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The struggle is real! Putting together an outfit in the mornings can often pose a real challenge, especially between the seasons. Following granny’s advice, layering is usually a safe bet. At the end of the day, the perfect outfit is nothing more than the sum of its parts. The bad news: the items you have to hand often don’t match. And the good news? Anything else you need to complete your look can be found in one fell swoop at Bikini Berlin.


Take two!

Functional basics have meanwhile also earned their place in the fashion spotlight. American outdoor label The North Face, for example, is offering a wide selection of jackets in new, vibrant colours. Either as an additional layer or worn on their own. And if you can’t decide between two styles, you don’t have to!

Jacket: The North Face 


Eclectic, not hectic   

Berliners are said to have a (too) relaxed attitude when it comes to fashion. But that doesn’t mean we have to be lazy. Why not just live up to the cliché for once? Brave the grey everyday and hit the streets dressed in the ultimate comfort.

Vest & white sweater and mustard shirt: Closed, Trousers: a.ACHAT in Studio183, Bags: Carhartt

Pack your suitcase…

… or how about a bag instead? Whether you’re off on an adventure to the mountains or simply embarking on a mission in the urban jungle, just strap everything onto your body and leave your hands free for the (more) important things in life? We can think of a few.

Jacket: Studio Gampe in Studio 183, Bag: The North Face, Belt: Carhartt, Beanie: VANS, Green jumper: Closed


Up your layering game

Who says layering has to be sporty? Elegant clothing and accessories can also be part of a smart layered look. Cult Hamburg label Closed has a few pieces in its repertoire that you won’t have to bend over backwards for. Unless you want to, of course. 

Clutch and long-sleeved top: Closed