BagYard - Your lunch is in the bag!

There’s no doubt about it – we all love fast food. However, we also know that the options out there usually aren’t quite as healthy as we’d like them to be. But that’s all changing! For a few weeks now there’s been a new port of call for healthy fast food here at Bikini Berlin – and it goes by the name of BagYard!

Bagyard Bikini Berlin

Our new restaurant definitely has a bit of a bag obsession. Witty wordplays like “Bag for good!”, “Bag to the roots” and “Bags don´t cry” adorn the walls of BagYard. But instead of being made of fabric or leather, the bags on offer here are edible! And they aren’t displayed in the store window or on shelves, but waiting to be ordered on the menu!

Bagyard Bikini Berlin

The bags in question are bread pouches made with sourdough or spelt bread, baked in BagYard’s in-house bakery, and filled, for example, with the classic Berlin-style Buletten_meatballs_ or with falafel. A large selection of creative ‘Bags’ awaits the hungry customers, not to mention divine sides like sweet potato fries, a variety of sauces, quinoa, salads and delicious shakes and smoothies. All of which are very healthy, but also incredibly tasty. Our Bikini Berlin team is already addicted! May the Bag be with you!