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Everybody needs good neighbours


According to a Hungarian proverb, good neighbours are a real treasure. And the good, neighbourly relations between BIKINI BERLIN and Berlin Zoo are a prime example of that.

I’m sitting in the loggia at Kantini. Most of the diners who ate their lunch here in the sunshine have meanwhile disappeared back to their offices or wherever else they came from. Maybe some of them are even having a wander around the zoo. This is the time I love the most at Kantini, when things have quietened down slightly. You can listen to the chirping of the birds and watch the families pulling along the bright green handcarts (the latest joint project between BIKINI BERLIN and Berlin Zoo) containing their purchases and kids!


A little boy with a light-blonde, mop-top haircut, which reminds me of my own childhood, holds on tight to his mum’s left thigh, probably because he’s tired of walking, and points at the handcart in front of them, which – or at least that’s what I’m guessing – belongs to a different family. The silence is interrupted by the screams of the young boy, who has meanwhile thrown himself on the floor in a tantrum. If only the blonde boy’s mum had rented a handcart too, I think to myself, as I make my way up to the rooftop terrace.

The view of the monkey’s rock enclosure from the terrace is unique in Berlin, although if you ask me, that’s not the only place you can observe monkey business in the city!


An info sign tells me that BIKINI BERLIN has been sponsoring the Hamadryas baboons since April 2017 and is ensuring that they’re well looked after. Whenever I have friends visiting me in Berlin from other cities, we’ll often take a detour to the mall’s monkey window. Their reactions are always the same: they are so fascinated that they can’t help but take a seat in front of the huge panorama window and could watch them for hours. Even though I’ve been here so many times, it reminds me just how unique it is to have a front-row view of animals from a shopping mall. And in the middle of the city too, a green oasis not far from the Ku’damm. 

Berlin Zoo is one of the most famous in the world. Nowhere else will you find over 20,000 animals belonging to around 1,400 different species, such as hippos, seals, giraffes, apes and the only giant pandas in Germany.

So isn’t it lucky that Berlin Zoo and BIKINI BERLIN complement each other so well? As the Hungarian saying goes: good neighbours are a real treasure!