen before with a collection of the artist's best works to date will be on Display at Bikini Berlin, Galerie SLP. This exhibition brings out the hidden beauty from within the oceans and showcases our marine life's wonders with a magnificent collection of coral sculptures. 

The exibition will be at BIKINI BERLIN until the end of October 2021. 

BIKINI BERLIN, gallery SLP at 1st floor, Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin, S-/U-Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten 

Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Admission is free.





27.07. - 28.08.2021



This fascinating photo exhibition is now also in Berlin! Following Paris, Milan, Rome and Lugano, the exhibition about the millennia-old history of AlUla, the world’s largest living museum, is now also on show in Germany on an area of 700 m². From 5 – 28 August, visitors are invited to discover one of the historically most significant desert oases here at BIKINI BERLIN.

Highlights of the exhibition include the monumental rock tombs of Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the legendary Elephant Rock, the Dancing Rocks in the Raggasat Valley and the ancient Lion Tombs of Dedan.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already been able to admire the impressive photography by renowned Canadian-American photographer Robert Polidori. Together with interactive QR codes, his 30 images on 15 double-sided panels will provide a deeper understanding of the lifestyles of the ancient Nabataean people.

BIKINI BERLIN, Event Space, Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin, Underground tram/S-Bahn station: Zoologischer Garten Mondays to Saturdays, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Admission is free. 

Accompanying the photo exhibition from 27 July until 18 August 2021 in the concept shopping mall’s event space is a digital showroom with 35 screens in the brandNEW area on the first floor of BIKINI BERLIN. And from Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Berlin lifestyle company Luxury Dreams will be presenting additional highlights of Saudi Arabia and a selection of travel experiences from its modern travel portfolio.

“We offer our customers exclusive travel experiences. That is why we are delighted to have the opportunity to be presenting significant places of this quality and a region of breathtaking natural beauty here in the German capital,” says Marcel Kern, co-founder of Luxury Dreams. “We’re looking forward to interesting conversations and providing people with inspiration. Because just like with modern travel destinations, we are broadening our horizons and connecting people and cultures,” continues Kern. Questions about the diversity of the country and other travel destinations will be answered directly by experts from the lifestyle company and travel agencies with a concierge service. Also awaiting visitors are interesting goodie bags. 

Find further details about the AlUla travel destination at: experiencealula.com


Lara Krude

Slow Fashion Installation 2020


To celebrate Berlin Fashion Week in January 2020, BIKINI BERLIN is highlighting the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry with the ìSlow Fashionî installation by young designer Lara Krude. Rather than following fast-moving trends, her collections represent a curated selection of premium-quality clothing. Since the beginning of 2019, the young fashion label has been receiving support, among others from BIKINI BERLIN, as part of the German Sustain Concept mentoring initiative by the Fashion Council Germany. This support has extended to the development of its business model, particularly with regard to sustainability and conscious consumption.


Urban Art exhibition - Paris Urban Art at BIKINI BERLIN


01.11. 10:00 - 15.01.2020 20:00


Urban Art Exhibition - Paris Urban Art at BIKINI BERLIN

"LET’S START AGAIN" by Catherine Lupis Thomas from 1 November 2019 at the AusserGewöhnlich Berlin gallery on the rooftop terrace, 2nd floor. 

Her pictures are potpourris of items she finds on the streets.

Parisian artist Catherine Lupis Thomas illegally enters factory ruins and abandoned buildings.
She takes photos and then fills them with her imagination.
To do this, she collects fragments of placards, posters and paste-ups from the streets and pieces them all together in the style of a collage.

Construction, deconstruction. Building up, tearing down.
Catherine’s art shows us the processual nature of this world and references topics like displacement and gentrification

She has dedicated her big solo exhibition to the most bombastic event of the last 50 years: the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

The exhibition will be on show from mid-January 2020 at the AusserGewöhnlich Berlin gallery. Opening hours: Mon. – Fri.: 10:00 am until 6:00 pm 


Mandela - The Official Exhibition


19.10. 10:00 - 15.03.2020 20:00


Nelson Mandela: The Official Exhibition is the major new global touring exhibition that takes visitors on a personal journey through the life of the world’s most iconic freedom fighter and political leader. An immersive and interactive experience covering almost 700 square metres, the exhibition features previously unseen film, photos and the display of over 150 historical artefacts and personal effects on loan from the Mandela family, museums and archives worldwide.

This unprecedented exhibition provides fresh insight into the people, places and events that formed his character and the challenges he faced. Discover Nelson Mandela as you have never known him. Nelson Mandela: The Official Exhibition – freedom is neither black nor white. is opening at 19th October, 2019 at Bikini Berlin – the perfect home for this one-of-a-kind exhibition. A portion of the exhibition proceeds will be given to the Mvezo Development Trust to support economic development programs in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.



William Fan

BIKINI BERLIN Birthday Bag 2019


William Fan is a successful fashion and accessories designer from Berlin who designed the Birthday Bag to celebrate BIKINI BERLIN’s fifth birthday.
Just like BIKINI BERLIN itself, the design of the bag also represents functionality, urbanity and dynamics. The square shape of the Birthday Bag offers plenty of room for everyday items. Thanks to its urban print in blue and coral, the bag is a timeless must-have accessory.


Vernissage – Geisha Urban Art at BIKINI BERLIN


08.08. 10:00 - 08.08.2019 20:00



Launch of "MAD & BED" by RON MILLER on August 8, 2019.
In the gallery of AusserGewöhnlich Berlin on the roof terrace, on the 2nd floor at Bikini Berlin.

RON MILLER are back in Berlin and continue their high-flying flight with the exclusive solo exhibition "MAD & BED" on August 8, 2019 at Bikini Berlin. The exhibition will be on view for two months in the gallery of AusserGewöhnlich Berlin. A geisha in a straitjacket. Tied up. Gagged. On a leash. A geisha in a nuns' divide.

RON MILLER is typical Berlin: Where a border appears, it is exceeded. The acclaimed Berlin artist collective RON MILLER has made the leap into the hip art metropolises. The works of the two guys from Brandenburg can be seen in Milan, Los Angeles, Tokyo.


A Journey of Belonging – Part II


06.03. 10:00 - 27.04.2019 20:00


“A Journey of Belonging – Part II” is showing works exploring the theme of belonging on a political, emotional, aesthetic, social or territorial level. The exhibition revolves around self and external ascriptions of identity examined in a creative way. With “A Journey of Belonging – Part II” and the accompanying atelier and mentoring programme, artists with a variety of motivations for addressing this subject will be given the opportunity to pursue their artistic work and present the results to a large audience.

Participating artists:

Amer Akel, Hiba Alansari, Fadi al-Hamwi, Rula Ali, Ali Amam, Dafni Barbageorgopoulou, Tewa Barnosa, Jeanno Gaussi, Funda Özgünaydin, Ahmed Ramadan, Kamal Sallat, Wael Toubaji. Die Ausstellung wird kuratiert von Isabel Holert.

Within the context of the exhibition, which is designed as a sales exhibition , the aim is for the artists to build connections with the art scene in Germany, establish networks and strengthen their economic prospects. The associated atelier scholarship and mentoring programme offers up to 10 artists the chance to move into an atelier at Bikini Berlin for four weeks. The organiser is the Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin , a non-profit platform for the promotion of contemporary art and culture in the German capital.

Bikini Berlin, 1st floor


Daniel Donskoy

Live Gig 2019


Singer-songwriter and actor Daniel Donskoy performed live at BIKINI BERLIN during Berlin Fashion Week.
Daniel moved to London in 2011 and the cosmopolitan city, with its many concerts, pulsating, restless energy and simultaneous sense of melancholy and ambivalence, has had a profound effect on his music ever since. The influence of blues, indie and Brit pop on his music is clear.



BIKINI BERLIN wrapping paper 2018


Sebastian Haslauer, the Berlin-based, multidisciplinary artist and designer, enjoys experimenting with materials and analogue art techniques in his multifaceted work.

For a Christmas installation at BIKINI BERLIN, he brought the art of collage to life and created Christmas cards that were rich in details and invited people to linger and enjoy the festive atmosphere at the concept shopping mall.


Tina Winkhaus

Your reality is not mine


In cooperation with artist Tina Winkhaus, BIKINI BERLIN created an art installation in the form of a completely mirrored hotel room that broke down the boundaries of space and encouraged visual interaction between the artwork and the observer.


Camilla Richter



With standing and hanging elements of dichroic glass, in spring 2018, Berlin artist Camilla Richter created an impressive artwork covering the entire space of the Bikini Berlin atrium.

Her specially developed installation entitled ‘Light Catching Shadows’ conjured up a colourful play of light and colour. The special thing about dichroic glass is that the colours of the reflections and shadows change depending on the lighting conditions and viewer’s perspective. 





Berlin artist duo Zebu is renowned for their murals, created digitally on the computer from prior drawings, or on walls throughout the city, street-art style. The imagery they developed for Bikini Berlin is just like the artists’ work itself: humorous, bold and reduced. Zebu referenced the mall’s proximity to Berlin Zoo and incorporated the animals in their zoo-related, wintry image elements.





To celebrate the international late-night shopping initiative by Vogue magazine, in September 2017 Bikini Berlin organised a unique live performance by singer Balbina, the celebrated Berlin newcomer who once shared a stage with Herbert Grönemeyer.The artist developed her own individual stage design and turned it into a reality with a team of set builders. The three colours of matte white, neon orange and midnight blue dominated the look. And in the matching style, costumes were designed in cooperation with fashion designer Maria Miottke.


'Marginalia' by Anja Lutz


13.02. 10:00 - 11.03.2018 20:00


For the sixth “showcase exhibition” Haus am Waldsee welcomes book designer and artist Anja Lutz, who presents collages from her artist book Marginalia. The publication draws our attention to the overlooked elements that coexist in carefully designed books. Removing the text and images from a selection of art books designed by Anja Lutz in close collaboration with the individual artists reveals the nondescript details: the margins, the edges, the backgrounds, the spaces between the lines … 

Marginalia is an investigation into the anatomy of books – the physical object, its materiality, and inner structure. It is an attempt at mediating the emptiness. The quiet and yet eloquent remaining spaces seem to have their own language – that of an abstract visual poetry of books. 

Marginalia is a personal interpretation of the books designed by Anja Lutz with and for the following artists: Kader Attia, Sonia Boyce, Angela Bulloch, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Christine Hill, Hannah Höch, Hella Jongerius, Loriot, J. Mayer H., Laercio Redondo, Julian Rosefeldt, Lawrence Weiner amongst many more. 

Haus am Waldsee, 2nd Floor




Campaign Artwork 2018


Alexis Jamet is a French designer and illustrator who attaches great importance to strong colours and textures in his work.

For BIKINI BERLIN, he created a campaign combining his talent for painting and drawing with playful animations and colourful abstractions of the concept shopping mall’s product range, which covers everything from beauty and fashion to interior design.



BIKINI BERLIN wrapping paper 2017


Humorous, bold and reduced – that’s how artist duo Zebu from Berlin would describe the visuals they create. 
In the design of our Christmas installation and wrapping paper, they referenced the mall’s proximity to Berlin Zoo and even incorporated the animals in their zoo-related, wintry image elements that instantly conjured up a festive atmosphere.


Auf Sichtweite


30.09. 10:00 - 14.10.2017 20:00


The works of ten photographers show the relation between photographer and pictured reality in different ways. In their works photography is not a window that opens the view to an objective reality, but a production in which the photographer plays an integral role.

Subjective photographic exploration of men of own age by means of strong contrasts and gestures is one approach. Other works focus on various locations seen from different distances: the portrait of an apartment building in Berlin, places of waiting, staged situations in spaces undergoing transformation, encounters in places of reading, green ruderal spaces, landscapes in dialogue with people in urban areas in the American West and also the Gleisdreieck area as a subject for various experiments with analogous technology. Similarly, the experience of change is also explored in scenic pictures, with lighting and with scenic projections.

This exhibition grew out of a project course entitled "Situation and Event" that was initiated and led by Klaus W. Eisenlohr, a lecturer at Photocentrum since 2008. Mr. Eisenlohr and nine other photographers are presenting the results of the project at Bikini Berlin. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog in English and German.


POSITIONS Academy – Alumni expose their works


13.09. 10:00 - 23.09.2017 18:00


POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair gives younger artists at the beginning of their careers the opportunity to expose their artworks to a larger audience.

Alumni from several art academies all over German are invited to show their artworks during Berlin Art Week at BIKINI BERLIN. POSITIONS Academy is a great opportunity for gallery owners and art enthusiasts to experience art from newcomer artists.


Gorilla Volume IV Tour – Perfume is art by Lush Cosmetics


05.08. 10:00 - 12.08.2017 20:00



Perfume is art. That’s what Lush Cosmetics want to prove from 5 – 12 August at the Gorilla Gallery, where they’ll be presenting their fourth collection of Gorilla Perfumes. But why a perfume exhibition? Because Gorilla Perfumes are more than just perfume! 

The Gorillas Perfumes by Lush are inspired by art, music, and poetry and are the result of homemade creativity and collaborations with artists, ecologists and environmental activists. And to ensure that the results are presented accordingly, every collection, or volume, is showcased in an interactive exhibition. 

5 – 12 August

10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Closed on Sundays

Positions Berlin

Bikini Berlin (1st floor)


With live music by Listener on 10 August, 7:00 pm.


Photographs by Christiane Seiffert


19.07. 18:00 - 09.09.2017 20:00


During its extensive renovation work, exhibition venue Haus am Waldsee is moving into Bikini Berlin for one year and offering our visitors a large selection of cultural highlights. 

Starting the ball rolling is musician and artist Christiane Seiffert, who will be presenting her postcard-format photos until 9 September. For over 30 years the Berlin local has been collecting picture postcards which she cleverly impersonates, revealing their hidden rhetoric. In expressive poses she imitates architecture, plants and paintings with the help of props including textiles, toys and other everyday items.

Photographs by Christiane Seiffert

20 July – 9 September 2017

Opening: Wednesday, 19 July, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Admission is free

The artist talk with Christiane Seiffert is taking place on 8 September 2017 at 6:30 pm at Bikini Berlin. It will be hosted by Katja Blomberg.


The Haus am Waldsee at Bikini Berlin


15.07. 15:00 - 11.09.2018 00:00


Exhibition location Haus am Waldsee (or ‘House by the Forest Lake’) in Berlin Zehlendorf, which was established in 1946 and is well-known beyond Berlin’s borders, is currently being renovated and extended. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on its cultural repertoire in the meantime: the cultural venue is moving into Bikini Berlin for a year! Awaiting our visitors are exhibitions, readings, artist talks and other cultural highlights.  

The Haus am Waldsee is a Berlin villa with a very rich history. After its first owner, rain coat manufacturer Hermann Knobloch, the deputy director of the Film Chamber of the Reich, Karl Melzer, lived there in the 1940s. And in 1946 Franz Marc’s missing painting “The Tower of Blue Horses” was supposedly seen for the last time at the Haus am Waldsee by former Imperial Art Protector and co-founder of German newspaper Tagesspiegel, Edwin Redslob. For a while after the Second World War, the Haus am Waldsee became a meeting place and exhibition space for artists who were being followed during the period of National Socialism. 

Since 2005, under its director Katja Blomberg, its main focus has been on the creative energy found in today’s Berlin. The Haus am Waldsee primarily presents artists who have been coming to Berlin since the 90s and have gained international recognition and and will be at Bikini Berlin from 15 July 2017 until 11 September 2018.



POLARO_ID – Photographic works by Oliver Blohm


14.07. 18:00 - 29.07.2017 22:00


Beauty and destruction // acceleration and deceleration // mankind and experiment // digital and analogue.

Oliver Blohm’s latest photography work depicts our society’s paranoia. Using Polaroid films and a large, heavy camera weighing in at 30 kilos, Oliver Blohm is questioning everything that today’s instant photography stands for: his anachronistic, continuous experiments and photo shoots, most of which are carefully planned in advance, free the photographic medium from its fast-paced nature. Whether it be in his fashion photography, landscape shots or portraits, Blohm’s pictures whisk the observer away into a world of abstract pictures of the mind, fluid identity concepts and morbid beauty.


Oliver Blohm offers us a kaleidoscopic insight into the boundless possibilities of photography. His photos have already been exhibited internationally alongside work by Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Ellen von Unwerth and Jack White. A solo exhibition is now being dedicated to the photographer on an area of 675 m² in the BIKINI BERLIN art space.



14 July 2017, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


29 July 2017, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


artist waLK // anaLog in diaLog:

Morbid beauty, analogue-digital experiments and destruction // Oliver Blohm will be guiding visitors through the exhibition

22 July 2017, 4:00 pm


Guided tour by the curators // art meets camPus:

The exhibition from the perspective of its curators. A guided tour.

Friday 21 July 2017, 5:00 pm

Saturday 29 July 2017, 5:00 pm




UK house/UK bass dubstep, drum and bass, juke/footwork

(https://soundcloud.com/luc-masera / https://www.facebook.com/Maseradubs

14 July 2017, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm



29 July 2017, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm





26.05. 18:00 - 18.06.2017 18:00


Awaiting you in the new -/+ exhibition is a colourful and imaginative mix of artworks by six different artists. One of them is the illustrator Olaf Hajek, who illustrated his vision of our concept shopping mall as a limited piece to celebrate the opening of Bikini Berlin. 


Olaf Hajek

Tobias Jacob

Stefhany Lozano

Tim Romanowsky

Alexander Schmidt

and Erik Swars 


Mon. – Sat. 10:00 am – 8:00 pm



Mademoiselle Maurice



Origami is the passion of French artist Momo, alias Mademoiselle Maurice. For Bikini Berlin, the artist designed the oversized origami installation ‘When the Sky meets the Earth’: one ceiling and one multi-section floor installation consisting of a total of 5,700 brightly coloured origamis.

Mademoiselle Maurice is a passionate street artist. Her light, colourful paper artworks break up the grey monotony of urban cityscapes and encourage interaction between people, nature and the environment. Earlier collaborations, including with Louis Vuitton and Issey Miyaké, have taken the artist around the world.




28.04. 10:00 - 13.05.2017 18:00


PAPER POSITIONS is back! The successful exhibition from 2016 is returning to Bikini Berlin in 2017. From 28 April – 13 May, PAPER POSITIONS is inviting 30 galleries from Germany, Austria, Romania, the Netherlands and the USA to present the highlights of their contemporary and modern art. And the focus is on paper artworks. Awaiting the visitors are drawings, collages, paper cuttings, photography, art books and more. 


galerie bart. amsterdam/nijmegen. ned - beta pictoris gallery | maus contemporary. birmingham. usa - galerie & edition bode. nuremberg - galerie born. berlin - rutger brandt gallery. amsterdam. ned - galerie burster. berlin - davisklemmgallery. wiesbaden - galerie horst dietrich. berlin - dr. julius | ap. berlin - galerie thomas fuchs. stuttgart - galerie greulich. frankfurt/m - kunsthandel ralph r. haugwitz. berlin - holthoff-mokross galerie. hamburg - galerie hübner + hübner. frankfurt/m - jarmuschek+partner. berlin - galerie inga kondeyne. raum für zeichnung. berlin - galerie ulf larsson. cologne - galerie reinhold maas. reutlingen - galerie martin mertens. berlin - mianki.gallery. berlin - nasui collection & gallery. bucharest. rou - alexander ochs private. berlin - kunsthandlung osper. cologne - galerie poll. berlin - galerie nanna preußners. hamburg - galerie tammen & partner. berlin - emmanuel walderdorff galerie. molsberg - westphal berlin. berlin - wichtendahl galerie. berlin - zs art galerie. vienna. aut

Opening Hours

Thursday, 27 April: 5 pm - 9 pm (Opening reception)
Friday, 28 April: 10 am - 8 pm 
Saturday, 29 April: 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday, 30 April: 10 am - 6 pm

From 1 May - 13 May: Mon - Sat: 10 am - 8 pm 



Seh´n Se, det is´ der Berliner Westen!


07.04. 10:00 - 30.05.2017 20:00


Finally an exhibition that revolves around the west of Berlin! From 7th April until 24th May, you have the chance to travel back in time and experience the transformation of the City West with the “Seh´n Se, det is´ der Berliner Westen!” exhibition here on our rooftop terrace at Bikini Berlin. 11 informative pillars will guide you through the West’s eventful history – including two world wars, political upheaval and the division and reunification of Berlin – all the way to the present day.


Stills & Strokes

BIKINI BERLIN wrapping paper 2016


Stills & Strokes are a Berlin artist duo who create brightly coloured worlds reminiscent of pop art and, in a tongue-in-cheek way, bring objects to life in the stories they tell. 

For BIKINI BERLIN, they designed a fresh, all-encompassing Christmas installation and the matching wrapping paper. The highlights of their work were the parcel tape and golden gifts that were brought to life as charming characters with cartoon eyeballs.




11.11. 12:00 - 31.01.2017 20:00


Is it possible to find love and happiness in a time that is increasingly influenced by fear and extremes and in which the fundamental attributes of humanity seem to be falling by the wayside? The group exhibition “HOW TO FIND TRUE LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN THE PRESENT DAY” at Bikini Berlin is dedicated to this question.

For the exhibition, the artists Sebastian Nebe and Esther Horn selected 16 contemporary pieces of figurative and sensitive art which broach the subject of existential aspects of human existence.

The title of the exhibition, based on the eponymous song by British punk rock band The Stranglers from their album “La Folie” from 1981, sets the framework for the exhibited artworks from different genres.

The exhibition is being funded by the Cultural Advisory Council Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and supported by the Kleindienst Gallery, the graphic design agency Lamm & Kirch from Leipzig and the Prater Garten Berlin.

Exhibited artists 

ART N MORE (Paul Bowler & Georg Weißbach)

















Bea Szenfeld

Everythin you can imagine


Swedish artist and fashion designer Bea Szenfeld is renowned for her consumer-critical view of fashion. In her artworks she replaces conventional haute couture textiles with contrasting materials such as paper. Szenfeld draws her inspiration from the Italian art movement of the 1960s, Arte Povera.
Together with large prints created by the Royal Swedish Opera in cooperation with creative agency Stockholm Graphics, Szenfeld exhibited her artworks at BIKINI BERLIN under the title “Everything You Can Imagine is Real”.


THE BIKINI DIARIES VOL. 7: Frank Balve – Menschenleer


08.10. 19:00 - 31.10.2016 20:00


Max Weber from Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich and Ralf Würth from its Collaboration-Partner Kunstmuseum Humboldt-Schloss cordially invite you to participate in the third session of THE BIKINI DIARIES, a salon-style get together of friends of arts at Bikini Berlin.

This time with Frank BalveMore on facebook.




08.10. 10:00 - 29.10.2016 20:00


In collaboration with the Royal Swedish Opera and creative agency Stockholm Graphics, the “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” exhibition is presenting images from “Haute Papier – The White Collection” by Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld. 

The elaborate exhibits will be on show from 8th – 29th October at BIKINI BERLIN. Scissors, string and vast amounts of paper – with these materials the Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld has created extraordinary paper couture. A selection of examples from her “Haute Papier – The White Collection” are being shown under the exhibition title “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” on the first floor of BIKINI BERLIN.

Her creations are the result of a traditional craft, the notion of which Bea Szenfeld is bringing back. And her wish to make society more open and equal is also expressed in the exhibition.


Ana Cayuela Muñoz: Cuba. The emotional power of capital


30.09. 18:00 - 05.11.2016 20:00


Shortly before the US trade embargo was loosened, Ana Cayuela Muñoz travelled through Cuba. Her encounters with a society isolated by world politics led to a series of photographs that explore the effects economic restrictions habe had on human interactions and on people's private lives. 

In her moving images, Ana Cayuela Muñoz captures the tiny gestures that reveal dreams of another, freer world. At the same time, they show us a deeply personal view of love relationships taking place under different portents. The result is a series of complex photographs that depict a many-layered social structure – and a reality that is already in the process of disappearing. 

With "Cuba. The Emotional Power of Capital", Jarmuschek + Partner presents works of the young artist in a temporary space at Bikini Berlin. You are cordially invited to join the vernissage on Friday, September 30, at 6 pm. Ana Cayuela Muñoz will be present. 


THE BIKINI DIARIES VOL. 6: The Feigenbaums: H21


17.09. 19:00 - 07.10.2016 20:00


Max Weber from Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich and Ralf Würth from its Collaboration-Partner Kunstmuseum Humboldt-Schloss cordially invite you to participate in the third session of THE BIKINI DIARIES, a salon-style get together of friends of arts at Bikini Berlin.

This time with The FeigenbaumsMore on facebook.




13.09. 18:30 - 21.09.2016 20:00


The exhibition is showing the LIKE BERLIN campaign based on the ten different chapters of the book Der Berlin Code. As well as the original B-shaped cards filled out by authentic Berlin locals, you will also be able to admire the campaign photos and images by photographer Kai Stuth.

Of course there will also be selfie points with the campaign questions so every visitor can answer one of the Berlin questions themselves and share their answers online.

The Berlin Code – A guide to Berlin in ten commandments

Der Berlin Code explains the identity of the city in the form of 10 Berlin ‘commandments’ resulting from the LIKE BERLIN campaign.

Defining Berlin’s core values

They’re everywhere in Berlin at the moment: large cards in the shape of the letter B and posters of questions like “What are Berlin’s three core values?” or “What makes you a Berliner?” Behind the LIKE BERLIN campaign is an initiative that has published the book Der Berlin Code – eine Berlinungsanleitung in 10 Geboten (The Berlin Code – a Guide to Berlin in 10 Commandments) and collected insightful answers from the city’s residents. The book is a valuable contribution to the discussion regarding the future of the German capital.

Understanding Berlin and its people

The concept behind Der Berlin Code is that we can only realistically predict the city’s future once we really know how the people of Berlin tick. The guide is an explanation for Berlin residents to help them understand themselves better. And to finally provide the many new Berliners and visitors to the city with a well-founded instruction manual to Berlin, to ease the transition of settling into their new lives in this extraordinary city.




01.09. 19:00 - 16.09.2016 19:00


Max Weber from Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich and Ralf Würth from its Collaboration-Partner Kunstmuseum Humboldt-Schloss cordially invite you to participate in the third session of THE BIKINI DIARIES, a salon-style get together of friends of arts at Bikini Berlin.

This time with the extraordinary work of Philipp Stähle. More on facebook.


Galaxy Gallery 360


31.08. 10:00 - 05.09.2016 20:00


Just like in 2015, Bikini Berlin is once again showcasing the most impressive Instagram photos from the Samsung community.

Coinciding with IFA, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, Samsung, together with photographer Joachim Baldauf, is again exhibiting photos by well-known Instagrammers here at Bikini Berlin, this time on the topic ‘360°’.

Last year’s carefully curated exhibition by the star photographer wowed countless visitors. Thanks to its special design, it’s possible to immerse yourself in the selected artworks and experience a breathtaking all-round view. Plus, if you’re interested you can also join Instagrammers in their pursuit of photo motifs during photo walks and become a part of the gallery yourself.

The gallery will be open from 31st August until 5th September, daily from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, admission is free of charge.


THE BIKINI DIARIES Vol. 4: Frank Moll, Lola Sprenger & Young Jun Lee


12.08. 10:00 - 31.08.2016 22:00


Max Weber from Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich and Ralf Würth from its Collaboration-Partner Kunstmuseum Humboldt-Schloss cordially invite you to participate in the third session of THE BIKINI DIARIES, a salon-style get together of friends of arts at Bikini Berlin.

This time with the extraordinary work of keen German Collagist Manuel Eitner. This monthly art show format highlights discoveries in paintings, sculptures and Fine Art Photography. Explore contemporary arts through a new lens and join our casual roof garden receptions with people from the creative industries, writers, thinkers and makers in the field.



Positions Berlin: Artists Under The Radar


12.08. 10:00 - 03.09.2016 20:00


Positions Berlin and Art Monkeys are presenting Artists Under The Radar here at Bikini Berlin from 11th August – 3rd September. The exhibition consists of work by three artists, who are coming together from different artistic perspectives. 

The artists

Roman Lipski is an artist from Poland, whose photorealism-inspired work can be admired in a number of collections. Helmut Lehnert worked for many years as a music editor and theatre producer. His pictures were exhibited for the first time in 2014 at Kraftwerk Berlin. Richard Fasten, who is a well-known writer of crime stories, is now capturing them on his canvases.


The exhibition is open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am until 8:00 pm and can be found on the first floor.


THE BIKINI DIARIES Vol. 3: Manuel Eitner – Ausgezogen


09.07. 13:37 - 11.08.2016 18:00


Max Weber from Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich and Ralf Würth from its Collaboration-Partner Kunstmuseum Humboldt-Schloss cordially invite you to participate in the third session of THE BIKINI DIARIES, a salon-style get together of friends of arts at Bikini Berlin.

This time with the extraordinary work of keen German Collagist Manuel Eitner. This monthly art show format highlights discoveries in paintings, sculptures and Fine Art Photography. Explore contemporary arts through a new lens and join our casual roof garden receptions with people from the creative industries, writers, thinkers and makers in the field.




04.06. 18:00 - 08.07.2016 20:00


Following the opening of its headquarters in Saxony-Anhalt, the museum start-up Kunstmuseum Humboldtschloss (Humboldtschloss Art Museum) will be hosting a pop-up gallery at Bikini Berlin until the end of October: THE BIKINI DIARIES. With new solo shows every month, the Munich filmmaker and curator Ralf Würth and his team, as well as Max Weber from the renowned gallery MAX WEBER SIX FRIEDRICH, will be showing selected items from the disciplines of photography, painting and sculpture.

In June 2016, exhibits by Manuela Xavier from Portugal and Katharina Lehmann from Russia will be shown, bringing together work that transgresses the boundaries between painting and object design by two members of the Künstler-Werkbund 1791 (an interdisciplinary artist federation). 

Sculptor and painter Xavier works monochromatically, drawing her influences from both abstract expressionism as well as minimalism. Intuitively, she alternates between rough and smooth surfaces, between silence and rhythm, in order to force the central element of her series – light – out of the darkness. 

With her very own unique technique of thread-drip painting, Katharina Lehmann breaks every dogma of abstract circles. She wraps kilometres of acrylic-soaked thread into shapes that create an abstract galaxy of network hubs. This results in complex dichotomous gridded structures, allowing the observer a wide spectrum of interpretation.





23.05. 14:00 - 31.05.2016 20:00


The Berlin State Ballet is celebrating the premiere of its dazzling show “Jewels” on 21st May 2016. And as part of this, it will be exhibiting a total of 20 “jewels” from its own costume collection between 23rd and 31st May at the Bikini Berlin concept shopping mall.

The exhibition was curated by Spanish fashion designer Lorenzo Caprile and Dorothea Katzer. Lorenzo Caprile designs pieces for famous personalities including Queen Letizia of Spain and was also responsible for all of the costumes for “Jewels”.

 Along with press representatives, he and his co-curator Dorothea Katzer will be attending the exhibition opening on 23rd May at 2:00 pm. As a “host of creativity”, Bikini Berlin is delighted about this exciting cooperation with the Berlin State Ballet. “Jewels”, the dance of precious stones in the neoclassical style of George Balanchine, will run until 19th June at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. With a set designed especially for the State Ballet by Pepe Leal and the ornate costumes by Lorenzo Caprile, this particularly impressive gem of a dance production features a backdrop that can only be found in Berlin. Book your tickets at: www.staatsballett-berlin.de 

© 2016 Copyright Micaela Sousa Photography, Inc. All rights reserved




16.05. 00:00 - 24.06.2016 00:00


Contemporary art gallery on the 1st floor

Works by Martha Parsey

Window shopping meets window art: In a contemporary art gallery on the first floor of Bikini Berlin, the POSITIONS art fair (http://positions.de/) is showcasing alternating exhibits by different artists. Currently on show are works by Martha Parsey.

In her art, British artist Martha Parsey focuses on the sex appeal of contemporary art, obsolete role models and the convoluted self-perception of human society.

The artworks on show are early pieces that reflect upon and aptly observe the superficiality and inner void of high society in the 1990s. Her protagonists are mainly female, young, beautiful, posing with masks, labels and weapons, bored to death –enacting their roles and presenting a reality. This makes the artist’s pictures currently more topical than ever before. 

Martha Parsey (born in 1973 in London and currently living and working in London) studied Art & Design at Central St. Martins College, followed by Audio-Visual Communication at the Hochschule der Künste and Directing and Production at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. Her paintings have not only caused a stir at various exhibitions in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Cologne, Bochum, Zurich and Berlin, she is also known for her affiliation to acting and directing and has directed several short films, including one at the Centre Pompidou about Francis Bacon. 


Lorenzo Caprile

Gems of Tutu Art


Lorenzo Caprile is one of the most noteworthy fashion designers in Spain. Specialised in bespoke eveningwear, he was responsible for designing the wedding dress of Spain’s Princess Cristina. His creations can be admired on the red carpet, magazine covers and catwalks. As a costume designer, he is also involved with theatre, dance and opera. For the Berlin State Ballet he designed the costumes for “Jewels” by George Balanchine.
At BIKINI BERLIN the Berlin State Ballet presented the costume exhibition “Juwelen der Tütü-Kunst” (Gems of Tutu Art), curated by Lorenzo Caprile and Dorothea Katzer.


The Bikini Diaries – Elizaveta Porodina


30.04. 19:00 - 27.05.2016 20:00


With its series entitled THE BIKINI DIARIES, public-private museum start-up KMH is launching its first flagship showroom in Berlin’s City West, just a few weeks after the opening of its headquarters in the culturally historical significant ensemble in Saxony-Anhalt. In monthly changing solo shows, the Munich-based initiator Ralf Würth and his team, together with Max Weber from traditional gallery MAX WEBER SIX FRIEDRICH, will be exhibiting excerpts from the current museum programme: exciting discoveries and fresh takes on photography, painting and sculpture.


Starting things off on 30th April is the artist Elizaveta Porodina from Moscow. With tremendous force, the exceptional talent propels experimental fashion photography through time and space. In her unrestricted, intoxicating productions Elizaveta Porodina extracts the visual essence of our time. Despite her young age, the idolised artist can be categorised alongside the icons of classic photography like Avedon, Horst and Penn, even though she never really cites elements from their work. The comparison is more a reference to the visual allure of her pictures, for which she uses micro-fine silver grain. Not only do they amaze the experts, big publishing houses, exhibition organisers and gallery owners, but also introduce legions of enthusiastic followers from the social networks to the art of lighting. The artist, who lives a relatively reclusive life, is somewhat like a reincarnation of the young Sarah Moon. But no telepathic skills are needed to predict that she has a very bright future ahead of her.


The exhibition will be on show until 27th May in the exhibition space of the Humboldt Schloss Art Museum on our rooftop terrace here at Bikini Berlin.



Special Exhibition PAPER POSITIONS


27.04. 19:00 - 14.05.2016 20:00


Art is incredibly important to us here at Bikini Berlin. And this isn’t just down to our passion, but also our past. From 1977 to 1993 the Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin (State Art Gallery of Berlin) was located inside the Bikini Haus building and we are one of the most striking architectural landmarks of the 1950s in Berlin. So we are very happy to announce the special exhibition PAPER POSITIONS by XPOSITIONS at Bikini Berlin.


Exhibition opening: 27th April, from 7 pm – 9 pm


Exhibition period: 28th April – 14th May 2016


The curated group exhibition is one of the highlights of XPOSITIONS and will show 37 exhibits on and about paper including drawings, collages, silhouette paper cuttings, lithographs, sculptures, installations and objects.


The list of participating artists includes:


Katharina Albers, Sabine Banovic, Aimée Beaubien, Emanuel Bernstone, Hartmut Böhm, Katrin Bremermann, Carola Czempik & Betina Kuntzsch, Marion Eichmann, Enrico Freitag, Gilgian Gelzer, Albrecht Genin, John Adams Griefen, George Grosz, Halfa, Gerhard Hoehme, Ali Kaaf, Markus Keibel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Petra Lottje, August Macke, Ray Malone, Vera Molnar, Chris Newman, Neo Rauch, Casey Reas, Eun Nim Ro, Nadja Schöllhammer, Bernard Schultze, Andreas Seltzer, Thomas Sommer, Robert Stieghorst, Markus F. Strieder, Shinkichi Tajiri, Kinki Texas, Micha Ullman, Constanze Vogt, Denise Winter, Majla Zeneli.


Furthermore don’t forget: You have until 1st May to come and see the impressive flower installation GARTEN here at Bikini Berlin, made using 30,000 fresh flowers by London artist Rebecca Louise Law.


We are looking forward to your visit!


Paper Positions Bikini Berlin


Rebecca Louise Law



With her floral ‘Garten’ installation, which she designed specially for Bikini Berlin, London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law made her debut in Germany – by transforming the entire atrium of the concept shopping mall into an oversized sea of flowers. Over 30,000 individual flowers were used – real, fresh flowers, as the different stages of drying out were part of the installation’s concept. As time passed, the appearance and mood of the transient flowers therefore changed during the duration of the exhibition. 

Rebecca Louise Law is renowned for her large-format artworks made of natural materials like flowers, stones, branches and fruits. Her floral installations have been shown at renowned locations like Times Square in New York or Covent Garden in London. 


BFF Triebwerk Photo Exhibition


08.10. 10:00 - 07.11.2015 20:00


An exhibition showing current, innovative and relevant photography by BFF Berlin, the German Association of Freelance Photographers and Filmmakers, with guests from all over Germany.  


Extraordinary images presented in an extraordinary space. For over one month the BFF will be exhibiting its photos as part of the DESIGNMEILE BERLIN (DESIGN MILE BERLIN) on an area of almost 800 m² at Bikini Berlin, the perfect setting in direct vicinity to renowned exhibition spaces like the Museum of Photography, C/O Berlin, the Helmut Newton Foundation and Camera Work.


And the virtual WILDCARD exhibition, which has already seen success in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart this summer, will be on show as well. It features the work of 94 BFF members from around Germany. Via a smartphone app, photographs are integrated into real spaces using augmented reality. An exciting technology that has rarely been seen in this context before. Prepare to be fascinated!


We would like to cordially invite you to the opening party on 8th October from 7:00 pm. The exhibition will be running until 7th November (Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, admission is free of charge).


Triebwerk Bikini Berlin




04.04. 16:00 - 03.05.2015 20:00


Berlin, or Bikini Berlin to be precise, will be on red alert from this Easter! Our concept shopping mall will be the setting for an exhibition of the publishing house Bruno Gmünder, the likes of which the city has never seen. London photographer Thomas Knights has portrayed the world’s hottest redheaded men – and if you’re surprised to hear the words hot and redheaded in the same sentence, you obviously aren’t familiar with Knights’ photos.


The intention of the exhibition and the accompanying book “RED HOT 100” is to take action against the bullying of redheaded people and to challenge the stigma attached to red hair, which Thomas Knights has experienced at first hand. The inspiration was to “turn red hair into a cool brand”. And this is exactly what he’s achieved within a very short time. His book entitled “RED HOT 100” was published in September 2014 and due to the huge success is already in its third print run. And the exhibition of the same name is now finally descending on Berlin. Over 100 fascinating photos will be shown on an area of 400 m².


The grand opening is taking place on Easter Saturday, 4th April 2015, from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm, here at Bikini Berlin. Brodanse, the famous DJ brothers, who are of course also red-heads, will be providing the music. RED HOT models Ken Beck, shown on the book’s cover provocatively sticking out his tongue, and Jake Hold will also be in attendance, as well as the photographer himself, Thomas Knights.


The RED HOT : BERLIN exhibition will be on show until 3rd May 2015. You can come and admire it for yourselves, Mondays to Saturdays from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. On Easter Sunday the exhibition is open from 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm.


Red Head Exhibition Bikini Berlin


REVOLUTION FOR HIRE – Exhibition in Art Center


06.12. 15:00 - 12.12.2014 19:00




Art Center Berlin cordially invites you to a celebratory exhibition at Bikini Berlin. They teamed up with Art Center College Of Design to bring you the very best of 5 years of SEHSUCHT Berlin in an exhibition featuring new and beloved pieces.

The exhibition runs from the 6th until the 12th of December, 2014 and is open daily from 3 - 7 pm.


Revolution for hire


Unplug: Art Center – Vernissage


20.11. 18:00 - 20.11.2014 20:00


When was the last time you switched off and unplugged? Literally? As part of an experiment 12 students from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena/California did exactly that and are now reporting on what they discovered: as a newcomer to the city what does it feel like without the help of digital tools? What do we experience? Or rather: what are we missing out on these days because we are constantly “switched on” to the digital world? Prepare to be inspired by the students’ final projects which include poems, photos, posters, videos, a newspaper and lots more, all on show at the exhibition opening on 20.11.2014.




An Experiment, A Challenge, A Provocation


Free admission. The students and lecturers will be present.


Art Center Vernissage Unplug



LES PROCHAINES - the art auction


24.09. 10:00 - 27.09.2014 19:00


Art Truck – Kunst vor Orten” is celebrating its finale at Bikini Berlin! Contemporary art by 19 Berlin artists has been shown at four different public places in the city over the last few weeks. This is a brand new and unconventional concept as the art has been driven around by a huge zapf moving van, known as the Art Truck, to various places around the German capital, where people have been able to encounter the art by chance.  


From 24 – 27 September the artworks can be admired at Bikini Berlin, until they are auctioned off in the grand finale on 27 September from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in our event space. Afterwards there will be a small get-together with music by a radioeins DJ.


Art Truck Kunsauktion


Heldart – Ready For The Show


14.05. 18:00 - 02.07.2014 23:30


Heldart is pleased to present Ready For The Show, an exhibition by Martin Arnold and Arturo Herrera.


In fragmenting characters from animated films, both artists invite associative readings on the recomposition of mass-cultural elements to explore their impact on the viewer.

They consequently decode the known into something unknown from another world: or to be more precise into something that exists between the worlds one knows.


The films of Arnold emanate the poignancy of a freeze frame capturing the most intensed moment of a scene such extending the chill factor into a longlasting memory.

Herrera’s still image provokes quite the opposite; it extends itself into a moving narrative that sparks endless story possibilities in the viewer’s subconscious.


Ready for the show