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Why venture further afield?


First it was frosty, then came the rain, snow and bitter cold, and now it seems as if there is no end to this winter. Instead of the promise of spring, March is showing us its harsh side, only encouraging our annual desire to escape the minus temperatures and explore the world. But where to? [BREAK]

There’s this place in the City West where the sun always shines. As soon as you set foot inside, the good vibes wash over you like a wave. You won’t only instantly forget the Siberian cold front, but also your bleak mood. We are talking – of course – about Bikini Berlin!


Closer to home than you think

Sometimes we search far and wide for something, only to find out that it was right in front of our noses the whole time. At Budapester Strasse 38-50 in Berlin, to be precise. But if you still have itchy feet and are longing for warmer climes, you’ll find the ideal travel holdall for your next adventures at THE NORTH FACE, not to mention the perfect handbag as hand luggage from MANILA GRACE.

Perched on a stool by Vitra as we sip a cup of mint tea from KUSMI TEA, our thoughts begin to wander in the direction of Asia.


Far Eastern dreams

All we need now are leather sandals by Common Projects, available from AM+, a kimono from Japanese store CHAYA and a book from publishing house The Gentle Temper under our arm and we’ll feel like we’re ready to venture to the warmth of Asia, or wherever else our wanderlust takes us.


Barely have we started to relax when a cool breeze blows around our ears, jolting us out of our daydreams. A glance at our dry hands reminds us that summer is still a long way off. We quickly apply the Vetyver hand cream by Byredo and wrap ourselves in a hammam towel from ABURY that comes from Ethiopia and was made by hand. Half of its sale proceeds will go straight to the towel’s producer. 

But if all that still doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, you should pour yourself another cup of tea from the CHAYA teapot, take off your MYKITA sunglasses and stow them away in this MANILA GRACE handbag.

In anticipation of spring

Instead of waiting forever for spring to start this year, we can easily bring spring to us: with these flower pots and the Bitossi lemon-shaped candle, both from ARTEK. And the bucket hat from THE NORTH FACE to cast a shadow over our face and underline the whole traveller look.


The more weather-hardy flâneurs among us might even be tempted to banish their long johns to the back of the wardrobe and lounge around in this delicate underwear set from AMERICAN VINTAGE – one way to feel like you’re sunning it up on the beach. To complete the holiday vibe, add a shot of lemon juice squeezed with the Eddigtons citrus squeezer to a chilled drink. Reach for the Cotton Poplin room fragrance by Byredo and while exotic scents fill the air, you’ll soon start to forget those feelings of wanderlust.