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It's getting cozy inside...


When icy winds, rain and perhaps even the first snow are making themselves felt outside, it’s time to hide away in our own four walls. But we don’t have to feel like we’re missing out because there are plenty of ways to make things lovely and cosy inside! With cosy cushions, a blanket and the obligatory hot cup of tea, we can admire our new interior accessories from the comfort of the sofa. But what are they this season? And where will you find the most beautiful décor items at Bikini Berlin? That’s what I’d like to show you today…


Whether Moroccan fig or Madagascan vanilla, this winter we’re setting the mood with fragrant diffusers for a cosy atmosphere. Depending on how intense you like it, you can simply add or remove reeds from the glass. The elegant diffusers from the “Czarina Collection” by Charisma, as well as a selection of soaps and candles, are on sale at Bam Berlin.


The must-haves for cold winter evenings: colourful cushions and blankets from Odeeh. To bring a splash of colour to plain-coloured sofas during the grey season, the designers are focusing on eye-catching combinations like orange and green. But there are also designs for the black-and-white fans among you.


And if sleek and modern is your preferred style, you’ll love the porcelain cups by Berlin designer Anna Badur. Her white and cobalt-coloured “Blue Sunday” series is perfect at all times of the day – whether for your morning coffee or tea time in the afternoon. Also modern and an important interior trend in 2016 are the space-saving macramé plant hangers by California Dreaming. Originally known as hanging baskets, the designs are perfect for small apartments and hanging plants. You’ll find both items at Studio 183 on the first floor.


My top discovery of the season? The label Fundamental Berlin, which has temporarily set up shop in one of the pop-up boxes at Bikini Berlin. They not only stock filigree holders for trendy hanging plants, but also the most beautiful DIY decorations that you’ll find anywhere this season. The geometric “Fragments” can be folded as you wish and give, according to the designers, “a touch of timeless mathematics”.


But that’s not all: you’ll find decorative wooden birds to perch on your shelf at the Artek concept store, cosy, Moroccan-style rugs at Yellow Curated and copper-coloured liquorice bonbons at Lakrids.

When it’s this cosy, we don’t mind if winter stays around for a little while longer!