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BIKINI BERLIN, the revitalised destination in the City West, combines aspects of life like work, relaxation, accommodation and entertainment with unconventional shopping experiences. BIKINI BERLIN – which is so very different from regular shopping centres – sees itself as a Concept Shopping Mall, a compilation of carefully curated and coordinated boutiques, concept and flagship stores, as well as gastronomy offers and service providers. Instead of branches of ubiquitous chain stores, on the lower three floors of the Bikinihaus visitors will discover numerous retail stores that have not yet been fully established in Berlin or the rest of Germany. With this individually coordinated offer, the Concept Shopping Mall, a name coined by BIKINI BERLIN, is aimed at a trend and style-conscious international audience with high standards when it comes to quality and shopping experience. Integral parts of the Concept Shopping Mall of BIKINI BERLIN are the modular BIKINI BERLIN BOXES.



The highlight of the architectural design can be found to the rear of the Bikinihaus and covers an area of 7000 square metres: the freely accessible, green rooftop terrace, on a two-storey new build facing the Zoological Garden. Below the terrace, which serves as a green oasis in the middle of the city, is a large hall of the Concept Shopping Mall with a total area of 3300 square metres. This area is home to a total of sixteen BIKINI BERLIN BOXES for varying, short-term tenants: flexible modular systems made from wood, which are available in five sizes between 19 and 39 square metres and have a purposely minimalistic design. This understatement leaves maximum scope for the ideas of the respective tenants and turns the spotlight onto the ideas and products that can be presented here with comparably low cost and a high level of flexibility. The Concept Shopping Mall also includes an adaptableevent area that will appeal to additional visitors with different events and exhibitions.