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1st floor

Established in 2001 in Stuttgart, fashion label Blutsgeschwister describes its creations as “feel-good couture”. With its retro appeal, the label has attracted a large community of fans and each of its pieces has the potential to become a firm favourite.


The founders of Blutsgeschwister are friends, visionaries and free spirits and in their own words they create “fashion for kindred spirits”. They want to captivate the fashion world with imaginative stories and break the boundaries of the fashion monotony we are used to seeing. Every garment has an original name and tells its own story.

Blutsgeschwister really flies the flag for slow fashion: during a conscious and decelerated design process, they make creative clothing for women and children that can be worn for many years to come – and thanks to the good quality of the sustainable materials, also swapped or re-sold. But the label is also more than aware of its social responsibility. In cooperation with the Fair Wear Foundation, Blutsgeschwister is committed to improving working conditions in the textile production chain. Conscious consumption across the board!