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Traditional shirt-making - and classic, sporty collections for men and women


The GANT story began with shirts and ever since the early days the traditional label, which was founded in 1949, has never stopped reinterpreting them.

The combination of the pursuit of quality by the founder Bernard Gantmacher and the sense of style and business acumen of his sons Marty and Elliot has resulted in an unbeatable recipe for success for the GANT shirt. 


“Having a legacy is something that sets you apart and gives you authenticity and credibility. And, most importantly, it gives you a platform and security as a brand,” says Christopher Bastin, GANT’s creative director. 


The range and quality of the GANT shirts is demonstrated in the archive at the GANT headquarters where original pieces from different decades are kept. The “Perfect Oxford Shirt” for men and ladies is still regarded as the label’s absolute classic model. Not to mention the Yale Co-op shirt and the famous GANT rugby shirt. 


Classic sporty chinos, accessories and an extensive ladies’ collection have meanwhile also been added to the collection.