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Artists & Exhibitions

Black History Month


04.02. - 28.02.2023


Exhibition by Frantz Lamothe | Martin Dreves Castillo | Kat Pablo & Pedro Knife

In celebration of this year’s Black History Month, Galerie SLP makes a statement by exploring the colorfulness and vibrant diversity of the world’s largest diaspora community. From the 4th to the 28th of February, Galerie SLP is showcasing two outstanding artists who grew up and found their roots within the worldwide Black community.The artwork is honest and cheerful, spanning from collage to abstract painting, creating a touching dialogue on identity, homeland and the uniqueness of Black culture. While the exhibition communicates the extraordinary heritage of the Black community, it further conveys an honest and powerful message of hope for humanity as a whole. Black history is meditated upon from a contemporary glance, societal codes and structures of human reality are questioned, past and present representations of Blackness culminate in one celebrative splash of color. A profoundly human and sincere conversation on identity is stirred, exhibition viewers are invited to deconstruct reality, contemplating the possibility of alternative ways of being. The experience is a transcendental, dreamlike escape, taking a glimpse into the future of the worldwide Black community. In the midst of an intriguing, mysterious yet warm atmosphere, viewers forget themselves in this acidulous, popping color maze. Reflecting on life, death and everything in between, viewers should be brought back to their own, true selves. A deeper dive into the artworks will take exhibition viewers on a visual journey, the range of color hues mirroring the complexity and richness of the Black community and its multiple identities. From Lamothe’s funky tango dancers and skeletons to Dreves Castillos cartoon-like characters, each artist brings their own distinct style to the table. The viewer is projected to Dreves Castillos lyrical sarcasm, riddled with pop-culture references, before taking in Lamothe’s iconic painted denim jackets as a final surprise. The Black History Month exhibition at Galerie SLP captures the fascinating legacy of the international Black community, highlighting the importance of diversity, togetherness and hope. Works from the exhibition will be available for purchase, general admission is free.

The exhibition will be on show at BIKINI BERLIN from 4th to the 28th of February daily except Sundays from 11:00 am to 07:00 p.m.

BIKINI BERLIN, Galerie SLP at 1st floor, Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin, S-/U-Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten 

Admission is free.


About the artists:

Frantz Lamothe is a Haitian-American self-taught artist, born in 1961 in Port-au-Prince, who moved to New York at age 6, narrowly escaping dictatorship. In New York Lamothe encountered the dynamic world of street art and graffiti, even knitting a friendship with Jean-Michel Basquiat. Love, past experiences, and pop art symbols permeate his vibrant acrylic paintings, discussing themes of identity. During the 90s, Lamothe’s artistic production evolved to creating statement “wearable prints” on painted Levi’s denim jackets, a popular series that he recently retook. Lamothe’s art has made him travel all over the world, exhibiting his work in over 50 galleries, from Europe to Japan.

Martin Dreves Castillo is a Colombian-German artist who grew up in Botswana, Colombia, and Ecuador before settling in Berlin in 2014. Initially drawing television characters as a young boy, Dreves Castillo now devotes himself to mixed-media paintings, incorporating oil, acrylic, and chalk into the creation of his abstract pieces. His focus is on the contrast of complexion and simplicity to show subjects like evolution and growth of the self. The notion of the work is that one can be part of any community, as long as one does what makes them happy. His upcoming projects include a show in New York City as well as returning to Berlin for a small clothing campaign during Berlin Art Week in September.

Kat Pablo: [she|they] is a street artist, poet, and activist. Her portraits depict people from her childhood at the beginning of the hip-hop era in the South Bronx. The accompanying Dear Zee letters are a further examination of a childhood steeped in community and survival.

Pedro Knife: Berlin-based photographer whose main subjects range from commercial fashion to documentary street art with a focus on activism. in collaboration with Kat Pablo launches a series of portraits depicting the life of the poet in Berlin urban settings