100 percent pure nature – Paleo organic cosmetics from CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE

CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE is an unusual name for an organic cosmetics company. And their products are just as fascinating as their name! Here the focus is on natural and organic ingredients. And CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE can even go so far as to guarantee that they only use ingredients you could theoretically also eat.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
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But let’s start at the beginning: together with co-founder Carl-Philipp Espelmann, Benjamin Ma developed the creams to meet their own personal needs. For a long time, Benjamin worked in the cleanroom of a lab and constantly had to keep his hands clean and disinfected. This meant he needed a good cream for his very dry, stressed skin. As he is also a keen climber, he was looking for a product that would meet all his various requirements and can be used in different ways. And he also had high standards in terms of ingredients – but could find no suitable products on the market that fulfilled all these demands. The two founders therefore took matters into their own hands and established the CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE brand for high-quality, sustainable organic cosmetics with strong links to the Paleo movement. Their creams not only contain ingredients that are good for the skin, but thanks to their sustainable, fair production, are also good for our planet.

In his pop-up box on the ground floor of BIKINI BERLIN, Benjamin demonstrated for us how exactly the creams are made in Tyrol. Just like in a mini laboratory, the trained pharmacist stood in front of us with a small hotplate and a pot in a bain-marie. With well-rehearsed hand movements, he explained the advantages of the individual ingredients (e.g. Sacha Inchi oil – a superfood rich in Omega-3 fatty acids), weighed everything out down to the exact milligram, knew exactly which temperature was required and when, and stirred, stirred and stirred some more!

The result is a cream that is rich and absorbed very well by the skin when applied correctly. “As the product is full of high-quality ingredients, it’s particularly important that you apply it the right way,” explained Benjamin. He recommends using the body lotion as an in-shower lotion as a remedy for dry skin. As the cream’s natural emulsifiers have a cleansing effect like soap, you just have to wet the skin and then apply it from top to bottom. After leaving it to work for 2-3 minutes, simply rinse it all off and be amazed at how silky soft your skin feels! For more persistent, flaky areas, of course you can also apply the lotion directly or after a rich sea salt exfoliator followed by an oil (olive oil/argan oil) as a topping, which will be absorbed into the skin. The hand balm is absorbed very quickly and doesn’t leave behind a greasy layer. Both products from CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE are free from synthetically manufactured emulsifiers, are NATRUE organic cosmetic-certified and are only made from organically farmed plant extracts, consistently forgoing the use of any ingredients sourced from palm oil or based on mineral oils.

The two founders are following an ambitious vision: to become the most sustainable organic cosmetics company on the market. To achieve this goal, 10 percent of their proceeds are donated to social and ecological projects in the countries where the raw materials used to make CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE products are grown. The products are also packaged in a family-managed workshop in the Ötz Valley by Lebenshilfe Tirol, a social service that looks after the interests of people with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.

 Despite the rich ingredients, one of the company’s mottos is “less is more”. Even in the long-term, their plan is for the product range to “only” consist of three products, but which can be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs and only do what they promise: to provide the necessary extra portion of skincare when your skin really needs it the most!