A relaxing run-up to Christmas with Kusmi Tea

I’m definitely a tea girl. While others can’t survive a single day without coffee, I’m all about the tea! I love the flavours, beautiful tins and aromatic taste. So, this explains why one of my favourite stores in Bikini Berlin is Kusmi Tea. And not just because they have such wonderful varieties, but because I also have a very personal connection to it.

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Patricia und Stefan - The Kaisers
Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

Kusmi Tea has Russian roots, just like me. My father is half-Ukrainian/half-Russian and I grew up with the Russian language and traditions. Whenever I visit my father, we finish off our meal with a cosy tea-drinking session.


Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

When I discovered the Kusmi Tea brand many years ago, I noticed straight away that, despite the “Paris” in the name, “Kusmi Tea Paris” has something Eastern-European about it. Because Kusmi Tea doesn’t try to deny its roots, but creates a wonderful mix of Russian and French elements. A lot of the different sorts still have Russian names and the design also has something very glamorous about it.
Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

One of my favourite Kusmi Tea blends is “Prince Vladimir”, which I gave my father for his birthday a few years ago. He thought it was great that there was a tea named after him! But I’m currently loving Kusmi Tea’s latest tea creation, the limited-edition Christmas blend for 2016. Please allow me to introduce: Tsarevna.

Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

For its 150-year anniversary, Kusmi Tea has brought out a blend that is, well, exactly my cup of tea! Not only is it their first black tea so far, which tastes so good with its festive spices and orange flavour, but the word Tsarevna means “daughter of the Czar”. And I have another connection to the Russian Empire: I’ve written a children’s fairytale about the childhood of the Czarina of Russia, Catherine the Great, incidentally a German princess, who moved to Russia after spending her childhood in the town I was born in, Zerbst.

Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

So, as you can see – Kusmi Tea and The Kaisers are the perfect match. This is why my favourite place in the run-up to Christmas is on my sofa with my Russian doll cup (also from Kusmi Tea), drinking Tsarevna or one of their many other lovely blends. Who says Christmas has to be stressful?!