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A Berlin-Style photo session


The new BIKINI BERLIN image campaign is out now! Fashion photographer Laura Coulson has photographed models from all over the world (from England, Hungary, Spain and the USA) right here in the west of Berlin. The London-based photographer relies on her intuition and random moments, which explains why you’ll also be able to spot real-life Berliners in her pictures.


Where you’ll meet the flâneur

Here in the City West around BIKINI BERLIN, we are bringing the golden age back to life. This is also where you’ll bump into true Berlin locals. An air of carefreeness and nonchalance blows around this part of the city, which is the perfect place to sip a glass of champagne and watch the world go by. The models seemed very at home and the cheery passers-by made the best extras for the photos!


The new, laid-back elegance

It goes without saying that the fashions showcased in this image shoot all come from BIKINI BERLIN’s stores. The glory days of the City West are also reflected in the dapper styling, complete with today’s casual Berlin touch. Our flâneurs moved confidently around the City West, their stomping ground of choice, for the photos. Their attitudes and poses are an allusion to bygone days, while the laid-back, tongue-in-cheek undertone, so typical of authentic Berliners, also shines through.


Old-school photography: more fashionable than ever before

Laura Coulson’s analogue photography creates the unmistakeable look of the shots: the photographer develops the images in her own darkroom. The unique mix of authentic technology from the past with the laissez-faire attitude of the current summer and autumn fashions is perfectly reviving the glamour of the City West in this latest campaign for BIKINI BERLIN.