bp & ume Fields

Original handcrafted jewellery and “kimono calligraphy”


Two exceptionally unique examples of handcraftsmanship come together in the bp & ume fields box: jewellery by brepdice and Japanese-inspired art by ume fields.


brepdice is a relatively new jewellery label that makes eye-catchingly beautiful earrings and necklaces. The charming and imaginative accessories are handcrafted to the highest standards by designer Bin Guo and embellished with floral patterns and small beads, and some even incorporate real flowers. With prices ranging from 20 to 50 euros, the versatile one-off pieces are affordable. Usually only available online, the lovingly made accessories can also be found exclusively at Bikini Berlin for the next few months.

And the creator of ume fields brings together traditional calligraphy with the textiles of Japanese kimonos. “I didn’t want to write calligraphy, but sculpt it,” she says. “The sewing machine becomes my brush.” The result is impressive, calligraphic kimono image collages made from hundreds of handpicked antique fabrics. Custom-made designs are also possible. 

The bp & ume fields pop-up box will be at BIKINI BERLIN until 01.02.2021.