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The merriment of Christmas and the euphoria of New Year are followed year after year by a real test of endurance, also known as the Berlin winter. An unwelcome season that is known for being very cold, very grey and very long. But doesn’t that make the very first rays of sunshine and warm days of the year all the more enjoyable for us Berliners? Does our springtime joy not grow exponentially with our winter frustration? We definitely think so, and this is what gave us the idea of expressing the joys of spring in an especially uplifting springtime campaign.

Adieu Tristesse Bikini Berlin

Under the motto “Okay winter, we’re done with you”, Bikini Berlin is bidding farewell to the cold season and welcoming the installation artist Mademoiselle Maurice who lives in Marseille. Maurice’s art turns grey cities into a sea of colourful origami that wonderfully represents the arrival of spring. An invigorating effect that can be experienced at Bikini Berlin until 30th April. “WHEN THE SKY MEETS THE EARTH” is the title of her installation, which is immersing the ceiling and floor of Bikini Berlin into a spring-like blaze of colour consisting of thousands of origami cubes and birds. And like a lot of things in spring, the brightly coloured artwork will also thrive and grow. Following the instructions, visitors can fold their own origami birds and therefore become part of the work.

Adieu Tristesse

And for the more ambitious origami fans among you: according to an ancient Japanese legend, anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes (千羽鶴, Sembazuru) will be granted a wish by the gods. If we go by Mademoiselle Maurice’s illustrious collaborations, which in addition to Bikini Berlin, also include Louis Vuitton and Issey Miyake, we’re sure she’s entitled to quite a few wishes by now!