Universal in use, essential in form, designed and manufactured in Berlin: TEBTON


Made in Berlin, from the design to the production. In the production of its high-quality interior products, TEBTON focuses not only on quality, but also short production routes, sustainability and robustness. The Berlin brand’s products can be used universally and their design is clear and minimal, which means they fit seamlessly into any space as if they have always been there.

 Each piece is playful yet also practical at the same time, without ever being over the top – and also looks the part in any home. 

You can visit the TEBTON pop-up box at BIKINI BERLIN until mid-January 2022.

A special Berlin offer awaits visitors to the pop-up box from 15 October: the BIKINI BERLIN Limited Edition. The TEBTON UNIBODY 2 in this exclusive edition and size small will be available for just 39.90 EUR!