Maison de thé depuis 1867


The son of a Russian peasant family, Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff left his hometown at the age of 14 to look for work in St. Petersburg. He found a delivery job for a small tea merchant, where the owner let the bright young boy in on the secrets of Russian tea blends.

In 1867 Pavel opened his first teahouse. He experimented with the finest different ingredients and, combining the knowledge he learnt from his master and his enjoyment of trying new things, he created unusual tea blends of his own. Pavel became more and more successful and his clientele grew. He also created a tea blend called Bouquet de Fleurs, which soon became the tsar’s tea. 


And then in 1917, following the death of his father, who succeeded in building up an impressive tea empire in Russia, Pavel’s son opened the Kusmi Thé house in Paris. 


Still to this day, Kusmi Tea’s creations are a delight for fans of original tea flavours. The historical legacy of the original recipes is reflected in all of the carefully compiled, exclusive blends. Kusmi Tea’s so-called “Russian blends” are still regarded as the brand’s absolute classics. Wellness teas, rooibos and herbal teas, as well as ice teas for the summer are also part of the collection. The lovingly designed tins are available as miniature sets and the tea portfolio is perfectly rounded off by accessories such as teapots, cups, warmers, infusers and lots more.