Culinary delights alla italiana: Terramare impresses with creative street food concept

Pizza funghi, spaghetti bolognese, gelato alla fragola: what we understand as being typical Italian cuisine is only our interpretation of it as foreigners. These supposed “classics” might be firm fixtures on every menu, but mostly only reflect the gastro culture of certain regions. The downside is that Italian cuisine is losing its essence and original tastes and flavours.

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Nicola Marin is Venetian born and bred and travelled a lot during his studies. After spending time in Bochum, Nancy, Milan and Uppsala, he has meanwhile lived in Berlin for six years and is bringing variety to Kantini Berlin with his creative street food concept. At Terramare he wants to combine well-known Italian recipes with innovative molecular cuisine. “The mission of Terramare is to preserve the traditions and recipes of Italian street food and to try to enhance them with a creative approach.”


Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are offered for almost every dish. The menu includes homemade green and red tagliatelle, black gnocchi and lasagne. And the vegan pestos, rocket-pistachio and tomato-almond, are proving especially popular. Terramare also offers fresh salads, fish, meat and vegetable dishes, Italian burgers, tiramisu and seafood. Nicola wants to offer every customer a unique taste sensation that conveys the tradition of Italian food, paired with new visions, shapes and colours.

The highest quality standards are essential to the Terramare concept: from the bread to the sauces, everything is made by hand. And to guarantee this, only the freshest ingredients are used. With the necessary creativity, passion for cooking and respect for tradition, Nicola conjures up dishes that really stand out. His personal highlight is the Italian fish and chips: “This dish contains a mix of Mediterranean seafood that is fried in a beer tempura, following the old Venetian tradition.”

Nicola is proving that street food is a whole lot more than just a quick bite in between meals and Terramare can even compete with many a gourmet restaurant!