Garten by Rebecca Louise Law

Bikini Berlin commissions vertical floral installation of 30,000 flowers by London-based floral sculptor Rebecca Louise Law


Bikini Berlin Concept Shopping Mall, a restored West Berlin architectural landmark, will host a large-scale site-specific floral sculpture from the 23rd March to 1st May 2016, launching Berlin into the spring season and culminating at the Gallery Weekend in early May. Following on from this, the end of June sees the launch of a public flower market staged by Tollwasblumenmachen.de.


The flowers, a melange of hydrangeas, peonies, and other vibrant spring florals will be provided by Tollwasblumenmachen.de, who has partnered with Bikini Berlin to fill the architecturally striking, industrial space. Bikini Berlin gave an open brief to Rebecca, who is known for her immersive installations around the world.


The installation will be suspended in the vaulted atrium of the restored main Bikini Berlin building. The light-filled space opens on one end to the Berlin Zoo monkey enclosure, and on the other, bustling Budapesterstrasse.


About the artist

Rebecca Louise Law is an installation artist based in East London, specialising in artworks made with natural materials, namely flora. The physicality and sensuality of her site specific work plays with the relationship between man and nature. Law is passionate about natural change and preservation, allowing her work to evolve as nature takes its course and offering an alternative concept of beauty. Most of Rebecca’s installations dry on-site and become permanent sculptures, due to careful manipulation of the flowers during installation and a host of preservation natural preservation techniques central to the installation process.

Notable commissions include ‘The Flower Garden Display’d’, (The Garden Museum, London),‘The Grecian Garden’ (Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens), and ‘Flowers 2015: Outside In’ (Times Square, New York) and Law’s work has been exhibited at sites such as the Royal Academy and the Victoria & Albert Museum.


About Tollwasblumenmachen.de

The Flower Council of Holland is an independent foundation funded by growers that is tasked with consistently keeping flowers and plants at the top of European consumers' minds. With its German platform Tollwasblumenmachen.de the Flower Council of Holland lets consumers experience that cut flowers bring happiness by inspiring with engaging, lively content and sharing the positive emotions flowers can give.