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BIKINI BERLIN is announcing its official partnership with the Fashion Council Germany and the newly launched “German Sustain Concept”, which designers from throughout Germany can apply to take part in. The most important criterion for the winners of the 24-month mentoring programme is the aspect of sustainability. For BIKINI BERLIN, this played a decisive role in the decision to support the programme and its aspiring young talents from German-speaking countries.

“As a concept shopping mall, BIKINI BERLIN has made it its mission to not only consider the subject of ‘sustainability’ in terms of its architecture, but also in the selection of its tenants and the development of food market KANTINI. This is why we are particularly delighted about the opportunity to pass on our expertise in the conscious and sustainable use of ecological resources, and of course also as a commercial enterprise, to young talents. For Germany as a fashion location – and Berlin in particular – supporting these up-and-coming talents is of paramount importance,” explains Antje Leinemann, Managing Director of BIKINI BERLIN.

Consideration of ecological aspects has played an important role from the outset – starting with the revitalisation of the Bikini building into the BIKINI BERLIN we all know today. The objective was to build a concept shopping mall that respects the environment. This included concrete walls mixed with shredded glass fragments from the previous building façade, mirrored windows to reflect the sunlight and a roof window front that can be opened as required, removing the need for air-conditioning. In the curation of its tenants, the mall was also careful to ensure a balanced mix of labels offering sustainable projects. This already includes more than ten tenants who are dedicated to sustainability. BAM Berlin, for example, produces fairtrade fashion made of natural fibres in Europe, while the internationally operating, Hamburg-based brand Closed produces denim using particularly environmentally friendly methods. BIKINI BERLIN also offers its stores paper shopping bags in two different sizes, free of charge, in order to avoid the use of plastic. And the eateries of food market KANTINI are encouraged not to use any plastic tableware. Visitors appreciate the high-quality substitutes, which fit in with the culinary style of the food stalls.

BIKINI BERLIN therefore already thinks “green” in many respects, a concept that is also reflected in the greenery on the rooftop terrace – which is in the style of New York’s High Line park.

BIKINI BERLIN’s role in the FCG German Sustain Concept will therefore be to advise and support the chosen talents in matters of economic efficiency and sustainability.

Find out more here: fashion-council-germany.org/programm/german-sustain-concept



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