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Year after year, the Berlin winter appears in monochrome grey. But BIKINI BERLIN has more than just one favourite colour. With a colour explosion, the new focus campaign awakens the city from its winter slumber. All the favourite pieces of the green oasis are ahining in a new light. Whether it's a dream bag, rain boots or a floral scent – BIKINI BERLIN brings an extra dose of colour into the grey everyday life and shortens the waiting time for more colourful spring days and the first ray of sunshine.

Budapester Str. 38-50
10787 Berlin
U-/S-Zoologischer Garten

PRODUCTS: Bag: Closed;  Power strip by Avolt: Market Lifestore Box


PRODUCTS: Body-Oil by Rowse: Closed; Wrist watch & Necklace: Promobo; Wallet by Freitag: Market Lifestore


PRODUCTS: Parfume: Scotch & Soda; Speaker: Market Lifestore Box; Link necklace: Closed; Glass cup: Chaya; Diamond necklace: Pukka Berlin 



PRODUCTS: Bow: Auerbach Berlin; Plates and bowls: Chaya; Necklaces: Promobo


PRODUCTS: Jacket: Gant; Belt: Promobo; Rain boots: Boots & Shoes