Interview with Joana Heinen from odernichtoderdoch

Playful postcards, pastel-coloured home accessories and detailed calendars – the pop-up box of odernichtoderdoch is a stationery lover’s dream come true! What started out as a passion for beautiful things and a blog has meanwhile become a company that Joana Heinen runs together with her husband Niklas from their headquarters in Münster. Their growing Instagram fan community is proving the couple right and almost 20,000 photos with the hashtag #odernichtoderdoch show how the many odernichtoderdoch products are beautifying people’s lives.

We caught up with Joana Heinen, the founder of odernichtoderdoch, to chat about taking the plunge into the offline world, her personal favourite products and her plans for 2017.

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Bikini Berlin: Where does the name odernichtoderdoch come from?

Joana Heinen: Odernichtoderdoch is a song by MIA. – who used to be my favourite band back then. In English, “Oder nicht, oder doch” means something along the lines of “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” It’s perfectly reflects this chronic indecisiveness we all have in a life full of opportunities and choices.

Bikini Berlin: First your blog and then the online shop – what made you decide to sell your products offline too?

Joana Heinen: Our focus is very clearly on the online world, but our customers regularly expressed the wish to hold our products in their hands or browse them properly in real life. That makes sense because they are made to a very high quality and offer a lot of adorable little design details that are hard to bring across on photos. So we made it our task to also create this online world and the feeling we want to transport in an offline setting.

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: You and your team are based in Münster, why did you choose to set up shop in Berlin?

Joana Heinen: Although Münster is a student city, the stores here are still very conservative. There aren’t any concepts for young companies who want to briefly try out the whole “offline” concept. Berlin offers companies like us precisely the environment that we need to further develop and try out new ideas and approaches.


odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Who came up with the interior design concept for your shop at Bikini Berlin?

Joana Heinen: The interior concept wasn’t as easy as we first thought it would be. We wanted it to be light and friendly and reminiscent of a beautifully decorated teenager’s bedroom – without looking too overdone or chaotic. Professional, but not boring. Decorated, but not cluttered. Armed with our mood boards and ideas, we then sought professional assistance from a team who contributed experience and expertise to give our ideas the finishing touches and turn them into a reality.

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Which shop – after your own, of course – is your favourite at Bikini Berlin?

Joana Heinen: My favourite shop at Bikini Berlin? Definitely Schwesterherz and Normann Copenhagen – I have a real weakness for beautiful stationery…

Bikini Berlin: Your products aim to make people happy – which of them makes you particularly happy?

Joana Heinen: Our adventure planner – which is currently in its second edition. There’s so much love invested into it and it’s quite significant because it was our first big product and we had to overcome a few obstacles took until we reached that point. But all the positive feedback we’re getting on it makes me really happy.

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Which products are being particularly well received by your customers? What are your bestsellers?

Joana Heinen: Our calendars are doing really well – in all forms. We try to design our products to be playful and pretty but still practical so people can while away the time, but also work with them.

Bikini Berlin: As well as a large selection of stationery products, you meanwhile also offer cushions, cookie cutters and towels – what new products do you have planned for 2017?

Joana Heinen: In 2017 we want to take more of a cosy textile direction: more towels, more cushions, perhaps blankets or bed linen. A lot is planned – but nothing has been confirmed as yet. You’ll just have to wait and see!

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: What is your wish for 2017?

Joana Heinen: For 2017 I hope to continue to have such a great and creative community to support us on our way and inspire us to come up with new ideas. If that remains the case, then I couldn’t ask for anything more! 

Bikini Berlin: Thanks so much for the interview, Joana!