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Nordic Fashion Hub opening at Bikini Berlin


The Nordic Fashion Hub got off to a successful start on 28th June. At the opening event visitors had the opportunity to meet all of the Nordic designers in person.


Labels from the Nordic countries were out in force on the event space in front of the large panoramic window. Together with the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, Bikini Berlin selected 15 Nordic designers to showcase and sell their latest collections here during Berlin Fashion Week. 

Bikini Berlin’s managing director Antje Leinemann opened the evening alongside Markku Lampinen, the ambassador from the Finnish embassy. The designers presented their collections to the large number of visitors, each adding their own individual personalities.


Even if the Nordic style runs through all of the collections like a common thread, all of them are very different. For example, you can discover the deep blue of the Icelandic Arctic Ocean at Dimmblá, Norwegian romance in the floral prints at byTiMo, Finnish playfulness in the prints by Liisa Riski, traditional handcraftsmanship from Denmark by Ecco and Swedish country life by Ewa i Walla. 


The following designers and labels were participating in the Nordic Fashion Hub:

Cathrine Hammel 
Ewa i Walla 
J. Lindeberg 
Liissa Riski 
Mirkka Metsola
R/H Studio 
Selected Femme 
Selected Homme