Wearable architecture - made in Italy

1st floor

After gaining creative experience in theatrical and fashion production, Ludovica Diligu founded Labo.art in Milan in 2006 and started producing her first, though limited, fashion collections. Hailing from a family of architects, Ludovica was brought up in an atmosphere of research into lines, volumes and geometry, styles that form the basis of her highly qualified profession. This is the reason why her creations are more like wearable architecture.

Labo.art is synonymous with sober and minimal elegance: the company’s hallmark is an attentive study of volumes and their role in space, expressed through the architectural design of the single piece of clothing. The keywords are constant research. This process regards colours in all their hues, focusing on the reinterpretation of jersey cotton in essential and modern shapes. 


The collection’s main concept draws from the combination of top-quality materials with clean design, and is inspired by the focal, historical moments of fashion, theatre and cinema. A perfect balance of femininity and class creates the unique and easily recognisable style. 


Labo.art’s production is of the highest “Made in Italy” standards. One flagship store is in Milan, where the company was founded, the other at Bikini Berlin.