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French imagination, Italian craftsmanship and German tradition. As a family-run company, Closed draws on its European heritage and, despite new influences, always stays true to its denim roots.


As a denim specialist, the resistant material is a huge part of Closed’s DNA. The brand has been producing jeans since 1978 and the characteristic details of their heritage styles continue to inspire their design teams to this day. Closed understands the importance of every detail and how to make jeans that have what it takes to become favourites. 

Step by step, the brand is working on becoming even more sustainable, whilst still upholding its exacting quality standards. With recycled and organic materials, circularity, climate neutrality and production mainly in Europe, Closed is paving the way for a more sustainable and transparent future.

Closed is more than a brand. With a growing crew of around 400 employees, the company only works with people they trust and like and who share the Closed vision: to always create sophisticated, high-quality designs – and to make every stage of the production process as sustainable as possible.