Let's talk with the founders of GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER…

Presenting itself offline for the first time, the online grocery store for artisanal food products GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER (which is German for “We always have to eat”) is currently selling its wares in a pop-box at Bikini Berlin. Under the motto “Summer time is BIKINI time”, the team from GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER is presenting their finest selection of culinary treats and drinks until 4 September. We caught up with the two founding members Philipp and Bea to chat about the background, idea and visions behind GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER. Find out more about the start-up and what you can buy from them in our short interview.

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GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER – the name of your company couldn’t be more fitting! Who and what is behind your start-up? How did you come up with the idea of establishing an online grocery store selling a hand-picked selection of food items? And who thought up the name?

Bea: GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER has meanwhile been around since 2015, we recently celebrated our two-year anniversary. Actually, when I come to think of it, that’s an incredible achievement! Back then we were just in the starting blocks of fulfilling our dream of selling good quality, artisanal food items from small-scale producers online. And by we, I mean Philipp, Friederike and I.

Before founding the company, we gained our first e-food experience with deinBiogarten.de, which ended up laying the groundwork for the beginnings of GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER. Back then we were only starting to understand the significance of a curated artisanal grocery range that is delivered throughout Germany. And obviously the fact that we were close friends and all shared the same passion for good food paved the way for our own start-up.

But we’re no longer a small team: we’re a lovable bunch of passionate professionals who discover great new food products on a daily basis. And this is also where our name comes from: we all eat every single day, but often without really asking ourselves what it is that we’re eating and where it actually comes from. By guaranteeing product quality and passing on our background knowledge, GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER is all about making people value and appreciate the food we eat in our everyday lives in a more mindful way.


You sell very high-quality gourmet foods, both on your website and also here in your pop-up box. Did you grow up in the countryside or where else does your passion for homegrown and organic-certified food come from?

Philipp: I’ll answer this one! You guessed correctly: I do actually come from the countryside and my family has a long tradition in agriculture and forestry. For quite a few years I’ve been taking care of our pastures in the Dahlener Heide woodland in Saxony, together with my brother: we breed cows and it’s so much fun! So of course being this close to livestock farming and food production sharpens my awareness. But I believe that our passion for special, artisan products also has a lot to do with the fact that all three of us have always lived for good food – and sharing it with other people.

Your product palette ranges from spirits like beer liqueur from Bavaria down to fresh organic fruit and vegetables. We read on your website that you sample all your products yourselves. That sounds wonderful! Can you tell us how many products you currently stock in total? Do you have a bestselling product you’d like to tell us about? Do you know all of the producers personally? How do you find such excellent ones?

Bea:        We meanwhile have around 600 products in our range. But we also differentiate between private and corporate customers: by individual agreement, we deliver organic fruit and vegetables to business customers in Berlin. Our private customers can buy dry products from the online shop, drinks included. Every customer has their own favourites and buys them in large quantities and regularly. Personally, I’m a huge fan of our range of spirits. It’s fantastic! 

Philipp: We do actually aim to get to know the producers in person, and in the best-case scenario we like to visit them and taste their products. We find many of them ourselves, or they’re recommended to us by our business partners. This is the only way we can guarantee that only the very best food products find their way into our assortment. And only then can we build a bridge between the product, producer and end consumer and make food retailing less anonymous.


Your goods are available to buy offline for the first time this summer – at a pop-up shop at Bikini Berlin. Have you ever thought about opening your own bricks-and-mortar store? How is your BIKINI time, as you call it, going so far?

Bea: Of course it’s a topic that keeps cropping up. When it comes to food items especially, it’s always nice to hold them in your hand before you buy them. Or chat to the sales assistant to find out more. But primarily we’ll always still be an online retailer and want to sell food on the internet. That’s why we try to appeal to our customers online in the same way with our detailed texts and photos. And in spring we had a little warehouse sale. It was really great to get to know our customers and very interesting for us! So, in summary: the warehouse sale and also our BIKINI time have been brilliant experiences that we’ll no doubt be repeating.

Huge thanks to Bea and Philipp for chatting to us. We’re massive fans of their gourmet pop-up box here at Bikini Berlin. Visit GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER at their pop-up box here at Bikini Berlin until the beginning of September.