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Statement products at Bikini Berlin


Products with statements, sayings and slogans are one of this season’s major trends. Until now the focus was mainly on T-shirts and sweaters with printed messages, but the hype is meanwhile also extending to décor items for the home. These so-called statement products are not only in fashion right now, but also allow us to communicate a certain opinion or attitude.[BREAK]

I recently had a look around Bikini Berlin to put together my pick of the best statement products for you. Below you will find my small selection, which includes both T-shirts as well as décor items:


Statement shirts

At Bikini Berlin you’ll find all kinds of statement shirts from various stores and pop-up boxes. My favourites include this cool “I’m not a blogger” top by Twisted Talents, which I discovered at the LNFA concept store. It looks great paired with jeans or denim shorts, making it the perfect key piece for a casual summer look.


At Groove Fashion Denim I came across this motivating statement-shirt featuring Muhammad Ali and the words “Impossible is nothing”. As well as this model they also stock additional styles with different statements by the boxer: the perfect motivation not only for yourself, but also the people around you.


Decorative items that make a statement

Whether you like to express your opinions within your own four walls or you’re simply a fan of sayings and slogans as décor, you’ll be in your element at Sygns. Here you’ll find products including cool lightboxes, which you can add your own personal message to. And you can even buy the letters separately, meaning you can regularly change your saying, slogan or statement to suit your mood.

But of course Bikini Berlin has a lot more to offer than just these three statement products. Why don’t you come and see for yourself and discover the perfect statement item for you?