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natural mojo

Feed your inner smile!


Originally a magic talisman that brought its wearer luck, the word ‘mojo’ is now being used to describe a whole attitude to life. Natural Mojo brings the body and mind in harmony and knows that the way to the heart is through the stomach. Discover their products now at Bikini Berlin!

The tranquillity of a green forest clearing, a small treehouse to retreat to, or simply just a calming sanctuary after a long day at work – that’s what Natural Mojo represents for its community. Their mainly plant-based products are not only healthy, but also synonymous with a mindful way of life. Inspired by nature, in 2015 the founders decided to turn the food industry on its head and achieve a milestone with healthy nutrition. Together with nutrition experts, they developed the perfect superfoods that will give you your mojo back. In addition to superfoods, they also offer a variety of supplements and active yogawear – welcome to Bikini Berlin! 

You can visit Natural Mojo at Bikini Berlin until the end of June 2022.