Zweigut – Sustainable shoes from Hamburg

Patricia: With ZWEIGUT, it was kind of like love at first sight for me. I can’t really say why because I’m not obsessed with shoes at all. But for some reason or another, the chemistry between me and the shoes by ZWEIGUT was just right. And then when I showed them to Stefan who, unlike me, is a keen footwear shopper, he seemed extremely enthusiastic. That’s why we decided to take a closer look at their pop-up box at BIKINI BERLIN.

Guest bloggers for Bikini Berlin
Patricia und Stefan - The Kaisers

On our arrival at the ZWEIGUT box we are welcomed by Sandra Baumann, the female half of ZWEIGUT. Sandra established ZWEIGUT together with her brother Bastian. Something that most siblings wouldn’t dream of doing has been the norm for the pair for ten years now. They also did a lot together when they were children, complement each other well and, because they’re brother and sister, they’re not afraid of telling each other their honest opinions, as Sandra tells us.

But how did Sandra and Bastian end up making shoes? “Before doing this, we worked for an online shoe shop,” says the Hamburg native. They then started selling other brands but had their own ideas that they wanted to turn into a reality. And they also wanted to put the focus on sustainability.


“We don’t want to harm other people or the environment for our own benefit.”

ZWEIGUT shoes are produced at small family-run businesses in Portugal. But why Portugal? “They produce sustainably there, it’s in Europe, we can regularly fly there to check on the working conditions, and it also happens to be my favourite country.”


Stefan: Faced with the huge selection of great men’s shoes, I find it really difficult to choose my favourites. But the komood #352, a combination of half sneaker, half brogue, is perfect for me. It’s ideal for everyday wear – elegant but also ultra-comfy. 

But my absolute favourite is the echt #402. A sneaker made of genuine cork and completely vegan to boot? What more can I say? They feel great on my feet and I think it’s inevitable that the echt #402 will end up in my shoe cupboard at some point very soon.


Patricia: One of my instant favourites is the komood #333, which also happens to be ZWEIGUT’s bestseller. I really like perforation patterns and I’m in love with the cork sole, the pink lining and the metallic patch on the heel. Plus it’s also really soft and comfortable and I can imagine walking miles in it without getting sore feet. By the way: Sandra revealed to us that it will be available as a vegan version next year too. But pssst, keep that to yourself!

The second shoe I try on is the #stella leather slip-on from the smuck line. I really like the colour and the geometric honeycomb pattern.


We still haven’t decided which ZWEIGUT shoes will be making it into our shoe cupboard yet. But one thing is sure: we will be investing in at least one pair each. And perhaps our little daughter Marlena will be walking around in ZWEIGUT shoes soon as well? After all, they also offer kid’s shoes with an anatomically shaped footbed. But before we start thinking about that, Marlena has to learn how to walk first...

PS: If you drop by the pop-up box, ask about their Member Card to get 15% discount!