Yellow Lemon

Yellow Lemon he looks for design treasures from current collections and sought-after vintage pieces. And that’s exactly what you can now find at Bikini Berlin.

Many roads lead to Rome and also to a passion for design. Darius Suski studied management, but his job and his life meanwhile revolve around design. And it all came about because he was desperately looking for somewhere to live. On his search for a new home he met successful designer Susanne Philippson by chance and fell in love with the interior design of her apartment. They spontaneously decided to become flatmates and began working together. Susanne introduced him to the design industry and this sparked his career change.


Egg Chair design by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen. Collection 3+ by Oskar Zieta.

Finding is his passion. Darius Suski finds what others desperately search for. That’s why his friends affectionately call him the truffle pig. For

This new career direction resulted in Yellow Lemon, a distribution and strategy agency, which represents countless international design brands for the German and Austrian market. Including Pa Design from France and innovative Japanese brands like Plus d, Soil-Isurugi, Tidy, HO.H., Corga, Hmny and more. The focus is on small products, which are sold both in museum shops as well as concept stores and stand out with their functionality and charm.

But Yellow Lemon, which Darius Suski runs together with his wife Kinga, has not only specialised in current designs, but also expresses its love for design by offering vintage-designer pieces: timeless classics from design history or unique handpicked items. 

In their pop-up store here at Bikini Berlin, Yellow Lemon are showing and selling a selection of their best pieces until the end of January. So make sure you drop by soon and see for yourself!