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Tara Base

For more civil courage

1st floor

Tara Base is a unique concept offering a wide range of products and workshops centred around self-development.

Tina K. is the founder of Tara Base and also Chair of the ‘I Am Jonny’ association. With Tara Base, she has created a place for empowerment, cohesion and protection.



Forming the basis of the concept is community work and various workshops in meditation, spirituality and self-development. Together with psychologists, fitness trainers and coaches, young people and adults are accompanied on their path into a new life. Brands can also integrate their products into the concept, provided they are fairly and sustainably manufactured. 

Tina K. experienced her own personal tragedy on 4 October 2012, when her brother Jonny was killed as a result of senseless violence. Ever since then she has been standing up against violence, for a peaceful coexistence.