Coolness factor x 5: My top five finds from five stores

Before the Christmas shopping madness begins, I decided to head to BIKINI BERLIN to escape the grey, wet autumn weather and to surround myself with all the finer things in life! Here are my top five finds from five of the concept shopping mall’s coolest stores.

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Michael - Blog Bohème


If you’re looking for avant-gardist fashion, you’re guaranteed to find it at Adddress. As well as the label’s own collections, they also stock pieces by other exciting designers. I’m a huge fan of Danish designer Henrik Vibskov so my first find (and absolute highlight!) is his ‘Soap’ sweater.


Market Lifestore

Streetwear and footwear that’s both high quality AND sustainable? Does that even exist? Absolutely. If you want to see for yourself, I recommend you drop by the Market Lifestore, which is where I discovered my second find of the day: a pair of really cool sneakers by Veja.

Veja comes from Paris. Although the shoes are designed there, they are produced in Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil. One of the places you can get your hands (or feet?!) on them is the Market Lifestore at BIKINI BERLIN.


VOO West

Berlin’s VOO Store is a must for every fashion fanatic. And in summer they also opened a branch in the City West – Voo West. I love browsing the magazines and books there, which is why my third top find is the store’s unique magazine selection. You’ll find a publication to suit every taste and interest, from Kinfolk and apartamento to Monocle. And not forgetting a fantastic selection of indoor plants.


SUPER Concept Space

I’ve been going to the SUPER Concept Space ever since it opened, even when I was still coming to Berlin as a tourist before moving here. SUPER was always my favourite port of call in the west of the city for lunch or dinner. As well as serving up seasonal cuisine, they also have a small curated concept store and wonderful views of Berlin Zoo. So my fourth find is actually two items: a voucher to test out the culinary delights at SUPER and a fragrance by Frau Tonis Parfum called No 18 Bogota Berlin, a tribute to Berlin’s legendary Hotel Bogota. I love the juxtaposition of fruity and spicy, fresh and soft – and the combination of fruity figs and bergamot paired with pink pepper and spicy vetiver.



I really appreciate premium materials, meticulous handcraftsmanship, timeless aestheticscomfort and design, especially when it comes to furniture. But my fifth top find of the day will have to remain a wish for the time being: the “Liberty” leather sofa by Ikono. The Liberty collection consists of more than 46 individual modules that differ in size and shape. Still not convinced? Check it out in their store on the second floor of BIKINI BERLIN. And even though I haven’t invested in it yet, I’ve never learnt so much about premium leather in such a short time as I did here!


Snacking allowed! – Behind the scenes of our food and fashion shoot

Today we’re giving you a glimpse behind the scenes of our shoot with Terrence Caviar (a duo made up of stylist Michelle Maguire and photographer Kelsey McClellan). The entire team really fell in love with the unique flair of the location... and by unique flair we actually mean Kantini’s culinary offer. Which is why there was a lot of nibbling, snacking and munching going on – not only for the photos, but also during the breaks!

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Claudi – doitbutdoitnow

The stylist once again explains the right colour and consistency of the French fries – not too thick, not too thin, golden yellow and of course nice and crispy on the outside is how they should be. Nodding in agreement, the chef says: “Yes, that’s how we always make them here!”.


It all looks a bit dark on set here – but that was fully intentional as it was the only way to keep the delicious waffle hidden away from the sweet-toothed team! No need to worry though, the right lighting and the photographer’s skills made sure that the end result was vibrant and appetising. Pay attention to the pattern of the waffle... and now the background, what do you notice? That’s right, BIKINI BERLIN and Kantini are a perfectly coordinated fashion-food pairing!


The photographer also seems to have merged with her surroundings. Dressed in muted tones, she seamlessly fits into the interior... we wonder if she always does that? Or maybe she’s just hoping to slink her way over to the food stalls unnoticed? Whatever the case, the team’s culinary indulgence definitely didn’t affect the photos in any way: the campaign’s new mouth-watering visuals are all good enough to eat!


On the 25th and 26th of Oktober, BIKINI BERLIN becomes the headquarters of Berlin FoodWeek. Around 50 factories, brands and start-ups will be presenting the latest food trends at the House of Food. All products can be tasted and bought. This is where Foodie hearts beat faster!



Leaving the carefree days of summer behind us, we’re now entering the cosy and contemplative part of the year. Shorts, sandals and laid-back laughter are being swapped for coats, scarves and focused concentration. It’s going to take more than a scoop of ice cream to get us out of the house these days. Anyone prepared to venture outside when it’s grey, rainy and cold obviously has something more challenging in mind.

Preview Picture: Make-up brushes from MAC, speaker from Cyberport, mini-speaker and bookend steps from Market Lifestore. Mask, HAY toothbrush und HAY boxes from VooWest.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Claudi – doitbutdoitnow


Whenever we’re seeking inspiration or just want to get our creative juices flowing, we head out into the city. As you will have already heard, 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school of design. Timeless, iconic design and the ‘form follows function’ theory can be admired with your own eyes on a stroll around Berlin’s streets. But you’ll also find great design here at BIKINI BERLIN, such as these handpicked artefacts, which we’ve creatively arranged into an inspiring composition for your aesthetic pleasure.

Vases and HAY boxes from VooWest, T-shirt box and belt from American Vintage, teabox from Chaya and sunglasses packaging from Mykita.



What a unique shape! What an interesting choice of colours! Our thoughts might be wandering elsewhere, but for some reason they always return to home. What would this vase by VooWest look like on my window sill? And wouldn’t those Hay boxes make the ideal storage solution?

Vase, toothbrush and HAY boxes from VooWest, Teeboxen und Teetasse von Chaya, 'Treppen' Buchstütze von Market Lifestore.



But before we get carried away with ourselves, we shouldn’t forget to see the fun in things. We cordially invite you to allow your creativity to unfold, to try things on (and out!) as you please and to make sure you’re getting more than just mental sustenance. The culinary delights at our Kantini food market will keep you going through the winter months. But that’s a whole different (newsletter) topic…

Purse from CLOSED, HAY boxes from VooWest, sunglasses from Market Lifestore and speaker from Cyberport.


Design Pool at Bikini Berlin from 10.10. - 12.10.2019

In celebration of Berlin Design Week 2019, the design market "Design Pool" will take place for the first time from 10th - 12th of October at BIKINI BERLIN. This market is the only official point of sale of the Berlin Design Week and offers exhibitors, designers and brands the opportunity to present and sell their products in a location that is as unique as Berlin is for design, fashion and contemporary art.


Scandinavian understatement, innovative streetwear and an unusual mix of materials: if you’re in search of the latest autumn trends, BIKINI BERLIN is the place to come for an exciting variety of tried-and-tested classics and new favourites. To prepare my wardrobe for the imminent changing of the seasons, I embarked on my annual trend scouting tour and, as you can see, couldn’t resist taking a few key pieces home with me!

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Tanja und Lisa – Blogger Bazaar

Autumn is the season of layering, exciting colour and pattern mixes and turtlenecks. With that in mind, I opted for a maxi dress by Tata Christiane from the LNFA store for my first look. LNFA is the perfect place to discover out-of-the-ordinary brands and statement pieces. I styled it with a black turtleneck jumper by IND, a brand that has made zero waste and flexible design part of its philosophy, et voilà: the ultimate transitional outfit! When summer starts to turn into autumn, I find that roll-neck jumpers are perfect for wearing over dresses.

Although autumn is very much a time to hibernate and get cosy in hoodies and sweaters, it doesn’t mean that style has to take a backseat. Proof of this is the pastel-neon model by Stone Island in an exciting combination with brown – which is definitely a look that we don’t see often enough. Just like the brown flares with the contrast seam stitching by Eytys, the Stone Island sweater is also from Voo West. The Kreuzberg concept store recently opened another store in the west of Berlin, at BIKINI BERLIN to be precise, and from Raf Simons to Jacquemus they offer a wide-ranging assortment of urban high fashion. It’s a veritable shopping paradise – and not just for hipsters who follow the latest hypes. The heels with the matching colour gradient are by traditional Italian brand Premiata, who have a fantastic store on the concept shopping mall’s rooftop terrace. And, you heard it here first, the latest autumn models have just arrived in store!


If you prefer to play it safe, you can go for a monochrome material mix rather than extravagant colour combos. Monochrome all-over looks not only visibly elongate the silhouette, but have also been taking the catwalks by storm in recent seasons. At Labo.Art you’ll find fantastic quality materials from linen to wool and a huge selection of plain-coloured, matching pieces. I went for the brown culottes with a down jacket by SPARKZ from the LNFA store.

Another classic with a modern twist is the asymmetrical blouse by Scandinavian label Totême, casually combined with orange Converse sneakers from Voo West.

Unique statement pieces can be found at LNFA or the Adddress store. Adddress stocks both its own label as well as brands that are otherwise difficult to find in Berlin, such as Henrik Vibskov and Stine Goya. My favourite this season is the orangey-brown overall by Henrik Vibskov. Pair it with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses by Bam Berlin for a cool racer look!

Dressed in these stylish pieces, this autumn will be anything but dreary and boring and you can be sure you’ll be stepping into the new season in style!


Happy birthday BIKINI BERLIN: A designer bag for everyone

Berlin is vibrant, loud, innovative, urban, edgy and, most of all, different. It is a unique place that invites you to discover, stroll, relax or create something of your own. And fitting seamlessly into this dynamic image of the pulsating metropolis is BIKINI BERLIN, a mall that reflects and complements this multifaceted city. For exactly five years, the concept shopping mall has been an integral part of the City West, influencing it with a fresh concept of food, design, accessories, concept stores and fashion. 

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marina - Marina the Moss

And the latter in particular plays a fundamental role here. Formerly a production facility for ladies’ clothing in the 1960s, today it presents fashions by young designers as well as established labels. So what more fitting way to celebrate the concept shopping mall’s 5th birthday in 2019 than with a young label that encapsulates urban Berlin and international influences such as William Fan? A fashion designer who merges the multicultural, dynamic and creative vibe of the city and BIKINI BERLIN. 

The result of the cooperation is a tote bag that was inspired by the unique architecture of the listed Bikini building and is a fashionable interpretation of the Berlin shopping icon at the same time. After all, what better way to interpret fashion than with a fashion item that is both practical and stylish. The William Fan x BIKINI BERLIN Birthday Bag is significantly influenced by the style of the city. Young, edgy but also cool and pragmatic. As you can see, I’ve had the pleasure of carrying the bag myself. And it’s exactly what I need for a shopping trip in the city: it’s cool, sturdy and fits a whole lot inside. And also happens to look great at the same time. Whether against an urban, concrete backdrop of East Berlin, as styled by me, or paired with designer sunglasses in a chic café on Ku’damm, the bag exudes confidence. 


But the best thing is that everyone can get their hands on one. Spend a total of 150 euros at BIKINI BERLIN between 15 August and 10 September and you’ll receive your very own bag for free. Simply collect stamps when making a purchase in the mall’s participating stores and hand in the full stamp card on the ground floor. A gift not only to the people of the German capital, but to everyone who wants to convey their own air of Berlin-style fashion confidence to the rest of the world.


One birthday, lots to celebrate

Time flies faster when you’re having fun, as the saying goes. Bikini Berlin is turning five and, if we take a look back, it’s difficult to decide which of the past five years has brought the most exciting events, fashion finds, food creations and artist collaborations. So we’d just like to say a huge thank you and express our gratitude to you all with a very special cooperation.


A gift from us to you

To celebrate our 5th birthday we have designed the BIKINI BERLIN BIRTHDAY BAG in collaboration with WILLIAM FAN. The bag is available exclusively at Bikini Berlin – as a gift-with-purchase when you spend a total of €150 – only as long as stocks last – from 15 August until 10 September 2019.


Flâneur meets shopper

William Fan established his brand in 2015 in Berlin. His designs are inspired by the linear silhouettes of classic uniforms and the fusion of European elements with Chinese ones. For the development of the Birthday Bag, William mainly drew his inspiration from the architecture of Bikini Berlin. The unique shape of the bag is based on a cube and, like Bikini Berlin’s architecture, represents functionality, volume and dynamics.


One for all

The bag you’ve been waiting for: roomy and flexible, it is a reliable accessory whatever the occasion. Its classic weaves are shown to their best advantage in two summery colours: calm dark blue and radiant coral. The bag is already proving a hit among male and female flâneurs alike, who are enthusiastically carrying it on their strolls around the city. Here’s to the next five years!


General information about the promotion:

Collect stamps for every purchase at Bikini Berlin from 15 August until 10 September 2019 and once you have spent €150 in total, you can exchange your full stamp card for the BIKINI BERLIN BIRTHDAY BAG at the installation in Bikini Berlin’s Atrium. Look out for the stamp card next to the installation or in all participating stores.



The Berlin Fashion Week, which took place in Berlin at the beginning of July, showcased a whole host of new innovations and inspiration. Once again, the various exhibitors and events presenting sustainable collections showed us that a good conscience, durability and high-quality garments can also be chic and fashionable. And BIKINI BERLIN is also presenting eco fashion from its best side: in partnership with the German Sustain Concept (GSC), the concept shopping mall is supporting and mentoring aspiring young German talents and fashion labels with a focus on sustainability. Over a period of 24 months, installations at BIKINI BERLIN will be showing each designer’s unique understanding of sustainability during the different seasons of Berlin Fashion Week.

And aside from these innovative exhibitions, BIKINI BERLIN offers a varied selection of fashion in its stores and pop-up boxes that isn’t only sustainable and fairly produced, but also looks great. Here are my top picks:

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey


From interior to jewellery, sunglasses and bags down to fashion, the Market Lifestore pop-up box on the ground floor offers a unique assortment of sustainable products. Fashion enthusiasts will love the long-lasting and fairly produced rain jackets by the label RAINS, and also the glasses by high-quality prêt-à-porter eyewear brand IZIPIZI. Summer fans will be pleased to hear that Market Lifestore also stocks the famous ‘made in France’ espadrilles by Espadrilj – a timeless classic that you’ll fall in love with every season!



Elegance meets streetwear – quality, perfection and transparency are top priorities for CLOSED. The company openly and authentically shares where and how they produce their fashions and only works with European production facilities and suppliers with fair working conditions. All jeans by CLOSED, for example, are produced exclusively in Italy, home to the experts with the best denim know-how.



This creative design hub stocks several fashion labels that are committed to sustainability and fair production. One of them is eco brand YAR, which is taking a stand against mass consumption and fast fashion. Instead of constantly coming up with new collections, they add or remove individual pieces from their range, all of which are made from recycled materials. Natascha von Hirschhausen impresses with exclusive, zero-waste designs that are produced in Berlin. All materials are compostable and plastic-free and their social and ecological sustainability is monitored along the entire supply chain. At Stoffbruch you’ll find basics with that certain something. The brand attaches great importance to fairness and a local connection: its collections are developed by the team at their atelier in Berlin and produced under fair working conditions with fair wages in the European Union. The LNFA store stocks even more brands with a sustainable focus and the collections and brands change regularly so it’s always worth dropping by for a browse.



And last but not least, GANT is also showing us how sustainability and high-quality products don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As an active member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), GANT is committing to a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and uses materials that comply with the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard and REACH requirements. GANT is clearly distancing itself from fast fashion and focusing on the fact that its garments become more beautiful the more they are worn. The brand is synonymous with functional designs that stand the test of time.


Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Claudi – doitbutdoitnow

Pop-up box faves

Berlin is a city that never stands still. Constantly changing, it is a real hotbed of creativity. This description not only applies to the German capital but is also the concept behind the heart of BIKINI BERLIN: its pop-up boxes.

If, like me, you’re always on the lookout for the latest trends, unique gift ideas and inspiration, you should definitely stop by the ground floor of Germany’s first concept shopping mall every now and again as there’s so much to discover.


Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

One example is the fantastic pop-up box of the MARKET LIFESTORE concept store. Sustainability makes up an important part of their company philosophy. Their assortment, which includes styles by brands such as RAINS, IZIPIZI, SIEBENSACHEN BY ADAM+HARBORTH and SELETTI, speaks for itself and reflects an exciting selection of fashion, books, jewellery, cosmetics, home accessories and electronic gadgets.

And if all that’s still not enough for you, you can also visit MARKET LIFESTORE’s recently opened store, which is also on the ground floor. You can also expect cool streetwear and footwear and accessories here too.


And the sneaker lovers among you will love the SOLE FRESH pop-up. Don’t fancy cleaning your favourite kicks yourselves? No problem! The team from SOLE FRESH is now here to do it for you. Your favourite pairs are cleaned by hand using specially developed, gentle products and methods. Drop by and see for yourselves.


Fashion and food – a match made in heaven

They are two of the biggest passions of the modern-day flâneur, yet still often find themselves vying for his undivided attention. If you ask us, food and fashion simply belong together – especially in summer. At BIKINI BERLIN you’ll not only find a whole host of new looks to satiate your fashion hunger but also a choice of delicious snacks to tantalise your taste buds at Kantini. Have we managed to whet your appetite yet?


For foodies and fashionistas

French fries with ketchup or mayo? The opinions differ greatly here. One thing that everyone does love at this time of year, however, is the sun’s rays! But just in case the sunshine refuses to come out to play, this look from LNFA is sure to cheer you right up. Accessorise it with a snack from Kantini.


Hungry for patterns 

Sugar makes you hyper? So what! This summer is all about the hype for stripes, checks and complementary colours – and there are no limits to the styling options. Team this blue and white jacket-and-skirt combo from Studio183, for example, with the mustard-yellow top from LNFA. And for the icing (sugar!) on the cake: a waffle from Talking Beans.


Time for a wardrobe refresh

This summer is all about a vibrant colour palette with looks that are as bright as a summer’s day. Whether in SamsoeSamsoe, Vans and Premiata like him, or Labo.Art, Studio183 and Dr. Martens from Boots & Shoes like her – these outfits are guaranteed to refresh your wardrobe. But all that shopping can be thirsty work: stay hydrated with a refreshing drink or two afterwards.
On 3 July 2019, the networking event "The Network" - Connecting People - Fashion Edition" will take place for the first time on the roof terrace of the Bikini Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week. The pioneering project is aimed at experts and young professionals in the fashion industry who want to further expand their existing network and be inspired by new impulses.

In addition to brand and media representatives, sales, marketing and PR agencies as well as guests from the retail, e-commerce and education sectors are also expected.

The Dead Sea, yoga and salt – now at BIKINI BERLIN!

I slowly fold my upper body forward. My stomach is resting on my thighs and my forehead is touching the floor. With my arms out to the sides of my body and my palms facing the ceiling, my shoulders sink down. “Balasana,” whispers Timea, who is teaching today’s yoga class.

Closing my eyes, I instantly notice the stresses of the past few days slipping away. But one thought comes to mind in that very moment: just how fantastic yoga can be. And why it’s one of the most popular physical activities in the world.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

Then I slowly return to my starting position. “Sukhasana”. I find myself in the middle of one of the most unusual yoga studios I’ve ever been in. The walls around me are tiled in salt bricks, which are illuminated in a warm yellow tone this evening.

I inhale and exhale deeply. The salt on the walls has a positive effect on my immune system, my airways are cleared by inhaling the dry salt and the flow of oxygen to my brain is increased.


Where is this oasis of calm?

The first floor of BIKINI BERLIN is now home to a salt yoga studio, or, in other words, a 70 m² sanctuary where you can escape the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the city.

Such studios have been an international trend for a while now, but not so easy to find here in Berlin. At least until a few months ago.

Before the yoga session, Omri Shalom, the founder of Yoga & Salt, and his business partner Mary Li, told me how they came up with the idea of opening a studio in Berlin. Until he suffered an injury, Omri had dedicated his entire life to sport. During a trip to the Dead Sea in Israel and countless yoga sessions there for rehabilitation purposes, he quickly noticed the healing effect of the sea and the positive impact it was having on his health. With Yoga & Salt, Omri has now brought this healing power of salt and exercise, Pilates and yoga all the way from Israel to Berlin.

Yoga & Salt is far from your average yoga studio. They teach different variations such as Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin Yoga with a focus on breathing. Everyone is welcome!

As the ancient proverb goes: “Life is in the breath. He who half breathes, half lives.”


Young Professionals

Whether in front of the screen, behind the bar or on a creative mission – anyone who works a lot of hours will know that the best way to keep motivated is with the right little helpers. Whether sweet treats, high-tech tools or miracle cures for stress-induced wrinkles, you’ll find plenty of accessories at BIKINI BERLIN to brighten up the everyday grey.


Green is the colour

We all have those days when we need an after-work drink. But who says that it needs to be alcoholic? Our recommendation: a healthy green juice that not only tastes good but is also full of goodness – your clear head the next morning will thank you for it! 


Lip gloss from MAC Cosmetics
Liquorice from Lakrids by Johan Bülow 
Travel bag from Reisenthel
Gloves from Gant


Paint the town red

Even though we haven’t ticked off everything on our to-do list, by the afternoon our thoughts automatically turn to finishing work for the day and heading out into the night. To make the time pass by more quickly, why not listen to your favourite tunes? Turn up the Bluetooth speakers from Cyberport and beat the afternoon slump with some liquorice from Lakrids. Who says that anticipation can’t be productive?

Mouse and Bluetooth speaker from Cyberport
Liquorice from Lakrids by Johan Bülow
Berlin keyring from Promobo
Vibrancy Eye Cream from MAC Cosmetics
Red leather sofa from IKONO



Smart tools for smart workers

It’s often the little things that help us power through a working week. How about a unique tie from GANT that will make your colleagues turn green with envy, or the matcha whisk from Chaya to help you prepare the trendiest morning pick-me-up – with the right accessories, you’ll be ready to seize the day! And if you want to look radiant while you work, you’ll also find the right beauty tools from the MAC Cosmetics store at BIKINI BERLIN.

Lip gloss & cleanser from MAC Cosmetics
Tie from GANT
Matcha whisk, handmade in Japan, from Chaya 
Wooden table from IKONO
Manicure by Juicy Nails




Wearable architecture from Milan in Berlin

“Lo stile non è una tendenza” is the slogan of half-Milan, half-Berlin label LABO.ART. Roughly translated, it means something along the lines of “Style isn’t about trends” or “If you have style, you don’t need to follow trends” – an ethos that really resonates with me personally, which I’m constantly reminding myself of and which has accompanied me for many years throughout my professional career and in my private life. So that’s why, when I first heard of LABO.ART, I felt strongly drawn to it.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Tanja und Lisa – Blogger Bazaar

The label was established in 2006 in Milan by Ludovica Diligu, who moved to the creative capital of Berlin with her family shortly afterwards and set up a small studio here. Influenced by the German capital and its abundance of inspiration, Ludovica has created a brand that exudes both Italian tradition as well as Berlin modernity. LABO.ART is synonymous with high quality made in Italy, paired with an urban-architectonic look.

LABO.ART’s garments are minimalistic and clearly structured, conveying a certain elegance and casualness without being too overpowering. “Sprezzatura”, as they would say in Italy. The cuts and silhouettes are designed so that they look different on every woman and in every context, like a blank canvas. Which means that the very same dress can be worn in the morning at the beach, in the afternoon for a work lunch and in the evening at the opera.


The Milan label works so well in my opinion because its pieces are comfortable enough for me to wear on my travels, they can be combined in a multitude of different ways and give me space to be myself – whether they’re made of cotton, wool or linen. And the current collection in particular, which you can find at the only LABO.ART store in Germany at BIKINI BERLIN, really appeals to me. It represents a blend of workwear and military with feminine fabrics that create the kind of style clash that I love to incorporate into my looks, which is exactly what makes LABO.ART so unique.


Swinging into spring

Our long-anticipated springtime is finally here – and with it an innate desire for cheerful colours, carefree strolling and fresh, new looks. All of this – and more – awaits you at BIKINI BERLIN, which also happens to be the perfect place to shelter from those unpredictable April showers!


Dressed to appeal

Springtime is a time for new beginnings and rejuvenation, but also to stop and smell the flowers and become at one with nature. To make sure you look the part, opt for floaty dresses or skirts, airy tops and a cosy sweater to keep you warm as day turns into night. The freshest layered look of the year!

Skirt and shirt: SamsoeSamsoe

Sweater: American Vintage

Swinging into spring

Blossoms, foliage and good vibes for days, whether you’re on a meadow or your balcony. Next to these harbingers of spring, it’s not so easy to stand out. But this show-stopping fiery-red dress by Studio183 will make sure all eyes are on you! Get ready to steal the limelight!

Dress: Studio183


True blue

Once the sky has cast off its blanket of grey, it’s difficult not to spend all our days outdoors. But because that’s not always possible, it helps to at least have one sky-blue outfit hanging in our wardrobes. A sure-fire way to replace those winter blues with the joys of spring!

Skirt: SamsoeSamsoe

Blue sweater: American Vintage



The struggle is real! Putting together an outfit in the mornings can often pose a real challenge, especially between the seasons. Following granny’s advice, layering is usually a safe bet. At the end of the day, the perfect outfit is nothing more than the sum of its parts. The bad news: the items you have to hand often don’t match. And the good news? Anything else you need to complete your look can be found in one fell swoop at Bikini Berlin.


Take two!

Functional basics have meanwhile also earned their place in the fashion spotlight. American outdoor label The North Face, for example, is offering a wide selection of jackets in new, vibrant colours. Either as an additional layer or worn on their own. And if you can’t decide between two styles, you don’t have to!

Jacket: The North Face 


Eclectic, not hectic   

Berliners are said to have a (too) relaxed attitude when it comes to fashion. But that doesn’t mean we have to be lazy. Why not just live up to the cliché for once? Brave the grey everyday and hit the streets dressed in the ultimate comfort.

Vest & white sweater and mustard shirt: Closed, Trousers: a.ACHAT in Studio183, Bags: Carhartt

Pack your suitcase…

… or how about a bag instead? Whether you’re off on an adventure to the mountains or simply embarking on a mission in the urban jungle, just strap everything onto your body and leave your hands free for the (more) important things in life? We can think of a few.

Jacket: Studio Gampe in Studio 183, Bag: The North Face, Belt: Carhartt, Beanie: VANS, Green jumper: Closed


Up your layering game

Who says layering has to be sporty? Elegant clothing and accessories can also be part of a smart layered look. Cult Hamburg label Closed has a few pieces in its repertoire that you won’t have to bend over backwards for. Unless you want to, of course. 

Clutch and long-sleeved top: Closed


IND-Berlin – Not only fair, but also flexible

Sustainability, zero waste and fair fashion are terms that there’s no getting around in 2019. And rightly so. After all, it’s not only important, but absolutely crucial that we rethink our whole approach to fashion. We have also become increasingly passionate about these topics: on our blog we started the “six months of fair fashion & second-hand” project this year and after almost two months we’re already impressed at the huge variety of fair fashion labels out there. One of them is IND-Berlin. Nina Walter, the designer behind the label, has regularly been selling her fashion at pop-up boxes at Bikini Berlin since 2015. The special thing about IND-Berlin is that its fashions aren’t only sustainable but can always be worn in at least two different ways. We visited Nina in her current box, tried on a few pieces from her collection and asked her a few questions.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Patricia und Stefan - The Kaisers

Hi there, Nina. Can you tell us a bit about your professional career? Have you always had a passion for fashion?

Definitely. I created my first designs when I was 12. After my school-leaving exams I had planned to do a traineeship at a leatherwear company, but it didn’t end up happening because the company had to be sold at short notice. Then I began a traineeship in a shoe company, which I didn’t really like, which is why I decided to quit and start a degree in fashion design. I really enjoyed that. And then I perfected my digital skills as a graphic and product designer and then gained even more knowledge as a product manager at a leather bags company.

How did you come up with the concept for IND?

At my first job I really wanted to prove to my boss what I was capable of. I was lying in bed one night when I suddenly came up with the idea for the Twock – a skirt that can also be worn as a waistcoat and bag. Everyone in the office was beside themselves with excitement and I had discovered my passion – flexible fashion.

Becoming self-employed was always my goal and once I had found my idea, I launched IND in 2014 in a friend’s old bar in Munich. I started out with the Twock, the Doubleshirt and the Flexishirt. But for some reason the concept didn’t really take off in Munich.

In 2015 I fell in love during Berlin Fashion Week – twice. Once in a man and once in Bikini Berlin. So I immediately upped sticks and rented a box here. And it’s gone really well ever since day one. Today, four years later, the love has remained. For the man and for Bikini Berlin! The collection has grown so much, and I now have several employees.


Do you have a favourite piece?

Personally, I love wearing skirts, which is why I like the different skirts from IND-Berlin the most.

And which items are your bestsellers?

For men the Flexishirt and for ladies the Doublepullover.

Does sustainability also play a role in your life outside of IND-Berlin?

Certainly. I try to be a little more economical with everything, to produce less rubbish, to drive less and to eat healthily. But sustainability is also important to me when it comes to personal relationships. I prefer to maintain longstanding friendships than constantly making new, superficial contacts. I don’t think that we humans can jump from 0 to 100 when it comes to sustainability, but we do need to start somewhere.

What’s in the pipeline for IND-Berlin?

In 2019, aside from a two-month break for a holiday in the summer, I want to stay at Bikini Berlin and also further expand my online sales. The new collection is in the starting blocks and will be coming out in May. And it’s going to be even more sustainable. I’m using as few chemical fibres as possible – modal, viscose and cupro are fantastic alternatives to polyester. Apart from that, I just want IND-Berlin to continue growing as it has been and for me to carry on enjoying it.

Thanks a lot for chatting to us, Nina.


Even in the year 2019 there are still people who haven’t realised that prolonged periods of sitting can be bad for us. But there’s no need to worry: even those with more of a sedentary lifestyle can still become great strollers of our city streets, or flâneurs as we like to call them. So I’d like to invite you to take the weight off your feet and not feel guilty about it for once. BIKINI BERLIN is to our city what the Highline is to Manhattan: the most exciting and biggest seating area for people-watchers and architecture lovers – and it also happens to be Berlin’s only concept shopping mall.



A bench is just as essential to strolling as popcorn is to cinema: it’s possible to do without it, but it’s the very least your senses deserve. After all, if you treat yourself to a little break, you’ll maximise your perception of everything around you. Of the lovingly curated products in the Super Concept Store, for example. And you can always count on Berlin to make sure that boredom never sets in. If you blink you might miss the fact that a gap has been filled or a listed building has been given a new lease of life. Can you remember our building before its modernisation? That’s right, this bench didn’t even exist back then.



If you listen carefully, you might still be able to hear the echo of 700 sewing machines where the latest ladies’ fashions were once made. But these days it’s the debut collections by young designers at Studio183 that can be discovered here. A lot has changed at BIKINI since it was constructed back in the 1950s. Polished Berlin paving stones bring the outside in and the shredded glass panels from the original façade mixed into the plaster glisten in the sunshine. To allow the effect of these unique details to really work their magic, you’re much better off sitting down and taking it all in.



People are less likely to notice that you’re running late to meet them if you arrange to meet up at a place with plenty of seating. And even more so if the meeting place offers whoever you’re meeting a reason to leave their smartphone in their pocket. Which means that the alibi message you sent at the last minute will be left unread and there’ll be no hard feelings once you do finally turn up. This is possibly why the window overlooking Berlin Zoo’s monkey rocks is such a popular meeting spot. Or maybe Berliners are just not exactly renowned for their punctuality. Whatever the case, it’s a good job that Kantini is now open until 10:00 pm, giving you plenty of time to make the most of everything it has to offer. Bon appétit!


A glimpse behind the scenes at Djimalaya

It was when I moved to Berlin eight years ago and tried Israeli food for the first time that I fell in love with hummus, falafel & Co. Together with my flatmate at the time, we ordered from the Israeli restaurant around the corner pretty much every week. A few years have passed since then and I’ve tried a lot of Israeli restaurants throughout the whole of Berlin.

One of them is very high up on my list – Djimalaya in Mitte. But I’ve always been more of a West-Berliner and now that I live in Potsdam, I am finding that I am spending even less time in the east of the capital. But since January, I haven’t needed to go east as often because Djimalaya has now opened up another branch at Kantini, my favourite meeting place for lunch with friends. So of course for months now I have been eager to take a closer look at the Israeli street food eatery and sit down for a chat with the brains behind Djimalaya, Ofer Melech.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Patricia – The Kaisers

From houses to hummus

As soon as I arrive at Kantini, I spot the tall, slim man with the wide smile and the warm eyes from afar. He is standing behind the yellow stand with the building site traffic sign. Kantini’s rush hour is almost over so Ofer Melech and I sit down together for a relaxed chat. Of course I’ve already done my research and found out that the manager of Djimalaya is actually an architect. But why did he make the leap from designing houses to making hummus?


It was a spontaneous idea 14 years ago, he tells me, just after he’d moved to the city. After spending an Erasmus semester in Berlin during his studies, he returned to the German capital years later. But the architecture market had changed – the competition on the market was tough. When a friend from home visited him, he said to him: “Ofer, there’s no decent hummus in Berlin, not like we have in Israel. You should open a hummus place!” So Ofer Melech decided to make the move to the culinary sector. His friend shared his mother’s hummus recipe with him and showed Ofer how to bake pitas. Not even a year later, he opened his first pop-up and then in 2013 his first restaurant – Djimalaya.


From East to West

“DJIMALAYA!” – that’s what scout leaders in Israel call out before dinner is served at summer camps. “DJIM!DJIM!DJIM!” answer the scouts at the table, loudly and euphorically, before picking up their cutlery and getting stuck in. Ofer Melech was also a boy scout, which was what inspired the name. As Djimalaya is meanwhile a firm fixture in Berlin-Mitte, Ofer Melech decided it was time to spread his wings and take on a new challenge.

After almost a year at Kantini he is now taking stock and giving me a glimpse behind the scenes of Bikini Berlin’s food court. As well as the fantastic views into the neighbouring zoo and the high standard of the eateries, most of all Ofer Melech appreciates the atmosphere between the different Kantini stalls. “Everyone is just trying to do their best and that encourages everyone else. It’s positive competition and the mood “backstage” is always good, and we have a lot of fun.” Ofer Melech is also a huge fan of the interior design at Kantini. After all, he hasn’t given up his passion for architecture, he is now simply investing it in small projects in his spare time.


But what are the most popular dishes on the menu at Djimalaya? The chicken shawarma and the beef and lamb kebab. And the hummus too, of course, which is prepared freshly every day and is Ofer Melech’s passion. A lot of experience, meticulously selected ingredients of a high quality – that’s the secret recipe of Djimalaya’s hummus. A secret recipe that isn’t actually a secret as Ofer Melech is more than happy to reveal it to anyone who asks him.


Art Edition III: Pop-Art x Christmas

It’s that time of year again: BIKINI BERLIN is once again surprising with a new artist cooperation for the concept shopping mall’s popular, limited-edition festive wrapping paper, which is traditionally presented at the gift-wrapping station in an out-of-the-ordinary art installation in front of the so-called ‘monkey window’ on the ground floor. This year, BIKINI BERLIN managed to get artist Sebastian Haslauer on board, both for the design of the exclusive sheets of wrapping paper and the installation. His artworks have been exhibited in galleries everywhere from New York to Basel and Prague. We visited the likeable artist at his atelier.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jules und Maria-Silva - Herz&Blut

Just a stone’s throw away from Potsdamer Platz in a typical historic Berlin residential building surrounded by new builds is Sebastian’s atelier, which he shares with other artists. Next to huge canvases in the light-suffused space we discover countless magazines and folders. Sebastian not only works with the collage technique with magazine cut-outs, but also with acrylic and gloss paints. 


From the idea to the reality: the BIKINI BERLIN wrapping paper

His briefing was that every image composition should have a main character, be Christmassy, feature influences from 60s Palm Springs and exude a certain pop appeal. With these parameters, Sebastian sifted through his materials, looking for suitable moods and colour schemes. Sebastian describes his working process as associative and manual. For him, making collages is like a game or a puzzle.


A few steps are required until the finished composition is in place. All collages have been made and put together or arranged on the paper by hand. The next step was to digitalise the collages so they could be printed. We were there when Sebastian unpacked the finished product, hot off the press, for the very first time. It was a very exciting moment as the print and the paper can make a decisive difference to the end result.

This meanwhile third wrapping paper edition is available from BIKINI BERLIN up to and including 24 December 2018 and is free of charge for all visitors. And if you want, you can also have your gifts wrapped directly for you at the festive gift-wrapping station.



Although we're finding it hard to believe, it's already that time of year again: yes, the run-up to Christmas has officially started! We can no longer ignore the gingerbread on the supermarket shelves and are already making plans to meet up with friends at the Christmas markets. No other time of the year combines hectic and cosiness to such an extent. Hectic, you say? No, this year it's going to be different. Thanks to a little bit of preparation and a visit to Bikini Berlin.



At the world's coolest concept shopping mall, you'll find the best gifts and won't have to get a red nose from being outside in the cold. Perhaps just rosy cheeks in anticipation of handing over your gifts to friends and loved ones. Or maybe because you've found yourself at our gift-wrapping station and in the middle of an adventurous installation. Seemingly effortlessly, the collages by Sebastian Haslauer combine the most diverse visual worlds and new elements will jump out at you every time you look at them.



This vibrantly colourful deluge of images also adorns this year's new wrapping paper. If you've ever had to wrap more than three gifts at once, you'll understand just how stressful Christmas can be. But not if you head to our gift-wrapping station where our free wrapping service awaits. If you'd prefer to try your own hand at wrapping, you can get creative there yourself. But whoever wraps your gifts, one thing's for sure: they'll definitely stand out from the rest under the tree!



If there's one thing you shouldn't forget amidst all the festive hustle and bustle, it's yourself. Take some time out for a wander around BIKINI BERLIN's food and drinks stalls and soak in the festive vibes: Berliner Winter will be serving up their wonderful hot apple and vodka drink, Candide will be indulging your sweet tooth with mouthwatering chocolate pralines and Copper & Flint with cookie dough to spoon. Once you've stocked up on everything you need, why not linger a while? And don't forget to have a souvenir photo taken against the beautiful festive backdrop of BIKINI BERLIN before you go. After all, Christmas 2018 will be over before we know it…


BIKINI BERLIN: the place where interior dreams come true!

Ever since the mercury started plummeting down to zero degrees, the desire to make our homes as comfortable and cosy as possible has increased. Although we have resigned ourselves to not being able to fully hibernate until spring emerges, we know how important it is to make sure that our own four walls are a warm, cosy haven where we can hide away when it’s freezing cold and rainy outside. But for one mission we were willing to step out into the big, wide world: to head to BIKINI BERLIN a few days ago. After all, the latest interior trends won’t discover themselves!


Artek: Cool accessories and design classics 

Every trip to BIKINI BERLIN should include a visit to Artek. At this concept store on the first floor you can browse shelves full of little gimmicks and furnishings and you’ll be sure to spot something new every time. From design classics and smaller pieces of furniture to gorgeous lamps, crockery and clocks down to books and interior accessories, there’s something here for every interior fan. The Finnish brand manages to inspire us anew every time. An absolute insider tip for anyone on the lookout for unique Christmas gifts!

Fundamental: Making mathematics fun again

When we arrive back down to the ground floor, a really unique label catches our eye with its geometric shapes, clear lines and lots of colour. Fundamental is the name of the brand established by Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen Molloy. It is inspired by the mathematics of nature and the logics of its shapes and patterns and is celebrating huge international success. From marble accessories to intricate bookmarks and candleholders down to items that you have to build yourself at home, the design duo offers solutions for everyone who wants to add unusual interior design touches. The “Nest” fruit bowls are among our favourites – but the stunning, coloured mirrors would also add the perfect finishing touch to any interior.


Studio183: For art lovers

Although this isn’t the first time we are mentioning the store in our column, we are surprised at how versatile the range on offer is and how much there is to rediscover each time we drop by. As well as international fashion designs, the first thing you will notice is art as far as the eye can see.

Artworks by Berlin artist Simone Florell, who is renowned for her dynamic style and organic shapes, can be bought as originals or in the form of eye-catching prints from just 108 euros. And Eva Moll, who has even organised a live painting event inside the store, also sells her pop art made in Berlin here! Fans of copper printing, screen printing, etchings and typography will be in their element: Christina Knobbe exhibits her fantastic work in various different formats here too.

Ikono: Made in Germany

The furniture label, which was established ten years ago in Paderborn, is worth visiting if you’re looking for individual ways to furnish your home. The company works without a dealer structure, preferring instead to directly speak to the customers in their stores. Nor will you find anything made in large-scale series production here – every item is put together individually from the 19 types of leather available in over 700 colours.


Chaya: Escape to Japan

It’s no secret that the art and design world would be a lot different without the Japanese influence and also that Japanese elements play an important role in interior design. But upon entering a supposed tea store, we were surprised to find a whole host of décor items, interior objects and accessories that would enhance any home. Drink exquisite tea from porcelain cups, dress up in elegant silk kimonos, decorate your apartment with beautiful vases or transform a room into a scented oasis with incense sticks – all of this is possible after a visit to the store overlooking the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which has so much more to offer than just tea. 

So, as you can see, even on cold, gloomy days, it’s worth leaving the house – whether just to stock up on amazing new décor items or to find the latest interior inspiration!


Winter is coming and we're looking forward to it with ANYONION

The highest-quality knitwear, at a fair price and sustainably produced – you’ll find all of that and more at Berlin fashion label ANYONION. The company produces feminine, cool pieces at its own workshop in the Berlin district of Neukölln. And the great thing about it: you can get your hands on them all winter long from their pop-up box on the ground floor of BIKINI BERLIN.  

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey

Their knitwear models made of the finest merino wool, merino with cashmere, mohair and cotton are knitted directly into shape at the workshop. That means nothing is cut out, resulting in very fine waistbands and cuffs without a seam.

Excellent service

Thanks to the fact they have their own workshop, ANYONION also offers its customers a wonderful extra service: if you’re looking for a specific colour or cut, ANYONION can make you your own personalised sweater according to your own specifications. Although the choices of cuts and colours are roughly pre-defined, if you want a model in red instead of green, or with longer sleeves, just place your order at ANYONION. In their pop-up box at BIKINI BERLIN you will find a huge selection of scarves, jumpers, dresses and lots more, as well as plenty of inspiration and great customer service.


Warm and lightweight

Even though the name suggests otherwise, ANYONION isn’t about the layered onion look: although their jumpers are quite thin and very pleasant to wear, they keep you lovely and warm thanks to the functional merino wool. These lightweight jumpers therefore make the ideal officewear, as they are warm but breathable at the same time, so you won’t break out into a sweat if someone turns the heating up. For very, very cold days, of course ANYONION also has thicker jumpers – meaning that they offer something to suit every taste and every weather situation.


Men and skincare?

After being regarded as a social taboo for a very long time, these days men and cosmetics are no longer a contradiction in terms. The man of today has discovered the benefits of cosmetics and the cosmetics industry has discovered him too. 

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

Creams, lotions, masks or oils – the choice of products out there seems neverending. However, there are a few, but very important aspects that make men’s skin different to women’s – which is why it needs a special approach to skincare. The founders of Sober Clean Care have made it their aim to provide this and have developed products that you can now test and buy at one of the pop-up boxes at BIKINI BERLIN. 


From facial moisturisers to shaving and beard products down to men’s fragrances, there is something for every man. If, like me, you are looking for something to combat tired eyes and bags, and to give your complexion a refreshing boost, their “Hydra Defence Cream” is the perfect remedy. Its special formula provides hydrating protection that enables the active ingredients to be completely absorbed into the skin and give it a long-lasting, invigorated appearance.  

The label consciously avoids the use of parabens, nanoparticles, silicones and artificial fragrances, preferring instead to focus on the essentials. Sober Clean Care is synonymous with the “Made in Germany” quality. 




Just in time for the cosy season, Kantini, the food market at Bikini Berlin, has a big announcement: its opening times are being extended to 10:00 pm. Which makes it the ideal place for an after-work dinner on those chilly dark nights. Let your cold nose guide you to all those mouthwatering smells wafting through the air and step into foodie paradise!



Awaiting you here are culinary specialities of the highest standard - from more than ten countries. When the temperatures in Berlin start to drop, we feel drawn to faraway destinations and sunnier climes. But if the next holiday is still a long way off, why not embark on a round-the-world culinary tour right on your doorstep? Around Kantini, to be precise. Come and feed your wanderlust - all the way from Hawaii to Mexico and Vietnam to Israel and back.



Everything is allowed on a pre-winter diet! Waffles from Talking Beans and a hot chocolate from Copper & Flint are the best way to fortify yourself against the chilly Berlin air. From 9:00 am. But if that's too early, you can also enjoy a sweet treat here in the afternoon. After all, crêpes, delicious cookies and homemade cakes are the perfect indulgence at any time.



Everyone will find something to satisfy their appetite at Kantini. Depending on whatever takes your fancy, you can sample your way around the various eateries, linger a while longer to enjoy a dessert after brunch or indulge in an aperitif snack before dinner. There's no need to head outside into the wind and rain just yet, just stay here in the warm. Your taste buds will thank you for it!


The three best coat trends for winter – spotted at BIKINI BERLIN

The focus of all wintry fashion trends is definitely the coat. And it’s no wonder, after all, as an outerwear garment – especially if it’s a longer model – it makes up pretty much the entire look. And as it’s never boring in the fashion world and new trends appear on the catwalks every year, we can also look forward to wearing new, sophisticated models this year. I headed over to BIKINI BERLIN to scout out the best winter coats. Here’s a rundown of my favourites…

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Aline - Fashionzauber

Make sure your coat game is strong this winter!

Personally, I love coats: whether lightweight trench models, fleecy fur or elegant camel – in my opinion, a woman can never have enough coats! But with the huge selection on offer these days, it’s never easy to find the best it-pieces for winter. That’s why I set myself the task of picking out coat styles that are stylish on the one hand, and easy to combine and comfortable to wear on the other. So the coats that I’m presenting to you today not only look good, but they’re also wearable – the perfect companions for frosty days!

The teddy coat: warm and toasty on cold days – spotted at adddress

Since pretty much every fashionista could be seen donning stylish teddy coats last autumn and winter, this style is riding high in the fashion stakes once again this year. I prefer these styles in warm brown and beige tones that are easy to combine with any outfit. But if you like your coats to be a bit more eye-catching, they are meanwhile also available in all possible colours like pink, yellow or blue. But make sure you opt for faux-fur variations – there’s really no need to be wearing real fur these days!


Cosy and stylish with the oversized coat – spotted at American Vintage 

My firm fashion favourite for the winter: an oversized coat in classic colours. I decided on a grey style from American Vintage, which is not only elegant but also cosy and warm. Next to black, grey is certainly the least conspicuous colour this winter. But that doesn’t necessarily have to mean you look like a grey mouse in it. As a classic all-rounder, coats made of high-quality materials in light to mid-grey tones look great when styled with vibrant scarves in the latest trend colours (I love, for example, pink tones) and are also casual and cool when combined with fashion-forward materials like vinyl and leather.

The elegant woollen coat: a classic – spotted at Scotch & Soda and adddress

It won’t come as much of a surprise that the elegant wool coat has also made it into my list. After all, woollen coats are timelessly beautiful and seem to reinvent themselves every season anew. You can always count on the basic cut and the high-quality wool. In terms of colour, wool coats (and me too!) love neutral colours and earthy tones like the Scotch & Soda model in dark green, or also the slightly more striking variation – the striped model from adddress. To give a straight-cut wool coat more of a silhouette, you can tie a belt, a scarf or an on-trend belt bag around the waist. Or simply opt for a model with a tie belt.


A visit to Studio Aisslinger

“Werner Aisslinger is the designer that never stops” was the headline in the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper at the beginning of the year. Not even six months later I find myself sitting in the meeting room of Studio Aisslinger, not far from Berlin train station, in a 500 m² industrial loft, which reminds me more of a biotope for designers.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

A few prototypes are lying around that you would know from somewhere if you have even an inkling of interest in product design. Various neon letters spelling the words UTOPIA, FARMING, NATURE and STORYTELLING are illuminated above the workspaces of Aisslinger’s staff, who even after 7:00 pm are still working on drawings for their many upcoming projects. 

Werner Aisslinger has just landed at Berlin Tegel and will be here in a few minutes, I am told. Non-stop, I think to myself. For more than 20 years he has been managing one of the biggest design offices in Europe. He shot to fame at the beginning of the nineties with his classic signature design. Aisslinger’s work can meanwhile be found all over the globe: in malls, hotels, New York’s MoMA with the famous “Juli Chair” and soon also on the Mein Schiff 2 luxury cruise liner. He was also responsible for the design of the recently opened Kantini food market at Bikini Berlin, which can be described as his very own Aisslinger world.


When he arrives, Aisslinger welcomes me with a smile, as if we have already known each other for a long time, and apologises for the delay. Relatively quickly, without stopping for a break, we already dive straight into conversation. We talk about motivation, or rather how to stay so motivated, even after decades. And about inspiration. Aisslinger has been living in Berlin for 31 years now, a long time, and still to this day he’s enthusiastic about the city and its power. He especially appreciates the huge amount of free space that still exists here. You just have to look at offices in Paris and London to quickly realise how fantastic Berlin is. Berlin has always been different, unconventional, like Aisslinger himself.


In answer to the question of what is so special about the Kantini food market, Aisslinger speaks verbosely. He explains to me that his studio has brought together several worlds in Kantini. On the one hand, for them it was always about the experience, but they also wanted to surprise people at the same time. And they wanted to create spaces that also work digitally. Keyword: “Instagrammable architecture”. Because in our digital age we can no longer afford to design spaces that are not visually exciting, he tells me, going on to say that Kantini is a brightly colourful world with a beautiful loggia, lots of greenery, direct views into the zoo, a piazza and its own furniture that the team also designed themselves.


Studio Aisslinger has merged the world of the zoo with the culinary world and created a perfect symbiosis. After all, life itself is like a collage that keeps on developing over time. And his team proceeds in a similar way when designing spaces. Like a curator or a good DJ that mixes records into one endlessly long track. “Form follows function” is a design principle that hasn’t worked for a long time, explains Aisslinger.

When our conversation ends almost one and a half hours later, a few members of the team are still sitting in front of their computers. Werner Aisslinger still has to discuss something with them, he says. It’s half past eight. There’s a storm outside. Although he’s the designer that never stops, the motivation is definitely always there.

Pictures: Portrait Werner Aisslinger: Steffen Jänicke; Kantini: Patricia Parinejad


TAOASIS is back at BIKINI BERLIN and showing us that fragrances aren't just for smelling!

I have to admit that before I discovered the TAOASIS store at BIKINI BERLIN, I hadn’t heard of the brand before. But for some reason, the name really appealed to me as I associated it with words like relaxation and wellbeing. I meanwhile know that TAOASIS is a portmanteau of the Chinese word TAO and the Arabic word OASIS and translates freely as “life in harmony with nature” – so my associations weren’t too far off the mark at all!

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse

Everything revolves around nature at TAOASIS, which is why all their products are made as sustainably, fairly and environmentally friendly as possible. Here the primary focus is on essential oils sourced from plants. Thanks to their many years of experience, utmost care and knowledge of the individual plants, TAOASIS always offers the best possible quality. You may also be interested to hear that this passion for nature and their constant pursuit of the highest quality also led to company founder Axel Meyer starting an experiment to grow lavender for large-scale production in Germany. And he was successful! This means that the lavender for their products no longer needs to be sourced from France but is planted right on the company’s doorstep in Detmold in north-west Germany.

This love for nature has resulted in meanwhile five brands, which are all waiting to be discovered at the TAOASIS store at BIKINI BERLIN: TAOASIS, BALDINI, MEDITAO, ARIES and YIGITEA. And just so you know: the fragrances on offer aren’t just for smelling. As well as the essential oils and perfumes, you will also find natural cosmetics and food items.

I was really interested to find out that some of the organic aromas can also be used to season and flavour food and drinks. How about, for example, making some delicious coconut muffins enhanced with vanilla and TAOASIS’ organic mandarin aroma?


But if all that sounds a bit too exotic for you, you can also continue using the aromas as room fragrances. But if you visit the TAOASIS store at BIKINI BERLIN, you should expect to find a lot more than just nice smells. The natural fragrance brand appeals to all the senses and also stocks a few practical helpers for the cold season, to help you fight off colds and illnesses for example. TAOASIS is showing us the power of nature and how it can support us in our everyday lives by helping us to relax and improve our wellbeing.

A particularly unique product available from the concept shopping mall’s TAOASIS store is the Feelberlin set, which contains the scent of the city as a room spray that you can buy for your own four walls. Have you always wanted to know what Berlin smells like? Then drop by TAOASIS and prepare to be whisked away to the world of natural fragrances!


Sweets for our sweet (tooth!) – Delicious treats at BIKINI BERLIN

What do you associate with a shopping trip in a mall? Usually clothing, accessories and souvenirs, right? The culinary shopping experiences on offer are normally limited to picking up something for your fridge at home from the mall’s supermarket or quickly grabbing a coffee to go – after all, it’s important to keep your energy levels up if you’re embarking on a big shopping spree. On our last stroll around BIKINI BERLIN we realised that the mall isn’t just the perfect place to come for new bags and shoes, but also all kinds of sweet treats…

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere

Funk You Natural Food

On a wander around BIKINI BERLIN, there’s no getting past the wooden structure on the ground floor that is surrounded by plants, the smell of fresh coffee wafting in the air and the best views of the adjoining zoo: yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the health-conscious bistro Funk You. From açai bowls to smoothies down to avocado snacks, they offer everything that your “green” heart desires. But that’s not all: the menu also includes energy balls, different kinds of coffee and the hazelnut mocha slices that you simply have to try. Perfect for refuelling before all that shopping!


Copper & Flint

After stocking up on energy with all those healthy superfoods and vitamins and once you’ve hit the shops, browsed the exhibition spaces and treated yourself to one or two must-have items, it’s time to refuel with a treat. And as luck would have it, BIKINI BERLIN is the only place you’ll find the meanwhile legendary freak shakes by Berlin ice cream maker Copper & Flint. From exotic flavours of ice cream to the most varied toppings down to countless combinations, you’ll be able to satisfy even your sweetest cravings for the ultimate indulgence. But to ease your guilty conscience – almost all flavours are gluten-free and vegan. Those who prefer to keep it simple can also opt for the homemade cakes and freshly squeezed juices. And by the way: in winter they’ll be extending their offer with hearty snacks and hot soups so Copper & Flint is definitely worth a visit all year round.


Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Why should you shut down your laptop and enjoy a spot of real-life shopping in the offline world every now and again? Because only then will you come across gems that you would have otherwise never found online. Neither of us would have described ourselves as big liquorice fans before. But on our way out of the mall we were approached by a friendly lady in front of the Lakrids by Johan Bülow store, who invited us to sample a new flavour of their chocolate-coated liquorice balls. Despite our initial scepticism as far as liquorice is concerned, our curiosity got the better of us and we tried the blueberry flavour. To cut a long story short – we left the incredibly chic store, which reminded us more of a jeweller’s than a sweet shop, as huge fans! Established in Copenhagen in 2007, the premium liquorice is meanwhile a real insider tip. Their chocolate-coated balls and other variations are all gluten-free, dusted with rice flour and made completely without the use of gelatine. The idea of combining liquorice with chocolate actually comes from Iceland but Lakrids by Johan Bülow is reinterpreting it the Danish way. Our tip: as well as the tubs of choc-coated balls, they also stock two kinds of liquorice syrup and a liquorice powder, which also make original gifts.

So as you can see, there’s a lot more waiting to be discovered in the mall than you’d think – especially for your taste buds! BIKINI BERLIN’s unique and out of the ordinary culinary offer is a hot tip for fans of unique sweet treats – and you can even look forward to discovering the odd surprise here too!


A visit to the new Rust Sydney store

Whether on-trend or timeless, chic or eye-catching, big or small – handbags, rucksacks and wallets are must-have everyday items that we couldn’t do without. Once mere fashion accessories, they have meanwhile become statement pieces that have to fulfil high quality standards. And at Rust Sydney, an Australian accessories label from Sydney, quality plays an extremely important role.  

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

In the past few months customers have been able to see this quality for themselves at one of the pop-up boxes at BIKINI BERLIN. And their success is proving them right. On 3 September 2018, Rust Sydney moved into its own premises on the ground floor of Germany’s first concept shopping mall, where you’ll find its entire product range in a specially designed store.

Whether shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling, a bench designed by the owner that is upholstered in the typical Rust Sydney leather, or an oversized belt that acts both as a store window decoration and a slide: upon entering the store, you’ll instantly notice that this is a label for whom attention to detail is very important. 


As well as elegant leather handbags and classic rucksacks in a variety of sizes, Rust Sydney also stocks a large selection of belts, wallets and planners. And their business and laptop bags also have what it takes to become loyal everyday companions: like all products by Rust Sydney, they are also handmade using 100% real leather.

And for all the detail lovers among us, it will soon be possible to get your initials on your favourite accessory. How could you possibly resist the temptation of a new bag or wallet now?!




Despite its phenomenal performances and generous encores, the city – although it's hard to believe – has gradually had enough of summer. With every day over 25 degrees that passes, the words "balcony", "beer garden" and "sunbathing" are losing their magic. And with standing ovations, the flâneurs among us will also be kicking their heels to hit the city's streets and witness the changing of the seasons up close.



Before the ennui of the cold season starts holding us in its grip, it's forced out by a welcome fog. There comes a point when we're even sick of the sight of our favourite summer dress and feel magically drawn to layering and between-seasons jackets. With childlike anticipation, we slip into Bikini Berlin, seek out our spot and get ready to behold the autumn spectacle.

Pullover and Skirt: Adddress



Before entering the ring, we take a quick glance at the animal trainer. It's hard to tell whether his scowling face is down to our lateness or his own nervousness. But he's really pulled out all the stops with his outfit: like his four-legged dressage act, the drop in temperatures clearly suit him well.

Pullover, Jacket and Trousers: LNFA, Scarf: SamsoeSamsoe



The BIKINI BERLIN circus awaits with a unique attraction: a high platform where everyone can put their balance to the test. Out of sheer joy at long sleeves, boots and billowing skirts, we jump at the chance. Climbing the steps, we refuse to let the autumn breeze put us off. Applause is guaranteed.

Complete look: Adddress


BIKINI BERLIN is offering a unique shopping experience with robot Gisela

BIKINI BERLIN has a new employee. Which doesn’t necessarily sound very exciting at first, does it? But wait, we’re not talking about any old employee, but Gisela: a female robot who has her very own sales kiosk at BIKINI BERLIN.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse

Gisela is the first humanoid sales robot in Germany. That means that she’s a robot who is modelled on the human form. Gisela’s movements are very similar to those of humans and her facial expressions also have human traits.

But her resemblance to us is particularly noticeable when Gisela gets to work and follows her true vocation: in this case, the sale and assembly of small 3D toy robots, so-called Toybots. For eleven hours a day, Gisela builds these toy robots bit by bit for her customers and you can watch her live during every single step.

It’s definitely worth dropping by to have a look as it’s exciting to watch Gisela put the small cardboard parts together. Sometimes it looks as if she’s really thinking and making tweaks. And are those beads of sweat on her forehead or am I just imagining it?!


Whatever the case, the Toybot is a lovely souvenir from a visit to BIKINI BERLIN and is giving us a sneak peek of all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. It can be used in a variety of ways in your own four walls: as a pen holder, for example, or you can store business cards in its lap, so you always have them to hand. And the little toy robot made of robust cardboard is also ideal for holding photos or postcards.

Of course, it also makes the perfect décor item too. But if you want to customise it a little, you can swap the face of the Toybot with another face and the graphic on its chest can also be changed. There are no limits to your creativity!

In the future, the Gisela ‘workerbot’ will also be able to sell other products and take on different tasks. The first step towards retail 4.0 and a brand-new shopping experience has already been made and we can’t wait to see what else the future will bring to BIKINI BERLIN!


Everybody needs good neighbours: Berlin Zoo and BIKINI BERLIN

According to a Hungarian proverb, good neighbours are a real treasure. And the good, neighbourly relations between BIKINI BERLIN and Berlin Zoo are a prime example of that.

I’m sitting in the loggia at Kantini. Most of the diners who ate their lunch here in the sunshine have meanwhile disappeared back to their offices or wherever else they came from. Maybe some of them are even having a wander around the zoo. This is the time I love the most at Kantini, when things have quietened down slightly. You can listen to the chirping of the birds and watch the families pulling along the bright green handcarts (the latest joint project between BIKINI BERLIN and Berlin Zoo) containing their purchases and kids!

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

A little boy with a light-blonde, mop-top haircut, which reminds me of my own childhood, holds on tight to his mum’s left thigh, probably because he’s tired of walking, and points at the handcart in front of them, which – or at least that’s what I’m guessing – belongs to a different family. The silence is interrupted by the screams of the young boy, who has meanwhile thrown himself on the floor in a tantrum. If only the blonde boy’s mum had rented a handcart too, I think to myself, as I make my way up to the rooftop terrace.

The view of the monkey’s rock enclosure from the terrace is unique in Berlin, although if you ask me, that’s not the only place you can observe monkey business in the city!


An info sign tells me that BIKINI BERLIN has been sponsoring the Hamadryas baboons since April 2017 and is ensuring that they’re well looked after. Whenever I have friends visiting me in Berlin from other cities, we’ll often take a detour to the mall’s monkey window. Their reactions are always the same: they are so fascinated that they can’t help but take a seat in front of the huge panorama window and could watch them for hours. Even though I’ve been here so many times, it reminds me just how unique it is to have a front-row view of animals from a shopping mall. And in the middle of the city too, a green oasis not far from the Ku’damm. 

Berlin Zoo is one of the most famous in the world. Nowhere else will you find over 20,000 animals belonging to around 1,400 different species, such as hippos, seals, giraffes, apes and the only giant pandas in Germany.

So isn’t it lucky that Berlin Zoo and BIKINI BERLIN complement each other so well? As the Hungarian saying goes: good neighbours are a real treasure!




You just need to glance upwards at the façade of BIKINI BERLIN to see that we're all about bright, cheerful colours. But it's okay to show a little restraint every now and again. We're not going as far as black-and-white though – for the time being, anyway. Our preferred look at the moment is tone on tone.



The fact that bulls are colour-blind once again shows the importance we attach to the colour red. It evokes strong emotions and attracts attention – which makes it the perfect colour for eye-catching accessories that add highlights to minimal outfits.

RED PICTURE: Kusmi cup, Premiata shoes, Comme des Garçons wallets (Artek), Mabba belt



Representing hope, peace and spirituality, blue can rightly claim to be the classic among the colours. Or for us Berliners anyway – blue is the colour of the sky, our beloved Hertha football team and Marlene Dietrich's eyes. And even though it might make us feel blue too, we'd choose blue shades over a pair of rose-tinted spectacles any day.

BLUE PICTURE: Mykita Glasses, Studio 138 Earrings



And if he needs more brightness in his life, the resourceful flâneur knows what to do: experiment with the extremes of the colour palette. It's a well-known fact that happiness lies somewhere between orange and white and often begins with "lemon", "egg" or even "gold". And in our city that does summer better than anything else, the linden trees with their yellow leaves are making our farewell a little easier.  

YELLOW PICTURE: Hunter Rainboots Boots & Shoes,
Comme des Garçons x Monocle Scent Three ARTEK


Pop-Up Shop Fashion Council Germany

At the invitation of BIKINI BERLIN, this morning my lovely sister and I headed to the new, temporary Fashion Council Germany pop-up store, which you’ll find up on the mall’s rooftop terrace. Via the stairway entrance near the Zoo Palast cinema, walk up the stairs and you’ll find it on the right-hand side. You can browse and shop there until this Sunday, 2 September. 

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marina - Marina the Moss

I’m so glad I got to go and see the selection of designers with my own eyes. As the name suggests, the focus is on “German(y)” with young German designers showcasing their fashions here on an area of around 100 m². But it’s not the kind of place you can just quickly pop into: there is so much to browse and you’ll find some amazing pieces to try on and perhaps even take home with you. Just like me this morning: I literally sprayed all the perfumes on my arms and can still smell them hours later! The reason for this excessive fragrance consumption was Spanish label CARNER, who you’ll find at the pop-up. Their perfumes smell absolutely divine! Some of you have already messaged me on Instagram to say that the scents last a really long time. I have to admit that this was the first time I had seen the brand and now I have my eye on one of their perfumes. 


But let’s move onto the clothing, which is the main focus here. The variety of designers on show is amazing so huge compliments to the Fashion Council Germany from me! 

Right at the entrance you’ll find the label Rotholz, which offers cool basic T-shirts with subtle prints made of soft materials. Considering that the quality is so good, I was really impressed by their great value for money. The cheapest items start at €29 and end with the most expensive at €139. So it’s definitely worth having a look round and trying on a few things. Inspired by the Japanese design aesthetic, Moritz Baur established the label in 2009. It’s definitely on my radar now and I’ll no doubt be treating myself to a new pair of jogging pants for the colder season. The good thing is that all products are unisex, so everything can be worn by everyone!

I take a little detour away from the clothing and move onto the bags. Based in Berlin Friedrichshain, Ucon Acrobatics was established in 2001 by Martin and Jochen. Their rucksacks are the perfect hand-luggage size for my laptop and all-important provisions. And not only do they all look great, but they’re also really affordable! 


Another label that has really stuck in my mind is Dad’s Cap. Founded in Nuremberg, they obviously have a very good sense of humour: their tees are adorned with embroidered icons such as avocados, bumper cars, pretzels, Ferraris or beer tankards. I can’t help but laugh as I stand in front of them and try to choose my favourite! But in retrospect, I think that the beer tankards tee was my fave. 

JAN ’N JUNE is yet another label I need to make a mental note of because its tailoring and materials really caught my eye. Their designs have clear, minimalistic, but very modern lines. 

More well-known brands like A3B, AigiosMarcel Ostertag and Komme are also being stocked by the pop-up store. 


So, as you can see, you will find a whole host of lovingly hand-picked, unique pieces, all of which you can try on to your heart’s content. But I don’t want to list everything for you here in detail, I’d rather encourage you to go and have a browse yourself and discover new designers and styles. If you’re currently in the German capital, make sure you pay BIKINI BERLIN a visit, preferably in the next three days so you make it to the pop-up store before it disappears! 


A visit to Premiata

Today I’d like to introduce you all to one of my new favourite stores at BIKINI BERLIN: Premiata. The Italian family-run company is all about quality, not quantity and produces its designs in Italy in small quantities, with every single one feeling like a one-off.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Aline - Fashionzauber

But let’s start at the beginning: the history of Italian shoe brand Premiata dates back to the 19th century. Since 1885, the Mazza family has been applying their unique expertise to the creation of exclusive footwear fashions. Graziano Mazza took over the company from his father in 1990 and established the Premiata brand one year later. In keeping with the family tradition, they mainly produced shoes to begin with. But since 1996, the assortment has also included a selection of accessories and textiles.

I have to be honest with you – I hadn’t really heard of the brand before. But that probably has a lot to do with the fact that this is their only store in Germany. So all the more exciting that I was given the opportunity to visit them and find out more from store manager Thomas Wendt about the story behind the brand and their range.


Premiata sneakers – Quality from Italy

What instantly caught my eye upon entering the store and browsing the collections is the incredible attention to detail, especially of the sneakers which meanwhile represent the fashion brand’s core business. As well as classic models in white, black and grey, they also stock more extravagant styles: whether sneakers made of coconut fibres that are covered in silicone; models made of neoprene or velvet; metallic-coloured models, sneakers with feathers, fur or even sequins and also on-trend styles with platform soles. Premiata isn’t afraid of experimenting and certainly anything but an outdated, traditional brand!

As well as the incredible attention to detail, I was also struck by the high quality. Even just by holding a Premiata item in your hand, you can instantly see that the label attaches great importance to materials and workmanship, which of course can be attributed to the fact that the label comes from a shoemaking background. To make its shoes, Premiata only uses Italian or French leather and natural dyeing and tanning agents.

But the label doesn’t just impress with the appearance and quality of its products, their fit and wearing comfort are also unbeatable.


By the way, the clothing is very limited: certain pieces, such as leather jackets, are only available in one of each size, for example, in each of their stores in Berlin, Tokyo and Milan. And their handbags only come in five of each size. Hard to believe, right?! But at least that means at Premiata you’ll be able to get your hands on one-offs that are worlds apart from mass production and off-the-peg items.

So if you’re looking for shoes, clothing and accessories that really stand out from the crowd in terms of their design, materials and workmanship, then you should definitely pay a visit to Premiata on the BIKINI BERLIN rooftop terrace. Until mid-September you can shop their summer collection at reduced prices! Of course I jumped at the chance and treated myself to two pairs: a pair of white slip-ons and a pair of gold sneakers with sequins.


Zweigut – Sustainable shoes from Hamburg

Patricia: With ZWEIGUT, it was kind of like love at first sight for me. I can’t really say why because I’m not obsessed with shoes at all. But for some reason or another, the chemistry between me and the shoes by ZWEIGUT was just right. And then when I showed them to Stefan who, unlike me, is a keen footwear shopper, he seemed extremely enthusiastic. That’s why we decided to take a closer look at their pop-up box at BIKINI BERLIN.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Patricia und Stefan - The Kaisers

On our arrival at the ZWEIGUT box we are welcomed by Sandra Baumann, the female half of ZWEIGUT. Sandra established ZWEIGUT together with her brother Bastian. Something that most siblings wouldn’t dream of doing has been the norm for the pair for ten years now. They also did a lot together when they were children, complement each other well and, because they’re brother and sister, they’re not afraid of telling each other their honest opinions, as Sandra tells us.

But how did Sandra and Bastian end up making shoes? “Before doing this, we worked for an online shoe shop,” says the Hamburg native. They then started selling other brands but had their own ideas that they wanted to turn into a reality. And they also wanted to put the focus on sustainability.


“We don’t want to harm other people or the environment for our own benefit.”

ZWEIGUT shoes are produced at small family-run businesses in Portugal. But why Portugal? “They produce sustainably there, it’s in Europe, we can regularly fly there to check on the working conditions, and it also happens to be my favourite country.”


Stefan: Faced with the huge selection of great men’s shoes, I find it really difficult to choose my favourites. But the komood #352, a combination of half sneaker, half brogue, is perfect for me. It’s ideal for everyday wear – elegant but also ultra-comfy. 

But my absolute favourite is the echt #402. A sneaker made of genuine cork and completely vegan to boot? What more can I say? They feel great on my feet and I think it’s inevitable that the echt #402 will end up in my shoe cupboard at some point very soon.


Patricia: One of my instant favourites is the komood #333, which also happens to be ZWEIGUT’s bestseller. I really like perforation patterns and I’m in love with the cork sole, the pink lining and the metallic patch on the heel. Plus it’s also really soft and comfortable and I can imagine walking miles in it without getting sore feet. By the way: Sandra revealed to us that it will be available as a vegan version next year too. But pssst, keep that to yourself!

The second shoe I try on is the #stella leather slip-on from the smuck line. I really like the colour and the geometric honeycomb pattern.


We still haven’t decided which ZWEIGUT shoes will be making it into our shoe cupboard yet. But one thing is sure: we will be investing in at least one pair each. And perhaps our little daughter Marlena will be walking around in ZWEIGUT shoes soon as well? After all, they also offer kid’s shoes with an anatomically shaped footbed. But before we start thinking about that, Marlena has to learn how to walk first...

PS: If you drop by the pop-up box, ask about their Member Card to get 15% discount!


Support your local heroes: Berlin labels at BIKINI BERLIN

Travelling, exploring, far-off places, new destinations. How often have we chatted about all the other places we still need to explore, all the countries we want to visit and the wonderful anticipation before our next trip?

But with all this talk of travel, we often forget how great it can be at home too. And just how wonderful Berlin is – especially during the summer months. If we were to leave now, we would miss the best the city has to offer. ‘Support your city – and your local heroes’ is the motto – and not just during the summer either. So, with that in mind, we set off on search of the best local products on offer at BIKINI BERLIN.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere


As fashion fans, we were instantly drawn to the brightly coloured fabrics, vintage styles and eye-catching interior of this store: the creations by the Blutsgeschwister label, which is located in Kreuzberg, are presented against a backdrop of colourful wallpaper, plants and lots of pink.

The label, which, by the way, is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, stands out with its 1950s flair mixed with modern elements and bold prints. Their store is definitely worth a visit, and not only for those who love to wallow in nostalgia!



Next on our list is a real family-run company: the Mabba leather manufactory produces gorgeous leather accessories right in the middle of Charlottenburg – so their products don’t have very far to go to their store at BIKINI BERLIN. They offer everything from high-quality leather bags to tablet and smartphone cases down to playful gimmicks for all those who want to give their technology a personal touch.



Just looking at its stores in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Copenhagen tells us that the eyewear label is no longer a small, local insider tip. The self-developed store concept, the visionary way they use materials and the “Made in Germany” design make Mykita one of the most sought-after labels in the eyewear sector. And their store at the concept shopping mall isn’t only worth a visit because of its unique design: Mykita optometrists carry out certified eye tests on site and are on hand to create individual vision profiles and adapt frames exactly to your face.



This concept store is one of our favourites. Its fantastic mix of fashion, jewellery and interior as well as alternating designers, including both newcomers and established names, makes Studio183 an absolute must on our BIKINI BERLIN checklist. One of the labels you should definitely take a closer look at is Temper: produced by designer Stephanie Gorzynska in Berlin, the Bauhaus-inspired creations are perfect for individualists. No buttons, no extras. Just pure design and lots of Berlin flair.

And Berlin flair is something you can experience in lots of other variations, in the form of brands, shops and concepts throughout the entire concept shopping mall. After all, the German capital offers a lot more than just well-known hotspots and classic souvenirs. If you’re looking for something special, work your way through our list of cool German labels – whether you’re a Berliner or just visiting and want to support the city’s local heroes. With all this summer wanderlust and holiday daydreaming, we shouldn’t forget that Berlin is also one of the most popular travel destinations. Perhaps our list will inspire you to come and explore for yourself...


Family Affair

It’s time to put everything back into perspective. So we’re more than happy to let our little flâneur take us by the hand and show us the world from her eyes. Although it’s more plodding than strutting, more traipsing than strolling, even the littlest explorers will feel like grown-ups on big-city streets.



Much to our surprise, we are hushed past Berlin Zoo’s Lion’s Gate entrance – today we are going to be hunting on a different kind of terrain. The little hand drags us to BIKINI BERLIN, her sights set on one trophy after the next. After all, little predators know better than anyone where the big game can be found lurking.




We are navigated through the colonnades by our future flâneur. Anyone who has grown up in the urban jungle will have it in their blood, but the art of strolling is something that still needs to be practiced. And what better place to do this than in her natural habitat of Berlin?




Between modern architecture, our little guide feels right at home, instinctively looking up at every opportunity to take in the scale of it all. Once we reach the top, we finally pause for a moment to observe the monkeys in the zoo below. Our little wild child suddenly becomes very tame. Placing her head in our lap, she closes her tired eyes and starts dreaming.

Magnets: ARTEK


A Berlin-Style photo session

The new BIKINI BERLIN image campaign is out now! Fashion photographer Laura Coulson has photographed models from all over the world (from England, Hungary, Spain and the USA) right here in the west of Berlin. The London-based photographer relies on her intuition and random moments, which explains why you’ll also be able to spot real-life Berliners in her pictures.


Where you’ll meet the flâneur

Here in the City West around BIKINI BERLIN, we are bringing the golden age back to life. This is also where you’ll bump into true Berlin locals. An air of carefreeness and nonchalance blows around this part of the city, which is the perfect place to sip a glass of champagne and watch the world go by. The models seemed very at home and the cheery passers-by made the best extras for the photos!


The new, laid-back elegance

It goes without saying that the fashions showcased in this image shoot all come from BIKINI BERLIN’s stores. The glory days of the City West are also reflected in the dapper styling, complete with today’s casual Berlin touch. Our flâneurs moved confidently around the City West, their stomping ground of choice, for the photos. Their attitudes and poses are an allusion to bygone days, while the laid-back, tongue-in-cheek undertone, so typical of authentic Berliners, also shines through.


Old-school photography: more fashionable than ever before

Laura Coulson’s analogue photography creates the unmistakeable look of the shots: the photographer develops the images in her own darkroom. The unique mix of authentic technology from the past with the laissez-faire attitude of the current summer and autumn fashions is perfectly reviving the glamour of the City West in this latest campaign for BIKINI BERLIN.


100 percent pure nature – Paleo organic cosmetics from CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE

CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE is an unusual name for an organic cosmetics company. And their products are just as fascinating as their name! Here the focus is on natural and organic ingredients. And CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE can even go so far as to guarantee that they only use ingredients you could theoretically also eat.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey
But let’s start at the beginning: together with co-founder Carl-Philipp Espelmann, Benjamin Ma developed the creams to meet their own personal needs. For a long time, Benjamin worked in the cleanroom of a lab and constantly had to keep his hands clean and disinfected. This meant he needed a good cream for his very dry, stressed skin. As he is also a keen climber, he was looking for a product that would meet all his various requirements and can be used in different ways. And he also had high standards in terms of ingredients – but could find no suitable products on the market that fulfilled all these demands. The two founders therefore took matters into their own hands and established the CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE brand for high-quality, sustainable organic cosmetics with strong links to the Paleo movement. Their creams not only contain ingredients that are good for the skin, but thanks to their sustainable, fair production, are also good for our planet.

In his pop-up box on the ground floor of BIKINI BERLIN, Benjamin demonstrated for us how exactly the creams are made in Tyrol. Just like in a mini laboratory, the trained pharmacist stood in front of us with a small hotplate and a pot in a bain-marie. With well-rehearsed hand movements, he explained the advantages of the individual ingredients (e.g. Sacha Inchi oil – a superfood rich in Omega-3 fatty acids), weighed everything out down to the exact milligram, knew exactly which temperature was required and when, and stirred, stirred and stirred some more!

The result is a cream that is rich and absorbed very well by the skin when applied correctly. “As the product is full of high-quality ingredients, it’s particularly important that you apply it the right way,” explained Benjamin. He recommends using the body lotion as an in-shower lotion as a remedy for dry skin. As the cream’s natural emulsifiers have a cleansing effect like soap, you just have to wet the skin and then apply it from top to bottom. After leaving it to work for 2-3 minutes, simply rinse it all off and be amazed at how silky soft your skin feels! For more persistent, flaky areas, of course you can also apply the lotion directly or after a rich sea salt exfoliator followed by an oil (olive oil/argan oil) as a topping, which will be absorbed into the skin. The hand balm is absorbed very quickly and doesn’t leave behind a greasy layer. Both products from CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE are free from synthetically manufactured emulsifiers, are NATRUE organic cosmetic-certified and are only made from organically farmed plant extracts, consistently forgoing the use of any ingredients sourced from palm oil or based on mineral oils.

The two founders are following an ambitious vision: to become the most sustainable organic cosmetics company on the market. To achieve this goal, 10 percent of their proceeds are donated to social and ecological projects in the countries where the raw materials used to make CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE products are grown. The products are also packaged in a family-managed workshop in the Ötz Valley by Lebenshilfe Tirol, a social service that looks after the interests of people with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.

 Despite the rich ingredients, one of the company’s mottos is “less is more”. Even in the long-term, their plan is for the product range to “only” consist of three products, but which can be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs and only do what they promise: to provide the necessary extra portion of skincare when your skin really needs it the most!


The best sunglasses for this summer: spotted at Mykita & Groove

Sunglasses are my absolute favourite accessory whatever the season. But in summer especially, I refuse to leave the house without my trusty shades. They are great because they are both useful and chic at the same time – what more could a woman (or man) want? Sunglasses protect our eyes, make us look stylish and jazz up any outfit. So it’s no wonder I love them so much and already own quite an impressive collection. They’re simply the coolest accessory and an easy way to style up any look.

As there are so many different styles and models out there right now, I took a look around Mykita & Groove at BIKINI BERLIN to scout out this summer’s best styles for you.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Aline - Fashionzauber

A pop of colour!

Sunglasses with brightly coloured lenses will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face! Tinted lenses in candy-coloured tones like pink, peach or ice-blue are particularly on-trend at the moment. Here too, the models on offer currently range from round to square to oval and are slightly bigger. Personally, I use sunglasses with brightly coloured lenses to style up my outfits: I either repeat the same colour in my outfit or use the glasses to break up an all-black look, for example.


Round retro-look styles

Round, retro-look lenses are also back in fashion this summer! And I’m very happy about it as I’m a huge fan of this eye-catching shape, which was a huge trend back in the 70s. Round sunglasses are a statement piece for anyone who loves fashion and standing out from the crowd. This style will suit you really well if you have an oval, square or heart-shaped face.


Cat-eye shape

This is definitely my all-time favourite eyewear trend and it’s currently celebrating a revival. The 1950s are back with a bang! Actress and style icon Marilyn Monroe used to wear this style with the winged upswept corners and there’s no getting past these cult glasses this season either. You’ll also find them in lots of different variations, for example with mirrored lenses, brightly coloured frames or also with a half frame. But my favourite model has a black full frame and black lenses. Dark lenses always look elegant and delicate and perfectly complement any outfit – for a ladylike touch, as well as a hint of extravagance!



Sneakers aren’t only the coolest and most comfortable shoes in the world, but also the trendiest. They are regularly spotted on ‘it’-girl Alexa Chung and the royal feet of Duchess Kate, both of whom swear by sneakers because they instantly give every look an air of casualness and ensure hours of wearing comfort. And there’s one brand in particular that really stands out, one that most of us will know from our school days: Superga.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

A narrow fit, metal eyelets for the laces and a vulcanised rubber sole: these are the features of the classic Superga Cotu 2750, whose design has become a synonym for the brand and is a must-have in every shoe cupboard. 

As the classic shoe is currently experiencing a major revival, you won’t only see it everywhere on the streets, but also at BIKINI BERLIN, where cult brand Superga has moved into a pop-up box stocking not only the classic Cotu 2750, but also other models and accessories.


If you prefer the classic look, you can opt for the models in white, black or marine blue. Or for the more daring among us, they are now also available in pink, metallic nuances, with a floral pattern or lace appliqués.

Whether paired with skinny jeans, leggings, a pencil skirt or a dress, sneakers by Superga are the perfect companion all year round.



It’s that time of year again. The sweet scent of linden trees fills the air, replaced every now and then by the smell of rain on hot concrete. The nights are short, the clouds scarce and the flâneur is full of optimism. Despite the arrival of the holiday season, he’s not even contemplating turning his back on his island of Berlin. Why venture to faraway lands when everything he could ever need is right here? 


Blouse: LNFAPants: LNFA ,Shoes: PremiataBag: Closed


Who needs a marina to saunter around when the architecture of Stüler, Schinkel and Scharoun can be admired under your nose? The flâneur’s favourite route starts at one of Berlin’s many museums, before taking him to the Tiergarten park for a siesta. Sun-kissed and serene, he then strolls off to the new, old West. Dressed in statement shoes and lightweight clothing, he is full of the joys of summer. 



Unlike the seasonal visitor, the flâneur really knows every corner of this city like the back of his hand. After all, there aren’t many places he hasn’t stood and chatted to friends for hours on end. Much to his amusement, it’s fun to act surprised when bumping into someone he knows. “Wow, fancy seeing you here! Don’t you look great! Come on, let’s indulge in sweet idleness together.”

Jacket: Adddress, Pants: Adddress, Shoes: Adddress

Pullover: LNFA, Jacket: LNFA, Pants: LNFA


No, she wasn’t bored without him. But his BIKINI BERLIN beauty is delighted that he has returned. She invites him for an aperitif on her rooftop terrace and the flâneur doesn’t have to think twice.

After climbing a few steps, he stands at the top and soaks in the view of the city, spread out beneath him like the ocean. He raises his glass to the horizon and makes a toast to everyone who’s missing out on this special moment in time.


Culinary delights alla italiana: Terramare impresses with creative street food concept

Pizza funghi, spaghetti bolognese, gelato alla fragola: what we understand as being typical Italian cuisine is only our interpretation of it as foreigners. These supposed “classics” might be firm fixtures on every menu, but mostly only reflect the gastro culture of certain regions. The downside is that Italian cuisine is losing its essence and original tastes and flavours.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

Nicola Marin is Venetian born and bred and travelled a lot during his studies. After spending time in Bochum, Nancy, Milan and Uppsala, he has meanwhile lived in Berlin for six years and is bringing variety to Kantini Berlin with his creative street food concept. At Terramare he wants to combine well-known Italian recipes with innovative molecular cuisine. “The mission of Terramare is to preserve the traditions and recipes of Italian street food and to try to enhance them with a creative approach.”


Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are offered for almost every dish. The menu includes homemade green and red tagliatelle, black gnocchi and lasagne. And the vegan pestos, rocket-pistachio and tomato-almond, are proving especially popular. Terramare also offers fresh salads, fish, meat and vegetable dishes, Italian burgers, tiramisu and seafood. Nicola wants to offer every customer a unique taste sensation that conveys the tradition of Italian food, paired with new visions, shapes and colours.

The highest quality standards are essential to the Terramare concept: from the bread to the sauces, everything is made by hand. And to guarantee this, only the freshest ingredients are used. With the necessary creativity, passion for cooking and respect for tradition, Nicola conjures up dishes that really stand out. His personal highlight is the Italian fish and chips: “This dish contains a mix of Mediterranean seafood that is fried in a beer tempura, following the old Venetian tradition.”

Nicola is proving that street food is a whole lot more than just a quick bite in between meals and Terramare can even compete with many a gourmet restaurant!

mydays Erlebniswerk at BIKINI BERLIN promises pure adrenaline over an area of 750 m²

You know how you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to fly a plane or speed around the world’s fastest race tracks with 1000 HP at your fingertips? Well, guess what? It’s your lucky day - you no longer need to be a pilot or a racing driver to make the grade. With its innovative racing and flight simulators, mydays Erlebniswerk at BIKINI BERLIN offers you the chance to test-drive this kind of high-performance equipment at high speeds.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse

More than 3000 HP on an area of 750 m²

Over 3000 HP awaits you on an area covering 750 m² in the form of two Formula 1 cars, a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and an Audi R8 LMS, not to mention the Boeing 737-800 and the Airbus A320. Boredom just isn’t an option here – and just think of all that adrenaline flying around...

I opted to put the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup through its paces on the race track, but soon discovered that it’s not as easy as it looks to steer the car’s 485 HP around those bends without leaving the track or crashing into the sides – the scarily authentic simulation makes sure of that. So much so that while I know this was “just” a simulation, I only had eyes for the race track and almost forgot that I was actually in a closed space.

Full-motion simulation means that the entire chassis moves as you drive, allowing you to experience uneven terrain, extreme driving manoeuvres and impact exactly as you would in real life. With just one tiny difference: there’s absolutely no real danger involved. So yes, you really can venture onto a race track without a care in the world and see what it feels like to drive a car with 485 HP under the bonnet – or even 1000 HP in the case of the F1 cars.


Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320?

The flight simulators offer an equally unmissable experience. Many a child’s favourite dream is to become a pilot, but very few achieve their ambition, destined instead to be flown by others to the four corners of the world. But what does it actually feel like to be behind the controls of these aircraft?

mydays Erlebniswerk offers you the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of either a Boeing 737-800 or an Airbus A320. Then it will be your turn to pilot the plane and take off or land in a range of airports across the world. And while driving a racing car is one thing, flying an aircraft is quite simply something else!

You’ll be confronted with a whole array of buttons and switches in the cockpit, just for starters, but thankfully there are experienced pilots on hand to guide you on your maiden flight. And even if the simulator feels impressively realistic and all the on-board instruments are true-to-life, there really is no risk and you can try out your pilot’s wings without a second thought.

So what’s it to be? Can we tempt you to drive a genuine Formula 1 racing car on tracks such as the Nürburgring or the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi? Or would you rather fly one of our planes at an altitude of 12,500 metres?


Eye-catching designs and understated elegance: Jewellery at BIKINI BERLIN

Unique pieces of jewellery evoke memories of the most precious moments in life and dress up any outfit in an instant. So you’ll be pleased to hear that BIKINI BERLIN is the perfect place to come for accessory shopping – thanks to the huge selection on offer and the many different designs!

But such a wide offer also means that you’ll be spoilt for choice. To give you a little overview for your next jewellery shopping trip to the concept shopping mall, today I’m presenting you with my favourites and the stories behind them.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey

Rozenthal Jewelry from Latvia

On my search for unique earrings, necklaces and other jewellery pieces, I was mainly on the lookout for unusual materials. Jewellery label Rozenthal from Latvia, for example, designs earrings made of porcelain, hand-painted with a marble pattern. The design of these unique pieces reference shapes and colours from nature. They are unique, but also simple at the same time and a real pleasure to wear! – Spotted at Studio 183.

Pukka Berlin

Somewhat more reserved, but no less exciting or chic, is jewellery label Pukka Berlin. Although they use high-end materials, the prices are fair. The precious metals and gemstones are ethically and sustainably sourced and their designs are minimalistic, yet modern at the same time. And if you shop here, you’ll also be doing a good deed: 20 percent of the proceeds from the unique Tembo line are donated to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, whose conservation area is home to around 400 elephants and other wild animals at threat from extinction, which it protects from poachers. My personal favourite is definitely the Nimbus Wrap Diamond Hoops in silver that add glitz thanks to the diamonds, but also look understated as part of my outfits! – Spotted at their pop-up box on the ground floor.

The Medley Institute

At the curated fashion and lifestyle store AM+, you’ll find a whole host of very special designs by label The Medley Institute, which remind me of optical illusions. The pieces stand out with their clear, delicate designs, without any embellishments in sight. So although every piece is striking and eye-catching, they are more elegantly understated. But don’t take my word for it – come and see this interplay of contrasts for yourself! The entire collection is produced in Germany. – Spotted at the AM+ store.


Hoops & Fears

If understatement isn’t really your thing and you prefer loud, colourful designs instead, you should definitely check out Hoops & Fears. The label creates eye-catching hoop earrings made of gold and silver with Japanese “Bunka” cord. The hand-knotted tassels are loose and light and sway gently with your every movement. – Spotted at Studio 183.

Organic Tagua

These gorgeous bracelets are made by hand in Ecuador from 100 percent tagua – a nut from the tagua palm tree. Abury guarantees the sustainable, environmentally friendly and fair production of these eye-catching bracelets in the shape of a falling raindrop. The bracelet comes in a number of colours to suit every taste and is the perfect way to liven up your look! – Spotted at Abury.




It’s a well-known fact that aesthetics play an important role at Bikini Berlin. And this summer, we are offering even more eye-popping inspiration to everyone who appreciates beauty: exceptional French artist Alexis Jamet has designed a unique series of images exclusively for Bikini Berlin. With vibrantly coloured icons in his tongue-in-cheek pop-art aesthetic, the artist is celebrating the brightly coloured mix of fashion and design on offer at the concept shopping mall. Join us in exploring the sunnier side of life. If you’d like a piece of Alexis Jamet’s art for your own four walls, you can pick up a selection of free stickers and art postcards from our info point.



Futuristic glamour diva or style-conscious retro dandy? When the sun is shining, it’s easy to slip into completely new roles with accessories like sunglasses. And flâneurs who prefer to roam the streets unrecognised can hide their eyes behind coloured lenses to further emphasise the incognito look. 



A real city dweller doesn’t get flustered by the heat. Whether for everyday wear in the concrete jungle or an aperitif on our rooftop terrace, you’ll find the ideal outfits for all occasions at BIKINI BERLIN. Bring on the summer!



Summer isn’t just a time for making ourselves look even more beautiful, but also for adding new touches to our homes with stylish interior items. Our tip: pops of colour. You’ll find plenty inspiration in the many beautiful items awaiting you at BIKINI BERLIN.


Art or commerce? “The Art of Banksy” at BIKINI BERLIN

Writing about street artist Banksy these days is no easy task. Especially because it seems like everyone has heard something about the artist or has something to say about him. Even though his identity is still unknown to this day. His satirical critiques of capitalism and politics in the form of iconic stencils have grabbed international attention.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

And it’s precisely for this reason that the same discussions always seem to surround Banksy: whether his art should be exhibited or whether street art in general should be on show in museums or galleries. Because after all, Banksy is also a synonym for the rejection of commerce. 

BIKINI BERLIN is currently showing more than 60 of his works, including original drawings, paintings and sculptures, which, however, have not been authorised by the British artist himself. The curator of the exhibition is Steve Lazarides, who was Banksy’s agent for many years and is meanwhile a sought-after European art dealer. But rumour has it that the two have been at loggerheads for a while now.

It was around 15 years ago that I visited London for the first time. I was walking from King’s Cross station to my hostel and on the way, I stumbled upon a small bookstore that had a little black book on display in the window with the title “Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall”. And under it in white letters: Banksy. I had spotted the same lettering elsewhere on the same street, so I decided to buy the book. It cost me less than ten pounds.


And now, many years later, I find myself standing in front of Banksy’s famous artwork “Sale Ends Today”. So much has changed since then. In the space next to it, there is an array of Banksy merchandise items on sale such as mugs, T-shirts and posters. Certainly a reason for criticism and a bit too much for my taste. However: Banksy’s art is an important piece of art history that everyone should experience. Which is why it’s definitely worth visiting the exhibition if you’ve never seen the Brit’s work up close before. The question of whether it’s right to commercialise street art is a different matter. And it’s right to discuss it. But in that case, you would also have to question the entire art business.

Incidentally: the little book I bought all those years ago is meanwhile worth €170 and hard to find these days. So with that in mind, the €13 per person admission (discounted rate: €10.50, children: €9.50) is a fair price to pay for the Banksy experience.


The three hottest fashion trends of the moment – spotted at BIKINI BERLIN

The best thing about the summer season – apart from the high temperatures and sunshine? Definitely the fashionable highlights and trends that await us! And to make sure you look on-trend this summer, I’m giving you the lowdown on the three hottest fashion trends that I found at BIKINI BERLIN...

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Aline - Fashionzauber

#1 trend: Two-pieces

Two-pieces already celebrated a big comeback last summer and they’re making just as much of a fashion statement this year too, which to be honest isn’t really surprising when you think how incredibly versatile this trend is. 

But two-pieces don’t just have to consist of a pair of trousers and a matching jacket/blazer. They come in a wide variety of options such as a combination of skirt and top, shorts and jacket or as a set comprising a dress and blazer. You only need to make sure that both garments are made of the same fabric and if possible, also have the same colour or pattern. That’s it!

I discovered both of my two-piece looks at Samsøe & Samsøe at BIKINI BERLIN. Both outfits are made up of a pair of trousers with the matching jacket/blazer. To give the looks a sporty, casual touch, I combine them with sleek white sneakers. This makes them ideal for everyday wear and means they don’t look in the least bit snobbish or overdressed, which is very important to me. But if you want a more dressed-up look, if you’re going to a restaurant or a club for example, you can simply swap the comfy sneakers for high heels or sandals and there you have it: the perfect evening outfit. You can’t get much simpler than that!

And the best thing is that your outfit is put together within seconds because you don’t have to think about possible styling combinations. Just add a shirt, a blouse or a top and you’re ready to go. Apart from your shoes, of course!


#2 trend: Eye-popping colours & floral patterns

It’s not only blooming everywhere outside, florals in all possible variations are also appearing on dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses. Floral prints and patterns are very much on trend again this season. And the best thing about them? They’re really easy to combine and look good with (almost) everything, even in combination with other patterns such as stripes. By the way: they really come into their own with contrasting materials like rough and ready denim or – currently also very fashionable – vinyl.

As far as the colour palette is concerned, it’s going to be bright this summer! Vibrant colours are setting the tone and playing an important role, especially yellow! Yellow not only elevates our mood, but also attracts admiring glances. And of course there are also a number of different styling variations here: if you prefer a more understated look, you can add an individual highlight by choosing one yellow item like a blouse or bag. Or as a contrast, you can also go for the all-over look. But whatever you decide on, the trend colour is a great fashion statement and a must-have for every wardrobe this summer.

I opted for a bright yellow skirt with a delicate floral pattern and a biker-look leather jacket. For me, the perfect contrast between cute and cool. You can find both at Samsøe & Samsøe.


#3 trend: Raffia bags

One accessory trend is a real must-have this spring/summer: bags made of natural materials like raffia or bamboo in all conceivable shapes and sizes. And they’re not just perfect for a beach holiday, but also for the city as they add a summery, laid-back vibe to every outfit.

There are so many different straw baskets and raffia bags to choose from: whether small or large, as shoulder bags or also as baskets, in minimal designs or brightly coloured with embroidery, pompoms or leather details. But you can also find chic models with a chain strap. My model is a clutch adorned with buttons and tassels made of elegant raffia straw by Scotch & Soda. I love it, don’t you?!


Around the world at BIKINI BERLIN

Is there anything better than being able to travel? Just a few days ago we would have answered that question with a decisive “No!” and continued planning our next trip. Sunshine, sea, sand, new countries, exciting cities – there’s still so much to discover!

But then a small, but significant occurrence stopped us in our plans: the sun suddenly appeared out of nowhere here in Berlin! Sipping our coffee in front of the panoramic window at BIKINI BERLIN, blinded by the sun’s rays, we couldn’t believe our eyes and promptly decided that, especially when the weather is on our side, the German capital isn’t such a bad place to while away our time after all.

Especially when you can embark on a brief, but extremely inspiring journey around the world without actually having to travel very far: treasures from the most diverse countries can be found in the stores at BIKINI BERLIN so we decided to take a closer look.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere

Artek: Stylish homeware made in Finland

We head up the escalators to the Artek concept store that marks the start of our journey of exploration around the shopping mall. Interior lovers will be in their element here. “Design meets love meets interior meets coffee” is the name of the game here and shoppers won’t be disappointed. Stylish home accessories, elegant, timeless furniture made in Finland and here and there playful gimmicks that won’t only look good in a child’s play room. Take a seat, leaf through the catalogues and start redesigning your own apartment in your head over a delicious coffee. A perfect start to our tour!

Exotic accessories at Abury

From the ultra-cool and clean style of the Finns, it’s just a few steps to the entrance of the Abury store, which grabs our attention with its bright, warm colours. During a brief chat with the store manager we find out that there’s not only a great design behind the bags and accessories, but also a great philosophy: the products are handmade by artisan communities with the support of a selected designer, who thanks to a grant, is able to travel to each of the countries and hold workshops there.

The brand follows the “handmade, modern design and social impact” principle, which they seem to be implementing with great success. A huge 50 percent of the proceeds from the sales go to the Abury Foundation and is sustainably invested. A quick browse of the store reveals lovely scarves from Ethiopia, pretty stools from Romania, colourful jewellery from India, Tanzania and Ecuador and of course also the brand’s trademark: Moroccan-inspired, embroidered handbags.  


Japanese tea and matcha ice cream at Chaya 

In contrast to the burst of colour, we head a few doors down to the Japanese tea store “Chaya”. Setting foot in this store is like entering a parallel world where in a matter of seconds you’ll wind down, relax and feel completely calm. It’s hard to say whether it’s down to the soft sounds of the music, the scent of the incense sticks or the quiet clinking of the porcelain. Or the fact that all stress seems to fade away as you browse and admire the many little accessories that will turn the ritual of tea drinking into a real ceremony: handmade porcelain crockery, over twenty types of matcha and more than fifty types of the famous Japanese green tea.

And all items also make the ideal gift! True Japan fans will also be happy to find kimonos, traditional geta clogs and even CDs of the wonderfully relaxing music on offer. Our highlight: in the shop itself you can also try an incredibly delicious ice cream drizzled with matcha sauce – the perfect excuse to take a break from shopping, gaze at the view of the church outside and treat your taste buds.   


International fashion highlights at Studio183

And what would a shopping trip be without a decent portion of fashion thrown in? BIKINI BERLIN offers an exquisite selection of unique pieces, cool finds that you won’t see every second person on the streets of Berlin wearing and that you can enjoy for many years to come. A visit to the stylish Studio183 is therefore a must: here you’ll be able to browse selected designer pieces from all over the world and beautiful accessories that add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The nature-inspired collection by “Marble & Co” particularly caught our eye, a Turkish brand that started out with T-shirts and meanwhile offers minimalistic, structured and high-quality pieces for both men and women. The marble prints of the flowing fabrics are especially elegant and surprisingly light – perfect for the start of the Berlin summer!  


SAL – The blue suit

It’s a look that everyone loves and looks great in. An icon in every men’s closet: the blue suit. No matter what shade it comes in, blue is the new trend colour in the world of men’s fashion, which makes the blue suit an absolute must-have piece.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme
And Berlin’s new start-up SAL thinks so too. They have made it their mission to create the perfect suit for men, which is stylish but also affordable at the fair price of €299.

A suit is not just a suit – that’s what SAL is showing on the first floor of BIKINI BERLIN, Germany’s first ever concept shopping mall, from 3 May until early July. Focused on the perfect fit and attention to detail, SAL has succeeded in creating the perfect suit that looks the part for everything from work and leisure to weddings and evening events.
But why blue? Blue is a real go-to favourite for menswear and can be combined and styled in a number of different ways. However, SAL has several options in classic grey and black as well. You can come and browse their large choice of different fabrics and styles, including wool, cotton, linen and even tweed.

I am staying true to blue too: from the 300 blue suits that are available in the new pop-up store this month, I found the perfect one for me!

Circles and Squares

Spring has definitely sprung! As far as sunshine hours and summer vibes are concerned, April was a great month. The flâneurs among us will certainly appreciate the joy of idly wandering, sauntering along the city’s streets with the sun beaming down on our faces. And with the merry month of May just around the corner, Bikini Berlin’s rooftop terrace is definitely the place to be. But let’s start at the beginning:


Wallet by Comme des Garçons from Artek

Shining in the sunshine

Even from afar, everything seems so shiny and new. But it’s just the glorious blue sky, viewed through the new sunglasses by Mykita, that is making us see a whole new side to the building. The unique architectural features of Bikini Berlin, whether square-shaped or circular, are also being shown in their best light. Now that spring is finally here, we find ourselves standing in the sunshine and admiring all the finer details before stepping foot inside.


And the building’s architecture seems to have been continued inside the stores: Vans in a checkerboard pattern, a polka dot wallet by Comme des Garçons, or a bowl by Vitra complete the interplay of shapes and forms. The flâneur, who has always been a fan of summery colours, will find all their favourite patterns here and with the perfume by Comme des Garçons, also the matching springtime fragrance.

Coat by Wood Wood from Address
Powder by MAC Cosmetics
Bowl by Vitra from Artek


Sneakers by Vans 
Wallet by Comme des Garçons from Artek


Drinking and dining above the rooftops

Spring is bringing a whole host of new culinary delights with it: the hungry flâneur will find fresh food and drinks at Spreegold, urban fast food paired with Michelin-starred cuisine at The Dawg and a successful symbiosis of shopping and food in the Super concept space. Kantini also offers everything your foodie heart desires to take away and enjoy al fresco on the mall’s very own rooftop terrace. We can’t imagine a more stylish way of spending a lunch break than soaking up the rays on a cosy blanket by Vitra while taking in the impressive views of the City West.

Bikini Berlin’s rooftop terrace


Blanket by Vitra from Artek


Happy birthday BIKINI BERLIN: A look back at the development of the world's first concept shopping mall four years ago

From the Breitscheidplatz square, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Berlin’s huge architectural diversity. To my left, opposite the Bahnhof Zoo station, a modern skyscraper housing a luxurious hotel soars high into the sky. To my right is the neo-Romanesque Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. In front of me is the Bikinihaus (Bikini building), a building complex from the 1950s which, together with the Zoo Palast cinema, forms the “Zentrum am Zoo” (Centre at the Zoo).

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème
Bikini Berlin

This part of Berlin simply oozes cosmopolitan flair. Travellers from all over the world flock to the area around Kurfürstendamm, Tauentzienstrasse and Breitscheidplatz, the so-called City West, which the Bikinihaus, the Hutmacher Haus, the Zoo Palast cinema and the 25hours Hotel are also a part of. The ensemble combines modern and traditional, international and local, and is a true testament to its history: one of the main reasons why it attracts not only Berlin locals in their droves.

The Bikinihaus was built in the 1950s as a hub of ladies’ fashion with production facilities and representative offices. Its location close to Ku’damm, where the big fashion houses were based, was ideal. But the clothing manufacturers didn’t stay, instead migrating to Düsseldorf, and the post-war building fell into a slumber for a long time – until the end of 2013, in fact, when the Belgian architect’s office SAQ came up with a masterplan. They wanted to turn the Zentrum am Zoo into a place where people could work, shop and relax, complete with a cinema and hotel, and also breathe new life into the City West. Munich-based project development company Bayerische Hausbau was responsible for the implementation.


The mission of the Munich developers was to retain the typical 50s elements of the building complex and combine them with modern elements. A panoramic window was incorporated into the Bikinihaus to open up the views into Berlin Zoo and the building’s façades were faithfully restored, true to the original. Matte green elements based on the green tone that Berlin’s bridges are painted in and lots of wood transformed the listed building into an urban, inviting space. A carefully curated selection of retailers moved in and set up shop, including experienced boutique owner and businessman Andreas Murkudis, with the aim of boosting and regenerating the West of Berlin. Pop-up boxes were erected on the ground floor, offering young Berlin designers a temporary retail space. The world’s first concept shopping mall was born.

Bikini Berlin
Bikini Berlin

The “jungle-style” 25hours design hotel moved into the small high-rise next door and its 7,000 m² rooftop terrace became home to the Monkey Bar and the Berlin branch of Vienna restaurant Neni. As part of the renovation work, the Zoo Palast cinema was also revamped. The building underwent extensive refurbishments, was upgraded with state-of-the-art technology and three cinema auditoriums were added to the four existing ones. 

On 3 April 2014, Berlin’s new concept mall was finally ready to open its doors. Four years have passed since then and a lot has happened during that time: BIKINI BERLIN has become even more international and urban. New boutiques and pop-up boxes have been added and with the opening of Kantini in January 2018, the mall is now also a foodie hotspot. Designed as a street food market, foodies can indulge in Berlin currywurst, Israeli hummus, Korean bibimbap and other culinary delights from a total of 13 gastronomes from all over the world. Staying true to the pop-up concept, two pop-up stalls in addition to the fixed food counters regularly provide fresh inspiration and seasonal food trends.

Bikini Berlin

And just like on the ground floor, the view from here is also unique: the loggia faces the aviary so with a bit of luck you might even be able to hear the birds chirping on sunny days – when the glass façade is slid open, you’ll feel like you’re sitting outside.

I head to the long wooden bench at BIKINI BERLIN to observe the baboons playing. The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed as always. Sitting next to me are two friends chatting over coffee, a man in a suit who is hungrily biting into a sandwich and small children with their noses pressed up against the window, excited to catch a glimpse of the monkeys. Since 2014, BIKINI BERLIN has developed into exactly the kind of place that it was supposed to: somewhere you can wander around to your heart’s content, work, meet friends, eat and happily while away the time. Here’s to the next four years of BIKINI BERLIN!

Bikini Berlin

Light and colour: An interview with artist Camilla Richter

The foyer area in front of the panoramic window on the ground floor has been used to host many installations by noteworthy artists in the past. And now, just in time for the start of spring, the “Light Catching Shadows” installation by artist Camilla Richter is taking pride of place here. We visited the walk-in installation and chatted to the artist about her idea and the messages behind it. You have until 28 April 2018 to come and see the installation (for free!) here at BIKINI BERLIN. 


Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jules und Maria-Silva - Herz&Blut
Camilla Richter Interview Bikini Berlin

With its light, reflections and colours, your installation at BIKINI BERLIN really seems to bring out the playful nature of the visitors. We’ve even noticed older people, who aren’t usually the selfie type, getting out their mobile phones and taking photos. Was that also your intention? Can you briefly explain the set-up of your installation to us

I designed the installation specially for BIKINI BERLIN and part of their briefing was that it should be “instagrammable” and invite visitors to interact. The fact that even older people are pulling out their phones to take photos and selfies is showing that my idea is working.

I work with specially coated panes of glass that, depending on the lighting conditions and which way you look at them, appear either in different colours, transparent or reflective. The effect of the glass changes with the angle of the how the light falls or where the observer happens to be standing.

As well as the vibrant play of colour, the panes of glass reflect themselves and whatever is around them. The confusion that arises from this (“Is that glass or is it just a reflection?”) is, like the infinity of the reflection, an intentional effect. Another is the merging of whatever is in front of and behind it: for example, when two people are facing each other on either side of a pane of glass, their faces merge into one.

The installation is designed in such a way that the individual, two-metre high frames are standing at right angles to each other. Vertically, they are divided into three segments which, in irregular sequences, serve as frames for the panes of glass. This results in the creative elements which, in turn, create the aforementioned effects. The partially rotating glass elements suspended from the ceiling also add a sense of movement to the installation. 


After looking at your previous work, we noticed that you haven’t always worked with glass and mirrors. How did that come about? Why are you working with glass more these days?

I’m a trained carpenter who also studied product design. It goes without saying that I’ve worked with all possible materials and still do. In my other artworks, I also combine glass with different materials, such as metal, concrete or wood.

But as I’m interested in light and its effects in particular, glass is one of my preferred materials to work with. Just think of the effect of a prism and that will help you understand the infinite possibilities that glass opens up as a material.
Camilla Richter Bikini Berlin
Camilla Richter Bikini Berlin

What really stands out when we admire your installation at BIKINI BERLIN is, of course, its size and complexity. There are even rotating, colourful, reflective glass elements hanging from the ceiling that, depending on how the light falls, cast a different coloured reflection. As visitors, we are curious as to how you plan such an artwork in advance. Do you use computer programmes for simulation purposes, or do you work the classic way with drawings? Can you take us through the process, from the moment a piece is commissioned until the finished result

First of all, I develop different ideas in my head, which I then sketch out on paper. After I have decided which direction I want to take, I build little models. For the installation at BIKINI BERLIN we built the model in a scale of 1:10. To work out exactly which effects can be achieved by positioning the lamps on the various segments, we also took into consideration the distances from the slanting ceiling and other conditions of the space. And then to finalise everything, I created the installation on a computer programme, enabling me to submit a technical drawing with exact dimensions for the production and lighting design. 


Do you already have any plans for other exhibitions or projects that you can tell us about?  

You can find all details about my projects such as the the group exhibition at MEINBLAU (Pfefferberg Berlin) in May and an overview of my work on my website: www.camillarichter.com

I’m currently also using dichroic glass to produce mobiles and lights, which will allow people to immerse their own four walls in unique colours and shadows. Apart from that I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring. The season certainly got off to an excellent start at BIKINI BERLIN.

Thank you very much for talking to us. 

Camilla Richter Bikini Berlin

Design meets art: A visit to N°AUGA and HERMITAGE.BERLIN

With the current pop-up boxes of N°AUGA and Hermitage.Berlin, art flair is coming to BIKINI BERLIN directly from Scandinavia and St. Petersburg. Both shops are offering art and design fans a fantastic selection of art objects, handmade items, books about art and design, prints and extraordinary sculptures.

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Jules und Maria-Silva - Herz&Blut
N Auga Bikini Berlin

Danish design platform N°AUGA is all about design products from throughout Scandinavia. The ‘N’ in its name stands for Nordic and ‘Auga’ is the Danish word for eye. The team of four behind N°AUGA has compiled a wonderful assortment of Scandinavian design items. As well as an online shop, the owners are also embracing the whole pop-up concept.


Every two weeks the founders come to BIKINI BERLIN to visit the store. We chatted to Lone Michelsen about the concept of N°AUGA and fell in love with the design objects. From furniture to ceramics and X-rated drawings, there’s a lot waiting to be discovered! The mobiles and bizarre figures really stood out. You still have until 15 May 2018 to browse the varied assortment.

N Auga Lone Michelsen Bikini Berlin
Hermitage Berlin Bikini Berlin

And there is also a small team with a great vision behind the Hermitage.Berlin shop. We spoke to co-founder Boris Saposchnikow about the product selection and idea behind Hermitage.Berlin. As the name reveals, it is linked to the Eremitage art museum in St. Petersburg.


The Hermitage.Berlin pop-up shop is an extension of the museum shop in St. Petersburg. Under the motto “Building Bridges Through Art”, it also sees itself as a cultural bridge. For the interior design of the pop-up box, art transport crates have been turned into shelves and table tops. Here you’ll find a fantastic choice of art and design books that you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere else in such a mix.

Hermitage Berlin Bikini Berlin
Hermitage Berlin

As well as the classic museum shop souvenirs, they are also stocking a large number of officially licensed art reprints by renowned artists, which are all shown in the world-famous Eremitage. What makes them so special is that all reprints have been printed directly in the basement of the St. Petersburg art museum. The shop will be at BIKINI BERLIN until the end of July 2018.


Even the shadows are colourful in spring

While the city is gradually coming out of hibernation, everyone at BIKINI BERLIN is already full of the joys of spring. And that might have a lot to do with the art installation by Camilla Richter currently on show in the foyer. Here, light falls through the coloured glass segments of a folding screen, casting colourful shadows on the floor and walls in the entrance area.  



Face the light

Amazed by what he is seeing, the flâneur decides to linger for a moment and take a closer look: depending on the incident light radiation and viewing perspective, the panes of glass can seem either transparent and shimmering or intensely coloured. Rays of light fall reflect the complementary colour to the colour he sees when looking through the glass.


Please come closer

As he approaches, the flâneur realises he can observe the artwork at close proximity from a small elevation. On the white surface at his feet he can observe how the reflections of the dichroic glass really come into their own. 


Perfect photo opportunity

The glass is both translucent but also reflective in different colours at the same time. The flâneur’s trained eye instantly realises that this offers unlimited possibilities to experiment with the light and reflections. He quickly pulls out his camera to capture this mesmerising lighting mood for his Instagram account. 

And as if all that weren’t enough, you can also become an artist yourself: we will be handing out up to 15,000 snippets of coloured adhesive plastic film so visitors can transform our large panoramic window into a colourful mosaic.


Traditional craftsmanship & modern design: New opening of ABURY

The newly opened ABURY store at BIKINI BERLIN is presenting elaborately embroidered bags, colourful scarves, cushions with modern patterns and eye-catching jewellery as far as the eye can see. But there’s a lot more to ABURY than “just” chic accessories. The label brings together traditional artisan communities with young, innovative designers to create unique, handmade products with a focus on style, ethics and sustainability. To choose the best designers, the company has initiated the ABURY Design Experience, the first global contest for designers. 

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey
Abury Bikini Berlin
Winner and designer Ruth Hepburn from England, for example, spent two months in Ethiopia working with the local Sabahar artisan community. This has resulted in a unique collection that will be presented in the next few weeks. But until then, you can check out the wool scarves and beach throws by Sabahar, which are entirely handmade in Ethiopia and of a very high quality.
Abury Mia heylilahey Bikini Berlin

The modern label isn’t just getting contest winners on board, however, but also other designers from all over the world who base their approach on ABURY’s three cornerstones: handmade production, modern design and social impact. These wide bracelets really caught my eye because their shape reminds me of falling raindrops. They are made in Ecuador from 100 percent tagua, a nut from South America, and sustainably dyed with natural dyes. From vibrant blue to exotic red down to sleek cream, you’re sure to find the colour to suit you and your outfit!


Abury Bikini Berlin
Abury Bikini Berlin
Personally, I also love the textile clutches and accessories by Pais Textil. They are made in Peru under fair working conditions with fair wages and are simply the perfect everyday companion! You can buy these stylish products with a clean conscience as their production is preventing traditional Peruvian craftsmanship from being forgotten by breathing new life into old weaving techniques.
Another special edition I would like to tell you about are the colourful baskets by ABURY x WomenCraft Tanzania. WomenCraft is a social enterprise in Tanzania that enables the poorest women in rural regions to overcome poverty by working. ABURY is stocking an exclusive series of baskets with WomenCraft in its store. They are made by women from Burundi in a refugee camp in the north-west of Tanzania with straw they find lying around the camp.
Abury Bikini Berlin

But for me, the signature ABURY items are the wonderfully embroidered yet modern Berber bags from Morocco. They are fairly produced using the finest goatskin and cactus silk and it takes 16 hours of meticulous handwork to make every single one. These timeless leather shoulder bags will accompany you for a long time to come!

If you wish to find out more about ABURY and the social impact of its products, you should definitely also check out the ABURY Foundation and Portraid, a charitable art project that uses photography as a medium to creatively illustrate problems, and in doing so provide a way to solve them with the proceeds of the photos.

Spring 2018 trends at BIKINI BERLIN

We’re all familiar with the dreaded Berlin winter. It’s grey, cold and long. Very, very long. It might still be too soon to start talking about spring, but all the sun we’ve been having lately is giving us hope for warmer days ahead. I have been making the most of the lovely sunshine to venture outside into the big, wide world! Donning my pea coat, scarf and sunglasses, I headed over to BIKINI BERLIN to find inspiration from the upcoming springtime fashions and trends.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

Had enough of grey and black? Vibrant colours are leading the way this spring and officially bidding farewell to the gloomy winter hues. If you still have last season’s colour blocking items hidden away in your wardrobe, it’s time to get them out of hibernation as dominant colours like yellow, green and red are leading the way this spring. (See: American Vintage)

The pastel fans among us have reason to celebrate again this season. Whether combining individual pieces or worn as an all-over look, delicate pink, pistachio green and baby blue are heralding in the new season and for the men especially, pastel tones are set to be a real wardrobe staple. (See: Scotch & Soda)

Frühjahrstrends 2018 Bikini Berlin

One of the most wearable trends this spring? Stripes. In all variations. Whether narrow or wide, horizontal or vertical, multi-coloured or monochrome: stripes are still very much on trend and can be spotted on the streets of Milan, Paris, London or New York in all possible variations and combinations. (See: AM+ and Samsoe & Samsoe

But what’s a perfect outfit without the matching accessory? Protect your eyes from the sun’s intense rays with a new pair of sunglasses. (See: Mykita

I, for one, am really looking forward to the new season and I can’t wait to see which trends will establish themselves here. Whatever happens though, my pastel chinos are ready and waiting!


Why venture further afield?

First it was frosty, then came the rain, snow and bitter cold, and now it seems as if there is no end to this winter. Instead of the promise of spring, March is showing us its harsh side, only encouraging our annual desire to escape the minus temperatures and explore the world. But where to?

There’s this place in the City West where the sun always shines. As soon as you set foot inside, the good vibes wash over you like a wave. You won’t only instantly forget the Siberian cold front, but also your bleak mood. We are talking – of course – about Bikini Berlin!


Closer to home than you think

Sometimes we search far and wide for something, only to find out that it was right in front of our noses the whole time. At Budapester Strasse 38-50 in Berlin, to be precise. But if you still have itchy feet and are longing for warmer climes, you’ll find the ideal travel holdall for your next adventures at THE NORTH FACE, not to mention the perfect handbag as hand luggage from MANILA GRACE.

Perched on a stool by Vitra as we sip a cup of mint tea from KUSMI TEA, our thoughts begin to wander in the direction of Asia.


Far Eastern dreams

All we need now are leather sandals by Common Projects, available from AM+, a kimono from Japanese store CHAYA and a book from publishing house The Gentle Temper under our arm and we’ll feel like we’re ready to venture to the warmth of Asia, or wherever else our wanderlust takes us.


Barely have we started to relax when a cool breeze blows around our ears, jolting us out of our daydreams. A glance at our dry hands reminds us that summer is still a long way off. We quickly apply the Vetyver hand cream by Byredo and wrap ourselves in a hammam towel from ABURY that comes from Ethiopia and was made by hand. Half of its sale proceeds will go straight to the towel’s producer. 

But if all that still doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, you should pour yourself another cup of tea from the CHAYA teapot, take off your MYKITA sunglasses and stow them away in this MANILA GRACE handbag.

In anticipation of spring

Instead of waiting forever for spring to start this year, we can easily bring spring to us: with these flower pots and the Bitossi lemon-shaped candle, both from ARTEK. And the bucket hat from THE NORTH FACE to cast a shadow over our face and underline the whole traveller look.


The more weather-hardy flâneurs among us might even be tempted to banish their long johns to the back of the wardrobe and lounge around in this delicate underwear set from AMERICAN VINTAGE – one way to feel like you’re sunning it up on the beach. To complete the holiday vibe, add a shot of lemon juice squeezed with the Eddigtons citrus squeezer to a chilled drink. Reach for the Cotton Poplin room fragrance by Byredo and while exotic scents fill the air, you’ll soon start to forget those feelings of wanderlust.


FRAI: The art of listening to your stomach

“Combining good with good” is the motto of Sebastian and Jelena, the two owners of FRAI, which opened at Kantini just a few weeks ago. Their menu offers something for everyone – whether vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, clean eating, low-carb or Paleo. “Here you can put together your own dish, depending on what you fancy eating at the time,” Sebastian tells us.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème
Frai Bikini Berlin

What might sound like a relatively simple idea to begin with was actually three years in the making. Jelena, who has always worked in gastronomy, continues: “Even just finding the suitable premises in Berlin took us more than two years, which makes us all the more delighted that we now finally have our own eatery at Kantini. Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and this open-mindedness is reflected in our menu. And wherever possible, of course, we make sure that our ingredients are sourced locally from the region.”

Sebastian, who spent the last ten years working in the advertising industry as an art director, begins to philosophise when I ask him the question of what he’s inspired by. We talk about the increasing wish for regional ingredients, the culinary diversity around the world, existing food trends, sustainability, keeping up with changing times and simplicity. And also about the links between the human psyche, nutrition and community.


“Our mission,” according to Sebastian, “is to prepare healthy food. Our two chefs Benedikt and Chris are very experienced and make everything themselves. Chris, who is a vegetarian himself, knows exactly what’s he’s doing,” he smiles.

“The best thing about FRAI, if you ask us, is our open-mindedness towards our guests. We’re not about food dogmatism or strict diets. It’s much more important to us that every guest has the opportunity to eat food that is both delicious and healthy at the same time, whether fish or meat, vegetarian or vegan,” says Jelena. 

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” British author Virginia Woolf once wrote. A maxim that Sebastian and Jelena have really taken to heart here. And not as a mere empty promise on their meu, but in all aspects of everything they do. A good reminder that we should all listen to our stomachs more often!

FRAI Bikini Berlin

A journey around the world for lunch: KANTINI offers something for every taste!

Wherever “concept shopping” is to be found, food concepts are never far away – the best example of this is KANTINI, the new culinary hotspot in the German capital.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere
Kantini Bikini Berlin

It’s a situation we’re all familiar with. You arrange to meet with friends for lunch. After lengthy negotiations you finally manage to narrow down a neighbourhood and arrange a time that suits everyone – but then it comes to the crunch: “So, what do you fancy?” is a question that not all friendships will be able to withstand.

Is there something for vegans? Does the menu also offer an option for the more adventurous foodies among us? What about the Berliner’s favourite, the good, old currywurst? Perhaps a warming soup? Pizza, pasta – or maybe low carb might be a better option? After all, these days food not only has to taste good, but also be healthy.

The good news is: thanks to KANTINI, you will find something to suit all tastes – and, most importantly, it’s all under one roof! The bad news: you’re still going to be spoilt for choice!


And the latter, my friends, isn’t something that should be taken lightly. We experienced it for ourselves when the food market at Bikini Berlin invited us round to indulge our taste buds. A total of 13 international eateries are offering visitors and employees of the shopping mall the chance to embark on a little trip around the globe and fill up on a wide variety of culinary delights.

While Marie couldn’t get enough of the apple strudel crêpes, I would spend my last cents on a spicy curry dish. And the group lunch outings that used to be associated with a lot of persuasive work, compromises and sceptical glances are no longer a problem in this foodie paradise: here everyone can just grab whatever they fancy – and then sit down together to enjoy it.


And talking about sitting down: just like throughout the entire mall, there’s a huge focus on cosiness and design here! After all, the atmosphere is extremely important when we’re choosing a place to eat. Hungry diners can enjoy their dishes on the stylish steps, on the sofas or even on swings! Our absolute favourite spot was in front of the panoramic window overlooking the zoo, which feels like a little holiday – especially when you try out the different flavours by Berlin ice cream maker Copper & Flint.

We did a lot of travelling together last year so right now we’re taking a break from airports and motorways – but not from delicious dishes from all over the world. And thanks to KANTINI, decision-making difficulties are now only something we have to face when it comes to picking out our next far-flung destinations!


Bikini Berlin for kids – A shopping trip as new parents

Patricia: Last year something happened that could certainly be described as a life-changing experience. We had a baby. Marlena hasn’t only changed our lives, but admittedly also our interests. Suddenly we find ourselves chatting to other parents about topics that we’d never even heard of before. Within the shortest time, it feels like we have learnt more than we did during our entire time at university.

And although I know Bikini Berlin like the back of my hand, there’s one aspect that I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to until now: what the concept shopping mall has to offer for children. But now all that has changed: Stefan, Marlena and I set off on a shopping trip of Bikini Berlin on the lookout for children’s items. Today we’re presenting you with our findings.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Patricia und Stefan - The Kaisers

Goldfish Kinderkaufhaus

Patricia: Since September, Bikini Berlin has been home to the ultimate store for kids. Okay, for parents a visit here might turn out to be more expensive than they planned as what I observed when I was there did indeed confirm my suspicions – children want everything in sight at the Goldfish Kinderkaufhaus. Whether the adorable kidswear or the toys – it’s plain to see that all their products have been chosen with love. Goldfish is a store with a heart, where it’s such a pleasure to shop and where you’ll even find yourself wanting to revert to childhood yourself, simply because it’s so cosy and appealing there.

If Marlena had fit into any of their sizes, we would have definitely bought her one of the gorgeous tulle skirts (which she also loved!) and the circus toys are also at the top of our shopping list. If you’re planning a children’s birthday party, it’s also worth dropping by Goldfish as they sell cute party decorations.



Stefan: We then went to Promobo right around the corner, where you’ll find unique gift ideas for young and old alike. Most of them are made by manufactories here in Germany and then stocked by Promobo. We came across some fun crocodile toothbrush holders that little ones would love, or nano-sized Lego bricks in different levels of difficulty for all ages. 

And we also happened to find the perfect Christmas gift for Marlena here. We thought long and hard about whether we should buy her anything for her first Christmas. She is, after all, still too young to really know what Christmas is all about. Then we said: “Why not?”, but decided that the gift should have a personal reference to her parents. We chose a small wooden underground carriage from the Berlin underground’s U1 line to give her from Father Christmas. Patricia took the U1 to work every day during her first internship and I did the same for two and a half years. We think it’s a great keepsake and a lovely memory for us all!


Premiata and Reisenthel

Stefan: We then went up to the rooftop terrace where we found the perfect finishing touch for a stylish kid’s outfit. Premiata offers high-quality sneakers for children that are made directly in Italy and available in lots of different designs.

And then once you’ve bought all this great children’s stuff, you might find yourself asking how you are supposed to carry it all home. No problem. In its circus and Cats & Dogs collections, Reisenthel offers rucksacks and bags for your little ones. And to match, they also have a cute rain cape. I’m pretty sure we will be buying it on our next family trip to Bikini Berlin – in preparation for all those winter showers!


AM+, Mabba and Artek

Patricia: From Reisenthel we headed up to the next floor for a browse of AM+, where we found cool T-shirts for kids by Wood Wood. Perfect for a mum/dad/kid partner look.

Just a few metres away, we also visited Mabba, one of my favourite stores at Bikini Berlin, where I’ve been buying my iPhone cases for a few years now. But they also have great products for Marlena, who is thankfully still a long way off owning her first smartphone! Under the label MY LITTLE MIRACLE, the wife of Mabba founder Matthias Balle, Janna, creates gorgeous dummy attachments and teething rings. We couldn’t resist! Marlena is now the proud owner of one of their lovely dummy chains, complete with golden and mint-coloured beads. 

And last but not least, we also dropped by the Artek concept store, which is home to a charming shelf full of wonderful gift ideas for kids. Speaking of gifts – we were given the elephant mobile by Flensted from this store as a gift when Marlena was born. But I also got my eye on the Fingerprints colouring book and the little wooden robot. Fortunately, we know plenty of children we can give these wonderful kid’s items from Bikini Berlin to as gifts, otherwise Marlena’s room would be packed to the rafters!


Lettering with love

It’s still relatively early on a Wednesday morning. I have arranged to meet Viktoria, who probably everyone who has ever been to Bikini Berlin will know. Well, not personally, but in the form of her beautifully illustrated lettering around the mall: or to be precise, on the many lovingly handwritten lollipop-shaped blackboards. This is an effective way of countering the rapid advancement of digitalisation making itself felt in every other part of our lives.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

Viktoria tells me that she studied communication design and illustration at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm. She has always been interested in typography as designing letters offers so many possibilities. She enjoys the decorative and informative aspects of illustration, which is different to art, where the focus is usually on the self-referential.

We stop in front of one of the round blackboards. Viktoria pulls out a wide, white chalk marker from her see-through folder and slowly and intently starts drawing her first lines and dashes on the board. The typical lettering that defines the overall appearance of the Bikini Berlin mall starts to gradually emerge. She has creatively written the words “Funk You”, the name of a bistro in the mall.


When I ask her if she would describe her typographic work as art, Viktoria just shakes her head and turns the board over to start working on the back. Here a line, there a dash. What might look simple to anyone passing by, actually requires the utmost concentration, according to Viktoria.

She sometimes spends up to six hours at once in the mall, working her magic on the blackboards, but also store windows and escalators, or correcting and touching up work that has been smudged or wiped off by someone’s hand.

What she loves most about her job is the freedom, as well as the opportunity to work on commercial jobs in addition to her own individual creations. As I admire Viktoria gliding her white marker over another blank board, although she might not describe it as art, I decide that hand-lettering is an art form all of its own. 


Roeder Pen – Bikini Berlin welcomes the return of a Berlin legend

The store inside the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is offering an exclusive new edition of the traditional writing utensils.

Roeder Pen Berlin Bikini Berlin

For over a century (from 1841 to 1952), Berlin company S. Roeder OHG was synonymous with excellently made nib pens. They received requests for these new steel nib pens – which replaced quills – from all over the world. Business was booming, and the brand became a Berlin icon. But then came the Third Reich. Imposing a boycott, the National Socialists seized the Roeder family’s life’s work and handed the company over to a follower of the regime in 1939. Production of the writing instruments soon stopped, and the business started manufacturing military goods instead. The factory – which was moved to Silesia – became Polish territory and was subsequently pulled down. The family members who had stayed in Germany perished in concentration camps, while those who were living in exile abroad failed to return the business to its former success after the war ended. In 1952, S. Roeder OHG was shut down.

Moved by the family’s story and the demise of this traditional Berlin company, and at the same time impressed by the quality of their pens and writing culture, a communications expert from Munich purchased the brand rights to Roeder and initiated the revival of Roeder pens. The exclusive special edition of fountain and roller-ball pen has been given the name “Ellen”, in honour of the great-granddaughter of the Roeder founding family who died during the Holocaust.


The pens are produced by the Waldmann company in Germany, an attribute that has been acknowledged with the words “Made in Germany” engraved on the middle ring. The shaft is made of highly polished, black lacquered brass and the twist-off cap is made of solid 25 sterling silver, also smoothly polished, which can be kept shiny with the silver cloth inside the provided case.

Bikini Berlin has always merged history and modernity – the building complex from the 1950s was carefully revived with due consideration to the preservation of listed buildings. With the greatest focus on the mid-century modern design of the 50s era, an icon has been brought back to life. And on a smaller scale this process has now been repeated for Roeder pens as the Bikini Berlin owner and developer, Bayerische Hausbau, made the production of the relaunched writing implements possible in the first place. Bikini Berlin is selling these sophisticated writing utensils exclusively at the store inside the 25hours Hotel (fountain pen: €179, rollerball pen: €169) and we are delighted that this Berlin legend is now returning home to Berlin.

Roeder Pen Berlin Bikini Berlin
Roeder Pen Berlin Bikini Berlin

Especially in our digital age, holding a Roeder pen in my hands reminds me just how precious and creative the art of writing is. And also how much precision is needed to write something by hand, an art that we are neglecting far too much lately, preferring instead to type on keyboards or our mobile phone displays. The art of handwriting reveals our true selves, not only in what we write, but, above all, how we write it. Personal and on paper.

In China there is an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t ever throw away paper with writing on it because it’s bad luck – and an ancient Chinese proverb says that even the most faded ink is better than the sharpest memory. I agree: writing something down by hand is much more effective than reading it over ten times. I for one definitely plan to start writing more again – and to embrace the originality of my handwriting. I hope I’ve inspired you to do the same! Happy writing!


Christmas on the wild side…

While the flâneur pensively strolls around the grey city, stopping every now and again to press his cold nose up against brightly lit shop windows, it gradually dawns on him that Christmas is just around the corner.

It’s not as if it has come as a surprise. Yet flânerie, the act of strolling, is the freedom of allowing yourself to drift along. Having a fixed date by which all gifts have to be bought and wrapped suddenly takes away some of this freedom. 



Wrap up warm

So it’s high time to get wrapped up and set off on the annual search for gifts. Fortunately, BIKINI BERLIN has everything prepared. Here you won’t only find the city’s best gifts, but also the best gift-wrapping station. Which is back by popular demand – but with new visuals, this time designed by Zebu.


Creative gift-wrapping 

Zebu? Isn’t that a type of cow? Possibly, who knows? The Zebu we’re talking about is an artist duo who has designed wrapping paper featuring animal visuals in reference to the neighbouring zoo. You can either have your gifts wrapped for you, or try it yourself. Or you could always leave it to your little ones: we have set up a wrapping table especially for kids, where they can channel their inner creative.  


It’s a wrap!

With all his Christmas shopping wrapped up, the flâneur can now sit back and enjoy a tranquil few days of relaxation. A moment of enjoyment that deserves to be captured on camera. So why not grab a few animal magnets and round off the shopping experience with a selfie in front of the festive BIKINI BERLIN photo wall?


Christmas gift ideas for interior fans and design lovers

Christmas always seems to come around so quickly, don’t you agree? The hunt for gifts has already begun and to make sure we don’t find ourselves dashing round the shops at the last minute again, this year we’ve started our Christmas shopping early – at BIKINI BERLIN! And the best thing about it: we’re also giving away our chosen gifts in an Advent competition! In fact, we love our picks so much, we want to win them ourselves! We hope you like our round-up of gift ideas as much as we do!

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jules und Maria-Silva - Herz&Blut

It’s all in the wrapping and decorations!

For the decorations in the entrance area and the specially designed Christmas wrapping paper, this time BIKINI BERLIN is cooperating with ZEBU, an illustrator and artist duo from Berlin.

And as a nod to the neighbouring zoo, you can admire the charming, huge animal figures hanging from the ceiling in the area in front of the panoramic monkey window. Here you’ll also find a gift-wrapping station, where all your purchases can be gift-wrapped free of charge in the specially designed paper by ZEBU.


Unique gifts from Japan

We were immediately drawn to the window of Japan store Chaya. Here we picked out two little wooden figures wearing kimonos. And to round off the set, we also chose a wonderful tea caddy, green tea (of course!) and a traditional Japanese tea spoon.

You can enter our giveaway of the “Japan set” from 3 December until 9 December 2017.


Tropical and hygge vibes for your home

There’s a reason why our own studio is called Maison Palmė: we love anything tropical and green! At the Schwesterherz pop-up box, we discovered a palm print including picture frame, as well as velvet baubles and a fragrant candle for cosy winter nights.

You can enter our giveaway of the “Tropical set” from 10 until 16 December 2017.


Elegance for your office

If we had our way, we would only ever use the Roeder fountain pen to sign our names! Nothing beats the elegance of traditional writing instruments. Visit the shop at BIKINI BERLIN’s 25hours Hotel  to discover the exclusive pens by Roeder.

You can enter our giveaway of the “Roeder fountain pen” from 17 until 23 December 2017.


Desk lamp for design lovers

We can’t visit BIKINI BERLIN without paying a visit to the  . We love everything they sell here! But the limited Vitra RAW Edition Lampe de Bureau by Jean Prouvé was a real find. What an amazing desk lamp! We love it so much we even bought it for ourselves!

You can enter our giveaway of the “Prouvé desk lamp” from 24 until 30 December 2017.

Every Sunday of Advent, we´ll be giving away one of the above gift sets. And anyone can enter the competition until the following Saturday.

Simply send a mail with the name of that week´s giveaway prize in the subject line to herzundblut@bikiniberlin.de and, with a bit of luck, you´ll be the lucky winner of one of our selected gifts! Fingers crossed! We wish you a wonderful run-up to Christmas and hope you enjoy browsing the stores at Bikini Berlin.

A glimpse behind the scenes

On our big Bikini Berlin image shoot with photographer Charlie Engman from New York, stylist and fashion expert Andreas Peter Krings let us in on the latest fashion trends, explained the looks for our summer and autumn campaigns and also revealed why he enjoys shopping at Bikini Berlin so much.


Bikini Berlin: How do you come up with the looks? Can you explain it based on a specific example, like the striped layering look?

My starting point for the striped layering was the idea of a graphic look. The layering technique, stripes on stripes, simply resulted during the process: the different stripes also create different volumes and an exciting style.

Bikini Berlin: You opted for a Dries van Noten trouser suit. What is it that makes Dries von Noten’s designs so unique?

Dries van Noten’s ‘Ugly Wallflower Look’ is a nod to classic labels like Prada. Dries is all about strong prints, vibrant colours, and in particular colours that you think would never go together – a combination of orange and mustard-yellow, and here and there a print. Dries has the knack of making that look great.


Bikini Berlin: The look seems very unusual at first glance. What was your inspiration for this style?

This outfit experiments with the whole flamenco look: the dots on the scarf and also the frilled trousers can be seen as a modern interpretation of the flamenco. And the stool – with its reduced composition and linear object character – adds an effective contrast to the playful flamenco look.

Bikini Berlin: You also used colour blocking for this style. Can you explain the method in a few words?

Colour, colour, colour: pink with blue, red with pink, blue with red – but no prints. That’s the essence of the block look: it has to be plain colours without patterns!


Bikini Berlin: In another look, Rhys has been equipped with futuristic-looking gadgets. What was your idea behind that?

Our aim was to develop a ‘cyber cowboy’ look with a difference. We wanted to go beyond the usual technoid touch and create a really modern look with a mix of high-tech and retro.

Bikini Berlin: And finally, from your professional perspective, what’s the best thing about the Bikini Berlin shopping experience?

At Bikini Berlin, you can put together great styles by combining haute couture with streetwear looks – for example brands like Closed, Carhartt or Scotch & Soda with high-fashion and young designers. The perfect mix!


Restaurant test: Bikini Berlin for vegans

Shopping always makes me really hungry. You too? Fortunately, Bikini Berlin won’t let you down: the concept shopping mall is also home to countless culinary offers ranging from burritos to superfoods. But today I was looking to test their offer of vegan options. I’ve been vegan for seven years now and am always on the lookout for the best restaurants and dishes.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey
Bikini Berlin Vegan heylilahey

As you should never dine alone, I brought my friend Talisa along with me to sample our way around Bikini Berlin’s vegan cuisine for a whole afternoon. We had a lot of fun and felt like we were restaurant testers, assessing the preparation and presentation of the dishes with our trained palates and keen eye for detail!

Conclusion: I can happily reveal that Bikini Berlin is certainly not lacking in delicious vegan options! Let me present you with three of them in more detail here.


Snack attack: the perfect tofu sandwich

We started with a little snack at Spreegold, which has made a name for itself beyond Berlin’s borders with its unique breakfast creations. We went for the “Vegan Stack”, a slice of bread topped with avocado, smoked tofu, sesame seeds and rocket. But as a huge soy fan, I’m still always sceptical whenever I try tofu anywhere but at home. However, Spreegold managed to make it deliciously sweet and savoury at the same time! We also ordered a small portion of sweet potato fries that had the perfect crispy consistency, which isn’t always easy to achieve. A big thumbs up from both of us!
Vegan Bikini Berlin Spreegold
Vegan Bikini Berlin Chicano
Vegan Bikini Berlin Chicano

For all you guacamole lovers: TexMex at Chicano

After a little wander around my favourite stores like LNFA and Studio183, it was time for a proper lunch. We decided on the vegan bowl with lime rice, guacamole, kidney beans and sweetcorn from Chicano Real Burritos. It was prepared for us really quickly, but the extremely generous portion certainly didn’t feel like fast food to us. Quite the contrary in fact: the vegetables tasted extremely fresh and the guacamole was a real taste sensation! So if you’re looking for fast, but fresh TexMex food, you’ve come to the right place at Chicano.


Funk You: the superfood paradise

As Talisa and I both have a sweet tooth, we treated ourselves to a small dessert at Funk You. Well, it wasn’t actually that small in the end! We ordered two slices of vegan raw cake that are a lot richer than they look due to their high nut content. My Snickers-Bite was the perfect mix of delicious chocolate and sweet caramel filling. Talisa’s Bounty-Cake with coconut and chocolate tasted of summer and sunshine in the Caribbean! We also ordered two soy lattes for our coffee and cake break. So being vegan is definitely not a problem at Funk You. Our superfood also made us super full up so next time we’ll be sharing a dessert there!

Vegan Bikini Berlin Funk You
Vegan Bikini Berlin Spreegold

I hope your mouth is watering with all this talk of delicious food. If not, I suggest you go and try out Bikini Berlin’s great selection of vegan dishes for yourself. As well as the eateries I’ve mentioned here, NENI, L’Osteria, and the Super Concept Space also offer a great choice of vegan and vegetarian options. So now you have the perfect excuse to work up an appetite with a spot of shopping! Enjoy!


An ode to winter

It’s definitely here. And although everyone knows how cruel and depressing the Berlin winter can be, its harsh relentlessness catches us off guard every year. Gone are the days of carefree strolling down the city’s boulevards. Golden autumn and the last rays of sunshine soon become distant memories.

But why the constant lamenting? Don’t all seasons bring about a welcome change that keeps away monotony and boredom? And doesn’t winter especially give the flâneur the perfect excuse to take a step back and embrace cosiness? 



Cosy corner

When the icy cold wind is doing its worst outside, the best thing you can do is slip on a pair of Henrik Vibskov socks from the Adddress store and take a seat by the fireplace in this Mademoiselle rocking chair from Artek. This would also be the perfect time to delve into a good book; now where was that old, well-worn copy of Wuthering Heights?


Time to venture outside

As enjoyable as idleness is, the true flâneur will always be lured outside by the big wide world. This knitted sweater and lambskin jacket from Closed make every stroll cosy – even on the dreariest of days. Bikini Berlin is always worth a visit – and the perfect place for the enthusiastic flâneur to indulge in their passion during the winter months. But if you still believe staying in is the new going out and prefer to host gatherings in your own four walls, you should check out these Artek chairs. 


Defrost with a cup of tea

After a brief excursion into the great outdoors, your hands will be freezing and your face half frozen. So what better way to warm up than with a hot mug of Kusmi Tea? See, winter isn’t so bad after all! And the best thing about it: as much as we love strolling our city’s streets, there’s nothing wrong with hibernating every now and again.


For an elegant winter

But if you can’t resist the draw of the fresh air, make sure you dress to keep out the cold. An undershirt from American Vintage and a cosy knitted jumper from Samsoe Samsoe will ensure you stay warm and elegant as you stroll your way through the Berlin winter. 


Go West – Lifestyle City West

It’s not only the fashion industry celebrating a 90s revival, but also Berlin’s more traditional stomping ground. Yes, the so-called “City West” has awoken from its hibernation! And it seems like the Pet Shop Boys’ number one hit is in everyone’s ears again: Go West!

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

A huge impulse for this change is BIKINI BERLIN. Its concept of being way more than just another shopping mall is inspiring and empowering for the City West’s transformation and future success. BIKINI BERLIN is an ever-changing oasis in the heart of western Berlin. With its regularly changing pop-up boxes, a variety of stores and labels can offer their goods inside the mall, including Japanese tea shop Chaya, Australian leather goods store Rust Sydney and Berlin interior design brand Fundamental Berlin.


If you need a break from shopping, you can easily pop out onto the terrace and soak in the fantastic views of the neighbouring zoo, or wander around the changing art exhibitions on the first floor. There are some big changes being made to the mall’s culinary concept: BIKINI BERLIN will be opening its new food market Kantini in January 2018. Visitors can look forward to a number of food concepts that will make BIKINI BERLIN even more of a unique destination for shopping, dining and culture.


And that’s not all. Even art cannot resist the inspiring atmosphere of the City West. The area around Berlin Zoo and the small streets surrounding it are really stepping up their game and many galleries have made the move from trendy Berlin-Mitte back to the west.


Want to immerse yourself in the world of photography? No problem! World-renowned photographers such as Sebastião Salgado, Will McBride and Danny Lyon are showing their work in a 2200 m² exhibition space just around the corner, at Charlottenburg’s “Amerika Haus”, which is also home to C/O Berlin. You can participate in numerous workshops, seminars and listen to artist talks.


Just a few minutes’ walk from Berlin's new art district, you will come across a truly breathtaking architectural gem. An art-nouveau-style mansion and a luxury hotel: the Hotel am Steinplatz. It was once a mansion, a grand hotel, a casino, a bar and a retirement home – and since 2013 it is once again a luxury hotel in a class of its own. 


Hotel am Steinplatz

As well as exclusive rooms and suites, the hotel has a restaurant that is definitely worth a visit: the Restaurant am Steinplatz. Sneak a glimpse into the open kitchen while chef Nicholas Hahn and his team whip up a menu of mouthwatering dishes using only the finest, highest quality ingredients. 


Time for a drink? You’ve come to the right place. The Bar am Steinplatz was recently awarded the “Best Hotel Bar of 2017” and they totally deserve it if you ask me! But a word of warning: don’t ask for a gin and tonic because the Bar am Steinplatz is Berlin’s first “gin-free bar”. But a double juniper or a variation of juniper spirits make pretty good alternatives. Prost! 

You like what you just read? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s “Go West”! 

Bar am Steinplatz

Hello autumn, hello bright colours!

Once summer has waved goodbye, when the leaves start to change colour and the first layer of fog settles over the city, the flâneur knows that autumn has arrived. But that doesn’t stop him from roaming the city’s streets. He elegantly drapes a scarf around his neck, facing the new season with a smile. Why not dress as colourful as autumn itself? Just because the nights are getting darker, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to…


It’s all in the detail

If you get too caught up by summer’s warmth and sunshine, it’s easy to forget yourself and lose your eye for detail. The flâneur has made this skill his hallmark. With plenty of fine flair and good taste, he recognises greatness in small things, combining them to create whole new looks. Perfectly accessorised, for example, with this brightly coloured scarf from Chaya.


Music in the palm of your hand

Autumn is the perfect time to take a stroll around Bikini Berlin’s architecture. To admire the spectacular show of fall foliage and the monkeys in the neighbouring zoo. To put on your best new outfit. To see and be seen. To stand out from the crowd. Just like this cool speaker from Cyberport – sleek and elegant, it not only looks good, but sounds it too.


More is more

The best thing about the chilly season is finally being able to layer up and wear lots of cosy clothes again. Like, for example, this trouser suit by Dries Van Noten, which you’ll find at our AM+ store. Or this coat from Samsøe Samsøe


The Zoo Palast: a true gem of German cinema history

“Everything was better in the past.” A dreadful phase and stylistically speaking a poor intro to a text. But whether you believe it or not, there’s a lot of truth to this sentence..

But what used to be better in the past, you will no doubt be asking yourself? Well, just take the cinema, for example. While most people these days prefer to lounge on the sofa and stream the latest motion pictures illegally on their laptops or binge on Netflix, I still love going to the cinema.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

Being swept up by the film, forgetting everything around me and immersing myself in a foreign world that is either fictitious or a reflection of reality. Just like Franz Kafka, who once wrote in his diary: “Went to the cinema. Cried.”

Yes, it’s true that the golden era of cinema, the 1950s, ended a long time ago. Flat screen TVs, DVD players, streaming providers, private TV channels and other technological innovations are regularly posing challenges for the dream factories and movie theatres of this world. But nevertheless, people are still queuing up in their droves at the box offices to watch sold-out film showings the good old-fashioned way.


Like at Berlin’s Zoo Palast cinema, for example, which also sprung up out of the ground during the heyday of motion pictures in the mid-1950s, and to this day (with a few interruptions and the reconstruction work after the Second World War) is the most well-known cinema in Germany and Berlin. In fact, the Zoo Palast, built as West-Berlin’s big cinema in 1957 by Gerhard Fritsche on the bombed Ufa-Palast at the Zoo, can actually look back on a long decline.

To begin with, the cinema was regarded as the hub of the Berlinale film festival. Countless high-profile actors and directors from all over the world such as Jodie Foster, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg have graced the red carpet here. But it gradually descended into a pseudo-multiplex and was almost demolished during cinema’s general demise in the City West. Fortunately, that never happened. Well, at least just in part.


But what are Hans-Joachim Flebbe and his team from the Zoo Palast doing differently to the gigantic multiplex cinemas that can meanwhile be found in every medium-sized city?

A few things spring to mind, such as the grand, elaborate light and music show, paired with what are probably the most comfortable cinema seats in the German capital. Or a dancer dancing under a wall of water to a song by Frank Sinatra, as well as live broadcasts from the best theatres in the world. All of which is enriched, of course, by the palpable history of the building and its glamour of bygone days.

At the reopening of the Zoo Palast in 2013, following three years of complex renovations, Dieter Kosslick, Director of the Berlin International Film Festival, said: “A lot has happened here at the Zoo Palast, and a lot will happen here in the future.” And he’s right. So, what better reason to start going to the cinema more often? And what better place to start than at Berlin’s Zoo Palast?


Autumn, also known as the season of comfort food

Life doesn’t always serve us everything on a silver platter, but at least we can count on Bikini Berlin to always serve up a fantastic array of delicious food.

When the streets are covered in brightly coloured leaves and the morning breeze feels fresh on our skin, we know that autumn has well and truly arrived. But before you allow the annual wave of melancholy to crash over you, don’t forget that autumn is also the best excuse to treat ourselves and do something for our wellbeing. And the best way to do that is from the inside, with good food! Look no further – Bikini Berlin has the perfect offer.


Close to nature with panoramic views 

From an Indian summer to sudden storms and downpours, we need to be prepared for everything in autumn. Give your immune system the boost it needs at Funk You. Right in front of the panoramic window, you’ll find the healthy food specialist where only natural ingredients find their way onto the menu: instead of sugar, they use agave syrup as a sweetener, pasta dishes are wonderfully light thanks to zoodles (zucchini noodles) and the gluten-free cake is guaranteed to make you happy. And where better to sip a green smoothie than with views of greenery?


Down-to-earth Berlin vibes around the clock

You’ll find the best breakfast at the Woodfire Bakery. Their hammocks and armchairs are the perfect spot to observe the giraffes as they awaken from their slumber. Sip a coffee from Five Elephant and lose yourself in the creamy consistency of the cheesecake. From the wood-fired oven, you can opt for a freshly baked croissant or crusty bread. Their extra-long opening times from 6:30 am until 10:00 pm give you the freedom to choose when you want to start the day.


The taste of variety

The eating habits of Berlin’s inhabitants are just as changeable as the city’s weather in autumn. Whether paleo, vegan or vegetarian – Spreegold has the answer. Here the egg is celebrated in all its diversity: whether with truffle, poached, as an omelette or in the Oriental shakshuka bowl, all your culinary needs are covered here. Spreegold has made it its mission to combine variety with fresh ingredients, brightening up even the dreariest autumn day.


More sunshine on your plate

In honour of their Mexican roots, the founders of Chicano have set out to create the city’s best burrito. Here you can enjoy tried-and-tested family recipes, including their delicious salsa, as you daydream under Mexican palm trees. And when the autumn sunshine decides to make an appearance, you should head to Neni and make the most of Bikini Berlin’s huge rooftop terrace. The views over the City West with the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the green treetops of the zoo simply never get old. Creamy hummus, whether with curry or beetroot, will leave you thinking you’re in the Orient for a moment. And next door, the Monkey Bar serves up refreshing drinks with mint. Let’s raise a toast to autumn!



We’re currently enjoying the beauty of a golden autumn and for many of us here in Germany it’s also the time of year to really let our hair down and party hard: yes, you guessed it, it’s Oktoberfest time! Which means it’s time to dig out those dirndls and lederhosen and head to the Bavarian capital because the Wiesn (the colloquial name given to the fairgrounds) is calling. For all of those following this call, here’s an exclusive nightlife tip exclusively for this season: BUSSI BUSSI BAVARIA.



On Munich’s Theresienhöhe street, right next to the festival grounds, Munich locals and beer festival fans are rounding off every evening at this year’s Oktoberfest by partying the night away at the lovingly refurbished pop-up club.

The wonderful premises of the former historical Pschorr beer cellar have been revamped for a one-off temporary period, offering Oktoberfest revellers fun-filled party nights with charming Bavarian flair. There are twelve bars on different floors and plenty of cosy seating corners where you can have a chat over a beer or two, or simply take the weight off your feet after all that dancing. And it goes without saying that the approx. 1500 m² large premises also offer enough space for a cosy beer garden.


“Munich locals visit the Theresienwiese site at least twice a year and when I parked here recently for the Munich Spring Festival, I thought to myself: Why is the building empty? That’s just not possible, we have to do something about it!” grins Franz Rauch, leaseholder of BUSSI BUSSI BAVARIA and a veteran of Munich’s gastro scene with cult locations like P1, Wirtshaus zur Brezn, Wirtshaus zum Straubinger and KNÖDLEREI on the Wiesn grounds. 

“And since we’ve already been working with the Paulaner brewery for decades, it was obvious what we had to do.” No sooner said than done, BUSSI BUSSI BAVARIA was born – and it’s already legendary. The club will be open for dancing, partying and seeing and being seen until 1 April 2018. Once the Oktoberfest has drawn to a close, there will be numerous events including art and culture on the event schedule.

But the down-to-earth location can also be hired for private parties and company events – unforgettable experiences guaranteed! So what better destination than Munich for your next city trip? Either during Oktoberfest or afterwards…


The Bikini Berlin mall sound

“You said that you’ve lost me, I didn’t believe it, I’m expecting a new low for me, so I’m going home. Yeah maybe I could fight it, if only I had time to, but baby why, should I?”

These are lyrics sung by British duo Litany in their song “Flaws”, which plays out of the speakers as I wander around Bikini Berlin. And then a driving beat comes in that reverberates through the shopping mall. We’re all familiar with these magical moments: when we suddenly hear a melody that really touches our hearts. Even if we don’t fully understand the language of the lyrics that are being sung.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème
Bikini Berlin Mall Sound

Music, after all, is very much a lingua universalis that brings people from all walks of life together. For example, a busker singing and strumming his guitar on a busy shopping street in a big city can instantly move complete strangers to tears with his own rendition of a classic song. And for that single moment in time, they all become connected by the power of music.

I take my smartphone out of my trouser pocket and try to recognise the next tune with help from the Shazam app. But I’m disappointed – no results. That’s when I realise that there must be a concept behind the Bikini Berlin shopping mall’s playlist and that it’s not just a random jumble of tracks.


A few days later I catch up with Tim from HearDis!, the agency responsible for the sound of the Bikini Berlin concept shopping mall. Tim is a DJ and music producer and he’s also responsible for marketing at HearDis! He tells me about the concept, how HearDis! started out and about the playlist I heard in the Bikini mall, which consists of hundreds of tracks. Tim explains how a good DJ mix works and how important music is for a successful retail concept that appeals to the customers in an all-round, multi-sensory way.

He also tells me that when putting together the individual music profiles, HearDis! takes a lot of factors into consideration including the times of day, days of the week and the seasons. And they try to appeal to the most diverse people and their pace of life and habits. 

Suddenly we hear a faster, melodic beat. And a man’s vocals. Tim and I start nodding our heads, while I pull my smartphone out of my pocket. Once again, I try to find out the name of the track using my app: it’s “Haze” by NIHILS. A brilliant song. Just as brilliant as the playlist at Bikini Berlin. Listen out for it on your next shopping trip!

Bikini Berlin Mall Sound

A digital detox with Leuchtturm1917 at Bikini Berlin

As a blogger, I surf the internet on a daily basis and the majority of my day is spent online with less and less time offline. Texts are written on our laptop keyboards, photos and videos are viewed on the screen and most people also read books and other texts digitally.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse
Leuchtturm1917 Bikini Berlin

We are all so immersed in the online world that we’ve completely forgotten to live some of our lives offline too. When, for example, was the last time you had a proper book in your hand, observed the people or places around you with your own eyes and not through your phone, or even written something by hand?

It’s really important to me that I have a balance and come out of the digital world every now and again. I always write my to-do lists by hand, I own a small diary that I write all my appointments in and only ever read books of the printed variety.


I really enjoy writing things down, especially when I have a beautiful pen, notebook or diary – and Leuchtturm1917, which recently opened a box at Bikini Berlin, has the perfect offer. Here you’ll find a large selection of diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks and a lot more. Basically, all the things that make writing and drawing with our own hands so much more appealing. 

And you can really get creative with the Leuchtturm1917 books: sketches can be drawn and notes can be made horizontally across the page or in an orderly fashion underneath one other. The dotted, squared notebook in particular is ideal for this as you can really let your creativity run wild.

A very special highlight in their pop-up box at Bikini Berlin is the fact that you can have your name engraved into your notebook. It’s up to you which product you opt for, whether vibrantly colourful or sleek in black. Whether A5, smaller or larger. The great thing about it is that the engraving is possible in different colours. And of course it’s also up to you what you want to have written on your personalised notebook. 

As I want to use mine for my to-do lists, scribbling down ideas and as a diary, I had my blog name engraved in it – in silver. What would you choose?


Vogue Fashion's Night Out at BIKINI BERLIN

We all love magical moments and out-of-the-ordinary surprises. Berlin’s nightlife offers all these things and more. But what if could bring these moments to BIKINI BERLIN? In cooperation with the iconic style magazine, for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out we are transforming our concept mall into a veritable wonderland and opening our doors until midnight for late-night shopping.

Stroll your way around contemporary fashion, spectacular lifestyle tech and unexpected culinary delights – and if you’re lucky, our fantasy wonderland might even make one of your wishes come true. Thanks to a whole bunch of tempting promotions in our stores and pop-up boxes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


The sound of music: Balbina performance

With her poetic lyrics and enigmatic sounds, virtuoso composer and singer Balbina will be providing the musical soundtrack for this special evening at BIKINI BERLIN. And we’ll be seeing her up close and personal: for the very first time, she will be performing with piano accompaniment and background vocals only. Balbina unplugged: a premiere at BIKINI BERLIN! 

And as well as her music, we’re also huge fans of her inspiring, unique style. Prior to her performance, Balbina has put together a selection of her favourite pieces from BIKINI BERLIN, meaning you can recreate her individual Balbina look yourselves: with shades from Mykita, headphones from Teufel, ankle boots from Adddress, a brightly coloured handbag from Mabba and a glasses chain from Studio183, all brands that come directly from Berlin.


Dreamlike music for everyday listening

And if you can’t get enough of the exhilarating atmosphere in our Bikini Berlin wonderland, we recommend you these elegant headphones from our Teufel shop. Pop them over your ears and even your commute on the Berlin underground will become a magical, ethereal experience. Once you’re home, you can let the sounds float freely through the air with a Bluetooth speaker from the AM+ store.


BIKINI BERLIN from a different perspective

It’s time to add a pop of colour to our lives! Even familiar looks can surprise us every now and again. Modern must-haves like soaps from our Am+ store, bangles from LNFA and even these vibrantly coloured basic T-shirts from American Vintage will show you in a whole new light.

A new way of looking at fashion

Different structures are playing an important role in the current fashions. You will find this shimmering, yet practical quilted jacket at Studio 183, the statement bangles will instantly catch your eye at LNFA and the delicate belt from American Vintage provides a stunning contrast to the striking colours. 

Let's talk with the founders of GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER…

Presenting itself offline for the first time, the online grocery store for artisanal food products GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER (which is German for “We always have to eat”) is currently selling its wares in a pop-box at Bikini Berlin. Under the motto “Summer time is BIKINI time”, the team from GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER is presenting their finest selection of culinary treats and drinks until 4 September. We caught up with the two founding members Philipp and Bea to chat about the background, idea and visions behind GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER. Find out more about the start-up and what you can buy from them in our short interview.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jules und Maria-Silva - Herz&Blut

GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER – the name of your company couldn’t be more fitting! Who and what is behind your start-up? How did you come up with the idea of establishing an online grocery store selling a hand-picked selection of food items? And who thought up the name?

Bea: GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER has meanwhile been around since 2015, we recently celebrated our two-year anniversary. Actually, when I come to think of it, that’s an incredible achievement! Back then we were just in the starting blocks of fulfilling our dream of selling good quality, artisanal food items from small-scale producers online. And by we, I mean Philipp, Friederike and I.

Before founding the company, we gained our first e-food experience with deinBiogarten.de, which ended up laying the groundwork for the beginnings of GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER. Back then we were only starting to understand the significance of a curated artisanal grocery range that is delivered throughout Germany. And obviously the fact that we were close friends and all shared the same passion for good food paved the way for our own start-up.

But we’re no longer a small team: we’re a lovable bunch of passionate professionals who discover great new food products on a daily basis. And this is also where our name comes from: we all eat every single day, but often without really asking ourselves what it is that we’re eating and where it actually comes from. By guaranteeing product quality and passing on our background knowledge, GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER is all about making people value and appreciate the food we eat in our everyday lives in a more mindful way.


You sell very high-quality gourmet foods, both on your website and also here in your pop-up box. Did you grow up in the countryside or where else does your passion for homegrown and organic-certified food come from?

Philipp: I’ll answer this one! You guessed correctly: I do actually come from the countryside and my family has a long tradition in agriculture and forestry. For quite a few years I’ve been taking care of our pastures in the Dahlener Heide woodland in Saxony, together with my brother: we breed cows and it’s so much fun! So of course being this close to livestock farming and food production sharpens my awareness. But I believe that our passion for special, artisan products also has a lot to do with the fact that all three of us have always lived for good food – and sharing it with other people.

Your product palette ranges from spirits like beer liqueur from Bavaria down to fresh organic fruit and vegetables. We read on your website that you sample all your products yourselves. That sounds wonderful! Can you tell us how many products you currently stock in total? Do you have a bestselling product you’d like to tell us about? Do you know all of the producers personally? How do you find such excellent ones?

Bea:        We meanwhile have around 600 products in our range. But we also differentiate between private and corporate customers: by individual agreement, we deliver organic fruit and vegetables to business customers in Berlin. Our private customers can buy dry products from the online shop, drinks included. Every customer has their own favourites and buys them in large quantities and regularly. Personally, I’m a huge fan of our range of spirits. It’s fantastic! 

Philipp: We do actually aim to get to know the producers in person, and in the best-case scenario we like to visit them and taste their products. We find many of them ourselves, or they’re recommended to us by our business partners. This is the only way we can guarantee that only the very best food products find their way into our assortment. And only then can we build a bridge between the product, producer and end consumer and make food retailing less anonymous.


Your goods are available to buy offline for the first time this summer – at a pop-up shop at Bikini Berlin. Have you ever thought about opening your own bricks-and-mortar store? How is your BIKINI time, as you call it, going so far?

Bea: Of course it’s a topic that keeps cropping up. When it comes to food items especially, it’s always nice to hold them in your hand before you buy them. Or chat to the sales assistant to find out more. But primarily we’ll always still be an online retailer and want to sell food on the internet. That’s why we try to appeal to our customers online in the same way with our detailed texts and photos. And in spring we had a little warehouse sale. It was really great to get to know our customers and very interesting for us! So, in summary: the warehouse sale and also our BIKINI time have been brilliant experiences that we’ll no doubt be repeating.

Huge thanks to Bea and Philipp for chatting to us. We’re massive fans of their gourmet pop-up box here at Bikini Berlin. Visit GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER at their pop-up box here at Bikini Berlin until the beginning of September.



Class over mass – More ethical shopping or unethical consumption?

My first article for Bikini Berlin. How exciting! So, who am I, you’re probably wondering? My Instagram and blog name is “Marina the Moss” and I’m a Berlin fashion and lifestyle blogger, or influencer as we’re known these days. Which brings us to the subject I want to focus on today.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marina - Marina the Moss
Friederike Haller Studios

My job largely consists of presenting fashion. On more or less a daily basis, I showcase the latest trends and pieces by the most varied brands on my different social media channels. So, of course this means I have a constant stream of various clothing from the most diverse labels, styles, price categories and qualities, which I either buy myself, am lent, given as a gift as part of a cooperation or just get sent without even being asked. And when I’m unpacking all these parcels, sorting them or combining outfits, I do often contemplate my own consumer behaviour and society’s consumer behaviour in general.

In many cases, fashion has become a consumer good with a short half-life. The term “fast fashion” springs to mind here. Production costs that have been optimised down to the very last factor, knowledge about changing perceptions, fast-moving goods and exchangeable, easily replaceable clothing have all opened the door to unbridled consumerism for the mass market.

Which is actually a real shame. We’re not thinking enough about our purchases or making deliberated choices. Wouldn’t it make more sense to cherish and appreciate each individual piece of clothing, to pay more attention to the quality and ask ourselves whether we’ll still like and wear it in the long term? Of course that doesn’t by any means exclude cheaper pieces by the well-known big brands. Probably half of my favourite pieces fall into this category and are treasured and well looked after. However, you do often notie a difference in the durability and haptic if you’re looking at higher price categories or smaller labels.

LNFA Bikini Berlin

But if you’re not in a position to produce such an immense volume and are making it easy for customers to consume quickly and without much thought thanks to your exchange guarantees, you need to ensure there aren’t any faults in the clothes you sell, regardless of whether they are low-margin or high-margin products. The result is longer-lasting fashion, both in terms of quality and style.

A good example of this is LNFA at Bikini Berlin. In her concept store, “Live Network Fashion & Art” Sevil Oguz offers over 60 different designers a platform on which to present and sell their fashion. This is the ideal place to find a long-time favourite, a unique garment that is mostly the result of lots of heart and soul and a well-thought-out concept. And the sales assistants here have time to really embrace their roles: advising me on this particular day was assistant store manager Leonardo. He was able to provide me with details about each and every designer and piece and therefore create an emotional attachment to each one. A real shopping experience as opposed to mass shopping sprees.

And it’s precisely this full package I want to advocate: making fashion an experience and therefore valuing it more. Of course this isn’t feasible for everyone, whether due to a reasons of time or money. Nonetheless, introducing the notion of conscious consumerism wouldn’t just be a huge success for the fashion industry, but also for the environment and our own well-being and conscience.

LNFA Bikini Berlin
Bikini Berlin Marina the Moss
White/grey dress with long sleeves by Friederike Haller Studios. Friederike comes from Berlin and makes fair-trade clothing with a clear design.
Beige top/black bottoms by Natascha von Hirschhausen, who won the German “Eck-Design” award in 2016 and makes her premium fashion in Berlin.
Long beige dress by Nina Lau (Berlin).
Three-finger ring by Sibylai, a label from Hong Kong with an atelier in Berlin.
Golden ring by Vera Vega.
Rose gold choker by Gamme Blanche.

Reunited with summer at Bikini Berlin

A rainy June and July are often followed by a sunny Indian summer. Bikini Berlin is at its best when the persistent rain showers finally stop and each floor is bathed in a warm light: the mid-century icon of the City West is embracing the return of the sunshine and our stores are showing off their latest collections as proudly as a sun-kissed Mediterranean tan. For the city flâneur, this is the perfect time to celebrate the warm temperatures in style with a drink on our rooftop terrace. After getting off to a slow start, the Berlin summer is by no means over here at Bikini Berlin.


Speaking of mid-century: Bikini Berlin dates back to the mid-50s, which is why our summer campaign is also referencing elements from this era. Collages in pop-art style are imbuing the shopping experience with fresh inspiration: sunglasses by Mykita? Belts by Bagatt? A cactus vase by Artek? You won’t find anything comparable on the bustling shopping street Ku’damm. The heart of Bikini Berlin prefers to beat to its own rhythm, somewhere between 1950s reminiscences and an endless summer. 


But before we continue waxing lyrical about summer and Bikini Berlin, it’s time to focus on what we really wanted to say here: awaiting you on every floor of the concept shopping mall are the ultimate summer fashions. After all, we need to look our best if summer is pulling out all the stops for us. But how? Perhaps with the pink shirt dress by Samsøe Samsøe? A striped look by Closed? The fashion world is your oyster this summer...



Ever since we were children, a stroll around Berlin’s City West has been obligatory for us locals, so all the better that Bikini Berlin is not only home to a plethora of exciting stores, but also that a true design great like Artek has put down permanent roots here. Our blogazine Herz&Blut is devoted to interior and design and everything that people do with and out of passion.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jules und Maria-Silva - Herz&Blut

So how apt that Artek recently invited us to a networking breakfast – basically like a little school reunion among interior enthusiasts – in their concept store at Bikini Berlin. At a little table in the middle of the store and over delicious coffee and tasty snacks we chatted about Scandinavian design in general, and of course Artek.

Finnish design classics

The label, established in 1935 in Finland, is meanwhile a firm favourite when it comes to furniture design. A particular classic is the stackable Stool 60 by designer Alvar Aalto. This three-legged stool, which was created at the beginning of the 1930s, is even on display at the MoMa. At the Artek concept store at Bikini Berlin, the iconic design is available in a number of different colour combinations. And the tea trolley by Hella Jongerius also stands out with its sleek design and wooden look. We love it!

Furniture with a patina

“Good design is for eternity,” according to renowned designer Alberto Alessi. And we wholeheartedly agree! Not only are the Artek concept store’s regular events, from its midsummer happening to its varied workshops, worth a visit, but also the vintage corner near the entrance to the store. Original pieces of Vitra and Artek furniture from their own stocks are exhibited and also available to buy. But don’t take our word for it – make sure you drop by Artek at Bikini Berlin to see for yourself!

An Interview with Lisa Lang / ElektroCouture

New technologies are increasingly changing the way we live. And thanks to digitalisation, the ways we dress and shop are also changing. Fashion and technology are gradually beginning to complement one another: smart fabrics, innovative ideas, new trends, 3D prints, wearables, LED lights, biotech, to name just a few examples.

A pioneer in this field is the entrepreneur Lisa Lang with her Berlin company ElektroCouture. We visited Lisa at her studio in Kreuzberg on Tempelhofer Ufer to find out about the future of fashiontech, her day-to-day challenges and the new collections that are currently being showcased at Bikini Berlin (from July 4th-8th).

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème
Lisa Lang ElectroCouture

Tell me a bit about yourself. What’s your background? How did ElektroCouture come about?

Well, the funny thing is that I don’t even come from the classic fashion sector. I went to fashion college for precisely one day. Then I studied media and arts and before that I trained to be a photographer. During my studies, I decided to get into programming. I studied at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart, which has a very interdisciplinary focus anyway and follows the philosophy that the artist is an artisan, and the artisan is an artist. That’s why we have a Bauhaus poster hanging here in the studio! So basically, as far as my career path is concerned, I’m more a jack-of-all-trades. But my goal has always been to understand the bigger picture. 


And as for how ElektroCouture came about, the best way to describe it is an adventurous journey. I asked myself the question of why I, as a major technology nerd, couldn’t find anything to wear that looks good but is also smart from a technology point of view. Either you wear something that looks nice but isn’t smart, or you wear something smart and end up looking like a robot or a disco ball.

There simply weren’t that many cool fashiontech designs three or four years ago. So I took a leaf out of Pippi Longstocking’s book and decided to make a world according to my own needs! I had a full-time job here in Berlin, working for an American software manufacturer and in around 2014, I started looking for something that would evolve into today’s ElektroCouture and also be financially viable at the same time. And now we’re sitting here (laughing).

Lisa Lang ElectroCouture
Lisa Lang ElectroCouture

What challenges do you face in your everyday work?

We are working in the context of fashiontech and need fashion technologists who don’t even exist yet, i.e. they’re not coming from the universities, which is why we started training them ourselves with our Fashiontech Academy. That means we always have to first take a few steps back before we can move forward because we have to train the people first.

And then in terms of scaling and manufacturing, there is another key challenge in that many big companies are deterred by the fact that there aren’t any manufacturing standards for fashiontech. But I’m currently developing the first concepts with the German Institute for Standardisation and the European Union.

Sustainability is the topic of our generation. What role does it play for you?

Sustainability plays a very big role for us because fashiontech and sustainability are one future topic. Fortunately, sustainability is no longer regarded as a hippie concept, but is meanwhile being taken very seriously. Technology can really help to generate sustainability – whether it be the monitoring of production processes and their efficiency or calibrating machines to reduce waste.

And also to understand where materials come from. There are biotechnologies that are a prime example of sustainability. Plus, we have meanwhile reached a point where we no longer need to discuss whether we need sustainability, but rather how we need it. And technology can help with this. However, we still have to think, for example, about how we can properly dispose of electronics that have been sewn into a garment when it’s no longer needed. So there are a whole raft of new questions that we inevitably need to find answers to.
Lisa Lang ElectroCouture
Lisa Lang

Is Berlin a suitable location for smart fashion and fashion tech?

Yes, of course. Everything goes here. The good thing is that the ivory towers aren’t as high as elsewhere. Generating an innovation in fashion and materials is quite a bit more difficult in Milan, New York or London because there is no access to it there. In Berlin everything is punk rock, basically everything is amazing to begin with and everyone is super creative for some reason. Berlin’s advantage is that it’s not “the” fashion or technology metropolis.

Let’s talk about the collection you’re exhibiting at Bikini Berlin during Fashion Week. What can we expect to see there?

We’ll be showing a varied selection of different designs from all over the world to present the complexity of fashiontech. After all, everyone has their own unique response to it. And that’s the wonderful thing about it, that everyone can tell their own story. On the one hand, we have the Marlene Dietrich dress, of course.

But I’m also very proud of our three guest designers from Bangkok. Together with the Goethe Institute Thailand we trained the first generation of fashiontech designers last year and the top three received a grant to exhibit their designs here in Berlin. Their handiwork in combination with technology is pretty incredible. And there are also natural textile innovations on show too of course, such as an interactive dress with 3D print. We just want to show the huge bandwidth and the different styles of fashiontech as best we can. And finally, once again anything goes in the world of fashion!



Reward your energetic morning run with a well-deserved sundowner on our rooftop terrace – here at Bikini Berlin, we believe that sport should always be combined with a bit of indulgence!

When nature starts to reconquer the city, we know that summer has finally arrived in Berlin. As the loud, early-morning rumble of the dustbin lorry fades away, it’s replaced by a cheerful twittering of birds. Blowing in the gentle breeze, the bedroom curtains seductively cast light and shade onto the wall. It’s warm, the sun’s rays are tempting you outside. Time to get out of bed and into your running shoes! Take motivation from the brightly coloured sportswear collections at Bikini Berlin! Or what about a sprint through the park with the weekly running group from THE NORTH FACE?



While the air is still fresh, but the sun is already quite powerful, it’s best to keep your head covered. Thanks to its sleek design, this black and white cap from THE NORTH FACE is not only adjustable, but the mesh also makes sure the sweltering heat doesn’t go to your head. And if your inner couch potato is protesting too loudly, you can simply block it out with headphones from TEUFEL



Even if there were enough room for a smartphone in this sporty shoulder bag from CARHARTT, you could easily leave it behind in the office when you set off for your lunchtime jog around the park – provided you have this fitness tracker from SAMSUNG on your arm. The smartwatch with GPS, available to buy from CYBERPORT, reliably tracks your route, distance and speed, but doesn’t bother you with your e-mails. 



Whether you’re planning on climbing Berlin’s Teufelsberg hill or the dizzying heights of the mighty Matterhorn, with a rope and carabiner from MAMMUT you’ll always be safely harnessed. And their range of rucksacks also offers plenty of room for storing those all-important provisions. 



Why do we love the City West so much in summer? Because there’s no better place to sip a Negroni as you watch the sun go down than Bikini Berlin’s rooftop terrace. And now that the days are at their longest, it’s definitely the place to be. Inspired by the Californian lifestyle, you might even be tempted to skate off into the candy-coloured sunset. On this skateboard by GLOBE – also available from our VANS store – these slip-resistant sneakers by VANS will guarantee you’ll have a firm footing.


Young designers and sustainable labels – A fashion tour of Bikini Berlin

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I love discovering new, up-and-coming labels and sustainable brands and sharing them with my readers. Bikini Berlin’s Studio183 and LNFA stores are the perfect places to do my research. I took a look around these two concept boutiques for you, picking out my fashionable favourites and chatting to their founders to find out more.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey
LNFA Studio183 Bikini Berlin

Exciting and elegant at Studio183

Studio183 originally started out as a pop-up store, but has now become a firm fixture of Bikini Berlin. Unlike in other boutiques, here both young and established designers are given their own rail. And hanging above each one is sign showing the name of the label and a short information text. This gives the labels a fantastic opportunity to present their collections to a wide and varied audience in the best company alongside other aspiring creatives.

Katrina, the founder of Concept Gallery, explained the concept to me: “We rent out garment rails to a lot of partners on a long-term basis. But some designs are only presented at our showroom for a certain period of time. This makes Studio183 the perfect platform on which to test, for example, how first collections are received by customers. This is a one-off opportunity, particularly for international designers who are trying to establish themselves in Germany.”  


Many labels meanwhile approach Katrina directly. But to find new faces she also does her own research at ateliers, design markets and small boutiques. She also uses Instagram to present a wide, exciting portfolio of fashion, jewellery and homeware to her customers. 

Studio183 Bikini Berlin
LNFA Bikini Berlin

Of course I jumped at the opportunity to try on a few outfits and discovered my new favourite look: a pair of wide trousers and a top by sustainable zero-waste label Farrah Floyd. The soft fabric and loose, yet extravagant tailoring make this a perfect outfit for my next Fashion Week!


New-look LNFA

And just a few steps away, I move on to my second stop: the creative design platform LNFA. Ever since Bikini Berlin opened, the store has been an integral part of the mall. Since relocating to new premises within the concept mall, it is now all shiny and new – in the truest sense of the word! At the light and bright premises, between rows and rows of clothing rails, I am welcomed by Sevil, the founder of LNFA, in a small, bright seating corner made up of old wooden pallets.


LNFA Bikini Berlin
LNFA Bikini Berlin

LNFA offers its customers a varied curated, international selection of exciting creations, also sorted by designer. “We’re always in close contact with our customers, which enables us to filter out the style directions that are currently on trend. We started out with a very avantgarde style but our store meanwhile has more of a Nordic vibe coming from Denmark, Estonia and Finland. And due to the high demand, we are focusing more on Scandinavian influences.”


Colourful eyecatchers are a must in any fashion store. While browsing, I come across some really out-there designs by Cool Shit from Spain (which, by the way, is otherwise only sold at Colette in Paris) and Breaking Rocks from Holland. As an advocate of fair fashion, I quickly find some great pieces, such as by the sustainable fashion company Luxaa from Leipzig. And August from Estonia, a label that I hadn’t heard of before, works with ecological materials such as bamboo silk.

The boutique now also has a second-hand area, also a response to the many requests from customers. Here you’ll find everything that your vintage heart desires and pieces that have what it takes to become real favourites, in keeping with LNFA’s motto – “We have a favourite item for everyone!” 

You will find these two curated stores on the first floor of Bikini Berlin and, in addition to their offer of fashion, jewellery and interior items, they both also regularly organise public events and workshops.

LNFA Bikini Berlin

A culinary journey around Bikini Berlin: Welcome to Spreegold!

The west of Berlin finally has a new port of call for all you food lovers out there! You might have already heard of Spreegold as there are already three other branches of the restaurant around the city, in addition to this new one at Bikini Berlin.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere

Spreegold was one of the first cafés where I used to regularly meet my friends for brunch when I first moved to Berlin, which is why I’m so happy that they’ve now also moved into the concept shopping mall. The popular breakfast and brunch spot opened its doors at the beginning of April with a new, interesting concept over three floors and a stylish loft vibe!

Spreegold at Bikini Berlin is not only perfect for a short break from shopping, but also the place to come for a quick snack to-go, a long lunch, a cosy dinner, a spot of work in the spacious workspace or an after-hour drink on the terrace!

The focus is on freshness and originality at Spreegold, which is why the restaurant not only serves up fresh drinks such as their popular power smoothies, but even has its own bakery where they make delicious baked goods and homemade pasta every day. But if you think you’ll have to wait ages for a freshly cooked meal, you’re mistaken because they’re not only speedy in the to-go area on the ground floor – within less than ten minutes we had our food and drinks on the table and everything was excellent as always!

If you’re already familiar with Spreegold’s dishes, then you’ll know that everything is made and presented with love and that’s also the case here. As well as their well-known dishes, there are also a few new creations in the to-go area. But my highlight is the all-day breakfast. Which means, for example, that I can also enjoy my beloved poached eggs with creamy truffle sauce in the evening – on the rooftop terrace with views of the sun setting over Berlin. Delicious!



The sun is finally beaming down on our faces and it’s time to say hello freckles and goodbye dry air and central heating. If you want to look fresher than morning dew, read our top recommendations of beauty products currently available at BIKINI BERLIN.



To complement the beguiling summer fragrances of blossoming nature, LNFA is enticing us with a sophisticated range of perfumes, while the SUPER CONCEPT SPACE can’t get enough of the fabulous scents by perfume label Frau Tonis Parfum and ANNA KRAFT is telling fragrant stories with the Histoires de Parfums line.


According to the experts, a regular skincare routine and beauty rituals are the secret to staying beautiful. Indulge your skin with natural products by Und Gretel and Aesop that not only cleanse and moisturise, but also smell amazing. Find them at AM+.


Perfectly manicured hands and charming hand kisses never go out of fashion! And you can always count on Fresh Nails to know which nail polish colours best match your personality and the season. As well as their expert manicures, they also offer pedicures for tired feet.


Barely awakened by the first rays of sunshine, we’re already asking ourselves which beauty trends we might have missed out on during the long months of winter hibernation. And to make sure you don’t get stuck with your same old make-up routine, we recommend a visit to the always inspiring MAC STORE.

Coffee and design: a perfect symbiosis

Modern, timeless lamps hang from the ceiling and design icons like the Vitra Lounge Chair, several Eames Plastic Chairs and the world-famous Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto in different colours stand wonderfully curated side by side.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Michael - Blog Bohème

Concierge Coffee Bikini Berlin

Not to mention countless accessories, all of which I’d love to call my own: the black Eames House Bird, the white Eames Elephant, the walnut ‘Hang it all’ coat hook and the Incense Kyoto perfume by Comme des Garçons. And also a great selection of books: for example Oscar Niemeyer’s Wir müssen die Welt verändern (We Have to Change the World), an alarmingly accurate reflection of our society.
Concierge Coffee Bikini Berlin

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air of the Artek concept store. “The speciality of Concierge Coffee is our espresso,” their barista Ronald tells me, while he happily conjures up a heart in the frothed milk of my cappuccino, after letting the espresso flow through the stainless-steel coffee machine for 25 seconds. But perhaps conjuring is the wrong word to describe what Ronald does. To be honest, it’s actually more akin to art and impeccable craftmanship. Concierge Coffee serves up the perfect coffee, far from the jumbo cups full of foamy milk you usually find elsewhere.

Artek Bikini Berlin
Ronald and I talk a bit more about the sensuality and inspirational qualities of coffee, purism and the aim of creating the ultimate product. This is precisely why it makes so much sense to combine design and coffee. And also the reason why the Artek concept store and Concierge Coffee form the perfect symbiosis.
Concierge Coffee Bikini Berlin

Artek, which stands for art and technology, was founded in 1935 by Aino and Alvar Aalto, Maire Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Hahl. The founders were inspired by the idea of establishing a modern way of living. They represented new aesthetic ideals for everyday life and championed the synthesis of different arts in architecture, design and urban planning. 

And the brains behind Concierge Coffee follow a similar ideal: to make Berlin’s best espresso. If you don’t believe me, you should come and try it for yourself. I’m sure it won’t be your last visit!


Pukka Berlin opens pop-up box at Bikini Berlin

New jewellery label Pukka Berlin set up shop at Bikini Berlin at the beginning of May. The young Berlin label was established by three friends who come from three different corners of the world, a factor they incorporate into the creation of their jewellery. Pukka Berlin is all about experiencing the everyday magic of each small moment and striving for a better, more beautiful way of living.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse

The word “pukka” itself comes from Hinduism and means “genuine” or “authentic”. But it can also simply mean “very good”. And the jewellery by Pukka Berlin is exactly that. Here the focus is on quality but, at the same time, their prices are also very fair. The look isn’t overpowering, but understated, adding subtle finishing touches to every outfit. There are currently three different collections, each inspired by a different country.

Pukka Berlin Bikini Berlin

At the pop-up box opening at Bikini Berlin last week, I had the opportunity to take a closer look. And I definitely recommend you come and see the fantastic pieces for yourself. You have until 31st July 2017 to shop the label here.

The opening itself was wonderful. Over delicious drinks from Bombay Sapphire and food from L’Osteria delivered by Foodora, we had the chance to browse the jewellery at our leisure and find out more about the label from its three founders. Incidentally, all three of whom are men, which you might not expect from a jewellery label for ladies. In my opinion, they’re doing a great job and definitely appealing to women’s tastes.


Pukka Bikini Berlin

After all, less is simply sometimes more. So, with that in mind, Pukka Berlin certainly has what it takes to become a favourite.


A visit to Premiata

Whether sneakers, sandals or stilettos: let’s be honest, we all love good shoes and especially when words like ‘handmade’ and ‘Made in Italy’ are involved. Italian shoe label Premiata is the perfect example of a label that offers both! And the good news is that their shoes, jackets and accessories are available not only from their flagship in Milan, but also here at Bikini Berlin from their only store in Germany. We spoke to the store’s manager Thomas Wendt to find out more.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme
Premiata Bikini Berlin gregorythatsme

Who or what is Premiata?

The Premiata label is owned by the Mazza family who has been committed to the handcrafting of leather shoes, clothing and accessories ever since 1885. Premiata has been consistently further developed over the years and collaborates with different brands as well and running two of its own vineyards.

Premiata Bikini Berlin gregorythatsme

What makes Premiata so special?

Premiata is synonymous with the highest quality and a unique design – the fine art of handcraftsmanship and creativity. And all pieces are strictly limited, only one of each leather jacket is available in each size in Berlin and Milan. And the shoes are only available in small quantities too.

Premiata Bikini Berlin gregorythatsme

What kind of materials does Premiata use?

Mainly leather – but when it comes to sneakers, we also like to try new materials all the time, e.g. denim or rubber, always in the best quality and innovative. The soles are Vibram and the new trekking line contains Goretex elements. All the leather shoes are sewn rather than glued together.

Premiata Bikini Berlin gregorythatsme

How does spring/summer 2017 look for Premiata?

Brilliant, as always! We’re drawing inspiration from different elements such as glam, rock and ethno for our collection, which we’re sure everyone will love.

What do Bikini Berlin and Premiata have in common?

We are both creative, high end, unique and not afraid to take risks. That’s why we chose Bikini Berlin as a partner. And of course we love your beautiful rooftop terrace! 

Can you describe Premiata in just three words?

Heart, quality and passion.

Premiata Bikini Berlin gregorythatsme

What’s your personal favourite item of the current collection?

I have several but I think the leather jackets are my current favourite: they fit perfectly, developing a beautiful patina the more you wear them. As soon as the jacket comes into contact with the heat of your body, it adapts to your shape. Attention to detail like a sewn-in shoulder strap in case you get too hot and need to carry the jacket around with you are a matter of course at Premiata, a label that really thinks of everything.

Have we inspired you to invest in a new pair of shoes? Come on over to Premiata at Bikini Berlin and snap up one of their strictly limited, one-off pairs or treat yourself to a new jacket or accessories for the new season. 


An interview with origami artist Mademoiselle Maurice

You have until 30th April 2017 to come and admire the amazing origami installation by Mademoiselle Maurice here at Bikini Berlin. We met up with the French artist in her hometown of Marseille to have a chat about her work and see her impressive origami skills in action.


Marie, how would you describe your work in one sentence?

If I had to describe my work in just one sentence, I would say I create installations amidst the greyness of big cities using hundreds, or even thousands of folded origamis in rainbow colours to give a piece of nature back to the city.

Where does your passion for origami come from?

Japan! I was there for a year, in 2011, and it was during the time of the severe earthquake, which triggered the devastating tsunami. I experienced all of the grief, fears and worries of the people at first hand. Once I returned to France I wanted to send out a message and began folding origami figures, just like the people in Japan, and presenting them in an artistic way. I wanted to provide answers to all of the questions asked during these difficult times and give the people hope and encouragement for the future.


What’s the significance of the colours you use?

I only use rainbow colours, it’s like they have become my trademark. In the big wide world out there, so much is gloomy and grey. In the big cities you hardly see any flowers, no brightly coloured tropical birds, there’s not very much light. My rainbow colours are the colours of nature, yellow is the sun, blue the sky – and they have always symbolised harmony and peace. Just picture the flag of the PACE movement, for example. That’s very important to me. Nelson Mandela spoke about the “Rainbow Nation” and by this he meant that we are all the same, even if we might look different, have different skin colours or come from different cultures. But we should all live together in peace and harmony.

As well as your street art consisting of origami on the most diverse of buildings, you’ve also worked for Louis Vuitton and Issey Miyake – and now for Bikini Berlin…

…yes, and I’m so happy I’ve been given this opportunity. Bikini Berlin is a unique concept and a public space, which fits in very well with my street art concept because I want to create installations for everyone, for the public. It’s really exciting to be able to work with so many origamis for Bikini Berlin! Every piece of paper I have folded is unique and all of them together result in one big picture, because only together can we achieve a goal. I also love the fact that every visitor to the mall can make their own contribution and make the whole thing even bigger.


Yes, our visitors can fold their own origamis and add to the artwork themselves. Can you briefly explain the concept of your installation for us?

The installation is entitled “When the sky meets the earth” and consists of two components, a ceiling and a floor installation. To the observer, it looks like these components have been turned on their heads. The elements of the installation are flying cubes and a flock of origami birds which are connected by the choice of colours. Visitors will see a big colour gradient in my rainbow colours. My aim is to break up the monotony of winter and herald the start of spring.

Wonderful! And in keeping with that we are starting our “Adieu Tristesse” campaign. Spring is here, the grey and gloomy season is finally over. But I have one more question for you Marie, do you have a personal life motto?

Yes, and it is: understand – love – protect. It’s important to understand things because only then can you love them. If we understand each other, we can love each other and be there for each other. That applies to people just as much as the relationship between people and nature. But a peaceful coexistence in all aspects should be everyone’s aim in life.

Thank you very much for talking to us, Marie.


Not just streetstyle and workwear: Vans and Carhartt

Spring has finally sprung in Berlin and it’s time to pack away our winter clothes and make room in our wardrobes for new spring outfits. If you’re looking for some new-season style inspiration, I have two cool looks for you that work just as well during the day as they do in the evening.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse
Bikini Berlin Vans

For these two springtime outfits, I’ve focused on two cult pieces: the classic Vans and the overall from Carhartt. We usually associate Vans with skateboarding and a sportier streetstyle. And the first thing that springs to mind whenever Carhartt is mentioned is workwear. But there’s so much more to these two brands.


Vans Bikini Berlin

A pair of Vans, for example, can be worn with jeans for skateboarding but also work really well with a glam dress. This makes the look more playful and girly and it not only looks the part as everyday wear, but also in the evening when you’re out meeting friends.

Carhartt Bikini Berlin

And the classic Carhartt overall, on the other hand, can be combined with a chic pair of high heels, which automatically ups the elegant factor. Wear a simple white T-shirt over it and, in addition to the high heels, you can also pair the denim overall with a white blouse for an extra touch of sophistication.


Vans Bikini Berlin

So as you can see, it’s really easy to make these two sporty-looking garments look a lot more dressy and feminine. Try it for yourselves. Both brands have their own stores at Bikini Berlin.


The merriment of Christmas and the euphoria of New Year are followed year after year by a real test of endurance, also known as the Berlin winter. An unwelcome season that is known for being very cold, very grey and very long. But doesn’t that make the very first rays of sunshine and warm days of the year all the more enjoyable for us Berliners? Does our springtime joy not grow exponentially with our winter frustration? We definitely think so, and this is what gave us the idea of expressing the joys of spring in an especially uplifting springtime campaign.

Adieu Tristesse Bikini Berlin

Under the motto “Okay winter, we’re done with you”, Bikini Berlin is bidding farewell to the cold season and welcoming the installation artist Mademoiselle Maurice who lives in Marseille. Maurice’s art turns grey cities into a sea of colourful origami that wonderfully represents the arrival of spring. An invigorating effect that can be experienced at Bikini Berlin until 30th April. “WHEN THE SKY MEETS THE EARTH” is the title of her installation, which is immersing the ceiling and floor of Bikini Berlin into a spring-like blaze of colour consisting of thousands of origami cubes and birds. And like a lot of things in spring, the brightly coloured artwork will also thrive and grow. Following the instructions, visitors can fold their own origami birds and therefore become part of the work.

Adieu Tristesse

And for the more ambitious origami fans among you: according to an ancient Japanese legend, anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes (千羽鶴, Sembazuru) will be granted a wish by the gods. If we go by Mademoiselle Maurice’s illustrious collaborations, which in addition to Bikini Berlin, also include Louis Vuitton and Issey Miyake, we’re sure she’s entitled to quite a few wishes by now!


Scotch & Soda Opening at Bikini Berlin

We have Haute Couture from France, Alta Moda from Italy, and if you think that’s already it, then you’re entirely wrong.
Amsterdam Couture is the new thing, and behind this synonym is no brand less, than dutch top brand Scotch&Soda.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

Since 2011, our favorite durch label is conquering Berlin in the center, but now west Berlin as well. For a few weeks now, Scotch&Soda is ready to present it’s casual chic mens– and womenswear in our most loved Berlin mall, the Bikini Berlin.

Conquering our hearts with beautiful and highclass fabrics and cuts, Scotch&Soda definitely knows how to charm and satisfy us. With classic elements and urban trends, the collections are speaking up for themselves as they shine through a bit of retro chic and original unique prints.


No matter stripes, dots or floral patterns, the dutch label offers multiple choices and tastes of clothing for everyone, and the ability to combine several pieces to an all perfectly styled look for our days. 

Touching our look up with some signature „Barfly“ scent, our day is ready to take off through an adventurous day.

Go and have a look into our new favorite Store while you stroll around the city. You shouldn’t miss taking a look through the great windows from the store.

It’s spring time! Is there any better occasion than updating our wardrobe? We doubt it, and we know exactly where to go!

We already found our it-pieces. Did you yet?

Happy Shopping!


Inside-the-box inspiration – A wander around Bikini Berlin's pop-up boxes

If you’ve been to Bikini Berlin, you’ll know all about their cool pop-up boxes! In my opinion, they are one of the core elements of the concept shopping mall because this is where Bikini Berlin provides its visitors with an abundance of inspiration, as well as giving young designers a platform to present themselves on. The pop-up boxes change every few weeks, meaning that you always get the chance to discover new labels! Since the beginning of February there have been a few new additions, which I decided to take a closer look at for you.


Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere
Nina Nolte Bikini Berlin


I’ll start with the artist Nina Nolte whose pop-up box instantly catches my eye as soon as I walk into Bikini Berlin. The reason for this is her colourful, pop-art-style paintings! Inside the box itself you’ll also find more minimalist paintings, but always with a particular themed focus: women! The female of the species is at the foreground here and portrayed in the most diverse of situations. The Art Lounge will be here until the end of April – and it’s definitely worth a visit!

Cashmere Sisters Bikini Berlin


Another new addition to the boxes is the Cashmere Sisters. Their mission is to reinterpret classic cashmere and create modern pieces of a high quality. The first-rate workmanship and little details instantly caught my eye – I couldn’t help running my fingers over the garments, the material just feels so amazingly soft. The accessories, including scarves and hats, also look really cosy! I’ll definitely be paying them another visit and investing in a few of their items, what about you?

Merci Handy Bikini Berlin


I’d actually already heard of Merci Handy before I visited their pop-up box! The Parisian brand creates practical cosmetics such as hand sanitiser gel and moisturising hand creams, packaged in brightly coloured little bottles – a real must-have for beauty fans! By the way, the handy sanitiser gels aren’t only available in different colours, but also a wide range of feel-good scents. My firm favourite is Black Vanilla. Hand disinfectant has never smelled so good!


Trying on Labo.Art for size

From tight-fitting and voluminous to flared and twirly – at the Bikini Berlin store of Milan label Labo.Art I not only discovered the ultimate everyday basics, but also brand new shapes to flatter my own body type. I took a look around the store on your behalf and tried on a few of their designs.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Laura – C'est Lali
Labo Art Bikini Berlin

The first piece I chose to try on was a midi-dress with shirt collar and button placket on the neckline. What makes it so special is that the style of this dress isn’t influenced by individual body shapes: whether it’s being worn or still on the hanger, the firm fabric retains its feminine tulip shape and swirls around the body in a unique, flattering way.

Labo Art Bikini Berlin

I soon realised that shapes are key here: Labo.Art is constantly experimenting with new silhouettes. And also with colours. Ludovica Diligu, the label’s designer, likes to draw her inspiration from architecture. The result is uniquely tailored pieces that aren’t only available in the basic colours black, brown and white, but also in warm red or vibrant yellow.

Labo Art Bikini Berlin

After teaming the midi-dress with a long coat, the second outfit I put together was a pair of straight-cut culottes and a cosy woollen jumper with stand-up collar. Both in the colour “Atlantic” – a very dark blue. Thanks to its clear design and high-quality fabrics (Labo.Art uses cotton from the renowned Italian weaving mill Zegna), this look was incredibly modern and minimalistic!

Labo Art Bikini Berlin

Whether you’re a jersey fan or a minimalist, or you’re looking for clothing that is both comfortable and unique, I recommend you come and browse the huge selection of colours and silhouettes hanging on the rails at Labo.Art. You’re sure to find the perfect outfit!


Samsøe & Samsøe Store Opening at Bikini Berlin

On 17th January 2017, Bikini Berlin celebrated the addition of another member to the Bikini family. Danish fashion label Samsøe & Samsøe opened the doors of its first Berlin store to lovers of minimalistic Scandinavian fashion.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme
Samsoe Samsoe Bikini Berlin
Celebrities, influencers and models attended the opening party in their droves and enjoyed a live DJ set and cocktail bar while browsing the minimalist, typically Scandinavian fashions. Model Sara Nuru, Noah Becker, the son of tennis legend Boris Becker, David Schütter and many more were spotted at the exclusive pre-opening event.
Samsoe Samoe Bikini Berlin

Covering an area of 171 m², the flagship store impresses with its timeless, smart-casual men’s and womenswear, shoes and accessories. Its design and architecture concept reflects the minimalist, yet nostalgic Scandinavian mentality and stands out with clear lines, sophistication and cool style elements.


Samsoe Samoe Bikini Berlin
Joining the ranks of other renowned designer stores at Bikini Berlin, the Samsøe & Samsøe store is perfectly at home in the modern, minimalistic surroundings of Bikini Berlin. So make sure you come by and experience the Nordic vibes for yourself!

mabba – Berlin handcraftsmanship with atelier flair

The small atelier deep in the west of Berlin looks very unremarkable from the outside: a cream-coloured building with two glazed doors. But as soon as you enter the premises of leather goods maker mabba, the relaxed family atmosphere is instantly obvious. The label has been growing slowly but surely ever since it was established in 2008. Matthias Balle, whose mother and future sister-in-law both work at the atelier, is here to meet me, along with his pug Bobby who plods his way across the wooden floorboards before taking a nap in between the scraps of leather.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Barbara - freie Autorin
Matthias Balle Mabba Bikini Berlin

In his atelier, which he describes as being quite messy, but in my opinion actually has a charming, creative feel to it, Matthias Balle tells me how he came up with the idea for his label: when he couldn’t find a decent case for his first Macbook in 2008, he promptly decided to make his own. “Back then you could only get those neoprene cases but I thought my expensive laptop deserved something of a higher quality.” So he headed to his local leather dealer and bought himself a grained specimen in black, from which he made the very first mabba laptop case with the help of his mother. “But of course the motor of our household sewing machine immediately packed up because the leather was too thick. I had to turn the wheel by hand while my mother sewed, stitch by stitch,” he tells me.

Mabba Bikini Berlin

But the hard efforts paid off: Matthias Balle’s friends were so impressed by the first prototype that they began placing their own orders with him. After investing in their first professional Singer/Pfaff sewing machine, the Balle family continued producing from home.

Mabba Bikini Berlin
mabba products are meanwhile available throughout Germany from various shops, but the family is particularly proud of their own store at Bikini Berlin. It can be found on the gallery on the first floor, which, unlike the atelier, but in typical Bikini style, has a very minimal design. This really allows the unique products to shine.
Mabba Bikini Berlin

Mobile phone cases and covers are wonderfully displayed inside the store, and in the window the perfectly crafted and well-designed leather handbags, which mabba have meanwhile added to their assortment. Despite the high quality of the products, which are all made by hand in Berlin, mabba’s prices are surprisingly reasonable: you can buy a shopper from 199 euros, Macbook cases start at 70 euros and iPhone covers from 30 euros.

Mabba Bikini Berlin

The cute key rings by mabba also make the perfect gift: in the shape of cats, hearts or teddy bears, they are cut out of the leather sheets using metal forms that are reminiscent of cookie cutters.


Interview with Itamar Zechoval

We spoke to designer Itamar Zechoval, this year’s curator of Bikini Berlin’s “Look of Fashion Week” about his career, the German capital and what he loves about Fashion Week. 


How did you get into fashion and design?

Here in Berlin I started out as a fashion designer creating collections and customised orders, mainly for singers and performance artists such as Bela B., Marius Müller Westernhagen and Marilyn Manson in L.A. Over the years, my work became more and more individual with a focus on creations ordered on request. In addition to pure fashion outfits, I began creating more costumes, for theatres or musicians – outfits for the entire stage crews. I create mini customised collections, not just single shirts or jackets. I am also working more for the film and music industry. I create film costumes, am responsible for entire shows, advise film projects and design sets for video clips. 


What makes Berlin, as the location of your atelier, so special for you?

Berlin is pretty versatile. There are so many things you can do here, from artistic work to fashion business projects. There’s a lot of freedom and it’s okay to do things in a certain rhythm, a different rhythm to the one I know from my years in Milan or Shanghai. The city is very comfortable so there is no constant pressure. The only thing is: you need to be very disciplined and self-motivated. In Milan or Paris, the first thing people ask is what you do for a living, but people here aren’t really bothered. But you need to be progressive to name your brand and achieve success. You need to set your own goals. But that’s an advantage in this disadvantage here: it’s all in your own hands. At the end of the day, fashion is a business (with a lot of processes like the construction of a collection and its promotion and you need to work hard on this).


So let’s talk about your “Look of Fashion Week”: what made you choose these pieces in particular? What was your inspiration behind these items?

It’s all in the mix! I really like structured clothes so I took this very structured vest. It felt very studied but also very extravagant, it’s like a combination of a corset and a vest, I love the cut. And then, taking inspiration from Berlin, I found a pair of leggings with paint splashes on them and super heavy boots to add another contrast. It’s a reflection of my personal taste, which is very constructed, and the weather in Berlin – when I had to choose the shoes I wanted something furry and warm. And, as a small accessory, a clutch which, in contrast to these heavy boots, is very feminine. So it’s a bit of a crazy mix I have chosen.


What are you most looking forward to this year?

In the past it was always either fashion design or creative works for films and music. Now it is both – I do not want to decide between the two, I want to do both. For me 2017 will be really exciting because I will be able to see my projects for the film and music industry growing and I hope the mixture between all genres will be great and versatile.


And for Fashion Week? What is your personal highlight?

What I love during Fashion Week are the exciting people who flock to Berlin and can be spotted on the streets and in restaurants, especially in Berlin-Mitte where I live. Everyone really dresses up to the nines – it’s like a big playground and a whole lot of fun. Berlin is not that serious in many aspects, which is very charming. They all come here for the same reason, to get inspiration, to be part of this special fashion hub here in Berlin. It’s a kind of get-together of different but like-minded people who share the same interests. There is a very creative and special atmosphere in the city. I really love it.


Itamar, many thanks for the lovely chat. And for your styling of the “Look of Fashion Week”, which our readers can come and see until Saturday. Great work!


Interview with Joana Heinen from odernichtoderdoch

Playful postcards, pastel-coloured home accessories and detailed calendars – the pop-up box of odernichtoderdoch is a stationery lover’s dream come true! What started out as a passion for beautiful things and a blog has meanwhile become a company that Joana Heinen runs together with her husband Niklas from their headquarters in Münster. Their growing Instagram fan community is proving the couple right and almost 20,000 photos with the hashtag #odernichtoderdoch show how the many odernichtoderdoch products are beautifying people’s lives.

We caught up with Joana Heinen, the founder of odernichtoderdoch, to chat about taking the plunge into the offline world, her personal favourite products and her plans for 2017.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Laura – C'est Lali
odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Where does the name odernichtoderdoch come from?

Joana Heinen: Odernichtoderdoch is a song by MIA. – who used to be my favourite band back then. In English, “Oder nicht, oder doch” means something along the lines of “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” It’s perfectly reflects this chronic indecisiveness we all have in a life full of opportunities and choices.

Bikini Berlin: First your blog and then the online shop – what made you decide to sell your products offline too?

Joana Heinen: Our focus is very clearly on the online world, but our customers regularly expressed the wish to hold our products in their hands or browse them properly in real life. That makes sense because they are made to a very high quality and offer a lot of adorable little design details that are hard to bring across on photos. So we made it our task to also create this online world and the feeling we want to transport in an offline setting.

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: You and your team are based in Münster, why did you choose to set up shop in Berlin?

Joana Heinen: Although Münster is a student city, the stores here are still very conservative. There aren’t any concepts for young companies who want to briefly try out the whole “offline” concept. Berlin offers companies like us precisely the environment that we need to further develop and try out new ideas and approaches.


odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Who came up with the interior design concept for your shop at Bikini Berlin?

Joana Heinen: The interior concept wasn’t as easy as we first thought it would be. We wanted it to be light and friendly and reminiscent of a beautifully decorated teenager’s bedroom – without looking too overdone or chaotic. Professional, but not boring. Decorated, but not cluttered. Armed with our mood boards and ideas, we then sought professional assistance from a team who contributed experience and expertise to give our ideas the finishing touches and turn them into a reality.

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Which shop – after your own, of course – is your favourite at Bikini Berlin?

Joana Heinen: My favourite shop at Bikini Berlin? Definitely Schwesterherz and Normann Copenhagen – I have a real weakness for beautiful stationery…

Bikini Berlin: Your products aim to make people happy – which of them makes you particularly happy?

Joana Heinen: Our adventure planner – which is currently in its second edition. There’s so much love invested into it and it’s quite significant because it was our first big product and we had to overcome a few obstacles took until we reached that point. But all the positive feedback we’re getting on it makes me really happy.

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Which products are being particularly well received by your customers? What are your bestsellers?

Joana Heinen: Our calendars are doing really well – in all forms. We try to design our products to be playful and pretty but still practical so people can while away the time, but also work with them.

Bikini Berlin: As well as a large selection of stationery products, you meanwhile also offer cushions, cookie cutters and towels – what new products do you have planned for 2017?

Joana Heinen: In 2017 we want to take more of a cosy textile direction: more towels, more cushions, perhaps blankets or bed linen. A lot is planned – but nothing has been confirmed as yet. You’ll just have to wait and see!

odernichtoderdoch Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: What is your wish for 2017?

Joana Heinen: For 2017 I hope to continue to have such a great and creative community to support us on our way and inspire us to come up with new ideas. If that remains the case, then I couldn’t ask for anything more! 

Bikini Berlin: Thanks so much for the interview, Joana!


It's getting cozy inside...

When icy winds, rain and perhaps even the first snow are making themselves felt outside, it’s time to hide away in our own four walls. But we don’t have to feel like we’re missing out because there are plenty of ways to make things lovely and cosy inside! With cosy cushions, a blanket and the obligatory hot cup of tea, we can admire our new interior accessories from the comfort of the sofa. But what are they this season? And where will you find the most beautiful décor items at Bikini Berlin? That’s what I’d like to show you today…

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Laura – C'est Lali

Whether Moroccan fig or Madagascan vanilla, this winter we’re setting the mood with fragrant diffusers for a cosy atmosphere. Depending on how intense you like it, you can simply add or remove reeds from the glass. The elegant diffusers from the “Czarina Collection” by Charisma, as well as a selection of soaps and candles, are on sale at Bam Berlin.


The must-haves for cold winter evenings: colourful cushions and blankets from Odeeh. To bring a splash of colour to plain-coloured sofas during the grey season, the designers are focusing on eye-catching combinations like orange and green. But there are also designs for the black-and-white fans among you.


And if sleek and modern is your preferred style, you’ll love the porcelain cups by Berlin designer Anna Badur. Her white and cobalt-coloured “Blue Sunday” series is perfect at all times of the day – whether for your morning coffee or tea time in the afternoon. Also modern and an important interior trend in 2016 are the space-saving macramé plant hangers by California Dreaming. Originally known as hanging baskets, the designs are perfect for small apartments and hanging plants. You’ll find both items at Studio 183 on the first floor.


My top discovery of the season? The label Fundamental Berlin, which has temporarily set up shop in one of the pop-up boxes at Bikini Berlin. They not only stock filigree holders for trendy hanging plants, but also the most beautiful DIY decorations that you’ll find anywhere this season. The geometric “Fragments” can be folded as you wish and give, according to the designers, “a touch of timeless mathematics”.


But that’s not all: you’ll find decorative wooden birds to perch on your shelf at the Artek concept store, cosy, Moroccan-style rugs at Yellow Curated and copper-coloured liquorice bonbons at Lakrids.

When it’s this cosy, we don’t mind if winter stays around for a little while longer!


An interview with Stills & Strokes

Melanie, Stefan, how would you describe your work in a few sentences?

  • Melanie: First of all, I would say that our work is an unusual mix of photography, graphic design and illustration. Stefan is the photographer and I’m the illustrator and art director.
  • Stefan: We enjoy working with patterns and eye-popping colours.
  • Melanie: And we like to tell stories. Humour also plays a role in our work. We work with lifestyle products a lot and it’s important to us that we keep finding new ways to showcase such items and integrate them into our worlds. 
  • Stefan: We actually always try to design three-dimensional objects in combination with backgrounds, and then bring them on a two-dimensional level, which, to a certain degree, is perfectly composed. That’s our aim.
  • Melanie: This lets us play with the observer’s perception.


How long have you been working together as Stills & Strokes?

  • Melanie: It started out as more of a hobby project, for a relatively long time, actually. I still had a full-time job and Stefan was working as a photographer and photo assistant. We did everything on the side for two years and then it got more and more and now we’re doing it full time. 

What are the typical sources of inspiration for your works and installations? 

  • Melanie: We’re very inspired by American art, especially pop art. And a lot of contemporary art. As our own work is bold and eye-popping, we also love graphic poster art from different decades. And, of course, we’re also definitely inspired by fashion. 


You developed three designs for Bikini Berlin’s very own wrapping paper. Can you tell us a bit about each design?

  • Stefan: Basically, the designs show gift-wrapping worlds and universes. We created polka dot patterns and stripe patterns that can be seen on the paper, which are then separated by torn paper edges. We added backgrounds to the whole thing to create a sense of three-dimensionality. Making their way through these worlds are parcels wrapped in glossy gold paper, either cylindrical or round. 
  • Melanie: For our children’s design, we gave the gifts cartoon eyeballs, just like in the campaign. This allowed us to bring the golden little parcels to life. 
  • Stefan: Exactly! The gifts can make their way through fun worlds and experience their own adventures…

What exactly goes into the creation of these designs? 

  • Melanie: First, we created the patterns. When we were happy with those, we developed the illustrations. We then printed them out and built a set out of them. Then we built up this ‘paper set’ on a table and set up the camera. 
  • Stefan: You could say that it’s a sort of temporary installation that we photograph. 
  • Melanie: Then we added the reflective objects, depending on what story the items should tell. And then at the end we photographed it. 
  • Stefan: The camera is set up and the set is viewed from a certain perspective. We then move the individual components around until we’re happy and all individual elements match and work well together. 
  • Melanie: Exactly, it’s teamwork and very precise teamwork at that.


To what extent do these three designs reflect Bikini Berlin? 

  • Stefan: Bikini Berlin, similar to the pop art we reference, dates back to the 50s and 60s. Of course, we picked up on the Bikini Berlin façade colours in our design, the coral tone for example. And Bikini Berlin is bold enough to take unconventional paths. Perhaps you could say the same about our work.
  • Melanie: And the symbol of the circle is another essential part of the design pattern. That was very important to us. And we wanted to incorporate the bronze tones that can be found in Bikini Berlin’s architecture as reflective elements. 

Is the type of installation that we’re currently seeing here at Bikini Berlin new terrain for you?

  • Melanie: Yes, definitely. 
  • Stefan: Due to the sheer size alone!
  • Melanie: Yes, it’s a lot bigger than anything else we usually create. 
  • Stefan: When we were planning the photo opportunity we were planning out the sets in the scale that we’re used to and familiar with – but in the full knowledge that it would be enlarged 100-fold later on. 
  • Melanie: It’s exciting to see how our design works on this enormous scale. And also that a huge audience is seeing our work: we’re usually hidden away in our studio, away from the public. So it’s really great that we can experience the instant reactions of so many people to our work. 

What makes Bikini Berlin stand out for you – what do you personally like about it?

  • Stefan: Compared to other models, it’s an excitingly unusual concept. The location is ideal and it also has a fantastic, modern image.
  • Melanie: I think the mix of stores is very exciting. And it’s a very uncommercial approach to a retail emporium (laughing), is that what you call it? Okay, to a concept shopping mall!

The focus at Bikini Berlin is currently on gifts and perfect gift-wrapping. How do you wrap your own gifts at home?

  • Stefan: We usually recycle the paper from our designs and wrap our gifts in those. But we haven’t even bought any gifts for this Christmas yet, we have to admit. We’re running really late, but we have been very busy with this project (laughing). I think we have enough wrapping paper for this year though…

adidas Knit For You at Bikini Berlin

A pop-up store by Adidas has opened at Bikini Berlin – but it’s not just your regular kind of store. Under the motto “Knit For You”, you can design your own customised sports sweater made of merino wool and then have it made right before your eyes. I took a closer look for you and can already reveal that I’m really impressed by the whole experience...

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse

Before you can begin with the design, you have to register. You get a little booklet with a QR code, under which all details of the design process are saved, to ensure that the finished product can be assigned to you at the end. Once you’ve completed that part, it’s time for the creative fun to begin: the designing. In this case, designing doesn’t just mean choosing a visual to be printed on your sweater. It’s a whole lot more interesting than that! Inside the store there’s a small, dark “virtual reality” room with a square marked on the floor in the middle, which you have to stand in. Once you’re standing in the marked area, you’ll have a template projected onto your body. Depending on where you’re standing in the square, this template will change. You can also slowly move your right arm over your upper body to change it yourself. And moving your other arm over your upper body allows you to delete part of the design. You have a total of 60 seconds in which you can move freely around the marked-out square. During this time, one design every second will be saved, meaning that you will have a total of 300 to choose from at the end. The more you move, the more diverse these designs will be.


This is just the first step, now you have to browse the 300 options on the computer to find your favourite design and the one that you will choose for your sweater. Using a control dial you can go through all the designs and print out your favourites as photos to help you make your decision. I printed out the three prototypes that I liked best and placed them next to one another on the table. This helped me to make a decision relatively quickly. And you can also have the number of the minute in which you made your decision integrated into the design. There’s also a countdown of the minutes that have passed since the store opened. I decided to do this, which is why my sweater features the number 20901. And this will also be different for everybody.


But creating the design isn’t the only highlight at the Adidas “Knit For You” store. What I personally found really impressive was the body scanner. You can also have your sweater knitted in “Body Fit”, i.e. to fit your exact measurements. Of course you can also simply opt for the sizes S, M or L, but if they don’t fit you perfectly, you should take advantage of the “Body Fit” offer. And that’s what I did, as I wasn’t too happy with the S or the M.

So I entered the body scanner, in which you have to stand very still for five seconds, dressed only in your underwear. During these five seconds, the body scanner takes your measurements. For example, the length of your arms and your upper body, the length between your shoulders and of course also your waist. Based on these measurements, the sweater is then tailored precisely to your figure. For me, this meant my sweater was slightly longer, as were the sleeves, because my measurements were somewhere between S and M. As soon as I picked up my sweater I tried it on and I really love how it fits me.



So once you have your design and know which size you want to have your sweater in, all the details will be saved in the QR code of your little booklet. These details are then passed on to the knitting machines and your individual sweater is created. All of this happens at the pop-up box itself. Within just a few hours your sweater will be ready and can be collected from the store – or you can have it sent to you by post. The knitting machines carry out the rough work, and in-store seamstresses are on hand for the precision finishing, such as turning up the hem and sewing it down.


Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you which colours the sweater is available in: the current choice is between black, grey and coral red. But the colour palette will be changing approx. every three weeks so there’ll be plenty of new variations to choose from.


Overall it was a great experience. I think it’s a brilliant idea because you end up with a totally unique, bespoke sweater that you were involved in making. At 250 euros, it doesn’t come cheap, but the whole experience, the uniqueness and the high quality of the sweater definitely justify the price in my eyes. It’s not a mass-produced product, after all, but one that is ‘Made in Germany’ – or made in Berlin to be precise.


So why not visit Bikini Berlin and check out the Adidas pop-up store? You’ll be able to see the sweaters and the creation process for yourself and also watch the knitting machines at work!


A relaxing run-up to Christmas with Kusmi Tea

I’m definitely a tea girl. While others can’t survive a single day without coffee, I’m all about the tea! I love the flavours, beautiful tins and aromatic taste. So, this explains why one of my favourite stores in Bikini Berlin is Kusmi Tea. And not just because they have such wonderful varieties, but because I also have a very personal connection to it.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Patricia – The Kaisers
Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

Kusmi Tea has Russian roots, just like me. My father is half-Ukrainian/half-Russian and I grew up with the Russian language and traditions. Whenever I visit my father, we finish off our meal with a cosy tea-drinking session.


Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

When I discovered the Kusmi Tea brand many years ago, I noticed straight away that, despite the “Paris” in the name, “Kusmi Tea Paris” has something Eastern-European about it. Because Kusmi Tea doesn’t try to deny its roots, but creates a wonderful mix of Russian and French elements. A lot of the different sorts still have Russian names and the design also has something very glamorous about it.
Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

One of my favourite Kusmi Tea blends is “Prince Vladimir”, which I gave my father for his birthday a few years ago. He thought it was great that there was a tea named after him! But I’m currently loving Kusmi Tea’s latest tea creation, the limited-edition Christmas blend for 2016. Please allow me to introduce: Tsarevna.

Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

For its 150-year anniversary, Kusmi Tea has brought out a blend that is, well, exactly my cup of tea! Not only is it their first black tea so far, which tastes so good with its festive spices and orange flavour, but the word Tsarevna means “daughter of the Czar”. And I have another connection to the Russian Empire: I’ve written a children’s fairytale about the childhood of the Czarina of Russia, Catherine the Great, incidentally a German princess, who moved to Russia after spending her childhood in the town I was born in, Zerbst.

Kusmi Tea Tsarevna Bikini Berlin

So, as you can see – Kusmi Tea and The Kaisers are the perfect match. This is why my favourite place in the run-up to Christmas is on my sofa with my Russian doll cup (also from Kusmi Tea), drinking Tsarevna or one of their many other lovely blends. Who says Christmas has to be stressful?!


Studio183: Adieu monotony!

Katrina Ryback and Mark Hunt are two of those expats who contribute to the exciting mix that Berlin is renowned for all over the world. They both fell in love with the German capital, made it their home and, in return for welcoming them, decided to give it a shopping experience with a twist: Studio183 at Bikini Berlin.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Barbara - freie Autorin
studio183 Bikini Berlin
If you try to picture Berlin’s creative class, an image of these two might just pop up in your mind’s eye. Katrina is half-Dutch, half-American, grew up in Salzburg and studied liberal arts and social sciences before turning her attention to fashion. Mark was born in London, came to Berlin in 2008 and shot image videos for the EU and various fashion labels as a photographer and filmmaker, which is how he discovered his love of fashion. Together they established the Studio183 store concept in 2014.

studio183 Bikini Berlin

The creative energy between Katrina and Mark, instantly obvious during my visit to their store at Bikini Berlin, is infectious. And they have a clearly defined mission: “We pay close attention to the concept of the labels and only choose those that combine fashion, design and art,” says Katrina. “As we know and get on with our designers so well, we can give our customers a good overview and explain the prices. The customers are delighted to take away special items from Berlin which they know the story behind.”
studio183 Bikini Berlin

And because there’s so much to discover inside Studio183, the store’s interior design is left understated: a few simple clothing rails on which the fashions can speak for themselves, white display blocks for the jewellery, a shelf for the interior items. The walls are adorned with art posters, which can be purchased, and there are a few minimal-looking plants positioned around the space. Otherwise the store is open and bright and gives customers plenty of room to look around at their leisure.

studio183 Bikini Berlin

The labels you’ll find at Studio 183 include first collections by young designers, as well as established names: Steinrohner, Marcell von Berlin, Temper Berlin, Studio Gampe and Assembled Half, whose creations always fly off the shelves.


Basically, it’s always worth your while paying a visit to Katrina and Mark. But you should make sure you bring a little time and plenty of openness to new ideas – because what you’ll find here goes beyond the realm of ‘off-the-peg’ fashion.


A gift to the gift-givers

It begins in October with a slight feeling of exasperation. The flaneur is suddenly seeing the same in every shop window he passes. Something that seems out of place so early in the year: Christmas.

Outside, the colourful leaves are still falling from the trees, while red, green and gold are already making an appearance inside the stores. And the flaneur starts to ponder. Questions pop into his head like: Isn’t it a bit early? Do we always have to have these kinds of decorations? Why can’t Christmas be different, isn’t there another way of looking at it?



Perhaps this is possible if we explore the nature of giving gifts. What the dictionary very matter-of-factly defines as “a voluntary transfer of property from one individual to another, made gratuitously to the recipient”, actually means a whole lot more to us as individuals. It’s about making the people you love happy. After all, you’re not just giving them any old thing, but something that you have chosen to suit them and their personality. Something special. But the art of giving gifts isn’t just a way of expressing affection; it’s about making an effort for the recipient. Which is why it goes beyond the actual gift itself: a good gift is also perfectly wrapped and presented.

This idea became a starting point for Bikini Berlin’s festive brainstorming: the gift-givers have already shopped their gifts – what they need now is the perfect wrapping paper to wrap them up in. And so the idea of presenting our customers with a new wrapping paper design every Christmas was born.


For this year’s debut, we asked Berlin artist duo Stills & Strokes to design three spectacularly eye-catching wrapping papers. But you’ll be looking for traditional designs in vain. There are no Santa suits, white beards, sleighs or reindeers in sight here. Inspired by American pop-art icons like Anselm Reyle and Jeff Koons, the glossy surface is another of the paper’s highlights.

The poppy designs take on somewhat of a poster function and enter into a dialogue with the shoppers and passers-by. By the time they come to wrap their purchases at the latest. At the central gift-wrapping station, visitors can give their gifts a personal touch by wrapping them themselves – or have them professionally wrapped for them. Children have their own area to get creative in: their very own wrapping table.


And the flaneur? With a sense of satisfaction, he smiles to himself. At Bikini Berlin, the festive decorations aren’t just decorative. There are still people out there who think outside the box and go beyond the norm. And so, yes, it is possible to rethink Christmas after all.


The most beautiful jewellery trends from Bikini Berlin

We’re currently in the full throes of autumn, my second favourite season, because I love the transition after the hot summer months: when the leaves gradually start changing colour, that icy crispness in the air, putting the heating on for the first time, getting cosy and snug and having the perfect excuse to sort out my wardrobe! Time for new favourite pieces and cool autumnal trends. And because I can’t get enough, I set off on a search around Bikini Berlin for more fantastic favourite pieces and fashions – this time in the jewellery category…

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Marie & Leni – Glitter Everywhere
Schmuck Bikini Berlin

Delicate jewellery & chunky knitwear

My autumn wardrobe is all about contrasts: feminine lace fabrics in combination with layering and androgynous cuts, pleated skirts paired with chunky knit cardigans and thin fishnet tights with robust boots. And I love experimenting with contrasts when it comes to my accessories too.
Schmuck Bikini Berlin

As soon as it’s time to dig out my thick knitted jumpers from the back of the wardrobe, I prefer to opt for dainty items of jewellery like filigree necklaces and thin rings with small motifs – for me, less is definitely more! At Studio183, for example, I discovered a few great rings with playful details and gorgeous earrings by Thonyn Zack.

Schmuck Bikini Berlin

The layered look 

If you though layering only worked with clothing, you need to think again! Up to now I’ve only worn body chains in summer under short tops and loose blouses, but they look just as good over thin turtleneck tops and soft knitted sweaters. These filigree, interlaced chains seem to caress the soft fabric of the pullover, creating a layering look with a twist.
Schmuck Bikini Berlin

And that’s precisely what I love so much about autumn: styling accessories in new ways and putting together out-of-the-ordinary combinations! I also found the body chains by Ariane Truisi at the Studio183 Concept Gallery.


Trend colour ‘Potter's Clay' at Bikini Berlin

Pantone 18-1340. This colour code, which might sound rather dry and clinical, is actually quite the opposite: it represents one of this season’s warmest trend colours. Whether at Tibi, Trussardi or 3.1 Philipp Lim, the brown with a rusty red undertone is appearing on coats, bodywarmers and silk dresses.The vibrant earthy tone – known in expert circles as ‘Potter’s Clay’ – is perfect for combining with all other colours of the autumn and winter palette, but also goes well with black. And it looks great in a head-to-toe look.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Laura – C'est Lali
Mykita Bikini Berlin

It goes without saying that the stores at Bikini Berlin have incorporated this trend colour into their collections so I’d like to present this season’s must-have items to you! Let’s start with accessories: two pairs of sunglasses from Mykita and comfy sneakers from Bensimon.

Bensimon Bikini Berlin

Ideal for those who want to cautiously experiment with the colour before dressing in it head to toe. And they also happen to be the perfect companions for a sunny autumn stroll!

Groove Bikini Berlin

And for cosy autumn days, you can opt for the snuggly knitted jumper I spotted at Groove and just had to try on right away. I teamed it with a white petticoat and tights, but a pair of skinny black trousers would also look the part.

American Vintage Bikini Berlin
If you want to model the complete Potter’s Clay look, simply combine the jumper with the ‘Blisston’ skinny trousers from American Vintage.
Odeeh Bikini Berlin
The two highlights of my shopping trip to Bikini Berlin are the colourful dress by Odeeh and the bomber jacket by Berlin label Kasimir that you can buy at Studio183. Both garments show how well ‘Potter’s Clay’ works in combination with other colours – whether in a colour-blocking look with pink, black and white, or as a floral print with warm yellow.
‘Potter’s Clay’ is a real all-rounder and the ideal base colour for autumnal outfits! But if you’d rather have it in your living room than your wardrobe, check out stores like promobo and Anna Kraft Berlin! Have fun mixing and matching the new trend colour!

Five top pieces for autumn

The leaves are turning yellow, brown and red and we’re desperately clinging to those last warm rays of sunshine during the golden hour. Yes, autumn has arrived in Berlin.

For me personally, it’s always hard to say goodbye to the summer, even though autumn is a time we should really look forward to and embrace, especially from a fashion perspective! After all, it’s finally time for parkas, jumpers, boots and scarves!

And to ensure your transition into autumn isn’t only warm and cosy but also fashionable, I’ve picked out my ultimate five must-have items, which will hopefully be of some consolation to those who are missing the long, hot months of summer!

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme

Kusmi Tea

Why not start the day with a fruity kick?! At KUSMI Tea you’ll find the “Aqua Rosa” fruit tea, which is sure to tempt every morning grouch (including me!) out of bed with its delicious aroma. It not only tastes really fruity and fresh, but also definitely helps you start the morning full of energy!
Mykita Bikini Berlin
To protect my still tired eyes from the autumn sunshine, I like to wear my newest pair of sunglasses by Mykita, the “Aira” model. With their futuristic, modern style, these sunglasses are sure to attract all the right glances and beat those autumn blues!
Closed Bikini Berlin

At CLOSED I found this wonderful khaki parka, which not only protects from the elements, but is also very much on trend. With its great cut, fashionable design and comfortable fit, it keeps me warm and cosy, whatever the weather.

Gant Bikini Berlin

Under the parka I like to wear my favourite sweater from GANT. The pattern of the grey knit is a true classic and it keeps me nice and warm when the temperatures start to drop. Pair this soft, cosy jumper with a lightweight scarf and you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings!

Vans Bikini Berlin

In combination with a pair of the new cognac suede VANS, this outfit is perfect for an all-round autumnal look that experiments with the colours of nature, which are very much in fashion this season.

Happy shopping!


Autumn shoe trends at Bikini Berlin

Autumn is here so the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. I haven’t quite begun embracing this new season yet, but fortunately there’s plenty to look forward to – such as cosy hours snuggling at home on the sofa with neverending mugs of hot chocolate and tea.  And the fashion world is also ensuring that we welcome the arrival of autumn with open arms.

Once again there are a lot of new trends waiting to be discovered this season. Thanks to the huge variety, everyone will find the ideal look to suit them and is guaranteed to look anything but boring. I recently took a look around Bikini Berlin to browse the hottest new shoe trends and have picked out my absolute favourites for you. Of course there are lots of recurring fashions that are more classics than new trends so I have chosen three completely different shoe models, which I’d like to present to you below.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse
Schuh Manila Grace

Shoes with eye-catching details

I spotted my first favourite shoe trend at Manila Grace. These shoes instantly caught my eye as I walked past the store so I had to go straight in and take a closer look. The black shoe with glittery rhinestones is bound to turn heads and has what it takes to jazz up even the simplest of outfits. Shoes with striking details are ideal if you usually only ever wear minimal, plain outfits. They don’t have to be combined with other flamboyant items – just pair with your trusty wardrobe basics for a cool look.

Chelsea Boots Closed

Chelsea boots – the ultimate classic

Chelsea boots are not so much a trend, but more an absolute classic. And I came across a particularly good-looking model at the Closed Store at Bikini Berlin. I especially like the colour because wine red is a great alternative to the black boots you see everywhere. They really go well with everything, which makes them the perfect everyday must-have for the autumn months.

Sneaker Fake Fur

Sneakers with fur 

I’m a huge sneakers fan and I wear them almost every day. So for that reason I have to include a pair of sneakers in my rundown of the top new shoe trends. But classic white sneakers can’t really be classed as an autumn trend, which is why I set off on the search for a unique model. I found what I was looking for at Bagatt, where I discovered this cool pair with fur. They’re definitely different and quite daring. Thanks to their fur trim, they look incredibly cosy, which in my opinion makes them ideal for autumn.


A bow to the flâneur

In a time when the world seems to be spinning faster on its axis and the majority of people are rushing from A to B in the hustle and bustle of modern life, the art of strolling, dawdling and sauntering offers a welcome counterpole.The flâneur has something that many people covet: control over their own time. They take the time and use it to soak up their surroundings. This is also how they get to where they’re going. Mostly long before those who allow themselves to be rushed. 


It was Walter Benjamin who significantly shaped the idea of the flâneur. In his collection of notes entitled Passagen-Werk (Arcades Project), Benjamin developed the concept of “flanerie” as a special form of urban perception and elevated the flâneur beyond idle dallier status, giving weight to the idea of the dandified thinker and flamboyant character. 


And so it’s very apt that, according to Benjamin, it was apparently good form for flâneurs in the mid-19th century to stroll around with a tortoise on a lead – whether to set the pace for a particularly leisurely walk, or to clearly demonstrate that one wasn’t in the slightest rush. 

These days Bikini Berlin is a perfect place for strolling – mostly without a tortoise, but just as relaxed. Away from the acoustically and visually loud Ku-Damm, it is the ideal location to while away the hours and browse beautiful things. 
In the current campaign “Hier flaniert Berlin” (This is where Berlin strolls) the actors Lilith Stangenberg, Maryam Zaree and Noah Saavedra are enjoying the good life at Bikini Berlin. We’d love to join them on a stroll any time!

Gadgets and other rucksack essentials for a trip around the world

It’s time for an adventure! My boyfriend and I are currently busy organising and planning because we’ll be setting off on a six-month round-the-world trip! We’ve been putting a lot of thought into what we need to pack because we’ll only be travelling with one rucksack each. So that means we’ll have to be ruthless and not take up any space with unnecessary odds and ends. We had a look around Bikini Berlin to browse the travel essentials we need in addition to the usual items such as swimwear, travel towel etc. Here are our top recommendations:

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey
Weltreise Ausrüstung

We’re also going to be travelling to some colder areas, places where it will be winter when we’re there, such as Nepal and Japan. A warm coat that doesn’t take up too much room is therefore essential. I opted for the Thermoball™ jacket from The North Face because it offers a synthetic alternative to down insulation but keeps you really warm, and can also be stowed away in the built-in pocket, meaning that it’s ultra-light and really small. Another plus: it even keeps you warm when it’s wet.

Jacke für Weltreise
Another cosy alternative is the Mammut Kira Women’s Tour Jacket, made of soft knitted fleece brushed on the inside and printed on the outside – perfect for mountain hiking and trekking in Nepal!
Ausrüstung Weltreise

Something I hadn’t even thought about is a secure wallet with RFID protection. This prevents unauthorised access to your credit and bank card data (which is meanwhile possible without anyone even touching or looking at your cards), all thanks to a little innovative aluminium case. This small helper by Secrid protects my credit cards from data theft and fraudulent use. Spotted at the Promobo pop-up box.

Weltreise Ausrüstung

Perhaps it’s a blogger thing but, but I’m sure all you camera enthusiasts out there are exactly the same: we always take far too many photos when we’re travelling! To make sure they don’t slow down (or, heaven forbid, crash!) our laptop and before we save them in the cloud, we invested in a high-performance, portable hard drive from Cyberport. Two terabytes might seem a lot, but we want to make sure we have enough space for videos and RAW format files too. And to ensure our gadgets don’t run out of battery while we’re enthusiastically snapping away, we’re also packing a power bank that can charge up to three mobile devices at the same time via a USB port.

Rucksack Weltreise

I’ve also got my eye on a foldable rucksack from The North Face, as well as a GoPro, which I spotted at Cyberport.

Go Pro Weltreise

Gregoy that's me - an Interview with artist Bea Szenfeld

We are so excited to be here with you, and you can’t imagine what an honor it is to have you here! You’re such an incredible artist and definitely an icon for the fashion industry.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Gregor - Gregorythatsme
Bea Szenfeldt Bikini Berlin

How did you come up with the idea of using paper as a fabric?

I’m educated as a cheramist and sculpture, and after a while I thought „maybe fashion could be fun“.  So, I started to have my own brand for like 5 years and after that, or during that period, I was experimenting with different fabrics, for example: salad, you know the one you’re eating. 


After that I started to try doing it with paper, and I thought that me and paper are going along very, very, very well. So that’s how it all started. I finally found my material sixteen years ago.

Is there a method to the madness when it comes to work with paper? I guess there’s a big yes, so could you name us a few?

Oh yes!“ she giggles and smiles.
„Paper is very fragile, and if it’s touched by people who are not aware of the usage with paperclothing, the logistics can be very, very difficult. My Team and I are very common with the way of how to lift them, transport them etc.


Of course there’s the aging of paper. You can’t keep a clean white forever. You can’t do anything about it. White will get yellow, red will get pink, so this is one of the more difficult things about it.


Stitching paper is way different than stitching normal fabrics. I had to kind of invent new techniques of how to combine the fabric to one another and how to make them hold just like normal textiles.“


Bea Szenfeldt Bikini Berlin

We did a little research about you, and we found out that you had a 8 month internship at Stella McCartney. What did you learn there and do you think it shaped you as a human?

At Stella, Well, I really learned from her that it doesn’t matter how rich you are, what a big star you are: you can always be polite.

She was saying hello to each and everyone of her workers in the studio. She’s such a kind person, who wanted to buy us breakfast if we wanted to, and she is very much funny! She is so nice and just an amazing human being.

What’s interesting about her is that she has so much power in the things she’s doing, but still stands her ground. She has strong morals and ethics which mirrors in her collections, in her way of work, and in the way she wants to spread a message. Not only to her employees, but also to her customers. 

Many people may not know about your huge variety of talent, but they definitely know one particular work of yours, which is the Lady Gaga-Bear Dress she whore in the G.U.Y musicvideo.
How did she get aware of your work?

It was her management and her stylist who reached out to me because obviously, such a big star has no time to do some google research about paper clothing.
Actually I was kind of afraid because I sort of knew that she wanted to do it in a pool and I just thought to myself that it’s Gaga so she can do everything with it haha!
Bea Szenfeldt Bikini Berlin

Could you identify yourself with some of Gaga’s viewpoints? Because you are both strong, independent women who definitely have something in common when it comes to art and fashion.

Absolutely. To be brave and take risks. To be strong and confident, not just with the things you do, but also with yourself and your body.
You should not certainly go with the flow just because everybody does. Listen to your heart and stand for your opinions.
I worked with Björk as well, and she is just like Gaga, a truly powerful girl, with a huge kind of sexual power, but in a different way.
And I think when it comes to my fashion, the garments need a powerful person in them to really live. 

Do you have some advice for younger people who are struggling with some kinds of personal issues, insecurities in order to improve their way of being themselves. 


Breathe. You have time. There’s no rushing to learn in any handcraft.
No matter what you do: it doesn’t come over night. You need time, and you need time to be patient with you.
You should not stress yourself. Invest your time and energy and projects and work hard because there will always be people who’re going to question you. And that’s good – because you learn about yourself!

Thank you so much Bea. It was so nice to have you here and be inspired by you! We wish you all the best. 


“Haute Papier”, sustainable fashion and the Queen...

… this headline might sound like the beginning of a fairytale, but it’s actually a summary of the first Friday in October at Bikini Berlin. And it was indeed a very magical day so the fairytale comparison isn’t actually as absurd as it first sounds!


“Haute Papier” – this wonderful play on words perfectly describes the creations by Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld, a collection consisting of whimsically beautiful paper gowns made using a pair of scissors, tape, string and thousands of sheets of regular A4 paper. The handmade costumes have been worn by performers including Lady Gaga and Björk, as well as dancers, singers and musicians from the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. 15 artworks from this collection are now exclusively being presented at Bikini Berlin until 29th October. The exhibition includes the wonderfully striking photos by photographer Karolina Henke, showing, for example, a ballerina swinging on an ostentatious chandelier, musicians from the Royal Opera posing between hundreds of suitcases, and the ensemble’s singers, musicians and dancers wearing Bea Szenfeld’s paper designs…


The exhibition was opened exclusively by Queen Silvia of Sweden as part of her state visit to Berlin. But before that she was taken on a tour of Bikini Berlin, which included stopping off at the Swedish pop-up box “Borås Stad”, a box concept that has brought a conglomerate of different Swedish designers to Bikini Berlin. You can visit them here until the end of February 2017.


A seminar entitled “Facing the Fashion Paradigm Shift – The Relevance of Sustainability” accompanied the opening, presented by the Swedish embassy, Bikini Berlin and the Swedish Institute to a number of invited guests from the fashion industry. The event was hosted by a very charming Rolf Heimann, the founding director of the hessnatur Foundation. Speakers included Professor Rebecca Earley from the University of the Arts London and the Chelsea College of Arts, the Sustainability Director of Filippa K, Elin Larsson, Sustainability Manager of H&M, Hendrik Heuermann, and Professor Valentin Rothmaler, the President of Esmod Berlin International.


Without pointing their finger in an accusatory way, all of the speakers sensitively drew the audience’s attention to the topic of sustainability in fashion. It was reported, for example, that there still aren’t enough customers taking advantage of the H&M Group’s offer – of dropping off unwanted items of clothing at their stores when making a new purchase – despite the discount this entitles them to. And the sustainability concepts being offered by Scandinavian label Filippa K are also impressive: in selected cities the label is running its own Filippa K second-hand stores with unwanted Filippa K items that customers have brought in before buying new pieces by the label. And under the title “Curated Wardrobe”, Filippa K is also compiling a selection of key pieces that environmentally aware customers should have in their wardrobes as basics – for a wardrobe that is simple rather than excessive. To ensure that these items are properly looked after, the label is offering its own line of textile care products like the Organic Fine Wash and Fabric Care Detergent. 

And of course a lot of other inspiring labels that produce sustainable fashion were also showcased – whether rain jacket, jeans or trend items. From the conversations I overhead during the breaks, it quickly became clear that the event encouraged a lot of people to rethink the topic of sustainability…

All in all, it was a wonderful day full of art, fashion and royal glamour – captured on film for you below.


VOGUE Fashion's Night Out with Joachim Baldauf at Bikini Berlin

On 8th September the eighth Vogue Fashion’s Night Out took place in the German capital and of course Bikini Berlin participated, opening its stores until midnight.For the event, Bikini Berlin was transformed into a glamorous Night Circus from 7:00 pm and offered its visitors a one-off shopping experience. Not only did the stores stay open until midnight, but lots of great offers and promotions also kept the crowds of shoppers happy. There was plenty to discover in the stores and the concept mall itself, but a real highlight was the photo shoot with star photographer Joachim Baldauf.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Jacky - Whaelse
Vogue Fashion Night Out Bikini Berlin
Joachim Baldauf is one of the most important advertising and fashion photographers of our time and has shot for globally renowned magazines including VOGUE. And he was also at VFNO at Bikini Berlin. Together with VOGUE stylist Claudia Hofmann he took photos of bloggers and VIPs under the motto “Night Circus”.
Vogue Fashion Night Out Bikini Berlin
I was also lucky enough to be involved in the shoot, which was a real honour for me. As a blogger, I find myself standing in front of my wardrobe every day, wondering what I should wear and which outfits I should photograph and feature on my blog. So it felt great to not have to worry about my choice of outfit for once and to leave it all up to the stylist. Although the motto and the choice of outfit were very unusual, I really liked how I looked in the end.
Vogues Fashion Night Out Bikini Berlin
And then the only challenge was taking part in the shoot. I have to admit that I was quite nervous and didn’t really know what to do with myself. But Joachim Baldauf was a huge help and gave me confidence, meaning that the shot was soon in the can. And the final photo really surprised me as it surpassed all my expectations. I’m really happy with it. VFNO 2016 at Bikini Berlin was such a unique experience and I got to take a fantastic souvenir of the event home with me.

On-trend yellow at Bikini Berlin

Yellow hasn’t exactly been one of the most popular or sought-after colours in the past, but it’s currently developing into this season’s fashion trend statement! From dazzling to mustard-coloured, from the catwalk to the street styles of the fashionistas, we are seeing yellow tones in all shades and styles. Up until recently I personally didn’t have a single yellow item hanging in my wardrobe. But since I discovered Nisi’s Lisbon photos of her in an adorable yellow summer skirt, I can’t get this sunshine colour out of my head! So to provide you with some inspiration and summer vibes to take you into autumn, I took a look around Bikini Berlin for you and picked out my favourite accessories and items of clothing in the on-trend hue of 2016:

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Mia - heylilahey
Trendfarbe Gelb
Let’s begin with an off-the-shoulder top from the multi-brand store AK – Anna Kraft and a mustard-coloured jumper from CLOSED. Both garments prove that you don’t have to walk around like a canary if you want to add a vibrant accent to your outfit and exude an air of cheerful positivity.
Trendfarbe Gelb
My personal highlight: the wool-blend cardigan in lemon by American Vintage. It caught my eye as soon as I entered the store, but I wasn’t totally convinced to begin with. After I took a few photos of some other items, the store manager approached me and persuaded me to try on the cardigan too. It’s so soft, long and cosy that I didn’t want to take it off!
Trenfarbe Gelb

And I also found some cool sunshine-coloured must-haves for the men amongst you! As well as yellow accessories like wallets and its classic hats, Carhartt is also offering jumpers and tops in the trend tone. Vans is concentrating more on the understated variation: mustard-coloured, almost beige sneakers made of suede.

Trenfarbe Gelb

But if you can’t really see yourself making such a bold fashion statement, I’ve also found a few happy yellow accessories to brighten up your day:


Top highlights from Cyberport to mark the start of the IFA

The world’s leading technology trade fair is starting this week here in Berlin and it’s a real paradise for electronics enthusiasts. In my experience it’s more often the male of the species who can be found gaping in awe at the latest smartphone or the fastest laptop, with their wife or girlfriend trying to drag them away from the store window and hinder a purchase. And as I’ve also been known to break out in euphoria at the promise of newer, faster and bigger gadgets, I set off on a search for the latest electronic must-haves on behalf of us men at Cyberport in Bikini Berlin.


Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Stefan - The Kaisers

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 2in1 Touch Laptop 

For almost two years I’ve only worked with 2-in-1 laptops. I love the fact that they allow me to simply switch between a laptop and a tablet as the mood takes me. At my desk I sit in front of my laptop, writing texts and replying to e-mails. And on my way to my next appointment I use it as a tablet to read my new e-book on the underground. The new Acer Switch Alpha 12 has a battery life of up to eight hours and with 128 GB of storage you’ll be able to save enough films and books to keep you occupied en route.


The Samsung Galaxy Note7

I’m a big fan of smartphones. As well as numerous fitness apps and endless music, I use my smartphone for so many things and can’t imagine my day without it. With its new S Pen, the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 really brings out your creative side, which means you can write down a new idea or draw a sketch just as quickly on your smartphone as on a sheet of paper. The new graphics and improved video function provide a more true-to-life picture quality, details that are sure to be appreciated by any gadget enthusiast with an eye for detail!


The MSI Nightblade X2B-205DE Gaming PC

Like so many men I’m a big fan of video games and staying up all night to play them was never a problem for me. And what does a man do when they’re wife or girlfriend is out for the night? That’s right: settle down in front of their PC for a gaming session! With the MSI Nightblade Gaming PC, the avid gamers among you will be in your element. A headset, keyboard and mouse are also available in the matching design.


Statement products at Bikini Berlin

Products with statements, sayings and slogans are one of this season’s major trends. Until now the focus was mainly on T-shirts and sweaters with printed messages, but the hype is meanwhile also extending to décor items for the home. These so-called statement products are not only in fashion right now, but also allow us to communicate a certain opinion or attitude.

I recently had a look around Bikini Berlin to put together my pick of the best statement products for you. Below you will find my small selection, which includes both T-shirts as well as décor items:

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
I`m not a blogger

Statement shirts

At Bikini Berlin you’ll find all kinds of statement shirts from various stores and pop-up boxes. My favourites include this cool “I’m not a blogger” top by Twisted Talents, which I discovered at the LNFA concept store. It looks great paired with jeans or denim shorts, making it the perfect key piece for a casual summer look.


At Groove Fashion Denim I came across this motivating statement-shirt featuring Muhammad Ali and the words “Impossible is nothing”. As well as this model they also stock additional styles with different statements by the boxer: the perfect motivation not only for yourself, but also the people around you.


Decorative items that make a statement

Whether you like to express your opinions within your own four walls or you’re simply a fan of sayings and slogans as décor, you’ll be in your element at Sygns. Here you’ll find products including cool lightboxes, which you can add your own personal message to. And you can even buy the letters separately, meaning you can regularly change your saying, slogan or statement to suit your mood.

But of course Bikini Berlin has a lot more to offer than just these three statement products. Why don’t you come and see for yourself and discover the perfect statement item for you?


Our favourite SALE items from Bikini Berlin

For us, hitting the sales is a bit like going to a fairground. The tingling sensation you have before getting swept up in the excitement of it all; the anticipation that you’ll be going home with a top prize and the endorphins released when you finally get your hands on the ultimate swag.  

We’re not extreme bargain hunters by any means, and definitely don’t only buy things that are reduced. But a sale can sometimes be a real treasure trove of fashion finds. After all, when there’s less choice, you suddenly see things that you had simply overlooked before. And if you manage to save some money on top of that, then it feels twice as good! So it’s not surprising that we’ve found some of our most favourite pieces on sale rails.

This week we had a browse around Bikini Berlin, taking a closer look at their sale in particular. The majority of the stock is reduced in many of the stores so it wasn’t difficult for us to find a few top SALE pieces to present to you here.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Patricia und Stefan - The Kaisers

Men’s cotton T-shirt from Mammut, reduced from €47.95 to €34.95.

Stefan: “This T-shirt from Mammut is a real all-rounder. Because of its colour (I’m a huge fan of green!) and its design, I can wear it for sports or simply when I’m out and about during the day. Normally you can spot a sports outfit a hundred miles away. But even if you wear this tee to your next meeting, nobody will notice that it was actually designed for outdoor pursuits.


Mabba iPhone cases are reduced from €29.90 to €19.90.

Patricia:Mabba is one of my favourite shops at Bikini Berlin. I already have two of their mobile phone cases that I alternate regularly. My iPhone is currently sporting the ice cream model! So I can still enjoy some summer vibes at least, despite the washout of a summer we’re having in Germany this year.”


Valentina dress by Lulu Love at Groove Fashion is reduced from €69.00 to €48.30.

Patricia: I instantly fell in love with the pattern of this dress! Unfortunately it’s a bit too wide for me, otherwise I would have definitely snapped it up. I’m still pining after it!”


Cotton shirt by Selected Homme at Groove Fashion is reduced from €49.00 to €34.30.

Stefan: “It’s all about the patterns! I’m a huge fan of unusual ones. So this shirt is perfect for me! Now all I need are the perfect trousers to match it – preferably also patterned. ;-)”


Viscose dress with watermelon print from American Vintage, reduced from €110 to €65. 

Patricia: “I love watermelons so this dress at American Vintage instantly caught my eye.”


Nordic Fashion Hub opening at Bikini Berlin

The Nordic Fashion Hub got off to a successful start on 28th June. At the opening event visitors had the opportunity to meet all of the Nordic designers in person.


Labels from the Nordic countries were out in force on the event space in front of the large panoramic window. Together with the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, Bikini Berlin selected 15 Nordic designers to showcase and sell their latest collections here during Berlin Fashion Week. 

Bikini Berlin’s managing director Antje Leinemann opened the evening alongside Markku Lampinen, the ambassador from the Finnish embassy. The designers presented their collections to the large number of visitors, each adding their own individual personalities.


Even if the Nordic style runs through all of the collections like a common thread, all of them are very different. For example, you can discover the deep blue of the Icelandic Arctic Ocean at Dimmblá, Norwegian romance in the floral prints at byTiMo, Finnish playfulness in the prints by Liisa Riski, traditional handcraftsmanship from Denmark by Ecco and Swedish country life by Ewa i Walla. 


The following designers and labels were participating in the Nordic Fashion Hub:

Cathrine Hammel 
Ewa i Walla 
J. Lindeberg 
Liissa Riski 
Mirkka Metsola
R/H Studio 
Selected Femme 
Selected Homme 





Flower market at Bikini Berlin

On the last weekend in June the Tollwasblumenmachen.de blog turned Bikini Berlin into a floral paradise with the Flower Market Berlin.


On our rooftop terrace and during numerous creative workshops inside the Bikini building, everything revolved around flowers. Even the food and drinks on offer!


Flower arrangers and expert florists shared their knowledge and created stunning bouquets, floral wreaths and bracelets together with enthusiastic flower fans. And silkscreen printing experts from the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv, a group of Berlin-based designers, helped visitors to print beautiful floral prints on tote bags. A photographer also provided insights into the topic of flower photography, offering valuable tips which were gratefully received by the many bloggers and avid Instagrammers in attendance.


All of these brilliant activities, our charming visitors and the wonderful weather made the Flower Market a fantastic experience. Huge thanks and a virtual bouquet to Tollwasblumenmachen.de – it was a pleasure to have you here!



On 20th May 2016 the 2016 GERMAN ACTORS’ AWARDS were presented at our Zoo Palast cinema. The after-show party was held in Bikini Berlin’s concept shopping mall event space.


THE GERMAN ACTORS’ AWARDS are a set of very special awards by actors for actors and people who have significantly inspired and supported the art of acting through their work. The prize is awarded to personalities who, as a result of their creative achievements, have helped promote a multifaceted image of German film and also inspired others in the process.

It reflects the actors’ unique viewpoint of acting achievements and acknowledges personalities who have significantly inspired others through their work in the long term, creating space for creativity and expanding people’s horizons.


The GERMAN ACTORS’ AWARDS were established by the German association of actors, the Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V., (or BFFS for short) and were presented for the first time during the 2012 Berlinale. The awards ceremony is a non-profit event, which is only made possible by the generous voluntary commitment of the actors and actresses, numerous friends and supporters and patrons and sponsors.

At the 2016 awards, Armin Mueller-Stahl received the “Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award” from the BFFS for his internationally acclaimed acting achievements. This means he joins the ranks of previous winners Rolf Hoppe (Honorary Award Winner in 2015), Senta Berger (2014), Katharina Thalbach (2013) and Götz George (2012).


Isabel Coixet, Catalan director, scriptwriter and president of EWA, the European Women’s Audiovisual Network, received the “Honorary Inspiration Award”, which the BFFS’ board of directors awards every year to a personality or institution whose achievements have significantly fostered and promoted the art of acting.

After the successful award ceremony, the lavish celebrations went on into the early hours – we would like to thank the GERMAN ACTORS’ AWARDS, the Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V. and all of the guests for this wonderfully inspiring evening.


The Bikini Berlin Shopping Garden

Our Bikini Berlin Garden, the rooftop terrace of our concept shopping mall, is mainly renowned for its brilliant views – from here you can observe the monkeys in the nearby zoo and simply sit back and forget the time. But that’s not all our rooftop terrace has to offer: up here fashion also plays a very important role. Today we’d like to introduce you to two of our Shopping Garden’s stores in more detail.

Parosh Bikini Berlin


A mix of vintage and modern straight from Milan

As soon as you set foot in our P.A.R.O.S.H. store, you’ll have the feeling that you’ve landed in Milan. Here you’ll find Italian designer fashions, feminine clothing and striking accessories that will make any fashionista weak at the knees.

Incidentally, the letters in its name stand for Paolo Rossello Second Hand. P.A.R.O.S.H. started out with second-hand clothing: in the 1980s Paolo Rossello bought vintage fashion which he then customised and breathed new life into.

Mixing a vintage look with the latest trends is still the signature P.A.R.O.S.H. style to this day and even though the one-man company has meanwhile become an internationally successful label, Mr Rossello is still very hands-on.

The P.A.R.O.S.H. store at Bikini Berlin is the first in Germany.

Premiata Bikini Berlin


More than just sneakers

Premiata is mainly renowned for its sneakers. Which is highly deserved, there’s no doubt about that, but the label has even more to offer. Premium-quality leather goods, for example. The Italian family-run company can look back on more than 130 years of tradition and this experience is palpable in everything they do. 

The premium brand focuses on the cornerstones of quality and design. Premiata only uses leather of the highest quality and plant-based dyes and its designs combine tradition with modernity.

Premiata’s typical rock ’n’ roll vibe is combined with classic styles. And this is exactly what makes it an exciting, innovative label that is still down to earth. So it’s hardly surprising that Premiata’s regular customers include a large number of renowned artists and creatives from the most diverse sectors...


Pop Up Fashion Berlin - The Concept Gallery

Bikini Berlin has a new hotspot: Pop Up Fashion Berlin. The trend-oriented concept shopping gallery can be found on our gallery and is home to items by young fashion, jewellery and interior décor designers.

Pop Up Fashion Berlin Bikini Berlin

And it’s more than just a store: regular art installations and film projections mean that it’s always worth dropping by at regular intervals.


Pop Up Fashion Berlin Bikini Berlin

There is also an atelier area for fashion designers. Cast a glance over the shoulders of designers at work at the “Meet the Designer” events. Other exciting happenings include the Fashion Tech workshop on the topics of Future of Fashion and 3D-Printing, fundraising events for refugees, fashion art demonstrations and DIY workshops. Follow Go Fashion Berlin on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any of their events!

Pop Up Fashion Berlin Bikini Berlin

Music fans will love the DJ area where DJs can be found spinning their tunes – and you can also play a set yourself. Bring along your records or choose from the stash provided by the resident DJ colleagues.


Pop Up Fashion Berlin Bikini Berlin

So come and join us as we listen to music whilst relaxing in the lounge area and reading indie fashion magazines over coffee and vegan snacks….


Interview with artist Rebecca Louise Law

We caught up with London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law to chat about her work and the flower installation she created here at Bikini Berlin. It was very interesting to delve deeper into the subject and to find out, for example, why the drying process of the flowers is part of her art. Read what else Rebecca had to say here – or click on the film to watch it for yourself.

Rebecca Louise Law Bikini Berlin Blumen
How much of significance does the space you choose for your installations have for you?

The significance of the space is really important to me so walking into Bikini Berlin, the architecture, the history of the place, the post-war kind of feeling. 

What makes Bikini Berlin the perfect place for one of your installations?

Walking through, I looked at multiple spaces within the Bikini Berlin building. The one that kind of really stood out for me was the space that I have done the installation in, next to the monkeys.

And I think that it’s bringing the outside in and that whole feeling of nature indoors really is a true reflection on my work, also the people who shop here and use this space and the viewers, you know, the public and all of those influences, the German culture, the cultivation of flowers here, everything is considered when I choose a space and where I’m going to make my work.

Rebecca Louise Law Bikini Berlin Blumen
Could you tell us more about the decaying process oft he flowers as it is part of your artwork?

For me, preservation and understanding the materials and keeping the flower alive is the most important thing. All of my installations have an intention to be lasting forever and I work with flowers like I would work with oil paints. And it is a respect for time and nature. Like the oil paint dries over time, and you have to respect it, it’s the same with flowers: they dry over time and you have to respect that. And given the right environment, these sculptures can last forever. 

What’s especially the idea behind „GARTEN“, the name of the installation here at Bikini Berlin?

So I’m quite simple in my titles and I generally want to say what it is. And for me, the simplicity of “Garten”, garden in English, is what it is. You know, these are the flowers that are available to us in Europe and in Germany and these are the collection of cultivated flowers that you have here today.

Rebecca Louise Law Bikini Berlin Blumen
How important are the colours of the flowers within your art?

What’s important is that these flowers will fade and bleach with the sun and colour changes and slowly with the really, really old pieces, colour’s not important anymore. It’s about the form and the sculpture. And the artwork changes into a much more sculptural piece rather than a painting as well. So it’s quite interesting but I have lots of stages to the artwork.

Where is your passion for flowers coming from?

Looking at my family history, my mother’s side is all painters and they always painted flowers. And then on my father’s side it’s all gardeners and there are over six generations of gardeners. So it must be in my blood! 

What is the concept behind your installations?

My art is about the human interaction with nature. It’s about people experiencing flowers in a controlled environment. It’s about flowers not being what you could imagine them to be and re-evaluating their worth.

So what you would normally throw into the bin at the end of a week, I can use as a material…for ever!


Thank you very much for talking to us, Rebecca.



BagYard - Your lunch is in the bag!

There’s no doubt about it – we all love fast food. However, we also know that the options out there usually aren’t quite as healthy as we’d like them to be. But that’s all changing! For a few weeks now there’s been a new port of call for healthy fast food here at Bikini Berlin – and it goes by the name of BagYard!

Bagyard Bikini Berlin

Our new restaurant definitely has a bit of a bag obsession. Witty wordplays like “Bag for good!”, “Bag to the roots” and “Bags don´t cry” adorn the walls of BagYard. But instead of being made of fabric or leather, the bags on offer here are edible! And they aren’t displayed in the store window or on shelves, but waiting to be ordered on the menu!

Bagyard Bikini Berlin

The bags in question are bread pouches made with sourdough or spelt bread, baked in BagYard’s in-house bakery, and filled, for example, with the classic Berlin-style Buletten_meatballs_ or with falafel. A large selection of creative ‘Bags’ awaits the hungry customers, not to mention divine sides like sweet potato fries, a variety of sauces, quinoa, salads and delicious shakes and smoothies. All of which are very healthy, but also incredibly tasty. Our Bikini Berlin team is already addicted! May the Bag be with you!


Yellow Lemon

Yellow Lemon he looks for design treasures from current collections and sought-after vintage pieces. And that’s exactly what you can now find at Bikini Berlin.

Many roads lead to Rome and also to a passion for design. Darius Suski studied management, but his job and his life meanwhile revolve around design. And it all came about because he was desperately looking for somewhere to live. On his search for a new home he met successful designer Susanne Philippson by chance and fell in love with the interior design of her apartment. They spontaneously decided to become flatmates and began working together. Susanne introduced him to the design industry and this sparked his career change.


Egg Chair design by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen. Collection 3+ by Oskar Zieta.

Finding is his passion. Darius Suski finds what others desperately search for. That’s why his friends affectionately call him the truffle pig. For

This new career direction resulted in Yellow Lemon, a distribution and strategy agency, which represents countless international design brands for the German and Austrian market. Including Pa Design from France and innovative Japanese brands like Plus d, Soil-Isurugi, Tidy, HO.H., Corga, Hmny and more. The focus is on small products, which are sold both in museum shops as well as concept stores and stand out with their functionality and charm.

But Yellow Lemon, which Darius Suski runs together with his wife Kinga, has not only specialised in current designs, but also expresses its love for design by offering vintage-designer pieces: timeless classics from design history or unique handpicked items. 

In their pop-up store here at Bikini Berlin, Yellow Lemon are showing and selling a selection of their best pieces until the end of January. So make sure you drop by soon and see for yourself!