Leder Seeger



Mastering the art of glove-making since 1924. Owner Katrin Seeger grew up surrounded by the smell of leather. With plenty of passion and exceptionally high standards when it comes to quality and sustainability, she is now the fourth generation to be running the family company.

 From selecting the glove leather from just a few tanneries in Germany and the rest of Europe to the design and the traditional production – making gloves is a very long and complex process. But the Seeger family works exclusively with highly qualified master glove-makers and seamstresses in Europe to ensure that they are carrying on the family tradition and keeping this meanwhile very rare craftsmanship alive. Feel them, smell them, wear them and enjoy them! A glove has to be supple and perfectly adapt to the hand. That is the inspiration of Katrin Seeger, who is a firm believer that quality wins out at the end of the day. You can browse the largest selection of gloves in the whole of Berlin at BIKINI BERLIN until the end of January 2022.