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It’s not only lovers of good, quality food from all corners of the globe who will appreciate the new food market at BIKINI BERLIN – architecture fans will also be in their element. After all, none other than the Aisslinger design studio led by star designer Werner Aisslinger was responsible for the design of the Kantini food market.

With timeless mid-century charm, light, clear colours and linear shapes, Aisslinger has created a space that is in harmony with the aesthetics and unique style of BIKINI BERLIN. The Berlin building, which opened in 1957, was popular with Berlin’s smart set during the post-war period and caused a sensation among architectural circles right from the outset. During the revitalisation of the building complex, attention was paid to incorporating the history into the design, an aspect that also took on the highest priority in the design of Kantini. And the unique qualities that symbolise BIKINI BERLIN – modern, casual and humorous – were also incorporated into the Kantini design by Werner Aisslinger and his team. Aisslinger, who has been managing his Berlin design office for 20 years now, has created a refreshing, individual lifestyle landscape for Kantini: a new culinary experience located between the Berlin Zoo and Breitscheidplatz square; a meeting place and port of call in the booming City West that has been custom-made for the German capital’s trendsetters.

At the focus of the design concept are the 13 food stalls designed as modular counters. Once you have chosen your dish, you can choose from one of the many places to sit and enjoy it: from the loggia with panoramic window overlooking the neighbouring zoo, a spacious sofa area and various step seating to swings with a view to the ground floor. Modernity, symmetry and accessible minimalism are also reflected in the interior of Kantini, along with the sunshine of Palm Springs and the Californian zest for life. The designers took their inspiration from David Hockney’s colour scheme and the plants of L.A. The Kantini design, in light pastel-coloured hues, represents joie de vivre and enjoyment and, in keeping with the design philosophy of BIKINI BERLIN, is an optimistic and cheerful symbol that the building is moving with the times.

“The staging of spaces through storytelling, unusual material combinations and experience-oriented installations is a new playing field for all architects in the digital age,” says Werner Aisslinger.

Aisslinger is one of the most significant and influential designers in Germany. His work is a firm fixture in exhibitions at noteworthy museums like New York’s MoMa, the Metropolitan Museum and the Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich. The names of his clients read like the who’s who of the industry. And incidentally, right next door to Kantini is another of Aisslinger’s projects: the well-known 25hours Hotel BIKINI BERLIN, where he experimented with the opposites of nature and culture and has created a destination that has been attracting and wowing visitors ever since it opened its doors. In addition to the concept shopping mall and the Zoo Palast cinema, the design hotel is an integral part of the BIKINI BERLIN complex.