Ana Cayuela Muñoz: Cuba. The emotional power of capital

Shortly before the US trade embargo was loosened, Ana Cayuela Muñoz travelled through Cuba. Her encounters with a society isolated by world politics led to a series of photographs that explore the effects economic restrictions habe had on human interactions and on people's private lives. 

In her moving images, Ana Cayuela Muñoz captures the tiny gestures that reveal dreams of another, freer world. At the same time, they show us a deeply personal view of love relationships taking place under different portents. The result is a series of complex photographs that depict a many-layered social structure – and a reality that is already in the process of disappearing. 

With "Cuba. The Emotional Power of Capital", Jarmuschek + Partner presents works of the young artist in a temporary space at Bikini Berlin. You are cordially invited to join the vernissage on Friday, September 30, at 6 pm. Ana Cayuela Muñoz will be present.