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Ben Sherman

Authentic British heritage with a modern touch: Ben Sherman's new take on old classics


Classic shirts, polo shirts and Harrington jackets in the unique style of the cult British brand, which always manages to stay on top of its game by being different. Visit their new store at BIKINI BERLIN!

The founder and namesake of iconic British brand Ben Sherman was a legend because he always managed to be unconventional and stand out from the crowd. He started out designing shirts in the 1960s and the brand has taken a different perspective of men’s fashion ever since. It has gone on to achieve huge popularity all over the world, without ever turning its back on its own heritage. And its shirts, polos and jackets are still classics to this day – but always with a modern, contemporary twist. For the Brits, it goes without saying that sustainability and ethics are part and parcel of being an authentic brand. Bringing a piece of clothing history to the German capital, the store will be opening its stores at BIKINI BERLIN from end of September 2021.