Handmade slow fashion and soft leather bags


Coming together in this one box are two discerning fashion labels that fly the flag for quality and sustainability: HE & FREKL.


Berlin fashion label HE, which was founded by Emanuela Holder, offers handmade dresses, T-shirts, trousers, jackets and coats. The dark and metallic-looking fabrics are made from natural materials such as cotton and silk and mainly come from Germany and the EU. As a “slow fashion” label, HE follows high standards when it comes to sustainability, which is why its products are not produced in large quantities. Instead, every unique item of timeless, elegant, confidence-instilling clothing flatters the figure – with asymmetric shapes and high-quality fabrics.

And the perfect finishing touch for your HE outfit is a chic leather bag by FREKL. With their elegant, functional look, these bags are not only modern everyday companions, but also eye-catching accessories for special occasions. And no resources are wasted in their production: the real leather is a by-product of the meat industry. The collections consist of shoulder bags, wallets and clutches.

HE and FREKL are going against the throw-away mentality of the textile and fashion industry, preferring instead to focus on high-quality unique pieces with character that stand the test of time.

You can visit the HE & FREKL pop-up box at BIKINI BERLIN until 18.01.2021.