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Snacking allowed! – Behind the scenes of our food and fashion shoot


Today we’re giving you a glimpse behind the scenes of our shoot with Terrence Caviar (a duo made up of stylist Michelle Maguire and photographer Kelsey McClellan). The entire team really fell in love with the unique flair of the location... and by unique flair we actually mean Kantini’s culinary offer. Which is why there was a lot of nibbling, snacking and munching going on – not only for the photos, but also during the breaks!


The stylist once again explains the right colour and consistency of the French fries – not too thick, not too thin, golden yellow and of course nice and crispy on the outside is how they should be. Nodding in agreement, the chef says: “Yes, that’s how we always make them here!”.


It all looks a bit dark on set here – but that was fully intentional as it was the only way to keep the delicious waffle hidden away from the sweet-toothed team! No need to worry though, the right lighting and the photographer’s skills made sure that the end result was vibrant and appetising. Pay attention to the pattern of the waffle... and now the background, what do you notice? That’s right, BIKINI BERLIN and Kantini are a perfectly coordinated fashion-food pairing!


The photographer also seems to have merged with her surroundings. Dressed in muted tones, she seamlessly fits into the interior... we wonder if she always does that? Or maybe she’s just hoping to slink her way over to the food stalls unnoticed? Whatever the case, the team’s culinary indulgence definitely didn’t affect the photos in any way: the campaign’s new mouth-watering visuals are all good enough to eat!


On the 25th and 26th of Oktober, BIKINI BERLIN becomes the headquarters of Berlin FoodWeek. Around 50 factories, brands and start-ups will be presenting the latest food trends at the House of Food. All products can be tasted and bought. This is where Foodie hearts beat faster!