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Artists & Exhibitions



13.09. 18:30 - 21.09.2016 20:00


The exhibition is showing the LIKE BERLIN campaign based on the ten different chapters of the book Der Berlin Code. As well as the original B-shaped cards filled out by authentic Berlin locals, you will also be able to admire the campaign photos and images by photographer Kai Stuth.

Of course there will also be selfie points with the campaign questions so every visitor can answer one of the Berlin questions themselves and share their answers online.

The Berlin Code – A guide to Berlin in ten commandments

Der Berlin Code explains the identity of the city in the form of 10 Berlin ‘commandments’ resulting from the LIKE BERLIN campaign.

Defining Berlin’s core values

They’re everywhere in Berlin at the moment: large cards in the shape of the letter B and posters of questions like “What are Berlin’s three core values?” or “What makes you a Berliner?” Behind the LIKE BERLIN campaign is an initiative that has published the book Der Berlin Code – eine Berlinungsanleitung in 10 Geboten (The Berlin Code – a Guide to Berlin in 10 Commandments) and collected insightful answers from the city’s residents. The book is a valuable contribution to the discussion regarding the future of the German capital.

Understanding Berlin and its people

The concept behind Der Berlin Code is that we can only realistically predict the city’s future once we really know how the people of Berlin tick. The guide is an explanation for Berlin residents to help them understand themselves better. And to finally provide the many new Berliners and visitors to the city with a well-founded instruction manual to Berlin, to ease the transition of settling into their new lives in this extraordinary city.