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The best sunglasses for this summer: spotted at Mykita & Groove


Sunglasses are my absolute favourite accessory whatever the season. But in summer especially, I refuse to leave the house without my trusty shades. They are great because they are both useful and chic at the same time – what more could a woman (or man) want? Sunglasses protect our eyes, make us look stylish and jazz up any outfit. So it’s no wonder I love them so much and already own quite an impressive collection. They’re simply the coolest accessory and an easy way to style up any look.

As there are so many different styles and models out there right now, I took a look around Mykita & Groove at BIKINI BERLIN to scout out this summer’s best styles for you.


A pop of colour!

Sunglasses with brightly coloured lenses will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face! Tinted lenses in candy-coloured tones like pink, peach or ice-blue are particularly on-trend at the moment. Here too, the models on offer currently range from round to square to oval and are slightly bigger. Personally, I use sunglasses with brightly coloured lenses to style up my outfits: I either repeat the same colour in my outfit or use the glasses to break up an all-black look, for example.


Round retro-look styles

Round, retro-look lenses are also back in fashion this summer! And I’m very happy about it as I’m a huge fan of this eye-catching shape, which was a huge trend back in the 70s. Round sunglasses are a statement piece for anyone who loves fashion and standing out from the crowd. This style will suit you really well if you have an oval, square or heart-shaped face.


Cat-eye shape

This is definitely my all-time favourite eyewear trend and it’s currently celebrating a revival. The 1950s are back with a bang! Actress and style icon Marilyn Monroe used to wear this style with the winged upswept corners and there’s no getting past these cult glasses this season either. You’ll also find them in lots of different variations, for example with mirrored lenses, brightly coloured frames or also with a half frame. But my favourite model has a black full frame and black lenses. Dark lenses always look elegant and delicate and perfectly complement any outfit – for a ladylike touch, as well as a hint of extravagance!