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A very special shopping experience with robot lady Gisela


BIKINI BERLIN has a new employee. Which doesn’t necessarily sound very exciting at first, does it? But wait, we’re not talking about any old employee, but Gisela: a female robot who has her very own sales kiosk at BIKINI BERLIN.


Gisela is the first humanoid sales robot in Germany. That means that she’s a robot who is modelled on the human form. Gisela’s movements are very similar to those of humans and her facial expressions also have human traits.

But her resemblance to us is particularly noticeable when Gisela gets to work and follows her true vocation: in this case, the sale and assembly of small 3D toy robots, so-called Toybots. For eleven hours a day, Gisela builds these toy robots bit by bit for her customers and you can watch her live during every single step.

It’s definitely worth dropping by to have a look as it’s exciting to watch Gisela put the small cardboard parts together. Sometimes it looks as if she’s really thinking and making tweaks. And are those beads of sweat on her forehead or am I just imagining it?!


Whatever the case, the Toybot is a lovely souvenir from a visit to BIKINI BERLIN and is giving us a sneak peek of all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. It can be used in a variety of ways in your own four walls: as a pen holder, for example, or you can store business cards in its lap, so you always have them to hand. And the little toy robot made of robust cardboard is also ideal for holding photos or postcards.

Of course, it also makes the perfect décor item too. But if you want to customise it a little, you can swap the face of the Toybot with another face and the graphic on its chest can also be changed. There are no limits to your creativity!

In the future, the Gisela ‘workerbot’ will also be able to sell other products and take on different tasks. The first step towards retail 4.0 and a brand-new shopping experience has already been made and we can’t wait to see what else the future will bring to BIKINI BERLIN!