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Autumn, also known as the season of comfort food


Life doesn’t always serve us everything on a silver platter, but at least we can count on Bikini Berlin to always serve up a fantastic array of delicious food.[BREAK]

When the streets are covered in brightly coloured leaves and the morning breeze feels fresh on our skin, we know that autumn has well and truly arrived. But before you allow the annual wave of melancholy to crash over you, don’t forget that autumn is also the best excuse to treat ourselves and do something for our wellbeing. And the best way to do that is from the inside, with good food! Look no further – Bikini Berlin has the perfect offer.


Close to nature with panoramic views 

From an Indian summer to sudden storms and downpours, we need to be prepared for everything in autumn. Give your immune system the boost it needs at Funk You. Right in front of the panoramic window, you’ll find the healthy food specialist where only natural ingredients find their way onto the menu: instead of sugar, they use agave syrup as a sweetener, pasta dishes are wonderfully light thanks to zoodles (zucchini noodles) and the gluten-free cake is guaranteed to make you happy. And where better to sip a green smoothie than with views of greenery?


Down-to-earth Berlin vibes around the clock

You’ll find the best breakfast at the Woodfire Bakery. Their hammocks and armchairs are the perfect spot to observe the giraffes as they awaken from their slumber. Sip a coffee from Five Elephant and lose yourself in the creamy consistency of the cheesecake. From the wood-fired oven, you can opt for a freshly baked croissant or crusty bread. Their extra-long opening times from 6:30 am until 10:00 pm give you the freedom to choose when you want to start the day.


The taste of variety

The eating habits of Berlin’s inhabitants are just as changeable as the city’s weather in autumn. Whether paleo, vegan or vegetarian – Spreegold has the answer. Here the egg is celebrated in all its diversity: whether with truffle, poached, as an omelette or in the Oriental shakshuka bowl, all your culinary needs are covered here. Spreegold has made it its mission to combine variety with fresh ingredients, brightening up even the dreariest autumn day.


More sunshine on your plate

In honour of their Mexican roots, the founders of Chicano have set out to create the city’s best burrito. Here you can enjoy tried-and-tested family recipes, including their delicious salsa, as you daydream under Mexican palm trees. And when the autumn sunshine decides to make an appearance, you should head to Neni and make the most of Bikini Berlin’s huge rooftop terrace. The views over the City West with the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the green treetops of the zoo simply never get old. Creamy hummus, whether with curry or beetroot, will leave you thinking you’re in the Orient for a moment. And next door, the Monkey Bar serves up refreshing drinks with mint. Let’s raise a toast to autumn!