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Ambassador Club

Where architecture meets oooh, history meets aaaah, culinary delights meet mmmh – and people don’t just come to shop, but to practice the lost art of strolling, while soaking in the concep


ADVENT, ADVENT A LITTLE LIGHT IS BURNING! This Christmas, the BIKINI BERLIN wrapping station will shine in candlelight: in cooperation with Berlin ceramic artists, 24 individual candle holders have been created, which will not only provide a festive glow during the most contemplative time of the year. The ceramic artworks can be marvelled at in the installation in front of the monkey window - and


SEASONAL CHANGE IN THE ENSEMBLE OF THE WEST   BIKINI BERLIN under the sign of autumn: Not only the Ensemble of the West welcomes the new season, but also cineastes, families and dog-owners discover their new favourite places at BIKINI BERLIN as the seasons change. Long film nights in the Zoo Palast, pillow fights in the 25hours Hotel and culinary highlights in the Kantini. BIKINI BERLIN is a


RENDEZVOUS FOR FOUR.   Four-legged and two-legged friends welcome! On the roof terrace, Anna and Misayo escape the hustle and bustle of the Ku'damm with Neo and Carlo. Anna wears a floral coat by JNBY with palazzo trousers and a polo shirt by Closed, earrings by Sekundär, available at Studio 183, and a ring by Closed. Her friend Misayo chooses a pastel blue Closed suit with Gant shirt an

Spring is coming: BIKINI BERLIN invites to a fragrance workshop.

SPRING FEVER AT BIKINI BERLIN. Smells like spring. Because BIKINI BERLIN is letting the intense aromas of spring speak for themselves in its own fragrance workshop. From the 4th of May to the 27th of May, scent lovers can create their own room scent on the ground floor and take a little spring into their own homes.     BIKINI BERLIN x TAOASIS TAOASIS provides the know-how for the frag

Sunday Sketching at BIKINI BERLIN

Calling all Berliners who fancy trying their hand at illustrating, drawing, painting or sketching: it’s possible to get your creative juices flowing in the city on Sundays!  That’s exactly what happened at BIKINI BERLIN on one Sunday in February. Around 15 Berlin locals got together at our concept shopping mall for three hours to take part in the collaborative project Sunday Sketc


WHERE COLOUR SHINES   Year after year, the Berlin winter appears in monochrome grey. But BIKINI BERLIN has more than just one favourite colour. Whether it's a dream bag, rain boots or a floral scent – These favourite pieces bring an extra dose of colour into the grey everyday life and shorten the waiting time for more colourful spring days and the first ray of sunshine.    


À TABLE The holidays are a feast for the senses. As a child, the festive season is all about the glittering lights of the tree and the presents nestled underneath. But as time goes on, we realise that there is another silent hero of the holidays, one that stands reliably by us all year long: the table. At its seat, our palates are teased with seasonal flavours and cheerful decor, becoming a


STYLES THAT PAUSE THE MOMENT At BIKINI BERLIN we create a place of deceleration and make Slow Shopping a special experience for everyone.The BIKINI BERLIN balustrade becomes the perfect spot to lean back and relax. Demi-solo dancer Marina Kanno is completely in balance in her coat by Adddress and trousers by The North Face. The boots by Closed are perfect for a slow shopping waltz across the BIKIN

Ready for summer: The BIKINI BERLIN summer campaign awaits you.

DESIGN YOUR SUMMER YOURSELFIt's time get stamping, printing and decorating: BIKINI BERLIN invites you to our summer workshop, where you create your own individual summer scarf for sunny days ahead.Together we turn large, recycled fabrics into fashionable it-pieces that you can individualise with trendy stamps and your very own label. Our creative area awaits you here at BIKINI BERLIN until th


BALANCE IS KEY   This applies not only to the movements of demi-solo dancer Murilo de Oliveira from the Berlin State Ballet, but also his perfect style combination. He cuts a great figure in an over-shirt by JNBY, worn on top of a plain T-shirt by Scotch & Soda, cargo shorts by Carhartt WIP, socks by Auerbach Berlin, shoes by Gant and rounded off with glasses by Mykita. Discover the joy o

Double the Berlin coolness: Esther Perbandt meets BIKINI BERLIN

Two Berlin originals, born and raised in West Berlin, are now working hand in hand for Berlin Fashion Week 2022. Right on time for Berlin Fashion Week, a stylish and functional Phone Purse is being launched as part of the design collaboration between Berlin designer Esther Perbandt and BIKINI BERLIN.   Every year the concept shopping mall joins forces with a creative talent to design a unique


A new year brings new perspectives and opportunities. Even though it's currently the grey winter months, we're focusing on the positive! That's why at BIKINI BERLIN we have put together some essential favourites: Whether it's a sturdy winter shoe, a waterproof purse or warming gloves - these faithful companions should not be missed this winter.   LOOKING SHARP This year we are sharpening our


MOVEMENT IS KEY Right now, we are all feeling restless and want to re-discover our love of life on the go. The way we walk in a new pair of shoes, the way the fabric falls and swings as we pass by, the way a new accessory gives us a whole new energy – all these things are what we miss about being on the move, and you can find them all at our stores. To find the perfect piece to lift you


Discovery is neither a game of hide and seek, nor is it a quest. It is our ability to see possibilities. We let our imagination run wild and get creative. Discovery is a surprise we can gift to ourselves - through trial and error and a change of perspective. Go discover new worlds at BIKINI BERLIN: Top by LNFA, pants and earrings by Studio 183, bags by FREITAG by Market Lifestore and scarf by Clos


Empty cinema auditoriums, theatre stages and galleries. Closed concert halls, museums and clubs. There aren’t many sectors – whether worldwide, in Europe or here in the German capital – that have taken such a hard hit from the coronavirus crisis than the art and culture scene. How amazing would it be to go to a great exhibition again, attend a concert or simply just watching


This year on offer from Berlin’s infamous winter: grey. Along with a dash of grey, and an addition of some more grey. If only there was a way to escape it all…   Welcome to BIKINI BERLIN. Our colour campaign breathes some colourful air into the bleakness of lockdown life. Let yourself be inspired by the four bold colours we have chosen for our range of products. Rest assured: The


Can you still remember the first wallet or purse you bought for yourself? When we were younger, wallets were very much a status symbol. Back then, it was a case of the bigger and more luxurious, the better! Which is why our early wallets were more likely to resemble a clutch handbag than a purse, complete with integrated photo album and all sorts of sentimental clutter that we were quite happy to

Sustainable and anything but drab and dreary

You could definitely say I am a summer girl. Which means that once it hits 30 degrees, I have reached my operating temperature, ice cream becomes my dietary staple and the summer holiday countdown begins.

An interview with Charlotte Baumann, founder of ‘das kleine b'

From seemingly free-floating book and record shelves to coat racks, Hamburg-based furniture company ‘das kleine b’ (which is German for ‘the little b’) offers a unique selection of furnishings and interior items. Since 2010, they have been making their (mainly wooden) designs at their in-house workshop. From 5 August until 27 October ‘das kleine b’ is showcasing

The taste of summer at Kantini

For two whole years, I had the wonderful job of filling the Kantini Instagram account with photos. And during that time, Kantini also filled my stomach with delicious food – because as well as shots of the cool interior, it was also my task to take pictures of all the different eateries and mouth-watering items on their menus. So for the BIKINI BERLIN Journal, I was more than happy to r

What to sport this summer

…and then you hold it in your hands. There are things you need and things you simply want. Ideally, both scenarios apply. In a uniquely tempting way, the concept shopping mall BIKINI BERLIN manages to combine utility and beauty. Elsewhere, goods are dealt with. Here, love at first sight with new favourite items is inevitable.

Let's get ready for summer - summertrends with Gregor

There’s no doubt about it: summer 2020 is certainly going to be a lot different than how we envisaged it a few months ago. Many holiday trips, celebrations, concerts and major events have been postponed and/or cancelled completely. But that doesn’t mean that us guys shouldn’t make an effort and get dressed up for the occasion. On a leisurely wander around BIKINI BERLIN – we

Back to life: How has the coronavirus crisis changed our buying behaviour?

Even before the coronavirus crisis, there was a longing for a paradigm change in the fashion industry. Too many collections and excessively fast trend cycles not only led to the feeling that the entire sector was on the brink of a burnout, but, first and foremost, to far too much waste and a high energy consumption. As the world’s third biggest polluter, the fashion industry is facing huge c

We're staying apart, together

As we navigate through the uncertainty of COVID-19, there’s one thing that is certain – this is a time we’ll never forget. The coronavirus has been turning our lives upside down for a number of weeks now. But even if most of us primarily associate it with negative feelings, we can also draw some positives from the whole experience. Staying apart, together is also the current mott


With its special-edition wrapping paper, BIKINI BERLIN is getting everyone in the Christmas spirit once again – for the fourth time in a row, you can have your gifts wrapped at the mall’s very own gift-wrapping station or get creative with the paper and a pair of scissors yourself. And take my word for it, it’s the most eye-popping Christmas wrapping paper you’ll find in th

Step into Christmas!

What do Berliners look forward to most in the run-up to Christmas? It’s not the arrival of the cold snap, grey skies and train chaos as soon as the first snowflakes fall, that’s for sure. But the City West (like the rest of the capital) is at its most beautiful in December. Every Christmas, the sea of lights on Ku’damm attracts visitors in their droves, many of whom also head ove

Coolness factor x 5: My top five finds from five stores

Before the Christmas shopping madness begins, I decided to head to BIKINI BERLIN to escape the grey, wet autumn weather and to surround myself with all the finer things in life! Here are my top five finds from five of the concept shopping mall’s coolest stores.

Highlights for men: spotted at BIKINI BERLIN

Autumn is just around the corner and we all know what that means: it’s time for woolly jumpers, leisurely strolls, TV evenings and getting cosy. But just because the leaves are falling from the trees and the days are getting shorter, it doesn’t mean that we need to lose our sense of style with all-day-long pyjama looks or scratchy knitted hats and scarves. In search of a few highlight

Snacking allowed! – Behind the scenes of our food and fashion shoot

Today we’re giving you a glimpse behind the scenes of our shoot with Terrence Caviar (a duo made up of stylist Michelle Maguire and photographer Kelsey McClellan). The entire team really fell in love with the unique flair of the location... and by unique flair we actually mean Kantini’s culinary offer. Which is why there was a lot of nibbling, snacking and munching going on – not


Leaving the carefree days of summer behind us, we’re now entering the cosy and contemplative part of the year. Shorts, sandals and laid-back laughter are being swapped for coats, scarves and focused concentration. It’s going to take more than a scoop of ice cream to get us out of the house these days. Anyone prepared to venture outside when it’s grey, rainy and cold obviously has

Our favourite autumnal styles – spotted at BIKINI BERLIN

Scandinavian understatement, innovative streetwear and an unusual mix of materials: if you’re in search of the latest autumn trends, BIKINI BERLIN is the place to come for an exciting variety of tried-and-tested classics and new favourites. To prepare my wardrobe for the imminent changing of the seasons, I embarked on my annual trend scouting tour and, as you can see, couldn’t resist t

Happy birthday BIKINI BERLIN: A designer bag for everyone

Berlin is vibrant, loud, innovative, urban, edgy and, most of all, different. It is a unique place that invites you to discover, stroll, relax or create something of your own. And fitting seamlessly into this dynamic image of the pulsating metropolis is BIKINI BERLIN, a mall that reflects and complements this multifaceted city. For exactly five years, the concept shopping mall has been an integral

One birthday, lots to celebrate

Time flies faster when you’re having fun, as the saying goes. Bikini Berlin is turning five and, if we take a look back, it’s difficult to decide which of the past five years has brought the most exciting events, fashion finds, food creations and artist collaborations. So we’d just like to say a huge thank you and express our gratitude to you all with a very special cooperation.


The Berlin Fashion Week, which took place in Berlin at the beginning of July, showcased a whole host of new innovations and inspiration. Once again, the various exhibitors and events presenting sustainable collections showed us that a good conscience, durability and high-quality garments can also be chic and fashionable. And BIKINI BERLIN is also presenting eco fashion from its best side: in partn

Fashion and food – a match made in heaven

They are two of the biggest passions of the modern-day flâneur, yet still often find themselves vying for his undivided attention. If you ask us, food and fashion simply belong together – especially in summer. At BIKINI BERLIN you’ll not only find a whole host of new looks to satiate your fashion hunger but also a choice of delicious snacks to tantalise your taste buds at Kantini

Young Professionals

Whether in front of the screen, behind the bar or on a creative mission – anyone who works a lot of hours will know that the best way to keep motivated is with the right little helpers. Whether sweet treats, high-tech tools or miracle cures for stress-induced wrinkles, you’ll find plenty of accessories at BIKINI BERLIN to brighten up the everyday grey.


Wearable architecture from Milan in Berlin “Lo stile non è una tendenza” is the slogan of half-Milan, half-Berlin label LABO.ART. Roughly translated, it means something along the lines of “Style isn’t about trends” or “If you have style, you don’t need to follow trends” – an ethos that really resonates with me personally, which I’m

Swinging into spring

Our long-anticipated springtime is finally here – and with it an innate desire for cheerful colours, carefree strolling and fresh, new looks. All of this – and more – awaits you at BIKINI BERLIN, which also happens to be the perfect place to shelter from those unpredictable April showers!


The struggle is real! Putting together an outfit in the mornings can often pose a real challenge, especially between the seasons. Following granny’s advice, layering is usually a safe bet. At the end of the day, the perfect outfit is nothing more than the sum of its parts. The bad news: the items you have to hand often don’t match. And the good news? Anything else you need to complete

IND-Berlin – Not only fair, but also flexible

Sustainability, zero waste and fair fashion are terms that there’s no getting around in 2019. And rightly so. After all, it’s not only important, but absolutely crucial that we rethink our whole approach to fashion. We have also become increasingly passionate about these topics: on our blog we started the “six months of fair fashion & second-hand” project this year and


Even in the year 2019 there are still people who haven’t realised that prolonged periods of sitting can be bad for us. But there’s no need to worry: even those with more of a sedentary lifestyle can still become great strollers of our city streets, or flâneurs as we like to call them. So I’d like to invite you to take the weight off your feet and not feel guilty about it fo

A glimpse behind the scenes at Djimalaya

It was when I moved to Berlin eight years ago and tried Israeli food for the first time that I fell in love with hummus, falafel & Co. Together with my flatmate at the time, we ordered from the Israeli restaurant around the corner pretty much every week. A few years have passed since then and I’ve tried a lot of Israeli restaurants throughout the whole of Berlin. One of them is very high

Art Edition III: Pop-Art x Christmas

It’s that time of year again: BIKINI BERLIN is once again surprising with a new artist cooperation for the concept shopping mall’s popular, limited-edition festive wrapping paper, which is traditionally presented at the gift-wrapping station in an out-of-the-ordinary art installation in front of the so-called ‘monkey window’ on the ground floor. This year, BIKINI BERLIN man


Although we're finding it hard to believe, it's already that time of year again: yes, the run-up to Christmas has officially started! We can no longer ignore the gingerbread on the supermarket shelves and are already making plans to meet up with friends at the Christmas markets. No other time of the year combines hectic and cosiness to such an extent. Hectic, you say? No, this year it's going to b

BIKINI BERLIN: the place where interior dreams come true!

Ever since the mercury started plummeting down to zero degrees, the desire to make our homes as comfortable and cosy as possible has increased. Although we have resigned ourselves to not being able to fully hibernate until spring emerges, we know how important it is to make sure that our own four walls are a warm, cosy haven where we can hide away when it’s freezing cold and rainy outside. B

Men and skincare?

After being regarded as a social taboo for a very long time, these days men and cosmetics are no longer a contradiction in terms. The man of today has discovered the benefits of cosmetics and the cosmetics industry has discovered him too. 


Just in time for the cosy season, Kantini, the food market at Bikini Berlin, has a big announcement: its opening times are being extended to 10:00 pm. Which makes it the ideal place for an after-work dinner on those chilly dark nights. Let your cold nose guide you to all those mouthwatering smells wafting through the air and step into foodie paradise!

The best coat trends for winter – spotted at BIKINI BERLIN

The focus of all wintry fashion trends is definitely the coat. And it’s no wonder, after all, as an outerwear garment – especially if it’s a longer model – it makes up pretty much the entire look. And as it’s never boring in the fashion world and new trends appear on the catwalks every year, we can also look forward to wearing new, sophisticated models this year. I he

A visit to Studio Aisslinger

“Werner Aisslinger is the designer that never stops” was the headline in the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper at the beginning of the year. Not even six months later I find myself sitting in the meeting room of Studio Aisslinger, not far from Berlin train station, in a 500 m² industrial loft, which reminds me more of a biotope for designers.


I have to admit that before I discovered the TAOASIS store at BIKINI BERLIN, I hadn’t heard of the brand before. But for some reason, the name really appealed to me as I associated it with words like relaxation and wellbeing. I meanwhile know that TAOASIS is a portmanteau of the Chinese word TAO and the Arabic word OASIS and translates freely as “life in harmony with nature” &nda

A visit to the new Rust Sydney store

Whether on-trend or timeless, chic or eye-catching, big or small – handbags, rucksacks and wallets are must-have everyday items that we couldn’t do without. Once mere fashion accessories, they have meanwhile become statement pieces that have to fulfil high quality standards. And at Rust Sydney, an Australian accessories label from Sydney, quality plays an extremely important role.


ROLL UP, ROLL UP! Despite its phenomenal performances and generous encores, the city – although it's hard to believe – has gradually had enough of summer. With every day over 25 degrees that passes, the words "balcony", "beer garden" and "sunbathing" are losing their magic. And with standing ovations, the flâneurs among us will also be kicking their heels to hit the city's street

A very special shopping experience with robot lady Gisela

BIKINI BERLIN has a new employee. Which doesn’t necessarily sound very exciting at first, does it? But wait, we’re not talking about any old employee, but Gisela: a female robot who has her very own sales kiosk at BIKINI BERLIN.

Everybody needs good neighbours

According to a Hungarian proverb, good neighbours are a real treasure. And the good, neighbourly relations between BIKINI BERLIN and Berlin Zoo are a prime example of that. I’m sitting in the loggia at Kantini. Most of the diners who ate their lunch here in the sunshine have meanwhile disappeared back to their offices or wherever else they came from. Maybe some of them are even having a wand


I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE You just need to glance upwards at the façade of BIKINI BERLIN to see that we're all about bright, cheerful colours. But it's okay to show a little restraint every now and again. We're not going as far as black-and-white though – for the time being, anyway. Our preferred look at the moment is tone on tone.

Pop-Up Shop Fashion Council Germany

At the invitation of BIKINI BERLIN, this morning my lovely sister and I headed to the new, temporary Fashion Council Germany pop-up store, which you’ll find up on the mall’s rooftop terrace. Via the stairway entrance near the Zoo Palast cinema, walk up the stairs and you’ll find it on the right-hand side. You can browse and shop there until this Sunday, 2 September. 

A visit to Premiata

Today I’d like to introduce you all to one of my new favourite stores at BIKINI BERLIN: Premiata. The Italian family-run company is all about quality, not quantity and produces its designs in Italy in small quantities, with every single one feeling like a one-off.

A Berlin-Style photo session

The new BIKINI BERLIN image campaign is out now! Fashion photographer Laura Coulson has photographed models from all over the world (from England, Hungary, Spain and the USA) right here in the west of Berlin. The London-based photographer relies on her intuition and random moments, which explains why you’ll also be able to spot real-life Berliners in her pictures.

The best sunglasses for this summer: spotted at Mykita & Groove

Sunglasses are my absolute favourite accessory whatever the season. But in summer especially, I refuse to leave the house without my trusty shades. They are great because they are both useful and chic at the same time – what more could a woman (or man) want? Sunglasses protect our eyes, make us look stylish and jazz up any outfit. So it’s no wonder I love them so much and already own q


Sneakers aren’t only the coolest and most comfortable shoes in the world, but also the trendiest. They are regularly spotted on ‘it’-girl Alexa Chung and the royal feet of Duchess Kate, both of whom swear by sneakers because they instantly give every look an air of casualness and ensure hours of wearing comfort. And there’s one brand in particular that really stands out, on


It’s that time of year again. The sweet scent of linden trees fills the air, replaced every now and then by the smell of rain on hot concrete.

mydays Erlebniswerk at BIKINI BERLIN

You know how you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to fly a plane or speed around the world’s fastest race tracks with 1000 HP at your fingertips? Well, guess what? It’s your lucky day - you no longer need to be a pilot or a racing driver to make the grade. With its innovative racing and flight simulators, mydays Erlebniswerk at BIKINI BERLIN offers you the chance to t

Eye-catching designs and understated elegance: Jewellery at BIKINI BERLIN

Unique pieces of jewellery evoke memories of the most precious moments in life and dress up any outfit in an instant. So you’ll be pleased to hear that BIKINI BERLIN is the perfect place to come for accessory shopping – thanks to the huge selection on offer and the many different designs! But such a wide offer also means that you’ll be spoilt for choice. To give you a little over


ON THE SUNNY SIDE It’s a well-known fact that aesthetics play an important role at Bikini Berlin. And this summer, we are offering even more eye-popping inspiration to everyone who appreciates beauty: exceptional French artist Alexis Jamet has designed a unique series of images exclusively for Bikini Berlin.

Art or commerce? “The Art of Banksy” at BIKINI BERLIN

Writing about street artist Banksy these days is no easy task. Especially because it seems like everyone has heard something about the artist or has something to say about him. Even though his identity is still unknown to this day. His satirical critiques of capitalism and politics in the form of iconic stencils have grabbed international attention.

The three hottest fashion trends of the moment – spotted at BIKINI BERLIN

The best thing about the summer season – apart from the high temperatures and sunshine? Definitely the fashionable highlights and trends that await us! And to make sure you look on-trend this summer, I’m giving you the lowdown on the three hottest fashion trends that I found at BIKINI BERLIN...

Circles and Squares

Spring has definitely sprung! As far as sunshine hours and summer vibes are concerned, April was a great month. The flâneurs among us will certainly appreciate the joy of idly wandering, sauntering along the city’s streets with the sun beaming down on our faces.

Happy birthday BIKINI BERLIN

A four-year story about the creation of the world's first concept shopping mall. From the Breitscheidplatz square, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Berlin’s huge architectural diversity. To my left, opposite the Bahnhof Zoo station, a modern skyscraper housing a luxurious hotel soars high into the sky. To my right is the neo-Romanesque Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. In front of me is the B

Light and colour: An interview with artist Camilla Richter

The foyer area in front of the panoramic window on the ground floor has been used to host many installations by noteworthy artists in the past. And now, just in time for the start of spring, the “Light Catching Shadows” installation by artist Camilla Richter is taking pride of place here. We visited the walk-in installation and chatted to the artist about her idea and the messages behi

Even the shadows are colourful in spring

While the city is gradually coming out of hibernation, everyone at BIKINI BERLIN is already full of the joys of spring. And that might have a lot to do with the art installation by Camilla Richter currently on show in the foyer.

Spring 2018 trends at BIKINI BERLIN

We’re all familiar with the dreaded Berlin winter. It’s grey, cold and long. Very, very long. It might still be too soon to start talking about spring, but all the sun we’ve been having lately is giving us hope for warmer days ahead. I have been making the most of the lovely sunshine to venture outside into the big, wide world! Donning my pea coat, scarf and sunglasses, I headed

Why venture further afield?

First it was frosty, then came the rain, snow and bitter cold, and now it seems as if there is no end to this winter. Instead of the promise of spring, March is showing us its harsh side, only encouraging our annual desire to escape the minus temperatures and explore the world. But where to?

FRAI: The art of listening to your stomach

“Combining good with good” is the motto of Sebastian and Jelena, the two owners of FRAI, which opened at Kantini just a few weeks ago. Their menu offers something for everyone – whether vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, clean eating, low-carb or Paleo. “Here you can put together your own dish, depending on what you fancy eating at the time,” Sebastian tells us.

Berlin's new culinary hub

What does the flâneur get up to when he’s not strolling around Bikini Berlin?

Bikini Berlin for kids – A shopping trip as new parents

Patricia: Last year something happened that could certainly be described as a life-changing experience. We had a baby. Marlena hasn’t only changed our lives, but admittedly also our interests. Suddenly we find ourselves chatting to other parents about topics that we’d never even heard of before. Within the shortest time, it feels like we have learnt more than we did during our entire t

Lettering with love

It’s still relatively early on a Wednesday morning. I have arranged to meet Viktoria, who probably everyone who has ever been to Bikini Berlin will know. Well, not personally, but in the form of her beautifully illustrated lettering around the mall: or to be precise, on the many lovingly handwritten lollipop-shaped blackboards. This is an effective way of countering the rapid advancement of

Roeder Pen – Bikini Berlin welcomes the return of a Berlin legend

The store inside the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is offering an exclusive new edition of the traditional writing utensils.

Christmas on the wild side…

While the flâneur pensively strolls around the grey city, stopping every now and again to press his cold nose up against brightly lit shop windows, it gradually dawns on him that Christmas is just around the corner.

Christmas gift ideas for interior fans and design lovers

Christmas always seems to come around so quickly, don’t you agree? The hunt for gifts has already begun and to make sure we don’t find ourselves dashing round the shops at the last minute again, this year we’ve started our Christmas shopping early – at BIKINI BERLIN! And the best thing about it: we’re also giving away our chosen gifts in an Advent competition! In fact

A glimpse behind the scenes

On our big Bikini Berlin image shoot with photographer Charlie Engman from New York, stylist and fashion expert Andreas Peter Krings let us in on the latest fashion trends, explained the looks for our summer and autumn campaigns and also revealed why he enjoys shopping at Bikini Berlin so much.

Restaurant test: Bikini Berlin for vegans

Shopping always makes me really hungry. You too? Fortunately, Bikini Berlin won’t let you down: the concept shopping mall is also home to countless culinary offers ranging from burritos to superfoods. But today I was looking to test their offer of vegan options. I’ve been vegan for seven years now and am always on the lookout for the best restaurants and dishes.

An ode to winter

It’s definitely here. And although everyone knows how cruel and depressing the Berlin winter can be, its harsh relentlessness catches us off guard every year. Gone are the days of carefree strolling down the city’s boulevards. Golden autumn and the last rays of sunshine soon become distant memories.

Go West – Lifestyle City West

It’s not only the fashion industry celebrating a 90s revival, but also Berlin’s more traditional stomping ground. Yes, the so-called “City West” has awoken from its hibernation! And it seems like the Pet Shop Boys’ number one hit is in everyone’s ears again: Go West!

Hello autumn, hello bright colours!

Once summer has waved goodbye, when the leaves start to change colour and the first layer of fog settles over the city, the flâneur knows that autumn has arrived. But that doesn’t stop him from roaming the city’s streets. He elegantly drapes a scarf around his neck, facing the new season with a smile. Why not dress as colourful as autumn itself? Just because the nights are gettin

The Zoo Palast: a true gem of German cinema history

“Everything was better in the past.” A dreadful phase and stylistically speaking a poor intro to a text. But whether you believe it or not, there’s a lot of truth to this sentence..

Autumn, also known as the season of comfort food

Life doesn’t always serve us everything on a silver platter, but at least we can count on Bikini Berlin to always serve up a fantastic array of delicious food.

The Bikini Berlin mall sound

“You said that you’ve lost me, I didn’t believe it, I’m expecting a new low for me, so I’m going home. Yeah maybe I could fight it, if only I had time to, but baby why, should I?” These are lyrics sung by British duo Litany in their song “Flaws”, which plays out of the speakers as I wander around Bikini Berlin. And then a driving beat comes in that r

Vogue Fashion's Night Out at BIKINI BERLIN

We all love magical moments and out-of-the-ordinary surprises. Berlin’s nightlife offers all these things and more. But what if could bring these moments to BIKINI BERLIN? In cooperation with the iconic style magazine, for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out we are transforming our concept mall into a veritable wonderland and opening our doors until midnight for late-night shopping.

Class over mass – More ethical shopping or unethical consumption?

My first article for Bikini Berlin. How exciting! So, who am I, you’re probably wondering? My Instagram and blog name is “Marina the Moss” and I’m a Berlin fashion and lifestyle blogger, or influencer as we’re known these days. Which brings us to the subject I want to focus on today.

Reunited with summer at Bikini Berlin

A rainy June and July are often followed by a sunny Indian summer. Bikini Berlin is at its best when the persistent rain showers finally stop and each floor is bathed in a warm light


Ever since we were children, a stroll around Berlin’s City West has been obligatory for us locals, so all the better that Bikini Berlin is not only home to a plethora of exciting stores, but also that a true design great like Artek has put down permanent roots here. Our blogazine Herz&Blut is devoted to interior and design and everything that people do with and out of passion.

An Interview with Lisa Lang / ElektroCouture

New technologies are increasingly changing the way we live. And thanks to digitalisation, the ways we dress and shop are also changing. Fashion and technology are gradually beginning to complement one another: smart fabrics, innovative ideas, new trends, 3D prints, wearables, LED lights, biotech, to name just a few examples. A pioneer in this field is the entrepreneur Lisa Lang with her Berlin com


Reward your energetic morning run with a well-deserved sundowner on our rooftop terrace – here at Bikini Berlin, we believe that sport should always be combined with a bit of indulgence!

Young designers and sustainable labels

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I love discovering new, up-and-coming labels and sustainable brands and sharing them with my readers. Bikini Berlin’s Studio183 and LNFA stores are the perfect places to do my research. I took a look around these two concept boutiques for you, picking out my fashionable favourites and chatting to their founders to find out more.


The sun is finally beaming down on our faces and it’s time to say hello freckles and goodbye dry air and central heating. If you want to look fresher than morning dew, read our top recommendations of beauty products currently available at BIKINI BERLIN.

Coffee and design: a perfect symbiosis

Modern, timeless lamps hang from the ceiling and design icons like the Vitra Lounge Chair, several Eames Plastic Chairs and the world-famous Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto in different colours stand wonderfully curated side by side.

Pukka Berlin opens pop-up box at Bikini Berlin

New jewellery label Pukka Berlin set up shop at Bikini Berlin at the beginning of May. The young Berlin label was established by three friends who come from three different corners of the world, a factor they incorporate into the creation of their jewellery. Pukka Berlin is all about experiencing the everyday magic of each small moment and striving for a better, more beautiful way of living.

A visit to Premiata

Whether sneakers, sandals or stilettos: let’s be honest, we all love good shoes and especially when words like ‘handmade’ and ‘Made in Italy’ are involved. Italian shoe label Premiata is the perfect example of a label that offers both! And the good news is that their shoes, jackets and accessories are available not only from their flagship in Milan, but also here at B

An interview with origami artist Mademoiselle Maurice

You have until 30th April 2017 to come and admire the amazing origami installation by Mademoiselle Maurice here at Bikini Berlin. We met up with the French artist in her hometown of Marseille to have a chat about her work and see her impressive origami skills in action.

Not just streetstyle and workwear: Vans and Carhartt

Spring has finally sprung in Berlin and it’s time to pack away our winter clothes and make room in our wardrobes for new spring outfits. If you’re looking for some new-season style inspiration, I have two cool looks for you that work just as well during the day as they do in the evening.


The merriment of Christmas and the euphoria of New Year are followed year after year by a real test of endurance, also known as the Berlin winter. An unwelcome season that is known for being very cold, very grey and very long. But doesn’t that make the very first rays of sunshine and warm days of the year all the more enjoyable for us Berliners? Does our springtime joy not grow exponentially

Scotch & Soda Opening at Bikini Berlin

We have Haute Couture from France, Alta Moda from Italy, and if you think that’s already it, then you’re entirely wrong. Amsterdam Couture is the new thing, and behind this synonym is no brand less, than dutch top brand Scotch&Soda.

Trying on Labo.Art for size

From tight-fitting and voluminous to flared and twirly – at the Bikini Berlin store of Milan label Labo.Art I not only discovered the ultimate everyday basics, but also brand new shapes to flatter my own body type. I took a look around the store on your behalf and tried on a few of their designs.

Interview with Itamar Zechoval

We spoke to designer Itamar Zechoval, this year’s curator of Bikini Berlin’s “Look of Fashion Week” about his career, the German capital and what he loves about Fashion Week. 

It's getting cozy inside...

When icy winds, rain and perhaps even the first snow are making themselves felt outside, it’s time to hide away in our own four walls. But we don’t have to feel like we’re missing out because there are plenty of ways to make things lovely and cosy inside! With cosy cushions, a blanket and the obligatory hot cup of tea, we can admire our new interior accessories from the comfort o

An interview with Stills & Strokes

Melanie, Stefan, how would you describe your work in a few sentences? Melanie: First of all, I would say that our work is an unusual mix of photography, graphic design and illustration. Stefan is the photographer and I’m the illustrator and art director.

Studio183: Adieu monotony!

Katrina Ryback and Mark Hunt are two of those expats who contribute to the exciting mix that Berlin is renowned for all over the world. They both fell in love with the German capital, made it their home and, in return for welcoming them, decided to give it a shopping experience with a twist: Studio183 at Bikini Berlin.

A gift to the gift-givers

It begins in October with a slight feeling of exasperation. The flaneur is suddenly seeing the same in every shop window he passes. Something that seems out of place so early in the year: Christmas.

Five top pieces for autumn

The leaves are turning yellow, brown and red and we’re desperately clinging to those last warm rays of sunshine during the golden hour. Yes, autumn has arrived in Berlin.

Autumn shoe trends at Bikini Berlin

Autumn is here so the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. I haven’t quite begun embracing this new season yet, but fortunately there’s plenty to look forward to – such as cosy hours snuggling at home on the sofa with neverending mugs of hot chocolate and tea.

A bow to the flâneur

In a time when the world seems to be spinning faster on its axis and the majority of people are rushing from A to B in the hustle and bustle of modern life, the art of strolling, dawdling and sauntering offers a welcome counterpole.

Gregoy that's me - an Interview with artist Bea Szenfeld

We are so excited to be here with you, and you can’t imagine what an honor it is to have you here! You’re such an incredible artist and definitely an icon for the fashion industry.

“Haute Papier”, sustainable fashion and the Queen...

… this headline might sound like the beginning of a fairytale, but it’s actually a summary of the first Friday in October at Bikini Berlin. And it was indeed a very magical day so the fairytale comparison isn’t actually as absurd as it first sounds!

VOGUE Fashion's Night Out with Joachim Baldauf at Bikini Berlin

On 8th September the eighth Vogue Fashion’s Night Out took place in the German capital and of course Bikini Berlin participated, opening its stores until midnight.

On-trend yellow at Bikini Berlin

Yellow hasn’t exactly been one of the most popular or sought-after colours in the past, but it’s currently developing into this season’s fashion trend statement! From dazzling to mustard-coloured, from the catwalk to the street styles of the fashionistas, we are seeing yellow tones in all shades and styles.

Top highlights from Cyberport to mark the start of the IFA

The world’s leading technology trade fair is starting this week here in Berlin and it’s a real paradise for electronics enthusiasts.

Statement products at Bikini Berlin

Products with statements, sayings and slogans are one of this season’s major trends. Until now the focus was mainly on T-shirts and sweaters with printed messages, but the hype is meanwhile also extending to décor items for the home. These so-called statement products are not only in fashion right now, but also allow us to communicate a certain opinion or attitude.

Nordic Fashion Hub opening at Bikini Berlin

The Nordic Fashion Hub got off to a successful start on 28th June. At the opening event visitors had the opportunity to meet all of the Nordic designers in person.

Flower market at Bikini Berlin

On the last weekend in June the Tollwasblumenmachen.de blog turned Bikini Berlin into a floral paradise with the Flower Market Berlin.


On 20th May 2016 the 2016 GERMAN ACTORS’ AWARDS were presented at our Zoo Palast cinema. The after-show party was held in Bikini Berlin’s concept shopping mall event space.

The Bikini Berlin Shopping Garden

Our Bikini Berlin Garden, the rooftop terrace of our concept shopping mall, is mainly renowned for its brilliant views – from here you can observe the monkeys in the nearby zoo and simply sit back and forget the time. But that’s not all our rooftop terrace has to offer: up here fashion also plays a very important role. Today we’d like to introduce you to two of our Shopping Garde

Interview with artist Rebecca Louise Law

We caught up with London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law to chat about her work and the flower installation she created here at Bikini Berlin. It was very interesting to delve deeper into the subject and to find out, for example, why the drying process of the flowers is part of her art. Read what else Rebecca had to say here – or click on the film to watch it for yourself.