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  rauwm_ (Blogger_Bazaar)

Can you still remember the first wallet or purse you bought for yourself? When we were younger, wallets were very much a status symbol. Back then, it was a case of the bigger and more luxurious, the better! Which is why our early wallets were more likely to resemble a clutch handbag than a purse, complete with integrated photo album and all sorts of sentimental clutter that we were quite happy to cart around with us on a daily basis. But over time and with age, we have become more minimalistic and willing to say goodbye to any unnecessary baggage that weighs us down. Our wallets and their contents have shrunk down to the bare minimum. All we need these days is our bank card and a few coins – preferably housed in an aesthetically pleasing, compact design. 

The new Key Wallet from the BIKINI Berlin x William Fan collection combines precisely these needs and is even going one evolutionary step further: the mini wallet consists of two separate pouches, two integrated keyrings and a long strap. The three-in-one solution can be worn as a fashionable accessory around the neck, across the body or as a belt bag. Keys can be attached onto the two contrasting gold rings, while compartments for cards and money offer additional storage options for your wallet essentials: money and cards.

The design cooperation combines the best of both worlds: the unmistakeable hallmarks of William Fan who is known for his opulent minimalism, and BIKINI BERLIN, which is synonymous with our impressive capital and an urban lifestyle. Thanks to the Key Wallet, you’ll always have your essential items close to hand, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the BIKINI BERLIN x William Fan Birthday Bag from 2019, which has been our daily shopping and office companion for well over a year now. The check print is being launched in two colour variations: Dark Blue & Silver and Coral, the latter of which is the mall’s signature colour.

All BIKINI BERLIN customers can purchase the limited-edition key wallet for 45 euros directly from William Fan’s online shop at www.williamfan.com and from LNFA in the concept shopping mall (as soon as the stores reopen and only as long as stocks last).

The ultimate urban accessory!