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Sustainable and anything but drab and dreary


You could definitely say I am a summer girl. Which means that once it hits 30 degrees, I have reached my operating temperature, ice cream becomes my dietary staple and the summer holiday countdown begins.[BREAK]But when the temperatures dip under 20 degrees, it starts getting dark earlier and it’s best not to leave the house without an umbrella, then even I have to admit that summer is over and autumn is here, whether I like it or not! That doesn’t have to be a reason to mope around and hide under a blanket on the sofa in your jogging bottoms though.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, then it’s that fashion can be a real mood booster, especially on those mornings when you wake up grumpy – which could be because of the autumn rain and cold, or because you were up half the night binge-watching your new favourite series on Netflix again. If you can confidently pick out an outfit from your wardrobe in the morning that you know makes you feel good, then your day is bound to get off to a better start. That always works for me, anyway. As a self-declared summer girl, I know that the best way to embrace autumn is with the right fashion looks! Because although I’m not a fan of the cold or rain, I love coats, boots and knitwear.

But it’s not only classics like coats and boots that are celebrating their comeback (like they do every year) –this season is bringing us five special fashion trends. I set off in search of them at BIKINI BERLIN and am pleased to report that I found what I was looking for. What my looks prove? That autumn is anything but grey, and fair fashion is anything but boring and dowdy! All the outfits I found are from BIKINI BERLIN stores that demonstrate responsibility in their production, resources and stores and that make environmental awareness a top priority. But don’t take my word for it – see for yourselves here...


Trend 1: Seventies Flowers

Gucci knows best. Ever since Alessandro Michele took over the reins at the traditional Italian brand, he has been taking it on a journey back to the future, or the 70s to be precise. Flares, platform loafers, bow-tie blouses: there isn’t a single fashion trend from the 70s that Michele hasn’t breathed new life into. And that’s a good thing because the 70s are my favourite decade, both when it comes to music and interior, as well as fashion. When autumn comes, we are once again reminded that the wild 70s are exactly the right decade to help us through the dark and cold season. For the ultimate mood-booster, opt for small floral prints in warm colours on flared trousers, roll-necks and hat bands by Dutch fashion label Scotch & Soda.

The best way to combine 70s flowers is with other patterns like checks or stripes, flares and platform boots.

Look from Scotch & Soda


Trend 2: Vegan leather

Leather is the perfect material for autumn. In summer it’s too warm and in minus temperatures too cold, but during this time of year the weather conditions are perfect! But there are a lot of different kinds of leather out there: concept stores like LNFA, which sell fashions by sustainable young designers and therefore supports them, offer fair alternatives to animal-based leather. Trousers made from recycled polyester, polyurethane or plant-based fabrics (made from pineapple, for example) feel like real leather, look just as stylish and can be worn with a good conscience. So it’s no wonder that vegan leather is also celebrating a comeback on catwalks and in stores this autumn. My choice is a pair of classic leather trousers because once you’ve found the right pair that fits you perfectly, they can upgrade even the simplest all-black look.

The best way to combine vegan leather is with other textures like wool, knitwear or silk and colour-coordinating pieces.

Look from LNFA (cardigan: Kai Gerhardt, sweater: Wemoto, trousers: Soaked in Luxury)


Trend 3: Balloon-leg jeans

The first time I tried on a pair of balloon jeans, my mum was standing next to me shaking her head: “If only I’d kept those jeans from Closed that I had in the 80s!” That’s the thing with trends though, isn’t it? They come and go and regularly repeat themselves. Like the good old balloon-leg jeans, which with their exaggerated waist and narrow tapered legs are leading the way in this autumn’s style stakes. And so Closed, the denim label from Hamburg, which is well-known for its sustainable European production and fair working conditions, only had to dig deep into its archive to remake its model from the 80s. But unlike “Dirty Dancing 2”, this remake is an absolute hit!

The best way to combine balloon-leg jeans is with a shacket or blazer, classic loafers, ballerinas or lace-up shoes and knitwear.

Look from Closed


Trend 4: Overalls

For many years I also thought that overalls are just for summer, but that was only because I had never found the right model for autumn. Unlike their summer counterpart, overalls for the cold seasons have to fulfil a few requirements: 1. They have to have long sleeves. 2. You have to be able to wear another layer (such as a roll-neck sweater) underneath them. 3. They should also look casual under a coat. And this sustainable, organic cotton model from American Vintage ticks all of those boxes for me. And the light colour? A huge plus if you ask me! Autumn is dark enough and we could all do with a bit more brightness and light at this time of year. And another advantage? You won’t just want to sit around doing nothing when you’re wearing your overall look: so it’s a good job that painting and pottery are very much on trend right now!

The best way to combine overalls is with sturdy boots, cosy coats and roll-neck jumpers.

Look from American Vintage


Trend 5: Pullunder

Ahhh, tank tops! For many years these sleeveless jumpers were considered uncool, a bit geeky and prim and proper. But prim and proper doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. After all, the bow-tie blouse (see trend 1) managed a comeback, so why shouldn’t the tank top? Because let’s be honest, the sleeveless knit isn’t as staid and stuffy as we always thought. It all comes down to how you style it – but the main thing is that you don’t team yours with a pair of cord trousers and end up looking like your old art teacher from school! So what’s the best way to wear this gorgeous purple model from Samsøe Samsøe? With feminine dresses, minimalistic office looks and a big smile on your face – which is the perfect accompaniment to every trend anyway!

The best way to combine tank tops is with frilly blouses, flowing dresses, roll-neck jumpers and knee-high boots.

Look from Samsøe Samsøe

So if you believe that fashion trends are always too short-lived, superficial and commercial, then a trip to BIKINI BERLIN will convince you otherwise. Because here at the concept shopping mall you’ll find fashion-forward brands that offer the perfect combination of trends and sustainability – and despite the pouring rain and chilly temperatures outside, you can shop the latest autumn fashions in the warm and dry. Sounds like the perfect shopping conditions for a summer girl like me? Yes, that’s because they are! But thanks to the aforementioned five fashion trends, I might even consider calling myself an autumn girl from now on… and that’s saying something!