A journey around the world for lunch: KANTINI offers something for every taste!

Wherever “concept shopping” is to be found, food concepts are never far away – the best example of this is KANTINI, the new culinary hotspot in the German capital.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere
Kantini Bikini Berlin

It’s a situation we’re all familiar with. You arrange to meet with friends for lunch. After lengthy negotiations you finally manage to narrow down a neighbourhood and arrange a time that suits everyone – but then it comes to the crunch: “So, what do you fancy?” is a question that not all friendships will be able to withstand.

Is there something for vegans? Does the menu also offer an option for the more adventurous foodies among us? What about the Berliner’s favourite, the good, old currywurst? Perhaps a warming soup? Pizza, pasta – or maybe low carb might be a better option? After all, these days food not only has to taste good, but also be healthy.

The good news is: thanks to KANTINI, you will find something to suit all tastes – and, most importantly, it’s all under one roof! The bad news: you’re still going to be spoilt for choice!


And the latter, my friends, isn’t something that should be taken lightly. We experienced it for ourselves when the food market at Bikini Berlin invited us round to indulge our taste buds. A total of 13 international eateries are offering visitors and employees of the shopping mall the chance to embark on a little trip around the globe and fill up on a wide variety of culinary delights.

While Marie couldn’t get enough of the apple strudel crêpes, I would spend my last cents on a spicy curry dish. And the group lunch outings that used to be associated with a lot of persuasive work, compromises and sceptical glances are no longer a problem in this foodie paradise: here everyone can just grab whatever they fancy – and then sit down together to enjoy it.


And talking about sitting down: just like throughout the entire mall, there’s a huge focus on cosiness and design here! After all, the atmosphere is extremely important when we’re choosing a place to eat. Hungry diners can enjoy their dishes on the stylish steps, on the sofas or even on swings! Our absolute favourite spot was in front of the panoramic window overlooking the zoo, which feels like a little holiday – especially when you try out the different flavours by Berlin ice cream maker Copper & Flint.

We did a lot of travelling together last year so right now we’re taking a break from airports and motorways – but not from delicious dishes from all over the world. And thanks to KANTINI, decision-making difficulties are now only something we have to face when it comes to picking out our next far-flung destinations!