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Aussergewöhnlich Berlin

The urban art gallery on Bikini Berlin's rooftop terrace

2nd Floor

Berlin is one of the biggest urban art galleries in the world. Berlin is art. And art is Berlin.

New artists are welcomed to the urban art gallery of AusserGewöhnlich Berlin every three to six months. From aspiring newcomers to Berlin street art icons – the temporary exhibitions showcase the sheer diversity of Berlin’s urban art scene. And the gallery belongs to the most exciting Berlin network, AusserGewöhnlich Berlin. Not only can you view the artworks here, but also buy them for your own four walls.


Berlin is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and its tolerant citizens, who are on a permanent quest for freedom, are simply different to everyone else. And precisely that is reflected in the city’s urban art scene. Berlin network AusserGewöhnlich Berlin represents this unrivalled sense of freedom and creativity in its urban art gallery on Bikini Berlin’s rooftop terrace.

A rundown of all current exhibitions by AusserGewöhnlich Berlin can be found here: Exhibitions.