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Feminine, delicate jewellery of a high quality at a fair price – that’s Pukka Berlin. The jewellery label’s creations are now available exclusively from BIKINI BERLIN.


Three male friends from three corners of the world joined forces to set up a jewellery label for women. But what might sound unusual at first is actually very impressive: the jewellery by Pukka Berlin is filigree and understated, but still guaranteed to attract all the right attention.

The English word ‘pukka’ means ‘first class’ or ‘excellent’, a reference to the high quality that is so important to the founders. But the name of their label actually comes from Hinduism where it means ‘genuine’ or ‘authentic’. To guarantee this high quality, all pieces of jewellery are responsibly handcrafted at their own factory in Mumbai – without any middlemen. To make their unique designs, Pukka uses both natural and lab-grown diamonds and monitors the entire value chain from mine to market. Not only does this guarantee the high quality standards of the jewellery, but also allows diamond enthusiasts to enjoy their jewellery with a better conscience thanks to the fair and ethical processes.