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Natural fragrances


Living in harmony with nature is not only a loose translation of the word ‘TAOASIS’, but also the philosophy of the natural cosmetics brand. From moisturisers to facial toners to roll-ons – TAOASIS knows exactly what beauty enthusiasts want.


At TAOASIS everything revolves around fragrances. On a trip around the world in the 80s, founder Axel Meyer discovered various aromatherapy and fragrance blends, which are still used in the natural products by TAOASIS to this day. In order to obtain the full natural spectrum of active ingredients, only the best 100% natural, essential oils are selected for TAOASIS. The majority of these precious essences are still sourced by the proven traditional method of steam distillation and the high-quality raw materials are cultivated on the TaoFarm fields, a Demeter-certified agricultural operation.