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Restaurant test: Bikini Berlin for vegans

Shopping always makes me really hungry. You too? Fortunately, Bikini Berlin won’t let you down: the concept shopping mall is also home to countless culinary offers ranging from burritos to superfoods. But today I was looking to test their offer of vegan options. I’ve been vegan for seven years now and am always on the lookout for the best restaurants and dishes.
Bikini Berlin Vegan heylilahey

As you should never dine alone, I brought my friend Talisa along with me to sample our way around Bikini Berlin’s vegan cuisine for a whole afternoon. We had a lot of fun and felt like we were restaurant testers, assessing the preparation and presentation of the dishes with our trained palates and keen eye for detail!

Conclusion: I can happily reveal that Bikini Berlin is certainly not lacking in delicious vegan options! Let me present you with three of them in more detail here.


Snack attack: the perfect tofu sandwich

We started with a little snack at Spreegold, which has made a name for itself beyond Berlin’s borders with its unique breakfast creations. We went for the “Vegan Stack”, a slice of bread topped with avocado, smoked tofu, sesame seeds and rocket. But as a huge soy fan, I’m still always sceptical whenever I try tofu anywhere but at home. However, Spreegold managed to make it deliciously sweet and savoury at the same time! We also ordered a small portion of sweet potato fries that had the perfect crispy consistency, which isn’t always easy to achieve. A big thumbs up from both of us!
Vegan Bikini Berlin Spreegold
Vegan Bikini Berlin Chicano
Vegan Bikini Berlin Chicano

For all you guacamole lovers: TexMex at Chicano

After a little wander around my favourite stores like LNFA and Studio183, it was time for a proper lunch. We decided on the vegan bowl with lime rice, guacamole, kidney beans and sweetcorn from Chicano Real Burritos. It was prepared for us really quickly, but the extremely generous portion certainly didn’t feel like fast food to us. Quite the contrary in fact: the vegetables tasted extremely fresh and the guacamole was a real taste sensation! So if you’re looking for fast, but fresh TexMex food, you’ve come to the right place at Chicano.


Funk You: the superfood paradise

As Talisa and I both have a sweet tooth, we treated ourselves to a small dessert at Funk You. Well, it wasn’t actually that small in the end! We ordered two slices of vegan raw cake that are a lot richer than they look due to their high nut content. My Snickers-Bite was the perfect mix of delicious chocolate and sweet caramel filling. Talisa’s Bounty-Cake with coconut and chocolate tasted of summer and sunshine in the Caribbean! We also ordered two soy lattes for our coffee and cake break. So being vegan is definitely not a problem at Funk You. Our superfood also made us super full up so next time we’ll be sharing a dessert there!

Vegan Bikini Berlin Funk You
Vegan Bikini Berlin Spreegold

I hope your mouth is watering with all this talk of delicious food. If not, I suggest you go and try out Bikini Berlin’s great selection of vegan dishes for yourself. As well as the eateries I’ve mentioned here, NENI, L’Osteria, and the Super Concept Space also offer a great choice of vegan and vegetarian options. So now you have the perfect excuse to work up an appetite with a spot of shopping! Enjoy!